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Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @goldcutta Just around the Bend

Poet | Genesis near the river (blush, '19) | Suppose the room just got brighter (FLP, '21) | Ideas mine. Alum: RVC, ISU, UK, in that order.

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@laraj66 You've got this!! @jennyrice This look like a hornet's nest.
Available for pre-order, y'all 🙏’s funny when midwesterners say “the other day” because it could mean yesterday or 1992
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @NicoleTrobaugh Yes!Had a dream last night I was at a reading and the writer was talking about bears and I raised my hand and asked "Bu… @thescrvnr I know students in my region are still being taught the "Jane Schaffer Paragraph," which is the form you…! I'm compiling a list of university-owned nature preserves. If your current school or alma mater has one (or s…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @carsonvaughan @universityofky has the University Arboretum, and @IllinoisStateU has an arboretum called "The Quad."Hi hi! Still trying to build a list of 2021 forthcoming poetry books by queer writers of color. If you got a book (…
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lol is Joe Buck's hair blonde.Dudes responding to this tweet try to swoop in with demand-based arguments but neglect that capitalist structures r…
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Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDI am SO THRILLED to share the cover of my forthcoming collection from @AliceJamesBooks. It's available for pre-orde…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDOn a Goodreads "Didn't finish" bender, and it feels so good! @MarlowNYC Was also surprised by the casting choice. Maybe cast because of range?I walked away! @RoomofOnesOwn @roundabout_bksHow much I hated the shirts. @DrPsyBuffy Fiction Contest update: For this last week before the deadline SUBMISSIONS ARE FREE ! Enter here:…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @frequentbuyer1 He's got "covid eyes" for sure.Raise your hand if emailing people makes up 2/3 of your Sunday to do list. 😑😑😑I...just want to go to a real conference with bad coffee & pastries & get some pens & a tote bag instead of logging into another webinar.
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDHow does your team manage coordinated attacks against college professors on your site, @ratemyprofessor? Literally, asking for a friend.
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDYep, I retweeted it. kids' teachers are likely exhausted but also still knee-deep in work and emails this weekend. Send a quick not…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @KnappMelinda @TheMERL Omg this the perfect use for this otherwise rando lobster emoji!
@frequentbuyer1 @KevinlyFather Maybe the only time in my life I've ever wished I had advanced cataracts.Read today's Poem-a-Day: excerpts from "Will There Be Singing" by Juliana Spahr #PoemADay
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @lesbrains super conflicted about finishing the (very long) book I'm reading that I can't get into, or just pushing through. @Dalai_Mama_ 🔥 @KYforKY Marika's! @KnappMelinda @mlepcampbell What would the calorie count be on 5 big Macs!I'm excited many of you are discovering my book #WhatUnitesUs. I'm going to try something next week. Each day, I'll…
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Um.... your neighbors not to put their blue bins out for a couple of weeks.
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDHappy Friday, you guys!
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDAs a part of @ISUMilnerLib Open Access Week 2020, author and Associate Professor @UCLA Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble will…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @Kristen_Arnett That rug!have you guys heard of this new thing called ungrading? it’s a radical pedagogy where you’re too depressed to grade so you don’t
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @inlandemperor Oh totally. @Em__Dash__ It does! We have been getting emails begging for us to come in and get free testing because folks won't… on the paper that we have our first COVID case on campus. *In the paper*. @wickettred 👀The Oregon State Board of Education passed a resolution today declaring “Black Lives Matter.”
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @matthewjluter Sorry but this wins so far. Not that it's a competition. @Sparbtastic So sweaty. @braxtonpope @seeshespeak This is wild.This was an enjoyable read. What are some readings that stick out to you as unforgettable?
@AMLeahy Two things: 1. I have "attended" so many wonderful readings/discussions otherwise off limits to me, and I… @krystingollihue @lecagle Soup Dark Ages. @jmbolker Say you'll love teeth againnnnnn."In Wisconsin, the Van Galder is a rite of passage for budget travelers of all stripes—students, retirees, the frug…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @belt_magazine Van Galder is a treasure!Not exactly the "big tent" Democratic party move I was expecting, DiFi..@ChiPubSchools hires about 140 alums as teachers each year, but hopes to up that to 500 through mentorships and a…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDIt's publication day for Lucía Estrada's Katabasis!! Available @EulaliaBooks & @spdbooks
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @oliviamlott @EulaliaBooks @spdbooks Congrats!⁦Everyone who has spent time around Mikayla Pivec would vote for her in a heartbeat. She would vote for someone els…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDCALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: @belt_publishing will be compiling an anthology of essays about Sioux Falls in 2021/22 as par…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDHi sorry this is a trash opinion. @DrPsyBuffy AS YOU SHOULD.Would you like to interview someone in digital writing studies whose voice @kairosrtp should be featuring?
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @s2ceball @KairosRTP 👀Good morning, Chicago! 51 early voting locations are now open across the city. Find where to vote 🗳️:
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDThe Critical Questions Lecture Series presents Raymond Malewitz , “Foucault’s Flu, Rinderpest, and the Birth of Ani…
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@ridolfoj @LEGO_Group This is awesome!Yearly reminder that I share a birthday with @loripetty, @annieYAYgerbomb, and @Usher, so I feel so cool. is another trailer for a film set in Appalachia. This one is not based on a book written by a republican. Jus…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @two_maps I assigned a twice a week "COVID Journal" project-- they have totally embraced the opportunity to write t… @tesseractive On brand for Halloween, I guess? Matt Lauer, Charles Manson, and Rudy Giuliani are all trending, you know it's going to be a weird day. @MatthewBurnsid7 @mfa_osuWhen it's your birthday, @IllinoisStateU emails you a generic birthday video with @janemarielynch and… @DrPsyBuffy He must have something on MSNBC. Why do they keep him?? @annieYAYgerbomb beat me to it this morning, but happy birthday, my dear friend and birthday buddy for life 💙⚖️🌈
@Kyle_R_Larson @CompStudiesJrnl Twister.'s TUESDAY??!?!? @hkfleis Wondered if-- because I heard this too-- she was from my neck of the woods, but no, New Orleans. @alexcorey04 I feel seen. @hkfleis Was gonna say "What's in your wallet?" but realized mid-Tweet that that's Capital One. @DrPsyBuffy I have found this not to be true. I was part of a grant two years ago that paid me to travel to rural h… @Em__Dash__ Mcdonald's cheeseburger.Is this the only @universityofky course about comics? Whether it is nor not, we're offering it next semester! WRD 3…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @leighthinks I went to AWP. As always, I had a blast, but came home and got sick so . . .Sometimes, I'll just be sitting there and then I think: $750. @tckeezy No! Think of fried rice. @ARoseCasey I need to know what kind of dog this is!Republicans like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney are particularly insidious. They never take a stand on anything but talk…
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDWE’RE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! It just now hit me!! #LakerNation💜💛 🏆
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhD @MittRomney Mitt, this statement is useless. DO SOMETHING.Libra 💙⚖️ @GaetaAmy @AcademicChatter @amenrisky What say you?“Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter.”  -Dr. Christine Blasey Ford  Vote @AmyMcGrathKY
Retweeted by Jenna Goldsmith, PhDDoing a letter writing campaign for our union @uaosu. Would you rather receive a letter on 1. Snow-covered tree, 2.… tired of ACB's motherhood status being the prelude to a Senator's questioning w/out them including her chil…
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