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@draglikepull Pat McAfee isn’t a celebrityBuds need to grab the hammer tonite. Do it for Jake!this sucks! @CarcelMousineau Every season does. And usually I forget everyone within 2 weeks of finale night. Last years finale was unforgettable tho @TVsBrent Huh, I had no idea @CarcelMousineau Racism and so much more. It put me off watching for a few years. Got back in a couple seasons ago @CarcelMousineau Didn’t watch 19 but how can it be worse than 15 @TVsBrent What are trainers? Like Hal and Joanne?
@AsburyJukes75 @dirtbag_daddi Wendel all dayone person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by
@kidkawartha i think the players would appreciate hearing it from their coach @DreamofJanney the crosscheck from behind, leading to him hitting his head on a knee?Really hope Keefe calls the refs out. It's been three straight years now of open season on our guys in the playoffsbest wishes to Jake. Dubois shouldn't play again this series @roylucier good luck Roygood thing that's not a penaltyAmong complaints from Colorado State athletes staffers: Coaches have told players not to report COVID-19 symptoms,…
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @MidMoments congrats, glad the Cottagers are back @blairpacheco niiiiiiiiiiiiiiceabsolutely clinical from JTlove that bullshit makeup callgreat work by the kid drawing that penalty @JaredOfLondon sounds like they've worked themselves into a shoot Jared @brynmdhughes i absolutely cannot stand him @brynmdhughes here's another one - fuck Ron Macleanthis team could really use Phil Kessel right nowgood period by the buds. they probably need to score a goal at some point100% getting scored on @mvsyyz i just finished it. i really liked it @RyanDHobart i heard it yesterday!Rielly doesn't have a good enough shot to shoot that muchdon't mind seeing Clifford absolutely rock someone's world tbhwhat is a repeat button @mvsyyz do i recall you didn't dig Topeka School?/updates grocery list @IanGraph thanks for the jinx Ian my godcan we put a bunch of cut-outs of 8 year olds in the stands so that Marner gets going @felixpotvin oh shit, i didn't know this. will seek out morenot usually an IPA guy at all but the Refined Fool New England IPA is nice @blairpacheco i'll try to find this. i love the stone pitbullbuds all day
@_mmca36 Still scarred from that game @Tiger_Lifer Honestly no one in the fanbase has ever backed him and all he’s done is kept stepping upSit down, children, and I’ll tell you about when the Leafs has the key to unlock the trap. His name was Tomas Kaberlefuck that suuuuuucked @mattcampbell9 i definitely do not @Nimzowiccan exactly thesereally missed these feelingsThis is horrific. She had no medical training yet operated on children in Uganda. At least 105 kids died in her ca…
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstarmissing the "FREDDIE" chants rnME: Alf kind of lost me in the later seasons MY MENTIONS:
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @rybark13 hes real good now, but we're paying him to be great. i agree a lot of these guys have a lot more to come"take the the heat out of the hot kitchen" probably sounded better on the exercise bike @rybark13 it's not great barksMitch thinks it's last August because he's still a no-showWerenski got to 20 goals by hitting the post, Jim? Great shitstarting to think the Brendan Gallagher comps might not do Robertson's upside justice @JaredOfLondon love listening to Hughson achieving a full erection during that CBJ cycle
@felixpotvin yeah OGfrom the bilasport chat Sun Aug 2, 7:58:28pm iamwearingspacepants: leafs fans are like hardcore drinking gnr fans… hate when i have to hurriedly conceal myself by holding onto some pipes or ductwork on the ceiling but also i hav…
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @GoddTill "The choice of a new generation" Godd Till
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Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @GoddTill "Double Smoked" Godd Till
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar“America’s Leanest Bacon” Godd Till @GoddTill *extreme Ron Hawkins voice* “HEY THERE TRAGIC ONE”
Retweeted by Inbound Sales RockstarThe Maple Leaf Hockey Club have been champions, and they will be champions againI haven’t read a better hockey take since Jeremy Roenick said, and I quote, If I were Sidney Crosby right now, I'd…
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I bought this it’s good“Away From Email: Re:” Godd Tillentered playoff pool draft determined to stay off the Buds. Leaving with /checks roster... Tavares, Freddie, Willi… @breakdowncards @Timmyballgame @nightowlcards @rcmcbride amazing work, I love them!does it offer in-app purchases? @nightowlcards @breakdowncards @rcmcbride where is the Runaways Jett card from? @RFCapsMoustache the Mets, for chrissakes @kalebhorton finally read a few Portis novels this summer. an added bonus was that i got to read your wonderful app… @brynmdhughes i really enjoy them too @Dad_Loop ah yes. might check it out this week @ErikBlevins thanks Erik @Dad_Loop gimme the rundown @brynmdhughes a friend and i love to watch good/bad movies together and he's pretty much the man in that niche right now @brynmdhughes i extremely enjoyed Gerard's divorced guy energy. I have actually not yet seen Heat, tho I love some of Mann's other stuff @Dad_Loop i don't think so @brynmdhughes i watched that a few weeks agoanyone catch any good movies on the old Netflix recentlyHad to pull over to capture what is the most jaw-dropping electronic church sign I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @jbouie @RomulusNotNuma this is a great podcast episode on Q as religion @blurr1974 Beastie Boys always on vacation @theninjagreg solution - attach spikes to stroller. also makes it badasshas Tom Cruise seen a movie?
Retweeted by Inbound Sales RockstarAfter a long, hard campaign, the winner of the 2020 Beef Olympics is... RICH BEEF SAUSAGES They'll be cracking ou…
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @b1rky @hailgrabovski it's supposed to be really good @hailgrabovski @b1rky have you guys played F1 manager?the first fight of rule club is about rules
Retweeted by Inbound Sales RockstarI suspected as much.
Retweeted by Inbound Sales RockstarDon’t use Spotify and buy your music from artists fuck these parasites
Retweeted by Inbound Sales RockstarI dig Jonathan SchoopA note to all the Influencers
Retweeted by Inbound Sales Rockstar @JonSteitzer TELL EM JON