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I make stuff one leg @ a time / @lilacfumesxo 💞

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@lolAmbie It's okyou know when you are in a 15 minute queue in plat god is trying to tell you to leave the house for once @Ommelmonka I know right @FrogPogs HAHA @McGreedyL9 @HostileAmber r u getting swatted or what @MrBeastYT hiiii
@luxwaifu @Ayunahri That is the lasso of truth do you have the lasso of truth @suspended_simon BIRTHDAY HAPPYYYY @CorvixWasTaken we've been in this for way too long @CorvixWasTaken why do people not just use paypal @EgoLoner @luxwaifu already? mine last for like 1 year at most @CorvixWasTaken sometimes you have cancer if you get more than 7 you know me too well @SweetheartIRL i think @SweetheartIRL only part i got wrong was siblings @ebu_so @Lordjoakim_v2 @StrangestMp4 @nyandesuneeee südländerinnen die bruder und digga sagencan i get 6 followers, you can just mute me like most of my followers do
Retweeted by Gün @JanuWilliams40 this is a lil prankster prank right jokedy joke
Reasons why im a bad boyfriend
Retweeted by Gün @CorvixWasTaken @ellioslol he lying @anjabtw @CorvixWasTaken trueee @Saware7 @Alfie_McManus @nyandesuneeee AHHHHHHHHHH @Alfie_McManus @nyandesuneeee i hate it here @nyandesuneeee HAHAHA @ThanosBeatbox @timo77lol
@isellpercocet IT PRESERVES THE FEEL OF AUTHENTICITY FOR AN OLDER MODEL DO NOT PUT CLEAR @isellpercocet if you put clean you are dead to me @ukaaaaL @suspended_simon what are you gonna teach me how to alt f4 faster @1person9neurons why my dick hard rn @ukaaaaL @suspended_simon i am d4 peak how are you going to coach me @ukaaaaL @suspended_simon what is your peak @ukaaaaL @suspended_simon you are the same elo as me atm @R3t4rd4 thanks man @suspended_simon we are the same peak @R3t4rd4 no point was just trolling this season till nowI really wanna improve at League can someone with some coaching expierence help me @CEO_OF_EU_ Man you are NORMALthis is the cutest shit I've ever seen @Ria__ow @W3eze danke @brokenshard @AutistGinger @FrostHAHA @FrogPogs Are you serious lol @SweetheartIRL ffs @SweetheartIRL thumbs up for this tweet
@lilacfumesxo @CorvixWasTaken this is me and corvix tweet today
Retweeted by Gün @IraqSentMeXD @Ayunahri man he's just being a nice boyfriend @ukaaaaL my condolences @ukaaaaL i give you 3 games till you start hate tweeting againevery morning there's excitement on the timeline to play league of legends like they won't hate themselves the very moment they queue up @suspended_simon @TheWarLust trueeerecommended my neighbours evangelion during lockdown
@nyandesuneeee das wars dann wohl mit shisha für mich @Elynescence_ imagine((imagine you are chasing enemy adc with 300g bounty instead of enemy supp janna) must be shadowbanned i have a discord server where you can send your league plays etc and ill edit them for you (sometimes) @SleepyVayne @AnimalsWorId factual @pwandauwu thank you qwq
@oscar1710_ good taste @CaptainLowlife possibly
@DrunkenStallion When capitalism overtakes democractic socialism @mikazeya_ I wonder why @CorvixWasTaken hewwo @FrostHAHA about to get on my knees and it's not to recite the koran @timo77lol hey @nyandesuneeee I wish someone loved me @mikazeya_ @nyandesuneeee i can't play right now @Praevius_ 💖 hahaaaaaaaa you little RASCAL :))))) @nyandesuneeee hey @Praevius_ do you mean toilet paper @Praevius_ toilet roll @CorvixWasTaken I've got a gf.. @CorvixWasTaken this is rigged weeks into quarantine I've unlocked the busoshoku but my cat was prepared @WaterBottleLoL @Saware7 yep @ukaaaaL hahahaabout to go out shopping for toilet paper good luck everybody else @percoceten so nothing @TheWarLust HAHAHA @luxwaifu are lost if you replied to this one person start coughing at the airport
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@jumponyaya @TimoTimido TRUEEEmutuals retweet or you hate me thanks
Retweeted by Gün @TimoTimido Ich hatte aux verbot weil ich anime OPs geblastet habe @sadprank this ain't it man
dudes see muscular anime character and be like wow i wanna be like him 😲 women see idealized female body and write…
Retweeted by Gün @AlphaC0w Man @kageyuraCOOLCAT found out why your shovel broke