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Britain’s favourite comedy, all day every day! 📺 #RickyAndRalf Mondays, 8pm. #TheFastShow: Just A Load of Blooming Catchphrases coming soon!

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Thank you @goldchannel you have properly struck gold with #rickyandralf @RalfLittle #RickyTomlinson fantastic programme!
Retweeted by GOLDThanks again for watching! You can now find all the music from tonight's episode of #RickyAndRalf on Spotify:… this show 😍 #rickyandralf @RalfLittle
Retweeted by GOLDIt’s time for #rickyandralf, the best thing on tv. Love it.
Retweeted by GOLDIt's that time of the week again... #RickyAndRalf up with the Royle family at the Riverside Boro ⚽️ such a giggle & a pleasure spending a bit of time with Ricky…
Retweeted by GOLDJoin us tonight at 8pm as #RickyAndRalf experience the Angel of the North, a working coal mine and glass blowing. P…
@DanPiperMusic @RalfLittle Yes, they’re available On Demand and on Now TV... and actually all episodes are availabl…
@viviloupy @RalfLittle That’s really lovely to hear. Thanks Vivien. @ajames_cameron @RalfLittle Thanks Adam! If you search ‘Ricky & Ralf’ on Spotify you’ll find all the music from the show. #RickyAndRalfJust deciding where we can visit when lockdown is over based on this brilliant tv show. A Very Northern Roadtrip is…
Retweeted by GOLD#RickyTomlinson & @RalfLittle’s Very Northern Road Trip is exactly what my family needed during all this madness @goldchannel
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As it's #WorldDraculaDay, here's a taste of what Ricky Tomlinson and @RalfLittle got up to when they visited the bi… can vote for 'The Cockfields' here... We are very proud of our little show.
Retweeted by GOLD🎉We're delighted that *11* of our UKTV Original shows have made the longlist for this year's #TVChoiceAwards! Let…
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@notlob1234 Last week it was, it's now Dad's Army! Sorry.Thanks for watching! As always, you can head to our Spotify channel to listen to all the music from #RickyAndRalf.… never fail to make me laugh! They should just do loops of the north for the rest of time..
Retweeted by GOLD @hollycbishop @RalfLittle Glad you're enjoying it Holly! You can catch up with any episodes you missed On Demand. T… @RalfLittle stumbled across Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip this evening. What a wonderful, feel good watc…
Retweeted by GOLDAnyone else really fancy some chocolate now??! 🍫🍫🍫 #RickyAndRalf#RickyAndRalf my favourite night of the week! Love these two😍
Retweeted by GOLD#RickyAndRalf really look forward to watching this every week,it's a much needed laugh on a monday.
Retweeted by GOLD#RickyAndRalf on @goldchannel on Mondays is very enjoyable, I love their relationship. Ricky looking well for 80 too!
Retweeted by GOLDOK. Let's just forget all this for a couple of hours and indulge in some laughter with @RalfLittle #RickyAndRalf
Retweeted by GOLDIf you can see #RickyAndRalf's Very Northern Road Trip on Gold right now then we can confirm that you have excellen… were doing Northern Road Trips before they were front page news. #RickyAndRalf continues tonight at 8pm only on… @notlob1234 @RalfLittle Happy days indeed! Enjoy Samantha. #RickyAndRalfOfficially now my fave day of the week. 8pm. #RickyAndRalf. And don't have to watch on catch up this week as Bank H…
Retweeted by GOLDLooking forward to next episode of #rickyandralf tonight on @goldchannel 👍🏻 @RalfLittle
Retweeted by GOLDDon't forget that #RickyAndRalf continues tonight at 8pm as @RalfLittle fulfils a childhood dream when he gets to s…
@boydhilton Thanks Boyd! #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter! There we have it! Our jury have decided that Alan Partridge is #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter.🎉 jury have reached a verdict! Before we tweet the Top 3, here's how positions 10-4 look...… @abbagav She made the top 20 Gavin. @atickner1983 @sallyephillips @mermhart @KathyBurke @MrsBrownsBoys Thanks Adam! We're really glad you're enjoying t… @goldchannel @sallyephillips @mermhart @KathyBurke @MrsBrownsBoys Really enjoying this, fantastic panel which can s…
Retweeted by GOLD @Mulliganj Nope, it's brand new! #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter @Sarahlou21222 Ooh... you might want to mute us then temporarily! Or stay away from Twitter, otherwise we'll ruin t… to come... our Top 10! Who are you hoping to see on the podium? #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter our countdown to #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter continues, here's who our jury, chaired by @sallyephillips, th… @djspeedy34 @sallyephillips @mermhart @KathyBurke @MrsBrownsBoys Nope! Brand new tonight. #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter @En_Chan_ted0203 You're welcome! Glad you're enjoying it Chantelle. #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter#BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter is just the tonic today. Thank you! @goldchannel
Retweeted by GOLD @EmAtack @UKTV @sallyephillips Was a pleasure to have you Emily! Some tough choices... #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacterMy big head currently on the tele @UKTV Gold debating #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter ... a lovely day with…
Retweeted by GOLDVery much enjoying watching #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter on Gold. 😁
Retweeted by GOLDOur countdown to #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter is officially underway and here's who our jury, chaired by… this but it’s hard to watch when you disagree with their choices 😩 That said, I think they’re relatively spo…
Retweeted by GOLDRooting for Margo Leadbetter! #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter
Retweeted by GOLDLove nessa from gavin and Stacey #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter
Retweeted by GOLDTime to settle this. #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter starting NOW on Gold!'t forget... #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter will be revealed tonight from 8pm, only on Gold. ⚠️ We WILL be tw… know what I shall be watching tonight! 😀 #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter
Retweeted by GOLDWho do you want to see named #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter? Find out who our expert jury chose, chaired by… will be revealed TONIGHT at 8pm in a special three-hour event... #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter
There can only be one champion... but who will it be? Find out who our expert jury, chaired by @sallyephillips, cro… you’re looking for a quiz to do tonight with your friends/family, why not try our #BigSitcomQuiz? 8pm. All will be revealed... #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter
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Sunday. 8pm. All will be revealed... #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter of the best parts about this being at home all day lark is @goldchannel showing Hi-Di-Hi. Still one of the most…
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To those asking how this list was put together... a public vote helped shortlist a top 30 which our panel used duri… Bucket Malcolm Tucker Margo Leadbetter Martin Bryce Miranda Mr Bean Mrs Brown Mrs Merton Nessa Jenkins Pat… reminder of those in the running for #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter (in alphabetical order)... Alan Partridge… will be #BritainsGreatestComedyCharacter? All will be revealed at 8pm on Sunday in a special three-hour event... @goldchannel for your Big Sitcom Quiz and thanks to @BeingBoycie for being such a debonair host! A score of…
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⚡️ It's time to play Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz with rounds hosted by @BeingBoycie, Ricky Tomlinson, @exkevinmcnally and…
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⚡️ It's time to play Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz with rounds hosted by @BeingBoycie, Ricky Tomlinson, @exkevinmcnally and… @goldchannel I really enjoyed playing it. Love the fact that Sian Gibson got to ask a question about herself 😀. I k…
Retweeted by GOLD @carlalouiseee Thanks for playing along Carla. Glad you enjoyed it. We thing that's a respectable score. You did ve… 11/20 - must try harder! 4/5 Only Fools 5/5 Royle Family 1/5 Dads Army 1/5 General Knowledge I loved it though…
Retweeted by GOLD @SuzeTwelve Well done Susan! Thanks for playing along. #BigSitcomQuiz17/20, I did more better than I thought I would 👍😀
Retweeted by GOLD @goldchannel @BeingBoycie @exkevinmcnally @Sianygibby 15/20 thank you for that- it was very interesting 😊
Retweeted by GOLD @_JasonGeorge Thanks for playing along Jason! 👏🏼I loved this #quiz. Well done #Gold Fantastic 20 minutes. Must admit I only knew a few of #TheRoyaleFamily Got all…
Retweeted by GOLD @Coullio @Sianygibby Thanks for playing along Paul! #BigSitcomQuiz @goldchannel @Sianygibby My worst round 3/5. Great fun though thank you Gold Chanel and all the hosts 👍
Retweeted by GOLD @goldchannel I got 5 out of 5. I easily remembered the family's sitting order 😁
Retweeted by GOLD @goldchannel @exkevinmcnally Love it I got all five right with out looking 👏👏 I went to see “A Stripe For Frazer” a…
Retweeted by GOLD @OJayHealth @BeingBoycie @exkevinmcnally @Sianygibby Hi Ollie. The quiz is an online exclusive. We've tweeted each… it's time for the FINAL round in Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz... This is the General Knowledge round and is hosted by…'T PANIC! It's time for round three in Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz... This round is all about #DadsArmy and is hosted… it's time for round two in Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz... This round is all about #TheRoyleFamily and is hosted by R…! It's time for the first round in Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz... We'll be tweeting each round separately (not as a… should be fun!
Retweeted by GOLDIt's *almost* time for Gold's #BigSitcomQuiz! Who's playing? Here's how it's going to work, there'll be 4 rounds a… at 7pm, it's time for Gold's BIG SITCOM QUIZ! @BeingBoycie will host Round 1 - #OnlyFoolsAndHorses. Rick…
Retweeted by GOLDSome great hosts for this quiz, especially Brummie @exkevinmcnally and Herefordshire’s @BeingBoycie.
Retweeted by GOLD @goldchannel @BeingBoycie @exkevinmcnally @Sianygibby I intend to absolutely win #TheRoyleFamily quiz🙌🏻
Retweeted by GOLDI’m going to be doing this! Who’s with me?!! @goldchannel #BigSitcomQuiz
Retweeted by GOLDA reminder that this is EXCLUSIVE to Facebook and Twitter. And if you fancy setting yourselves a Facebook reminder,… at 7pm, it's time for Gold's BIG SITCOM QUIZ! @BeingBoycie will host Round 1 - #OnlyFoolsAndHorses. Rick… think this show has come at a perfect time. Lovely to turn off from everything going on around us and be able to…
Retweeted by GOLD#RickyAndRalf is literally the highlight of our TV week at the moment, it comes at a perfect time where we all need…
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my plans 2020 you've been enjoying #RickyAndRalf, we thought you'd like to know that Ricky Tomlinson will be hosting The Royle… @revdzoeking @RalfLittle 😂🤣😂 again for watching! Here's all the brilliant music from tonight's episode of #RickyAndRalf in one handy Spot…