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@Aida_Enna Yep, ship 2! @Zephiason Like right now my problem is that I adore the tier, but hate every job. Nothing is fun to play as in the… @Zephiason Oh I totally understand. Perspective vastly changes as you get better at the game and approach from a di… @Zephiason Yee week 1 specifically is an entirely different beast but it's a different approach (which you said you… @Zephiason That's fair. I just don't see how this tier is any easier than the last few tiers. I think it's just the… @Zephiason All in the span of week 1? @cosmic_kirby @Zephiason That's.. why I'm talking to Jesse and not most people lol @Zephiason Mostly because even easy fights are hard week 1 and you don't get enough time to realize how redundant things are, though. @Zephiason Reading why a lot of people dislike the fights this time around puts longer prog into perspective for me… punk meets weeb @Reitsuna Oh I understand it! But i wish they were a bit more transparent is all. I don't mind PC isn't here yet,…'ve had this in the back of my brain for a while now.. and I hate it..
Retweeted by Tate @ThatAmiko a tempting offer but i already follow ffxiv instagram for free @AStupidbirdy i have it and that's all i will do with it it's a new age baby, no mushroom hats for meso anyway enough complaining about pso2 na, waiting for the servers to come up so i can drop a fat wad of cash on t… @Flatopia I disagree with "too little too late" since it's.. already been 8 years and all. But yeah it's killing a… @RougishCharm @spofiee w-whatNEST downed E7S! @katsumaro I legitimately think PC playerbase will be bigger anyway. My plan is to help my newbie friends when they… i'm saying is imagine using a pc game as an xbox exclusive......... @Saku_Havock Yeah, Xbox players purposefully alienating PC players is only hurting the community. @okayestlizert @play_pso2 That's the best way to go about it. <_> @HyperGamer14 @play_pso2 Legit any info would be good, the community is super restless. @play_pso2 There've been multiple campaigns and an entire AC scratch now that PC misses out on. It would just be co… sucks more than anything about @play_pso2's silence on PC is that the few friends that DID start on Xbox are d… @ThatAmiko Yeah that's fair, but at least even if prices go up, meseta is always easy to make. Even in JP you can s… @ThatAmiko Luckily everything is still cheap as far as meseta goes since everyone's rolling on these scratches so m…
@YaBoiFrey so that's why it's not out yetwill suck dick for a burgeroh snap i'm GAMING @FordyTiia i did that, don't regret it, but still miss my frandsi'm enjoying playing on xbox but i really want my friends to be able to play with me :/each day that goes by without word of PSO2 NA on PC i start to lose a little more hope it's NA all over again @rinnboi It's fun! I play multiple mobile games though, I am a lost cause. @CatXTenti I don't mind the grind too much yet! But yis, enjoying the gameplay a lot. @CypherD_ I think it's because you share a lot of resources with your friends list, there's a whole currency for it… @CypherD_ its the friendlist that sucks in this one. i can only have like 13 friends at my current level :(If anyone's playin and wants a guild I made this one hueuhe @crysomemore Yea the launch has 2 paid only banners and I'm already weary lol @crysomemore That's okay I never played that so I will do my best to enjoy thisUnfortunately adding friends is hard because of the insanely small buddy list size ;cFFBE War of the Visions for those wondering. New FF Tactics gacha.Weeoo @MarniDawg That’s when I raid :c
Hey friends! Now live with FFXIV! NEST raids tonight. :D @PG__Animation aren't they both just reskins of a succubus @zom3ea sticcI have farmed a million bells with of ranchos tonight.
i was gonna stream today but i drank too much last night please understand i am dieOh holy fuck @rhapsodomancer Toilet store @SuperSpuddles Sure but tomorrow for I will sleep.... @SuperSpuddles I dont think soits all coming together @anhyuwu ur cute @M_Ethras Yeah on Arcadums stream! @xCookieHana Wait @xCookieHana I beat you to deathGosh, I absolutely loved watching Gambler's Delight Ep 2 during @GloriousArcadum 's stream 🤣🤣🤣 Can't wait for the n…
Retweeted by Tate @xCookieHana @GloriousArcadum @Strippin @CrikMaster @TheNo1Alex @woops Oh my lord hana this is amazing @PitShaggyRogers It's a wig @wibblerart About to do the same tbhfuck this game if you only have free time at night have learned that the trick to being comfy in a dnd session with people you dont know is to act like you've known… my lord what a fun dnd session
COME WATCH ME DND WITH SOME COOL BUDSGamblers Delight Ep. 2 ft. @Strippin @CrikMaster @woops @goldentot @TheNo1Alex at
Retweeted by Tate @FrostyTVstream Ahh I dunno. I use Index and haven't had any issues. :o @FrostyTVstream I think that one's on you my man @liffeh02 yeah apparently that came out today! added more customization to the controls for HL: Alyx so maybe now i will finally be able to aim decent LMAO… @Yakobo Blessssss @hamesatron you infuriate me but i respect youthis half life highlights video is really long............... might have to split this bad boy upThank u for tuning into short fun stream tonight friends, tomorrow is DnD and I am exciteThe @Twitch ban update is one of the more severe a social platform has implemented. If you ban a person, they can n…
Retweeted by Tate @AphelionRises yes
It's NEST raids! Reclears & E7S prog followed by some chilling out with Animal Crossing for a little bit. :D you not do sharp notes in animal crossing for your village theme come on dude it's 2020 @ZuFats barlog outsidein my HL Alyx highlight video i'm going to do an "in awe" counter LMAO any time i say holy shit dude or i just can't believe something @veriitasu she marchbut seriously though this game is incredible with every small touch i can SLOWLY GRIP this can with an index contr… @Juli_Dumb bloody tearsvideo games have evolved, we are living in the future @Paradoxionn Yep! You can turn with a joystick or touch padThank you for coming by the stream guys! Half-Life: Alyx is absolutely INCREDIBLE so far. Holy crap I can't wait to play more.
Now live with my first time diving into Half-Life: Alyx! I am scared. @woops really? so after spending this much money on a headset and the game valve expects me to get a beanbag chair… @Kilplix awesome thank yaok my controllers are charged but biggest question: does this game work okay seated because my fat ass can't stay standing for like 8 hoursboutta charge my controllers and stream HL Alyx tonightever wanna just snuggle and eat ass @Raven_noir5 It will beGot the hardest achievement in PSO2 @chamoluya I got a deer scare that would go great with that @okayestlizert oh shit I get it now @bIoodfeud I still wanna /play/ the game hahaAin't about this 80% bells lifestyle when grindingI'm boutta time travel in AC because I only play this god forsaken game at midnight to unwind and all the shit is c…