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@hyeyyon is a dumb poison fly who kills her toys | she/her, 17

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i really like this quote"I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?" @Chaeyedxm lovelyz the queens of cute concept
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧love whisper (?) gustas tu and live front @bloomingsingni good morning💕getting my phone away sucks but i'm glad i can read without distractioni have so much of my book left to read, i like it, so i really want to read it all in the night😭my phone got confiscated, i will be pretty ia until i get it back
ravens and crows are so awesome and intelligentHWTAXJJS WHAT hey ho here she goes
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @pandaheroes23u ohh thanks @Solji_Solo CRACK?!? @ultminji HARIN @sun_catcher7 neatfor those of you who have heard my voice what does my voice sound like? (also wtf does crack voice mean?) 1: dee… @yooheats 2 or 3ish, like not mega high pitched, but a bit high @yooheats sending u strength 😔✌️ @orbitantonio ohh @orbitantonio is that a band or something?why do i have morning class 😔 @yerimspiss IDK BECAUSE JAYUS COMMENTED @yerimspiss OMGGand buffthe main character is basically a buff desi sherlock holmes, he’s so so smartariana grande makes music for pretty people so if the music not hitting for you...
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧nooo that lady is so dumb, she’s making the same mistake again /nbh i’m watching a movieWHAT THE HELL I DID NOT SEE THAT PLOT TWIST COMING @YoohnPie good night💕💕as if that makes that tweet less worse?@(&;that’s so petty why are you so closed minded and biased 💀“i think it’s just a matter of time” [before they catch the killer] meanwhile the movie has over one hour left @puppyooh happy birthday max!!What music do you prefer: Pop, Rap, RnB or Rock? — depends on my mood, i usually listen to pop, edm, rock, rap and… @hjkith you’re not weak for that!!! u do u, it’s completely fine to cry to it, they’re just mean😤 @hjkith i know it’s just their opinion but like, why do people think dissing popular things because it’s popular is cool😭😭😭 @sun_catcher7 awoooo @retrosapphics
@goldenminji LMAOO ILY TOO @goldenminji @YUBINPET HEHE😎 @goldenminji YES @kooksperfection WOW U DID AMAZINGuhm it’s raining very heavily rn what a coincidence 😭😭 @YUBINPET WOOHOOOshes so fucking talented it’s insane
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧side effects to screw with all the antis
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @YUBINPET HELL YEA twt won’t let me do audio replies so i made a vid~ HEREEE i need a little more work since u can… can do the one using two fingers from both hands now all i need to do is learn is the one handed oneI CAN DO A HAND WHISTLE OMGGG
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧the link is to a tweet which has the linkpls donate if you can @JabbarAbdulla @WildBattleToad @azfamily I put money on her books using this website her ID is 202199685
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧she needs to be released :(( that’s unfair, she found him when they couldn’t and she did a good thing, at least tha… i admit it, it’s very accurate, it hits me😭😭😭 bit sad but truei wish the adventures weren’t impossible this was nice to read result is accurate I just got result 'An Impossible Adventure' on quiz 'What do you yearn for?'. What will yo… as hell what the hell
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧cute as hell what the hell
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧a thread of adelaide kane being cute as hell what the hell
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @70SGOLD3N #whendoesitstop @riverhalo @ndtv @ndtv SPEAK UP @yoonbootythic @ABPNews @ndtv @republic @zeenewsindian @ZeeNews @timesofindia @IndiaToday @aajtak @TV9Telugu reply w #malappuram_rapecase let's trend this hashtag
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @yoonbootythic #malappuram_rapecase #whendoesitstoptw // rape , sexual assault , homophobia please educate yourself about what's happening in india, this isn't the t…
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧raon sings so well PLEASE SUPPORT!!! my girlfriend is in serious danger. we need all the help we can get. if you can boost this…
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @dohkyungsoft your dms are off so do we have a convo in replies?muhaha @dohkyungsoft suree @Solji_Solo sounds like a you problemTw // rape , child pornography , homophobia . . . Not ONLY are they punishing innocent LGBTQ members,but they are c…
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧Tw // Homophobia . . . The government in Malaysia believes LGBTQ members deserves to be punished. They are punishi…
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @fentyyooh legendaryOH MY GOD?!?!?!?!?!
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧yeah this is gahyeon from dreamcatcher
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧mickey on a railway picking up stones~~ /lyrt to help me find e’last stan moots pleaseDreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV Teaser #01 ⠀ 2021. 01. 26 PM 18:00 ⠀ ▶ ▶…
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧WATCH: #Dreamcatcher Drops 1st MV Teaser For "Odd Eye" Comeback
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧dreamcatcher moments that should have went viral: the entire you & i choreo
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧THANK YOU must stan e’last @Solji_Solo my opinions are the best!!! @LingIsAPerson @Solji_Solo fetus yeetus☁️ I made a playlist 🌟
Retweeted by leia⁷🌧 @cupidsunmi omg tysm💕💕💕i miss eyedi @cloudy_jisoo omgg i love them🥺🥺🥺 @cupidsunmi ooo o like them all but i rlly do need to catch on their discography thank youu💕💕give me some ggs to check out, preferably fantasy concept, but anything is fine tbh