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Bruh....someone get G to @JordanMVPBarber to leftHicks and Stanton sharing an elbow guard is probably against Covid rules lolThat behind the plate view movement on ottos ball is nuts
@NYYF0REVER It’s July and we haven’t seen a lick of this yet 😂 @NYYF0REVER Good to see the guys hit live pitching, and seeing Schmidt I was excited about looked good.I’m yelling TAKE EM YARD CLINT during a inter squad game. TF is wrong with me. @NYYF0REVER LMAO yupYankee dugout isnt 6 feet apart 😂.937 OPS since ‘17 behind JD and Trout. Stop disrespecting Judge when hes on the field. @NYYF0REVER Let’s pray the one on the right we don’t see as an actual lineup. Seen enough backups of backups full… @NKC2228 GRADE 1!!!!!!!!!! @BaconTreasury Grade 1 strain in early March. It is now July and he AT SOME POINT *COULD* PLAY THE OF. COMPLETE JOKE. @NKC2228 No he had a grade 1 strain in early March. It is now July.“At some point”. This is so ridiculously asinine I can’t even put into words. months in and testing is still a shit show. If testing isn't accurate, MLB has teams who's testing hasn't been d… @ncostanzo24 articles not headlines Cutch said something multiple players have in the past as far as not wanting to cut th… @Rick12_85 No it doesn't especially in this day and age were tattoos are now normal as well in the corporate world. @Rick12_85 lmao we need that edit button!!!!! @Rick12_85 lmao twerking....I meant tweaking lol @Rick12_85 I think twerking the policy would be a fair compromise. But this is something they made Donny do, Regg… dick swinging between the players and the owners took the spotlight off the biggest threat to actually play...t… @davebell1 @ShekBo I feel ya man, and you're not wrong I understand why you feel that way. @JerryRecco Could of came up with 10 better moments just off the top of my head than a Selig interview. Terrible job there. @NJD107_ @craigcartonlive @7BOOMERESIASON @Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco Not gonna lie that hour brought me back used to listen every AM
@whitesox @MetsTwitta wow mangAgree. Always said first step was getting past ST2. Again, fuck this virus. BRACKIN
@Jhoff10 Yup @vile_mennis @BigDavey88 Agreed @Jhoff10 I read guys who were out of the country are taking some time to get here. Not locked in totally today bu… @BigDavey88 @vile_mennis I know but I want them toUSE A FUCKING SCREEN EVEN IN SIM GAMES.This is a fucking joke. A joke. We are back for ONE FUCKING DAY and Tanaka gets drilled in the head. Unreal.Ayooo @jimmer__ WHATS BRACKIN of July and no Yankee baseball. It’s been like living in a bizarro world. @EsqYoo BINGOOOOOOOOO This is one of my arguments against people saying the WS is legit. @BobbyMilone29 @FranksYanks23 Def is @FranksYanks23 You’d’d really hope. Seems like even people who were cautious during this ended up gett… to be other big names. Terrible, fuck this virus. We have 3 months of worrying if other big names get this. @jimmer__ @Hentelligent @djais @iAmMikeWill_ That suit !!! @Hentelligent @jimmer__ @djais @jimmer__ I bet @Hentelligent was there slayinHope to see DJLM at camp soon....getting worried......First official day of camp.
Retweeted by GO DJ 2 @jimmer__ Got a Bigly 4th shirt JIMWhat to get an idea of how weird the MLB games will be this year? Watch a bit of this game footage. I remember wh… @Medic968 @EmSheDoesIt Old article but we are dealing with the same issues in 2020. Trout admittedly is not a spot… @NYYF0REVER 110% true. There’s a billboard of Judge 5 mins from Angel stadium. @ideserveabeer @iAmMikeWill_ @Hentelligent 😂😂😂😂She means a billboard of Aaron Judge. In Mike Trouts hood. King. @KyleOfKingston Yup two steals. @Hentelligent YUP!!! They go down easy hank!! @KyleOfKingston The Braves have a perennial MVP type player in Acuna at age 22 who signed for 8/100. A steal that I would gladly take on.Loving Mexican food I’ve been to some amazing Mexican places all over the country....But IDC what anyone says these… @jimmer__ @LilTunechi Classic 😂😂😂😂 @SavageNtheBox Cubs IT WAS THEIR DESTINY!! :Locke voice: @NKC2228 @TKiernanIII @ncostanzo24 Bingo @TKiernanIII @ncostanzo24 Yup him too, Bo Bichette is a cool guy heard him on a few podcasts during quarantine. B… @ncostanzo24 Oh absolutely I want everyone’s ideas def would like your input. @ncostanzo24 Soooooo much more. I debate with my buddies about that many even little things that they c… @ncostanzo24 Fernando Tatis Jr HAS to be on that list too. @ncostanzo24 If MLB knew what they were doing Juan Soto would be everywhere too. He has the swag and the talent t… @ferris316 @baldvinny Those were the days man. Whenever I went in the summer as a kid I loved being out in those bleachers. Best energy. @ferris316 @baldvinny You know it 🙌
@baldvinny Def is, hoping some of my others turn up. Such a classic.Found this gem....if you know you know @baldvinny @NYYF0REVER Stanton looks like he should be able to bunt a ball over the short porchThis dude 😂😂😂 @Keith_McPherson @Joangyankee People are ignorant and fucking disgusting. Hate that that happened this country is in a bad way 😞 @NJD107_ @Jhoff10 Even normal COVID testing my neighbors came back inconclusive lol. We are 4 months in testing should be better. @NJD107_ @Jhoff10 I gotta get mine done again lol. I’ve had friends who had the virus test negative for antibodies… @NJD107_ @Jhoff10 They should, not sure the progress thats been made with the antibody testing but when I got mine… Stanton is a 30 yr old geriatric one of our youngest most potent bats is regulated to the bench opening day. @Jhoff10 Thought the sameMLB: The total number of positive tests is 38, which is 1.2% of the 3,185 total samples collected and tested. 31 of…
Retweeted by GO DJ 2Big respect with such a rough decision. Fuck this damn virus man. BRACKIN BRAND NEW WHIP NEW MANSION @LilTunechiWatching a hype video that MLBN is airing right now....not one Astro showed on it 😂 @ncostanzo24 @JulianGuilarte1 Wouldnt mind splitting up Gary and Giancarlo with Hicks between em. Hicks can also f… Kimberl at age 31 is falling off. Rivera at age 31 was the best relief pitcher in baseball and pitched 12 mo… @metsFanscotty @TKiernanIII @TheAgencyTMF Scotty’s slay tour continues!!! @metsFanscotty @TheAgencyTMF @TKiernanIII He’s ready to slay @bc14nj I was assuming that’s why he was err out. Buster Posey and Howie Kendrick? How about Ronald Acuna and Juanny baseball?Front and center JUDGEY! Judge is one of the most noticeable and marketable players in baseball (#1 jersey sales),… @MaxWildstein Need that card BIG MAXTwins lineup/pen and them not having to play in front of a crowd in the playoffs are dangerous. We all know what h… @TheAgencyTMF FUCK YES @TheAgencyTMF Chaos. Parkway south was mobbed yesterday and dead stopped this AM.Both cleats 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @TheAgencyTMF Beach passes for today were sold out yesterday all over. @blackrebirth52 @ShekBo Been calling for this for over a year, sadly is a pipe dream 😞😞😞😞 @ShekBo Absolutely @ShekBo I could give such a better list for the complainer side 😂😂😂😂Feel so old. Seeing the kids on twitter discuss the Pop Smoke album and not know where the “something special” beat came from is sad.DO NOT GO IN ON BOONE WHEN COLE GETS PULLED EARLY YOU COMPLAINERS.