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digital sorceress dripping with gravitas | pretender to the crown of alsace-lorraine | venmo & ig: sarahmarvelous

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@Lundigras they had us convinced that's what we wanted too and boy I haven't recovered either @princess_jem4 😍 @syleegrrl 😘 @syleegrrl yes ma'am @syleegrrl just this one, syl @bellyofawhale allegedly @gnich62 lmaoooo @Aloysius_Priest foreverrr @Aloysius_Priest YESi would die for this man @xintra it's so fucking funnyletterkenny has changed my life @duckandcover 😘
@kellyannesnuker amy it is @joannlizabeth stop omg thank you my love πŸ’– @025_Ajax in fact I was @gritmonger hahaha @paul_haine you know they still do @DetroitQSpider it's true @DetroitQSpider lmaoo ty ty @syleegrrl thank you I have learned from my mistakes @DetroitQSpider 2006-2016 @Tiffanyisright omg stop 😭thank you but I don't need anyone to tell me I'm brave I drove around with a red hot chili peppers sticker on every… @sophsa @ghostmanatee yeah! @Jiddy7 hahaha @mostlymutezart I agree it would be fun @ghostmanatee @sophsa if it's super lenient lol I am in the middle of reading something rn but interested! @KateeForbis I LOVE THIS @KateeForbis omg I love it @reeree_tv if that's what you want πŸ˜‡ @evilsuperpowers omg @saucymincks a gay meltdown new band name I call it @sophsa ok but immediately after I will tell you how much I love you!!! @reeree_tv your opinion is the only one i care about @1dgrn 😘i have decided to get into smack talk crop tops this winter @OwlFWGKTA im up im up @brycoo I NEED IT @gloomfather invested in this commentary from u @AshleyRoboto @peachy_kari i saw you in this tweet @evilsupplyco but I love this! @sillyjupiter @jeffvandermeer love of my life 😭😭😭 (the both of you)can't believe you guys just let me say whatever i want on hereare you in the right head space to receive my number to give to your dad @sophsa i can't wait to hear what you think!!just gonna reiterate that annihilation is the best science fiction novel released this decademy heart is bursting, @sillyjupiter had the man sign me my own copy of authority and I have the best friends πŸ’— @ItsDanSheehan what gives you the right @CourtneySoliday lmaooooI love going up to women who are clearly with their bf/husband in public and asking, "I'm sorry, is this man bothe…
Retweeted by Sarah Everett @CNNRGLDN aw you look nice πŸ₯°
@jugularSignal in fact I do @erikaishii @TweetneyMoore @jessemckeil I LOVE THIS @syleegrrl thank you, my love @syleegrrl they will be @PDXgimlet there is also that @_Kyouu ty I'm glad you approve @sasponella @ellorysmith happy birthday!!i love getting drunk at work events and talking politics. it makes me popular actually
@bombsfall @BrandyLJensen stopped reading at "carry around ulysses". can you imagine @jbfan911 yikes I have him blocked @CrappyFumes 😘 @CrappyFumes thank you for confirming that I DOseeing everyones spotify wrapped: wow im not all that interested me posting my spotify wrapped: everyone will enjoy…
Retweeted by Sarah Everett @brockmclaughlin hope they paid u bro @SarahObscura_ it's so stupid lmao @HarperYi love you 😭😘 @BleuCheckmark alwaysi love asking guys i'm seeing if they noticed my haircut and seeing the glint of panic in their eyesthe best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead
Retweeted by Sarah Everett @HarperYi 😍 @CNNRGLDN this is worse than mine @kurtruslfanclub in fact i do @toxicladyinc it honestly brings me so much joy, walcott is one of my faves @toxicladyinc me too!! @evanscotthuber you know I knew it @KevCantHang LMAO IS ITwell well well well well well well @Jiddy7 i said this is a wholesome account @heidisammons I'll dm uwe are temporarily out of stock of lewd selfies until after christmas @thethirdman3 that's not what I said!! @avernalaw one of my high school crushes "just passing through" I'm sure @spimmmm hushthis is now a wholesome account @evilsupplyco I want this for you SO BADLY @evilsupplyco omg this is so sweet hahaha @evilsupplyco thank you I'm excitedstarring in my own holiday romantic comedy by baking chocolate chip pumpkin cookies in a cute apron, sipping a pepp… @parallelbark i'll do it @jourdayen it stopped my periods!!
top red flags: -animal haters -improv performers -bar trivia enthusiasts @BoringTrent I already have those @toxicladyinc congratulations!! @sug_knight very true @sug_knight I couldn't convicted him beyond a reasonable doubt bc there wasn't sufficient evidence but I am very suspicious @SlamHarter looking forward to seeing you on the news @sug_knight i know it isn't I just wanted to instigate 😘