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In that case: Stream at 7pm CEST/5pm UTC with @DanVanDam at
Retweeted by GOG.COM @Lord_Mandalore *gasps in Druid* @Severian_TC Mystery of the Druids gets the #FridayMood 🙌 @JaydenAsphyxia @trusteft @trusteft @AssembleTeam @CrazyBunchTeam world's worst charmer is back and he's grown in some ways, but not so much in others. However, he's still the…
@CrazyWriterGuy a Vampyr and save or doom London 🩸🧛‍♂️ Use your powers to fight off hunters or other beings & decide who wi… Inn is a real-time management sim with #RPG elements 🍻 Focus on your tavern, or immerse yourself in a r… ✖️ @daedalic Check out the games made by a studio which loves strategy and point & click g… you ready to get sliced in half? Those discs are really sharp... Run around in a desperate struggle to stay al… @kavalerov deceased, you find yourself in Hell. Want to get out? Easy. Outdrink Satan 🔥 Go on hellish benders & oth… altruistic and unexpected hero Ikk is back! Stay on your toes as you journey through deep dark chaotic places…
"There are many fantastic grand strategy games available, but one studio that has been cranking out these types of… through the week 💪 Be sure to take a peek at our Midweek Sale with arcade games to pass the time 👀 Discou… a fast-paced roguelite platformer. Help Kyhra explore the unknown and slash her way through ancient mac… @11bitstudios @PdxInteractive from @PdxInteractive are responsible for releasing some stellar(is) strategy games - and hey - now you can ge…
Retweeted by GOG.COMBe sure to check out the franchise bundles! Buy 3 games or more for a higher discount 🤩 Europa Universalis ➡️…
@tweeting_keith DM us the ticket ID and we'll look into this. @tweeting_keith Please reach out to our Support and they'll surely help you out!"One popular genre that has captured the hearts and minds of gamers for decades is the post-apocalyptic genre. Thes… our @PdxInteractive Strategies Sale 🙌 Grab amazing games up to –80% 👉 15 minutes our weekly @GOGcom Staff Streams continue with Susi from customer support! Join Susi as she investig…
Retweeted by GOG.COMThe creature is only inches away... Its sole purpose - to feed off your terror. Journey through a horror game abou… the @Fallout series with discounts up to 70% & celebrate the occasion 🎊 ☣️ celebrate, why don't we have a promo on @PdxInteractive titles, exclusive higher series discounts AND a… 20th birthday, Europa Universalis! 💜 @Lord_Mandalore @atnotricardo @Lord_Mandalore You better believe it 😏
Happy 10th birthday @Fallout New Vegas! 💜 👉 @shinnemesis @Twitch @CyberpunkGame Blips and blops 💜 @CyberpunkGame 19th, 2020 - also known as 'only one month left before #Cyberpunk2077 release!!' 🤘😆🤘 Since we're not yet… greatest of civilizations has fallen & even the stars are dying. Take the role of one of the powerful nobles f… @Fallout point and click comedy adventure requires you to think outside the box 📦 ...after all, @ThereIsNoGame. Will… week you can join the Desert Rangers & make your mark in the Wasteland 💪 Check out all the games during our W… 1802, the merchant ship Obra Dinn set out from London for the Orient. It did not reach its destination. Octobe…
Last chance to grab @deepsilver titles with amazing discounts up to –80%! 💜 Don't miss out 👉… stakes are high, and the dangers are many! Will you be the one to turn the tide, and lead the people of Mesmer… great classics from Strategy First make a DRM-free comeback on! Follow the adventures…
@legendkiller2k8 game is this from? Only wrong answers. a free live performance of the world premiere of music from @baldursgate3 & more! Of course, the… 15th birthday F.E.A.R. 💜 To this day it's a great FPP shooter full of action, tension and terror! 👉… about a DEMO for the weekend? 😎 Combine magnetism & gravity in order to unravel secrets of Chandra Base. Are…
@Frenchy_AU @CyberpunkGame You assume correctly 😁 @yellow_cyber @CyberpunkGame out the digital comic available for everyone who buys Cyberpunk 2077 on! 👇
Retweeted by GOG.COM @Metalhead9806 @JediLin @THQNordic That's strange... Have you tried refreshing the page? Please try clear your cach… @THQNordic left the surface of the Earth in ruins & abandoned it. The sea is now our new home. Pilot customized fighter s… @SkymasterG @CyberpunkGame On release! @Hookstar54 @CyberpunkGame Yes 🥰 @Gorthezar @CyberpunkGame All retail PC copies have a GOG code, so you are good 😉 @perproductions @CyberpunkGame All retail copies of the game for PC come with a GOG code, so you'll receive the exclusive content 🥰 @CyberpunkGame weekend is filled with amazing titles from @deepsilver! 🤩 ▪️ Metro Franchise Bundle –30% ▪️ Pathfinder: Kingm… @tofuman_ww @CyberpunkGame Available upon game's release 😊 @quietuswolfe @CyberpunkGame Yup 😉 @PowerThruWisdom @CyberpunkGame All purchases of #Cyberpunk2077 on GOG will include it, yes. @kod_32 @CyberpunkGame It will be added to your GOG account once the game is released 💜 @Frenchy_AU @CyberpunkGame Yes 🥰 @CyberpunkGame @uncensoredcheff @CyberpunkGame Please be just a liiittle bit more patient, you'll receive it when the game releases on Nov 19! @Kqwell @CyberpunkGame Of course 💜 @totallytman @CyberpunkGame All physical editions come with a GOG key, so yes! The comic, among other cool stuff, will be available 💜 @SrAid3n @CyberpunkGame Yes! Each physical PC copy comes with a GOG key, this is not a pre-order incentive so it's… @WhiteWolf496 @CyberpunkGame You better get to it 😁 @AranzaGeek @CyberpunkGame If you pre-ordered on GOG, then yes 😎 @joepann @CyberpunkGame Here you go💜 @damien8644 @CyberpunkGame Of course! 💜Night City welcomes us on Nov 19, and our offer becomes even better 🦾 We're excited to reveal the exclusive digita… + Action + Roguelite = Noita ✨ Crush your enemies & manipulate the world around you 💪 Noita is out of the d…
Ever thought of becoming an innkeeper? 🍻 Manage your own virtual inn & grab an exclusive newsletter discount! Don't… into randomly generated ring dungeons where encounters come to you! Be careful where you tread in this chall… @Porsche @CyberpunkGame't miss out on the 4th Episode of Night City Wire! 🦾 @CyberpunkGame @CyberpunkGame Monkey Island franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary! 🤩 Let's take a look back at the history behind th… from the real world into the surreal realms of objective memories & subjective experiences in this tech-noi… for a snarky action-adventure puzzle game with a good dose of humor? Gather your party, use the powers of yo… @warrencbennett
@warrencbennett This one is tricky... 🤔Who likes moving? No one, right? @DarkSaber2k tries to move enormous amounts of various stuff on his vehicle in thi…
Retweeted by GOG.COMOne word - TALENT 🙌 @CyberpunkGame @vaguelymaybe Hmm, Stardew Valley? 🤔 @emmathepony @og_mem1 your favorite game in the most boring way possible.Look behind you! A three-headed monkey! 🐵🐵🐵 ...and a Midweek Sale with retro point'n'click games on top of that 👀… @witchergame @CyberpunkGame @Twitch #denial can't wait!