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@GoddTill "I on Sports" Godd Till
Retweeted by 2 Cold SapporoHappy 75th birthday to Tom Selleck! #Tigers
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @craig_burley really interesting, thanks - did not know about thisGODD TILL LEAFS D ACTION PLAN 1) trade for an RHD w term at the deadline (would move KK/AJ to do this) 2) trade Ba…"Sports Rorts" Godd Tillbut what about his Hot Licks @GoddTill Everyhunter episode made. Opening credits. Murder scene. Rick looks for murderer. Gets stuck. Goes to se…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @sinister_al it's been a while, but doesn't Hunter get shot in the shoulder sometimes? @sinister_al It’s been ages. Excited to see how it holds up @JoeYerdon Shades of “Hard Work” Bobby WalkerOk Giant Tiger I’m not made of stone
Broke: Epstein killed himself. Woke: Epstein didn't kill himself. Bespoke: Epstein is alive because he was "snatc…
Retweeted by 2 Cold SapporoMitt Romney every time a new piece of evidence drops
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @Disastromatic Hubris @a_dog_person Yes!A way bigger and better snack story is you can get CHEEZ-ITS in Canada now’s has cereal. GT sells it. Analyst a have responded with mixed signals who’s tried the damn cursed Tim’s cerealPolo Grounds, NYC, May 19, 1956 - With Giants trailing Braves 3-0 in 9th, Willie Mays hits a triple past Hank Aaron…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporowatched this video with an open mind bc human beings are awkward and interactions are hard but yeah this is bizarre @noahlove George Bush the first not knowing how grocery checkouts work is a classic of the genre but i just learned… people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by got the exact election he wanted in 2016, the candidate of his dreams and a hand picked opponent, the perfect…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo"Corporate Sports Editor" Godd Till @psan1969 congratulations on the first of many! @RFCapsMoustache brilliant @GoddTill "It Looks Like You Are Trying To Make A Table, Would You Like Me To Help?" Godd Till
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @GoddTill “Run As Administrator” Godd Till
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo“Plant-based meatball” @GoddTill
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo
"Webmaster" Godd Till @draglikepull @Peter_Lynn @TVsBrent this is why they sent David and not KevinDear @JohnDelaney. We came to Tripoli, Iowa to the Panther Lanes for your campaign rally to Bowl with you and they…
Retweeted by 2 Cold SapporoComing to a whl arena near you
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @millsybill always
@millsybill lol, I was just teasing a friend
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo2 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @kidkawartha Oh we kept right on driving bud
Glad I don’t live here @JoeYerdon RasAs @GoddTill So I watched the 1990 five star match and man I can watch Sano do pinning suplexes all fucking day.
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @27Seabass right? total badass @GoddTill Godd "TGIF" Till
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @GoddTill "Sport Jacket and Jeans" Godd Till
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo"Casual Fridays" Godd Till1) Dear Aunt Agnes 2) The Electric Grandmother Man (Cox, 1984)
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @jtpaterson lmao @Kenjamin12 @ThatEricAlper COME WITH MERepo Man movie had the greatest soundtrack?
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @AlxThomp @tripgabriel one weird 70s-80s political subplot was whether Ted Kennedy was running for president/would win the Dem nom @MLBPipeline @mighty_flynn i feel like Brendan Rodgers has been a top prospect since like 1998 @IffyTheDopester what the hell is Jeff talking about
Every one of those 111 wins* was EARNED *over two seasons want an OF, but the best freely available one? No thanks! @KrisBertin btw i read this over the holidays and i loved it!! @RFCapsMoustache Reported @GoddTill "The Peterborough Tornado" Godd Till
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @jtpaterson We’re more of a hurricane regionThis is a spoiler, but I need to share what I just witnessed because I feel like I'm going insane. The climax of D…
Retweeted by 2 Cold SapporoAwesome! The Twins signed Josh Donaldson and they're gonna macerate us all summer enter my boudoir. Fall onto the bed. The atmosphere is electric. I reach into a night table drawer and remove a…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @ryantologist @mlse @MrButterChicken @DuncanIdunno @Leafer1984 @Totally_Offside @Billy_chilly how about a simple, e… basic income for all CDNs proposal, definitely worth a read: @Leafer1984 what's the showWhy is it ok to call a tall footballer a beanpole striker but I’m not allowed to refer to my beanpole accountant
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btw this, the John Cusack video and the Kim Gordon phone bank, just a historic Gen X for Bernie day’s #BernieSanders phonebank 💗 hosted by @KimletGordon
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo.@DSA_LosAngeles stands against VisionQuest and the detention of migrant children in the U.S. We must organize to s…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporoabsolutely the only person in Canada I need to hear from on the Trudeau donut flap is @McScoopDog @KimJorn he called Bob Nastanovich "the biggest piece of luggage in indie rock" totally uncalled for @GoddTill nature kids whoooooooo
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporocan't believe Billy Corgan used his role as commentator on the NWA title match to shoot on Stephen Malkmus the whol… @ryantologist thanks this looks like a treati like this signing person followed me // automatically checked by lyrics of all time
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @freeMurphy this is good thanks manthis is an absolute disgrace, and our national media has spent like 3 days talking about fucking donuts
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @noahlove @Peter_Lynn @Anna_Snackz @long_daze ppl can talk to Joe Vaccaro @JoeOHBA (ONT Home Builders Association president) with their concerns about… old school pro wrestling? Have access to WWE Network or YouTube? No better time than now to start watching ba…
Retweeted by 2 Cold SapporoGet you a woman who can do it all 😉
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporothe 1990 episode dropped last week: fun match, great show, perfect episode for new listeners: the latest THIS HOUR HAS 5 STARS tonite, covering the 1991 match of the year - Steiners vs. Sasaki & Hase… and Klobuchar both in nowheresville with non-white Democrats. It’s a problem for their closing electabili…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @Hegelbon oh god same here
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporothe greatest moment in the history of cinema is when the Speed bus hits the baby carriage but it’s filled with cans…
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I hope Hillary keeps criticizing Bernie in public. People absolutely hate her, seems like an obvious win
Retweeted by 2 Cold SapporoHappy birthday, Mike Krukow! (2nd from top, 4th from left) #Cubs
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo26 richest ppl own as much wealth as 50% of the world's population, whether this guy gets impeached or not @mvsyyz D5 by the way @ChrisBrown0914 thanks! a bunch of this had gotten by meIf you don't let us dream, we won't let you sleep. In my maiden speech last night, I spoke about the people who in…
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sappororemembering election night when Clinton refused to address shocked and scared supporters.
Retweeted by 2 Cold Sapporo @SammyT_51 we dont need any more than that! @mvsyyz @avsains @fairlife_CA I'm all about good jobs for hardworking Central Ontarians @mike_petriello I’m 5 years removed from baseball but I’m still in the clubhouse quite a bit. Id be shocked if an o…
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