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Hey. What are some of your favorite [free] Wordpress portfolio themes for comics stuff?New Parents Freaked Out Upon Learning That Babies Can Live Up To 100 Years
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Hey! Credit your colorist! Matter of fact, put your colorist's name next to yours on the cover! It costs you nothin…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!CAN I PET THAT DAAAWG??? was THIS YEAR. @vanetti @Mexicanity Lesley, it's VERY good.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Furyohfury YEP. I would MUCH rather cook and bake for other people than to have anyone make a fuss over me. I hate… @Furyohfury Yes. Exactly. I want a pizza or a burrito and to just sit on the couch and watch a movie or something.… @Furyohfury I am also terrible at this. Please don't ask me questions like there or to make a decision of any kind.…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!my rule of thumb about tweets is i have to ask myself "does anybody want to hear this?" before i tweet. The answer…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost! @jason1749 @LongTallJodie I find it hilarious that this book has been hyped up for like five years now and then it… @jason1749 @LongTallJodie It's over already???NURSE VAMPIRANHA things are starting to happen for my friends again and you have no idea how deliriously happy this makes me. @Menshevixen hOt SiNgL3S in_Y0Ur ArEa_₩aNt ¥oUr As$ tO gEt_a J0b @Joe_Hunter she died, you see...Four and a half years. @BarelyVirginia Vote for what? Is this one if them singing competitions?
The official mug of 2020.
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Working to get issues 10-12 of Hero Code finished up (concluding volume 2). Here’s the cover to 10, 11, splash, and…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Not to brag, but I write pretty good introductory emails.Why is this so funny 😂
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost! @midgetnazgul Adding it to the list of possibilities. @Helikhana Honey, I'm incredibly anemic. I would be the most watered down drink you've ever day.Very excited to learn that I don't need to lose any more of my blood this week.Saw a video from woman who said her dying Republican father voted for Biden because he saw how much this election m… and his funky lil roomba
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!I use Twitter as it was intended: tweeting whatever you want until you remember you’re being perceived.
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WORRIED ABOUT YOUR GRANDPARENTS TEXTING?!? Here’s a guide to ease your mind: ASOASF = and so on and so forth TDMEL…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost! @ChrisPHuey @adampknave I'm sad we never got to do anything with this.(Please do not talk about me or acknowledge my existence.)I termsearched my own name and what I discovered has made me IRATE: NO ONE is talking about me!! >: (Theory: Melania isn't a person. It's a codename. Like James Bond.
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost! @blambot @ringoawards Congrats, Nate! Well deserved! is a subtweet for every single one of you
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!"99.9% of young people recover." I was a 28 year old with no underlying health conditions. when I got sick in March…
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SimpsonsCollarTug.gif @BarelyVirginia @phillipsevyI think I could handle being friends with Hannibal from the TV show 'Hannibal.' When he started trying to gaslight…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Michael Shannon yelling "I WILL NOT EAT ONE IOTA OF SHIT!" is such an underrated line of dialogue. @salinsley LOVE ITthis is the prettiest S i've drawn in a week
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Let's watch KNIVES OUT. have so much respect for this dog I cannot put it into words. 💪✊️
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!From the archives: @Dastmalchian spoke with DoomRocket about COUNT CROWLEY: RELUCTANT MIDNIGHT MONSTER HUNTER from…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost! @saraterror I feel ya. @AlasdairStuart God, I love that movie. @JAMALIGLE You two look incredibly cute @Furyohfury oh shit i hear sirens we better pull over odysseus: fuck wait don’t—
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!It's so important that youngsters have access to books.
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Shit. lies Frank Falling asleep in his bed Or, at least, he was Til Gomez stood on his head @meakoopa Like what? Perfect?Accessibility thread 2020: Stop Biting My Toes And Just Go To Sleep. @sequentialmatt I am legit crying right now. I'm so happy for you. @sequentialmatt MATT! CONGRATS! Oh, I'm so happy for you and your family! This is amazing news!
I'm tired, so I figured we'd go read in bed for a bit in case I fall asleep early. We've been in here for ten minu… G-rated version of "would'st thou like to live deliciously"
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!The most beautiful phrase in the world is "no notes."
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Gomez"Biden is gonna take all of our guns!" How do y'all still have any guns left when Obama was supposed to have taken them all?Did you know that I did a free comic this fall? And the entire 20 pages is just one badass, fluid fight scene? The…
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!The new Batman trailer looks underwhelming.
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Whenever Gomez starts doing something he's not supposed to be doing, as punishment, I'll scoop him up and cradle hi… told comic book writers to use bullet points in their script formatting should apologize and take it back.
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!LOOK AT MY HORRIBLE SON!! HE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT TERRIBLE!! @adampknave I miss new music Skype nights.If you're a big fan of films based on books by Stephen King, you simply love to see IT.
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!Are these swim trunks 🥺
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!me plotting new comics projects
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!I miss DashCon. do not let Br*ndon Gr*ham weasel his way back into the comics community. We need to keep throwing out the t… for a cat to take out a wind turbine, to be fair
Retweeted by A G-G-G-GoFrankGhost!A dragon in his cave. boy found a box.
Pénélope Bagieu makes very pretty comics. @adampknave Wah? @leboism @AndrewIhla Happy birthday, Andrew! Perry's Funky Cold Madea @adampknave @adampknave is THE NEWSROOM but for pandemic times.You have no idea how many times I utter these words on a daily basis... @jojoseames OMIGOSH. That is PERFECT. @jojoseames I got as far as Burger Beagle, but could not think of a second villain that really described me? @angienessyo YEP. My county is red and closing in on purple. I'm so angry. I've been so careful this year and every…"No Ohio county yet has been assigned the highest level of concern, purple, during which the recommendation would b… You were partying, I studied the trade. #HireALetterer used to threaten to letter the books of problem clients in Comic Sans, but now I'm going to threaten to letter th… @HassanOE God, these pages are beautiful. You constantly outdo yourself.flooooooooow pt2
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