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Farewell, social life. Hello, stream is online! TEA time, baby. @thancredgy will be live within the hour yep @ffxivAriaFreya it's been used in a few fights differently but yeah it was called thatTaking my final shit before prog starts.update: we're rolling another year of the legend lads @EmiWanChonobi guilty @CrazedWhite It's all just Primals versions of existing songs, here's the Brute Justice @ChocoPepperOs the energy in the music alone should make this fun as fuck @ToppeHatte this changes nothing, i still lostlistened to the brute justice theme i lost @QueenNuuri Timeless Legend would be a good one. @heal_just Kinda hope legend isnt part of the title @RinchanNauFFXIV The Ultimatest Epic LegendHere's hoping the Ultimate title is good, otherwise it's another year of The Legend Btw @lemonpeppah Gotta hit that niche demographic with this one @mikumoXIV Just the debuffs right? I saw those.FFXIV community when the patch goes live tonight
About ready for my last sleep before ultimate 👁👄👁 @LizyLewd Good luck friend!23.) Favorite glamour is Noctis' outfit. 24.) I am eternally bonded, yis! 25.) PVP is maybe 26.) Leap of Faith! 27.… Favorite dungeon at the moment is Akademia Anyder. 18.) Favorite Trial is Thordan 19.) Favorite raid is A8S 20… Favorite part of the story is the final area of Shadowbringers. 12.) Special place? I don't really have one. 1… Playtime on main: 11,697 hours. 8.) In my very first dungeon I just spammed the last part of my combo, not know… My main class is currently DRG! 2.) 2nd class, I'd consider NIN for now. 3.) My favorite crafter is Goldsmith.… @GamerYshtola I borrowed it, so I don't mind! @Thewildsongs its ok i stole it tooFeel free to mute this post/thread, I'll answer em all here shortly.:3c ? got almond milk farewell diarrheaJust got my prog groceries, got a box of microwavable White Castle burgers to celebrate when we clear in honor of @ferro_maljinhi, so i recently got kicked out of my house for good. no going back whatsoever. im completely alone. in the meanti…
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those were like, the sickest maps back when i was a kid playing stepmaniaholy shit the lawn wake series by the flashbulb isn't mapped on beat saber WHAT IS LIFEthere are so many songs i could fuckin' NUKE on beat saber if it weren't for my garbage stamina. just somethin' to work on!HAHA EASY....?, good stream lads with a little Beat Saber! @shadowwolfchild It's hardware, part of my mixer.I got carried away with some cheebs for warmups, so here's some NEST!
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😺✏ — I'm afraid I don't know anything about mitigation as I was just a lowly DPS, but here's our clear video if you… no more streams 'til Tuesday boys. We on that CHILL until the grind hits. See you for Ultimate. @DarkPollution man it's a kojima game, story is everythingi'm going to drink a ton of mountain dew and listen to mindless self indulgence and no one can stop mebeen playing it for a few hours and i can't tell if i like it or not the world is sick, i wanna learn morethe insanely polarizing reviews for death stranding make me so much more interested oh god gonna spend the next fe… for ferro he's a dirty cheaterjust so everyone knows this is a min ilvl no materia E4S challenge run LMAO
😺✏ — (Anon asked: HAVE YOU SEEN WE ARE FINALLY GETTING TOILETS IN 14) Thank you Yoshida Poshida😺✏ — Yeah sorry there haven't been many updates lately, goin' through a lot. The weight's still coming off, and the…😺✏ — AYYYY STILL GOT A FOLLOWER OUT OF IT THO @Colehh_ disregard party safety, acquire damage @FreshestAvocado most well known streamers wouldn't play the game if could actually get banned for it @osheagotobed cheated with crafted/pentamelded >:C @Colehh_ all you need to parse well as a healer is to do dps LOLanyway ilvl synced e4s was fun as fuckthis is what peak performance looks like @MsMaruKitty QUIT YOUR JOBSoon @goldentot after 6 long years, will be able to poop in game as well.
Retweeted by TateMin iLvl / no materia E4S runs lads. Let's not be bad at video games! @gremlinarts Haha that pussy poppinggggg @gremlinarts Only if it fucking explodesGood morning time to raid @takst Nah we're using this as a good opportunity to really straighten out our classes though, and its helping a to… @takst Oh well yeah that's week 1, we're tryin balls to the wall no melds LMAO 0.3% wipe ;_; @takst With or without crafted gear? Rn we're going with synced gear @OsmiumAegis Eden!Taking big poop @MadArtRaven It's fantastic!
NEW VIDEO! Check out the first impressions & reactions to the new NieR crossover raid, The Copied Factory in FFXIV… that min ilvl titan DPS check is fucking INTENSE thanks for hanging out this mornin' guys! see ya tomorrow same time. @Luna_Pixel @Foldpls to be fair i was late to morning raids for this reasonLunch doodle (IM SO SORRY @goldentot )
Retweeted by Tatebutts Death Stranding comes out in 1 day and I'm still clueless @WarzonePrez That's actually pretty interesting. Someone should do a comparison of what players like from different platforms.Late for raids because I'm taking a shit, let's go @WarzonePrez You say that but Weeping City seems to be one of the favorites going through the replies😺✏ — nut'm in pain sweat 24 man and dungeon reactions as 2 videos. No Hades video, leavin' that one to Drak, so we don't end up with the exact same vid hahahNew video is uploaded, will make it go live tomorrow when it's not 4am LOLand there it is. the worst raise macro i've ever seen. time no upload @cb_0_ OofSince there's a lot of polarizing opinions on the topic of the 24 man, what was your favorite in the entire game? S… @JefDrouin running it every week for 5 months if you want upgrade materials will make everything a chore @scarlettwingz weeping city is also my favorite :> @metricasc02 Setting a stage is fine and all but man we gotta run it every week for the next like 5 months ;_; @MattWithABee ozma is still one of my favorite 24 man bosses. TG too, I love the combined uptime while also handlin… @M_Ethras 5.1 as a whole is one of the best patches the game has gotten IMO @cb_0_ The whole tier? @VAmbergold Oh shit well STILL @VAmbergold Cyclone where if you're floating it kills ya @CharOnTwitch Orbonne was great IMO, but I can see why they wouldn't want to start that difficult for new players @VAmbergold The height I was referring to was the gravity mechanic in the last fight of Orbonne. And I feel ya, but…'s exactly how I'm expecting it. I figure with SB bringing in a LOT of new players they didn't want to nuke the… @TigerTorva free me from FFXIV hell @VAmbergold Oh for sure, I guess coming off of Orbonne which was sick as fuck I'm just hoping it gets a lot better @VAmbergold Except when the game implements interesting ways to avoid the damage, though? You can't possible ignore…