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Doolally @godoolally Space-Time Is An Illusion

A scrappy little beer company!

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@UrMoonDoo @dakuwithchaku @GauravSaha You can place your order using this link long last my friend(s). #Mug140 @godoolally
Retweeted by Doolally @boxwala_ Also, please note that the Andheri taproom will start with beer deliveries from next week. @boxwala_ Currently the delivery agents are only able to do deliveries within the 7kms radius from the nearest outl… @boxwala_ You can place your order on @deep_ess Hey, currently the delivery agents are only able to do deliveries within the 7kms radius from the nearest… don’t think I’ve been this happy in the last 4 months! Wooooof!! 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Doolally @VarunAhuja87 DM is now open. Please send us your query. @AdvanceDexter Will ping you here when we have it back at Khar 👍🏼'If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain' 😃😍😎 #FRIYAY
Retweeted by Doolally @AnjunaPiyu could you give us a follow so that we can DM you your code?Thank you for playing #doolallyq. See you all next Friday!Ans. to the Brunch Q:. Shirley Temple; winner: @grishma__, @JayeshChheda10 #doolallyq Winners: @MustansirGilit1, @Alan_Fdes, @JhelumPhadke, @ethan_titus, @Saideep82, @HiraStark, @alistairldsouza,… Luis Suarez; winners: @kaul_amrit, @MaharashtraPi, @DJSirkit, @SenpaiiiNoticed, @nik__nr, @quickbug #doolallyq ICE; winners: @R3admedeep, @KoshurBlue, @shettyanish1, @AnjunaPiyu, @unitedaryan, @Ram_M_D #doolallyq 131! He was dropped from one for disciplinary reasons; winners: @ishapatel999, @Invisible_1nk, @schmmuck,… The Terminator; winners: @maxprat, @soham_satam, @shahkrisha96, @mayuresh_99, @ShaunakSawant1, @punjabiadonis Yak butter. It is called Butter tea; winners: @gloriousmistry, @Harrshul, @Shimographer, @philoosiphical,… Atari; winners: @Riya_Shah57, @fancy_mohadikar, @khamaniyo, @DetoxVetox, @mr_bob_sacamano, @sanilp #doolallyq John Williams; winners: @dopmaheshd, @BagadiaDrashti, @ak199424, @Afrin_khan786, @nikhil_daware,… Cayman Islands; winners: @apurvashah49, @aakashgupta96, @UnBhakt, @kaafibitchy, @Krutang18gmailc,…'s time for our winners! #doolallyqGot suggestions for #doolallyq and at the live quiz? Tell @thinq2win, who set and host the quiz..Want a daily dose of trivia? @thinq2win, the folks behind this quiz, run Simple Interest - an uncomplicated online… for playing #doolallyq today. Answers+winners soon. Feedback to @thinq2win.. @godoolally
Retweeted by Doolally @godoolally Priyanka Chopra
Retweeted by Doolally @OhMaraBappa ErrrChampion Q:. Un-mix these letters to arrive at a non-alcoholic drink named after an American actress #doolallyq @godoolally
Retweeted by Doolally @hii_nal :*8. Which striker, notorious for another incident involving Giorgio Chiellini, became understandably unpopular in Gh… governmental agency hmmmm #doolallyq What 3 letter term connects the college which is the setting for most of 3 idiots, with American rapper Robert M… IIT JEE haunts you for the rest of your life #doolallyq @Alan_Fdes Not found @TextualOffender You have a point there ngl @godoolally But he terminates trash and we are all trash. Do the math.
Retweeted by DoolallyHint: It isn't 133 #doolallyq6. Between Kapil Dev's debut in 1978-79 and his final match in 1993-94, India played 132 Tests. How many of them di… @TextualOffender But he's so cute :( @oartija :'( @godoolally Electric Piya from Gangs of Wasseypur #Doolallyq
Retweeted by Doolally5. Which 1984 film's title was changed to 'The Electronic Murderer' in Poland because the original title phonetical… @godoolally Someone called me out?
Retweeted by DoolallyThank you for not saying Jha du #doolallyq @Sarveshshenoy Hey butter isn't that bad okay4. Also called Po cha in Tibetan, what traditional ingredient along with tea leaves, salt, and water gives it its common name? #doolallyq#MakeInIndia #doolallyq @godoolally Hehe You said nutting 😆
Retweeted by Doolally @godoolally Patanjali
Retweeted by Doolally3. Which company founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney started out as Syzygy Engineering, a company that designe… no Indian ever #doolallyq @oartija We see eye to eye @deeppotter MastachWhy is no one copying this answer #doolallyq @godoolally Taheer shah
Retweeted by Doolally2. 'The Colour Purple', 'Bridge of Spies', and 'Ready Player One' are three of the only five films by a certain dir… @godoolally Noida
Retweeted by Doolally @godoolally Peddar Road
Retweeted by Doolally @godoolally Antilla
Retweeted by Doolally1. Where is the 29 sq. km city of George Town located which has branches of 40 of the world's top 50 banks and gene… @godoolally Om Google’aynamaha! Om Wikipedia’aynamaha! Om CopyPaste'aynamaha!
Retweeted by Doolally#doolallyq #doolallyq by replying to each question tweet (so we see all replies together). Don't use protected a/cs...Two 'Breakfast of Champions for one' prizes. Plus, 10 lucky picks in today's #doolallyq..#doolallyq format: 8 questions; 6 winners per qn (6 lucky picks from correctly answering handles); max 2 per handle..About 60 minutes to go for #doolallyq. Set & hosted by @thinq2win.. @akshayvst 1st brewhouse is accepting growler orders for Pune. Please check your DM.Timing : From10 am to 6 pm.I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day. Try our cloudy wheat beers, with all the good stuff left in.…
How fucking fast was that Ostrich going when he hit that tree??
Retweeted by Doolally @SumneshSalodkar @ku1deep Open now :) @vivankamath 1st brewhouse is accepting growler orders for Pune. Please check your DM. @ItsTSYouKnow Because it’s nitrogenated (the stuff that gives it its creaminess) it doesn’t travel well... or we ne… news for Mumbai beer lovers: @godoolally is now delivering - how to order online?
Retweeted by Doolally#PSA Last order at 5.59 pm! Only 30 mins to go. We'll meet again tomorrow at Kemp's, Khar and Palm Beach Road from…'ve my eternal gratitude! @godoolally
Retweeted by Doolally @sanchittiwari02 @tyagiamit14 Yes, within 7 kms radius from the Palm Beach Road taproom.I want to take a moment to appreciate the sheer amount of lobbying and navigating babudom that went in so that I co…
Retweeted by Doolally @Handle_Rahul Sorry, the codes are only redeemable in- store. @wordsbyshivani The beers are delivered in PET bottles. @iRahulJadhav @dakuwithchaku @holy_photon @Ktens @GauravSaha erm GAIZ! >> Accepting home delivery orders from within 7 kms of the Khar taproom now!!!! @MisseeMonis Our delivery agents are doing 5-7 km for now. You may have to pick it up from the taproom itself. @ku1deep Open now 👍🏼The last time I was at @godoolally was on the 8th of March. It’s been 4 months since my lips have tasted that swee…
Retweeted by Doolally @ku1deep Can you ping in DM and tell? @DhruvMa96477077 No, the coupons are only redeemable in-store. @nirmalyadutta23 😂Today I truly become Aatma Nirbhar
Retweeted by DoolallySo, you want to take me home? I thought you'd never ask. #ItsPouringInMumbai - 8 beers + 3 ciders. Order on… one's from the Lord of the grills. Serving grilled chicken pieces tossed and cooked in black pepper sauce. Ava…
Babycorn fritters with honey chilli -  If there are two things that define the monsoon in Mumbai, it's pakodas and…
If you don't like pizza, you're a weirdough. Pineapple and pulled chicken pizza available on @ZomatoIN and…
#Pune Gets India’s 1st Tap Station-Have Your Favourite Craft Brews Delivered To Your Doorstep!…
Retweeted by DoolallyA workshop on understanding your rescued stray dog. Why is your dog scared of boxes? Why do they bark at everything… @kimayabrewingco is opening India’s first-ever craft beer shoppe – a one-stop destination for craft beer lovers…
Retweeted by DoolallyFreshly baked cheesecake with a buttery crust, a creamy cheesecake centre, topped with a secret crumble. Seems like…