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Ace comic book letterer. | Soft boy. | Stress baker. | Possible vampire. | Utterly forgettable. | I'm not nearly as funny as I think I am. | He/Him

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More lettering samples for you to look at with your eyes.
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicStill taking on new work, if you need a comic lettered. @FemmesinFridges Gonna put this on a t-shirt. @TempusRimeblood Inside joke.Adam made it A Thing.
Good riddance.I want a live stream of them just chucking Trump's shit into a dumpster out back while Biden is being sworn in.
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicRemember the inauguration episode of The West Wing when, while Jimmy Smits was being sworn in as the next president…
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic @adityab I loved the art style on this one.
Love to be a person who apparently doesn't exist."Yes, father, I shall become a candy man."Anybody else’s brain do this? 🥴🥴🥴😩
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic @ten_bandits
@warpvector @TKOpresents @FellHound_ @Joe_Hunter @teepopi @TaylorEspo I'm game. Let's make it happen."WE HAVE WATER AT HOME!" I shout to the puppy who is wandering around the yard, licking every dusting of snow and dirty puddle she can find.
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Discourse... datcourse... I don't really wanna hear about any of it. going back to bed now. @_TheRussian This tweet implies that I am alive during the day.I instead... fell asleep and slept for 12 hours.I should maybe go to the ER, huh? @sievish @xtop These are amazing.
@xtop Gomez, Cleo, and Chloe Godzilla @JonHexLives GIMMEH YER SPLEEN!I'm in so much dumb pain right now.Damn thing still doesn't work.My dad's dryer stopped working this morning, so I had to help him tear it apart and put it back together again and… @HassanOE Hassan.Me, trying to be helpful but ultimately making everything much much worse
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic @krenshar_posts He's just petty enough to try it, too.
Got to flip through thumbnails for the last chunk of a YA OGN I'll be lettering later this year and, wow, am I exci… @xtop Perfect.if you need examples of how our society infantilizes women, look no further than Julia Child. she was clearly a Julia Adult.
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic*Darth Vader, threatening me* DARTH VADER: I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any fur-- ME: *pushing al… @jnyemb The Dad Look looks good on you, dude. @leekassen I do not care for this new information, Harry Kassen. @andrealrosales Oh, I know. I just don't think I could offer up any thought or prayers for them even sarcastically.… @andrealrosales Nah.Good news, everyone! Soon we'll be able to pry the NRA's guns from their cold dead hands.👏Raccoon👏In👏A👏Little👏Coat👏
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic @timfumble @bully_thelsb @kenlowery No, Bully's 7! (8 in July!) of all, I didn’t “karate chop” your baby. We were sparring
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicComing to the realization that I am not funny and shouldn't make jokes anymore. hope this ishmael finds you whale
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicThey poked me several times in each hand and now they're both swollen, which is making work... difficult. @pittsed_off Congrats! @magencubed Yeah, no shit. I'm ugly as fuck. @adityab I've bought comics specifically because you were lettering them, so you're not wrong.I don't put projects on the back burner. I put them under the floorboards, where the ever-louder beating of their h…
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic bag of rust.
@TwoLemonades YEP @TheThirstyWench I got real excited and then everyone just sang the same song. Don't get me wrong, it's a GREAT so… @Mexicanity Cool. Wow. Great typo, Frank. You faith in me and my writing ability is entirely misplaced, Abuelita. @Mexicanity Thank you for believing in my, Abuelita. we manage our time well, we can impeach him a couple of more times before the 20th. Just saying. @salinsley I still didn't get mine yet. I checked the IRS site and my official status is LOL NOPE.has anyone done this yet
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic @MarkOStack @DialHForHagai Honestly, I like the chaos, too. But mostly only because I know he hasn't ready any of m… @DialHForHagai Hagai, use Twitter for good, not evil.When the Lord tells a slightly off-color joke. @JustinEisinger Hey, congrats on the Dwayne McDuffie Award nom! @Mexicanity You're too kind. 😉 @Mexicanity I've been using "You're too kind." It acknowledges the compliment, compliments the complimentor, but st… @Mexicanity Of course. That's very kind of you to offer. @Mexicanity Yeah, man. Receiving compliments make me SO UNCOMFORTABLE (for a different reason) and self-deprecating… @brianlynn Thanks. But it's OK. It's just a thing I'm working on. I try to be open about some of the things I'm di… @Mexicanity Thank you for hearing me, though. I appreciate your kindness and support. @Mexicanity I have literally no idea. I think this is going to be all on me. My therapist wants me to be assertive… those are some fun things we're working on in therapy at the moment.Also, because my achievements where downplayed as a kid to make my sister feel better about herself, as an adult, I… cool thing about my brain is, because of being emotionally abused as a child for things that had nothing to do wi… I’ve lost touch it’s just that you knew a version of me that I’m actively trying to kill
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@HitlerPuncher Dammit. I made this joke just a few hours too late.*posts a good tweet that receives zero likes or RTs* ME: Wow. Cancel culture is out of control.Well. THAT sure was lovely news to read as I walked out of my therapy appointment just now.Trying to gather up the energy for therapy this afternoon. now it's gonna be what? Sex and NO CITY??? WTF, Darren Star?I know that a lot of folks are rightfully upset that Kim Cattrall won't be reprising the role of Samantha in the ne… @dc_hopkins I saw pages for a book I lettered online once and thought "Oooh. This looks good. I might have to read this one.""When I say Shōnen Jump, you say Shōnen How High!" -- tyrannical manga artist to their assistantspasteurization is the real cancel culture
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicI didn’t know Kanye was Italian
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Frank CvetkovicMe, trying to be helpful but ultimately making everything much much worse is such a skilled letterer. You should definitely hire him to letter your comic. @adampknave SIGH. I'm gonna end up paying for Apple TV just to watch Ted Lasso, aren't I?Oh it’s #PortfolioDay again? Hi, I’m Joe and I draw/color comics and stuff.
Retweeted by Frank Cvetkovic @magencubed @FemmesinFridges @adampknave I hate when that happens. Instead of thinking it is a bad comic, I always feel like *I* failed the book…
@divedeepermn Oblivious coward. That's the worst kind... @adampknave @RoberteLove As would I but, also, I'm kind of shocked he didn't ghost the entire country and just disa… a steak and pierogies for deenor because the anemia demanded a blood sacrifice. @warpvector @warpvector (Psst. Here's a little secret just for you. *I* don't even have a Venmo. That was part of the joke.) @jesse_hamm So now I'm just assuming Marcie has eyes on her palms like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. are all COWARDS., @DialHForHagai. You are now too old to write for Marvel Comics.