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medieval historian (sex, society, the apocalypse), George Michael stan, "dirty little leftist". she/her Agent: William @Inkwellmgmt

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@raaleh @DanBoeckner @bertovo Sounds great mate! @Agatha_Krispies I totally feel this. But just because it is not happening now doesn't mean it never will. ❤️❤️ @Agatha_Krispies A) Absolutely not. B) We are not playing this "worth" game. You are important simply by virtue of… @raaleh @DanBoeckner @bertovo What wine are you pairing with that? @sensiblehuman96 Delighted that my shift into podcast Ing is being recognised. @medievalatX @elvysshpopet It's only chivalry if it's from the Cheval region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling bad history.
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @TheAuracl3 Belle and Sebastian. @llewcid Absolutely losing it at this. Hooting and hollering. @inthesedeserts @JeffSamuels16 Nobody: The friends and the families of all the guys that got turned cold to save W…
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @SkrivaFel Yay!! That is such excellent news! Well done! @KetamineLovejoy Excellent whacking. Yes.I wrote a book; and now you can read it! It's about power, language, rhetoric and relationships. Oh, and the letter…
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor JanegaMy online course now has a website. So excited to start this!!
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor JanegaCall for Applicants: Sasakawa Studentships at the University of East Anglia, UK #JapaneseStudies
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @_simonparsons @tinyredbook @culturesexrel That's what Justin said, TBH. @depopdrama At least send a link so we can cop them. @tinyredbook @culturesexrel IDK if I will.I'm getting some lovely reviews on Instagram. You can buy a copy of Can We Talk About Consent from this indie boo…
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @JeffSamuels16 @mattlodder @inthesedeserts @Milo_Edwards @SCynic1 @big_microbe_ You OK babe? Have a drink of water.… @mattlodder @inthesedeserts @JeffSamuels16 @Milo_Edwards @SCynic1 @big_microbe_ Quite interesting how happy he is t… I like should release things on a schedule to accommodate my memes.Sitting around waiting for the @culturesexrel on Bridgerton to drop, with this screenshot burning a hole in my phon… @mattlodder This man is addicted to Ls. @ClaudiaRappDE yes @LindaStupart You had best believe I tipped this donkey.In which MLK Jr. describes the warmongering of the United States military as "demonic" and inextricably linked to t…
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janegabrandon lost his job in april and is less than 1k away from his goal ✨✨ help/share if you can 🙏🏾💙
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @TheSinanKose Incredible stuff. @seraph76 @inthesedeserts I mean honestly, looking at Nate's leftist output and then being like, "Ah yes, this 'ris… @MaryKnightArt @Falcon_Malteser Hon, it's a podcast. @kyleg1461 Allegedly!For those asking: occurs to me that as I am the only person in the entire world sharp people in wigs might be able to figure googl… @a_rdavey It is seriously embarrassing. @SCynic1 @inthesedeserts @SteampunkKanye @ALABSeries Very good excited for this.If I was posing as an intellectual in public I would simply not admit that I didn't know how to Google stuff.Watching the country's finest legal minds spend their Sunday grappling with *checks notes* how to use Google in ord… @menysnoweballes Love your eye makeup as well.Extremely good episode with some excellent ideas about community and support expansion. is the 40th Anniversary of the New Cross Fire. On Saturday 17th January 1981, Yvonne Ruddock was hosting a 1…
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @BBCNews My boss better get ready to receive that message 24/7 I guess? @TheLJWay85 Imma kiss that head. @wendihouse22 Look at the tiny ears. So precious and good. @irishgirl71126 Spike! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @MawiahL It is a lot to deal with!! @ashleylaneuk Thank you! @SandraLaerling So true. @AliceAvizandum Cannot believe the non-chronological TL kept this gem from me, the horny police. @PhillipaJC @churchill_alex @hack_history @GabbyStorey @RebeccaRideal @GeorgianPapers @carolynaday @WW2girl1944 @BanGaoRen So true.
@bartlebooth45 Just incredible. So fun.This is the Yan Bingtao appreciation zone. In this zone we appreciate Yan Bingtao. @Thecafesinister Yup!weird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @Stuwolf1 Usually. @NeolithicSheep I cannot believe she is still going. Just take the L. @DeliriumBurlesq Yeah if Cabbage is too much of a handful I put bird videos on. @inthesedeserts A) This is disgusting and I am sorry. B) Post that crowd funder. Let's fucking goooooooo. @leechwaifu She is being very good today. @leechwaifu @SzMarsupial This will always be the dream. @tamarin @janie_pb Oooohhhh my god. @MariaSale8 Yeah Cabbage loves big cat programmes. @king__tubby LolMy cat really be watching the snooker. @RuthEllershaw Thank you! @inthesedeserts I mean in my group DMs we usually just send each other hot selfies and debate who we are gonna shag… @sammisam147 Team Bingtao. @LabAnimeCaucus Cabbage has watched it a couple of times now. She thinks it is a fresh new take on tail cleaning. Not that she has a tail."The Tooth Worm as Hell's Demon,” 18th century. Carved from ivory, the two halves open up to reveal a scene about t…
Retweeted by Dr Eleanor Janega @BareLeft Making a pitch for Six Feet Under here. @leechwaifu The thirst coming off this man is noxious. @LeftieU @leechwaifu Weird way of saying you are unlovable, but OK dude. @OwainAlty "Not because he was sexist." K. Sure. @Devon_OnEarth @Lace_Flye @inthesedeserts @CharlotteBHC @JosephStash @Milo_Edwards Goddamn it Devon. @aarjanistan We may soon find out. @LabAnimeCaucus This is very inventive. @ijturton @guessworker Mercers are number one! It the Merchent Taylors you are at odds with. @seraph76 @Lace_Flye @inthesedeserts @CharlotteBHC @JosephStash @Milo_Edwards Goddamn you Chris. @OwainAlty I mean are they talking about monastaries? @HylaPam LMAO @Mark_Dubs Oh damn, wow. @AliceAvizandum Finally some fucking representation. @CarlCouchII Máte this is a thing that already exists without the $15 minimum wage. The people work behind the counter. @ScaryNewDad I am on it. @keewa @jennyeri Oh my god, maybe?? @erictboehm What a move! @PJR23 I love these cuddlers. @ScaryNewDad Sorry mate. @PollyWilkins I am very interested in this belly.Please, my cat, she is very cute. @tinyredbook I feel this in my soul. @Lace_Flye @inthesedeserts @CharlotteBHC @JosephStash @Milo_Edwards I like to think of it as looking more "relatable". @CharlotteBHC @JosephStash @inthesedeserts @Milo_Edwards Thanks for pointing out this hot photo. Nice one. @Devon_OnEarth @inthesedeserts So owned by this photo of Nate looking hot and also quite fun and funny. Ouch. @guessworker Very cool. @mattlodder I mean. Imagine dealing with all of this. @mattlodder I was close.