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Britain’s favourite comedy every day! 📺 #LennyHenry's Race Through Comedy, 15th October. 🚍 #DialM for Middlesbrough, December 🏖️ #Sandylands, 2020

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@LennyHenry @NOWTV @DouglasRoadTV Perfect weekend viewing for many we hope!If you missed any of #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy this week then you can catch up with the entire series right… quite loved and enjoyed @LennyHenry 's race through comedy on @goldchannel. It has been great seeing him on TV again
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@LennyHenry @goldchannel @MeeraSyal I’ve literally been itching to see this episode for another chance to see The R…
Retweeted by Gold @LennyHenry Race Through Comedy has just made my mammoth awful day end with lots of smiles. Thank you x
Retweeted by Gold @JoDower79 @LennyHenry So glad to hear it Jo! Are you watching the new episode now?Starting now on Gold, it's #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy: Sketch @brummiedebz @UKTV Hi Debzy, we’ll have a word with our schedulers and see what we can do. It might be that the rig… @goldchannel @MeeraSyal V proud of this show’s diverse cast , crew, subject matter and editorial staff. Hoorah!
Retweeted by GoldTonight. 9pm. The final part of #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy. Here's a clip from @LennyHenry's chat with… on #RaceThroughComedy Lenny delves into #Sketch #TheRealMcCoy #TheKumars #GoodnessGraciousMe #Famalam
Retweeted by GoldHey Tweeple! It’s been a long while (please forgive me 😔). But if you can at 9pm tonight & tomorrow catch Lenny He…
Retweeted by Gold @travisjayent @angielemar Haha! That's brilliant.A clip from last nights episode of 'Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy' on Gold There's me at about 3 years old, wa…
Retweeted by Gold @goldchannel @MeeraSyal Please watch and RT we go from 3 of a Kind to in Living Colour - Real McCoy - Goodness Grac…
Retweeted by GoldAll good things must come to an end... and tonight that means the final episode of #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy @goldchannel Big up Trix Worrell, Norman Beaton, Carmen Munroe and all cast crew writers and directors of Desmonds. Wonderful...
Retweeted by Gold @LennyHenry @MeeraSyal Oh we know what you’re saying Lenny! @goldchannel @MeeraSyal This is gonna be a bostin show( they’ve ALL bin bostin but you know what I’m sayin...)
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Thanks for watching! In tomorrow night's final episode of #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy, the spotlight shines on… @JohnOttaway @LennyHenry We like your style John!Starting now on Gold, it's #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy: Stand-Up LOVING @LennyHenry #RaceThroughComedy . Bringing back some great memories of Black British comedy, but a…
Retweeted by Gold @JohnOttaway @LennyHenry Episode two starting at 9pm! Glad you enjoyed it John.Tonight at 9pm in #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy, the focus shifts from sitcom to stand-up. In this clip from ton…
Retweeted by Gold @darfpunk Episode one is, yes. Episode two will be after it airs tonight.Tonight at 9pm in #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy, the focus shifts from sitcom to stand-up. In this clip from ton… the very fabulous @kojoanimlive and other brilliant performers, hilarious clips and a bit of @LennyHenry on…
Retweeted by GoldYOU GOTTA WATCH THIS 👌🏾
Retweeted by Gold @rina69x @LennyHenry Thanks Karina. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series.Don't forget that #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy continues tonight and tomorrow night at 9pm. Tonight it's all ab… look at you @ginayashere an you @stephenkamos an you @CurtisWalkerDon an you @LennyHenry
Retweeted by GoldThe legend @LennyHenry
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@sindhuvfunny Thanks for being a part of the show Sindhu!This is going to be so haha and so heart heart. Watch.
Retweeted by GoldThe first episode was an absolute treat to watch tonight especially for the clips from the 1980's shows. Can't wait…
Retweeted by Gold @SuzeTwelve Thanks Susan! So glad you enjoyed it. @flat_egg @goldchannel Great show. Bringing back some great memories. 👍 Gearing up for when you cover Desmonds (in about 2 minutes)!
Retweeted by GoldStarting now on Gold, it's #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy: Sitcom this clip from tonight's opening episode of #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy, @LennyHenry chats to Carmen Munroe… Lenny Henry looks at the changing face of British comedy over the past five decades in Lenny Henry’s Race Throu…
Retweeted by GoldTonight's the night! Don't miss the start of #LennyHenry's #RaceThroughComedy at 9pm as @LennyHenry focuses on the… @Greyingbeard79 Sorry David! We hope you got up for work alright 😉
He's scoured the archives, he's chatted to friends from the world of sitcom, stand-up and sketch and this week you…
Retweeted by Gold @goldchannel @PENFOLD1P @rickygervais Pow! We’m comin’!
Retweeted by Gold @DouglasRoadTV @goldchannel @endemolshineuk Whoo. Hoo! It’s nearly here!!!!!
Retweeted by Gold @sarawallis @LennyHenry @DailyMirror That's lovely! Thanks for sharing.New show with loads of fabulous talent, hilarious clips of all your favourites and behind the scenes stories from t…
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Retweeted by GoldHe's scoured the archives, he's chatted to friends from the world of sitcom, stand-up and sketch and this week you…
Legend @MeeraSyal talks The Kumars, Goodness Gracious Me & The Real McCoy #RaceThroughComedy Tuesday/Wed /Thurs thi…
Retweeted by GoldThe wonderful @1Judilove guests on #RaceThroughComedy from Tuesday on @goldchannel 9pm
Retweeted by GoldTalking about #PhoneShop, Javone Prince (@PENFOLD1P) reveals why we have @rickygervais to thank for that series get…
Retweeted by Gold @ginayashere is funny & straight talking in @LennyHenry @goldchannel @DouglasRoadTV #RaceThroughComedy from Tuesday…
Retweeted by GoldGreat, incisive commentary from comedian & columnist.
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Just 3 days to go until 3 nights of @LennyHenry celebrating the history of diverse sitcoms, stand-up and sketch.… @siii1983 Glad to hear it Simon. Enjoy!
Found my son watching #GoodnessGraciousMe for the first time on @goldchannel - Could this have been my best look?…
Retweeted by Gold😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @LennyHenry what a pleasure being a part of this xx
Retweeted by GoldMy good Pal Sir Lenworth Henry Iconic trailblazer. Opened so many doors for Black actor, writers, directors & Produ…
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Retweeted by Gold @kojoanimlive @LennyHenry Thanks for being a part of it Kojo!I’m excited that this much needed conversation I was part of is finally coming on TV. Don’t miss @LennyHenry presen…
Retweeted by GoldWith just days to go until #LennyHenry's Race Through Comedy airs on Gold, we're chuffed that @tvtimesmagazine enjo…'re saddened to hear about the passing of Last of the Summer Wine actress Juliette Kaplan. Our thoughts go out to…
Not long to go now until @LennyHenry celebrates the rich unsung history of multicultural comedy over three consecut…
We're open for business... Join us tonight for a classic episode of #OpenAllHours! @AaronMLB We'd love to, but the rights currently sit with another broadcaster.Remember Desmond's? In this clip from #LennyHenry's Race Through Comedy, @LennyHenry chats to Carmen Munroe about h…
ONE WEEK to go until @LennyHenry celebrates the rich unsung history of multicultural comedy with friends from the w…🎄Our Gold Crackers competition is back for a 7th year! Tweet us your festive funnies NOW for a chance to #WIN. In o…
Don't miss the chance to watch the final ever episode of 2point4 Children later on this afternoon! (And for those…
🆕 We’re reuniting Ricky Tomlinson and @RalfLittle as they head out together in a campervan across the north of Engl…
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10 DAYS until @LennyHenry celebrates the iconic British TV comedies which have shone a light on Britain's rich mix…
Shot my last scene on #Sandylands yesterday. It’s been an amazing 3weeks! Big love for the writers @Martcollins and…
Retweeted by GoldAND THAT’S A WRAP ON OUR FIRST TV SHOW! 👏🏼☀️🍺🏄‍♀️📽🎥. Thank you to everyone involved!! #sandylands #uktv
Retweeted by GoldWe’re reuniting Ricky Tomlinson and @RalfLittle - they'll be packing up and taking a campervan across the north of…
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@misslil1979 Be prepared to hear "During the war..." A LOT. 😉 @justinebower A-ha!Who would be your dream sitcom boyfriend? #NationalBoyfriendDay
Mini @paddingtonbear reunion! Welcome to #Sandylands your Lordship!
Retweeted by GoldLook who’s joining the cast of our brand new comedy for 2020 #Sandylands... it’s only Hugh Bonneville! He’ll be st… photographer @davidwalliams captures an unguarded moment just before I change into costume for #Sandylands
Retweeted by Gold @hamzajeetooa @UKTV @Martcollins Looking good! Have a good day on set.Good morning, #Sandylands! 🎬
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Watch all three series of #Bottom now with @NOWTV. yesterday (30th September) vs us today (1st October). a lot at a screening of @goldchannel's #TheCockfields this morning. Just so spot on about the weirdness of…
Retweeted by Gold🆕 We’re reuniting Ricky Tomlinson and @RalfLittle as they head out together in a campervan across the north of Engl…
Need some cheering up this Monday? Don't worry, we've got just the thing... double #DadsArmy!
Glad you’re enjoying it! 👍🏻
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Remind yourself of how it all ended with the final ever episode of Only Fools & Horses... #OFAH
Dave and Denise are spending the evening down the pub, so Jim and Barbara are looking after Baby David tonight...…
@goldchannel @TVSanjeev @MeeraSyal @Nina_Wadia @kulvinderghir Really loved this show when it used to be on and glad…
Retweeted by GoldIf you like your comedy a) funny and b) in sketch form then we've got JUST the treat for you... - @TVSanjeev why not celebrate by watching The Royle Family, tonight and every weeknight at 9pm on Gold.The wonderful Ricky Tomlinson turns 80 today! Happy Birthday Ricky. 🎉
Coming up tonight... two classic episodes of #DadsArmy for your viewing pleasure. can watch select episodes of The Good Life with @NOWTV...