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@stessieT Feels good, doesn't it?!!#VoteEarly (I did! It was easy and painless!) @starlichka @netflix Yes! He can sing as well and has starred in several musical theatre productions, where he earned rave reviews. @starlichka @netflix That voice of his...smooth and so enticing. Draws me in every. single. time! @fatimafarha_ @AmmaniMounia 😂OK, I STILL want to win this argument, so let me just add: I've been on Twitter 2 more… @AmmaniMounia @fatimafarha_ 😂 Thank you for the correction, Ammani! I need to put my glasses on. 🤓 I thought I had… @jjujuw Can't say I blame you! He's wonderful! @jangmi57 @netflix I loved her to pieces! Her facial expressions, how she anticipated everything before it happened... @fatimafarha_ Wow, that was fast! Congrats! You have more than me now! 😍 @laurissy92 @netflix @kocowa_official @Viki When I stared w/Dramafever (RIP), I watched the free trial & when that… @MarieMyungOkLee @netflix I have not, but it's on my list! Everyone tells me it's wonderful. Yeah, our job choices… team of docs struggle against a chaebol who's set on privatizing a hospital to optimize profit. As Lee Dong-Wook'… @foreverurgalaxy @Dodgers @modooborahae @BTS_twt That's really the only correct answer! @Dodgers @modooborahae @BTS_twt The Cute One, of course! @RafranzDavis Hoping this all gets fixed soon!!!Breaking NBC: Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by the Trump administration.
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @lenikacruz I see pink and Tums light green ... @joeyalarilla No worries. Thanks, Joey!
@fivedimples I bought an $18 apple pie to help a local business out. The crust was undercooked to the point that pa… @iammegster @stessieT Ha ha! You're sweet! @stessieT I just posted a photo: @stessieT You know, I kind of almost want to do this! It would be like Korean cooking for people (like myself!) who aren't cooks! @stessieT 숙주나물무침! I'm going to post a photo to Instagram soon! My son likes those three things, too! @min_ji_a_ 😂😂😂 @stessieT Haha I have those days, too! I hate wasting food. Now I have neatly stacked things ready for use! I al… related things I did today that made me happy: Peeled & cut up old apples & froze them so when I make app… man on the street: “Nihao” Korean woman: “Just wear a mask you f#*king bastard.” 🤣
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @jimmyfallon Same difference. 😁👍 @lucyj_ford And Joon's jam sandwich is missing because he's sharing with Tae... @Inspiredby_W 😭 @ArmyTeacake @MarieMyungOkLee @MarcyTanter @netflix @kocowa_official @Viki Yeah, I turn them on and off, depending… @MarcyTanter @MarieMyungOkLee @netflix @kocowa_official @Viki Thank you! I also enjoy Viki's timed comments you can… @MyDaebakCafe @MonicaYadav08 😂 We're all there with you... @dbblj @netflix @kocowa_official @Viki Haha I have many of those as well! @MarieMyungOkLee @netflix @kocowa_official @Viki I believe Viki had this feature before Netflix followed suit. (I h… @punitap93 I really do, too. They had soooooooooo many, including the early Running Man episodes, which were the best! Sigh... @MonicaYadav08 My wallet wishes everything was on one site! 😂 @MonicaYadav08 I LOVE Netflix! And some of these articles are good. But some read like it's a Netflix ad. And hones…'m seeing a slew of "Best K-Dramas on Netflix" pieces. While I love @Netflix & watch its programming, I am here to… today. It has never felt more important to do so and I didn't want to miss this opportunity for whatever reas…
When I see Zoom Dick trending and I don't even bat an eye, because ... 2020.Steven Yeun working with only non white directors lately feels like a conscious choice
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @vivelavie_ @Sonitchka2 @iammegster Haha I do this, too! I was watching "Flower of Evil" and "Stranger 2" at the same time! @Sonitchka2 @iammegster I started watching this because I like to binge and watched dramas that have already been f…!! I want Suga's outfit, btw. It looks so cozy (and chic). (When my son decided a few years ago that he didn'… @yellowkim_ Very good! It starts off a little slow and just builds. Character development is really good. I have ju… Mood... This is from Ep. 15 of the superb #KDRAMA "LIFE." It stars our "STRANGER" boo, Cho Seung-woo, as we… my #COVID duty colleague Dr Arup Senapati an ENT surgeon at Silchar medical college Assam . Dancing infront of…
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @misterminsoo 😔So sorry for your family's loss...💔 @RogerMooking I do this, too!
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @joeyalarilla I am the Queen of Typos, but this wasn't one of them...
@lovenamunamu Awwwwww!! @TamarWrites 💔 @StarTrauth The fact that some people profess to have such respect for KOREANS...but only the Koreans they stan. Th… doesn't understand the meaning of the word, "historical." Like them or not, 방탄소년단 IS the first Kore… @amandadeibert Same. But the Snickers can still go away ... @SampaTasha That was so rude. 😑He bought this home for $185,000 in the 70s and then sold it for $1.2 million in 1996
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하V ready to throw hands at anyone who says Jin takes a wee bit longer to learn some of their moves, even when the pe… Jae-Ha. Combined with my last name, it means forever prosperous, because my grandfather (who named me) wa… @anagiggins Oh Ana, I am so sorry. @millersty 😂😂😂 @raquelcml Cute!!
@KamenT0ri_777 and paste, but change what the bunny is holding: (\_/) ( •_•) / >💜 @stessieT @UnsinkableAmy So glad it worked!!! @stessieT Yay!!! Looks awesome! I saw your Insta post, too! Thanks for tagging me! 😋👍New Zealand: Winston Peters — deputy PM of New Zealand addresses an American COVID-19 denier at a press conferenc…
Retweeted by Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @MarcyTanter @SJofficial 😂 He was 4 at the time and didn't think it all the way through...#SonOfJae didn't want to go trick or treating last year. He stayed home & passed out candy. This year, will we even… @SampaTasha @crush9244 OMG this is disgusting. I am sorry you had to even see this, Tasha.Are kimchi French fries good? I love kimchi and I like French fries ... But as many of you may already know, I don'… @soledadobrien ...
@starlichka Thank you for saying that! @TaeTaemeBaeBae 😬😂 @dbblj Lol! I bring a second set to wear when I head home (and put the dirty ones in a baggie). Those didn't have holes!!When you leave your socks on during a medical exam, b/c it makes you feel less vulnerable. But then you realize lat… @ohmgee The semi-dark bedroom will be more conducive for sleep etc. I just saw the photo of your former bedroom/to-… @ohmgee What made you decide to rearrange everything? Lighting? Space? What a fun way to give your apt. a new feel… @hyunwkim_ Is it Emily? Formerly of Paris? @ColetteBalmain does it again with another superior concert review that reads like art. Be sure to read the ent… @ColetteBalmain @ViewoftheArts @BTS_twt @bts_bighit I have this bookmarked to read and enjoy during my coffee break…겁쟁이. But Jennie & Kwangsoo in the haunted house on RUNNING MAN will never NOT be funny. 👻Two fraidy cats making the… @TamarWrites And you have more than 44 followers to begin 👍 @stessieT @j4msim4nyo @RaysBaseball Ooooh, that's tough... @j4msim4nyo @stessieT I didn't watch 🍊👹 ... @stessieT What's going on?!!
It hit me hard that an all-Korean group was backed by an all-Black band and vocalists...performing #DYNAMITE (which… @geoffrey_cain I had a Korean label peeved at me because I mentioned that a member was no longer in the group, beca… @RafranzDavis Omg you can't catch a break this year! I hope this is your last ER trip. Feel better! 😔 @llumiierre Nooooo! You are not useless!! 💜♥️ @stessieT Food being thrown away when there's no reason to is just 😳... I'm glad your son thought it through. He wa…😂 source: @stessieT 😂 I would've done the same!! @stessieT Our elementary school didn't allow kids to share/trade lunches due to allergies etc. But yes, I love the… @SampaTasha What kind of math is this? Does not compute... 😳How do they make each performance so unique?!! Just when you think you've seen it all... #BTSxBBMAs @jotrostle 😂😂😂 @fatimafarha_ I'm about to give up...