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Trump has so far donated nothing to his re-election campaign, even as it has spent millions on his private business…
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Also, me.! #bidenplan #beatCovid19 #ACA #healthequity #BidenCare 🙌🏽, you.📣 We need your help. This is the post we hoped to never write, but today marks a huge turning point in The Strand's…
Retweeted by G O L D I E. @byronmccauley @RunTellThis_ @K_dot_RE @WesleyLowery @marascampo Pls listen to the podcast.Many people on this website were extremely vocal about their skepticism that far right agitators were provoking vio…
Retweeted by G O L D I E."I've been waiting for [Biden] to talk about the Central Park Five...I need somebody to start talking about what Tr…
Retweeted by G O L D I E. @e_effin Editorial decision, right or wrong.Happy Friday to everybody except coronavirus.Lest we be confused about the role of analysts, they are positioned as subject-matter experts and/ or opinion journ… isn't just another word for getting people sick
Retweeted by G O L D I E. is no vaccine coming in a few weeks.
Retweeted by G O L D I E.The replies... Lincoln expanded the Court.
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@CoquiTalksTrash @mayaharris_ I am prepared for such matters.🚨🔥🚨🔥🚨🔥 dead from COVID-19 cases tied to multi-day church event, ain’t no Brad but Pitt. Bradley Cooper gotta say his whole name to get in the door.
Retweeted by G O L D I E.I am so very grateful to you @MartinBashir and everything you did to nurture my career in television. I wish you a… argued by @AdamSerwer. last night @mayaharris_ and I hit the campaign trail together., ain’t no Brad but Pitt. Bradley Cooper gotta say his whole name to get in the door. Ruth Bader Ginsburg wanted people to know more about one of her legal heroes
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.@ODNIgov says Russia has obtained voter information as they did in 2016
Retweeted by G O L D I E.Here we go again. is FANTASTIC news!👑 is now a turnout contest. 9 for 2nd grade virtual school. We have to leave the house to go hunt for leaves. FML. to this tweet to wish Kamala a happy birthday!
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@NoahShachtman, me. @byjoelanderson Sir.Perfection.
@ATLnewsgirl invented "reply all" and why are they allowed to entertain polite company?
@Ic3lad @deray greens are my love language. @espiers are incorrigible. @ATLnewsgirl rn. is no finer reporter covering DC today. Goldie, which is Yiddish for made of gold. I am named after my godmother, who was named for hers. I inher… @SteveNagydog66 Straight up.
Cooked up a pan of shrimp and grits. 🥰\_/) ( •_•) / >🚨 #getyourbootytothepolls
“Yep, we’re toast.” Same little buddy, same. 😆“I’ll watch the time.” 🙏🏿Fred Rogers.
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How it started. How it’s going. @NiallCCody About an hour. @joyellenicole @ReignOfApril Can at some point be today? @YNB @ElieNYC @Gamamabear98 @ReverendWarnock This is incorrect. By GA law, he needs 51% to avoid a runoff.Tearful John Legend Dedicates 'Never Break' to His Wife at BBMAs: 'This Is for Chrissy'​
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Week 9 virtual learning, 2nd grade. Also, me rn. mentions, restricting replies. Posting less. Self care.
.@KamalaHarris rn... @CaptainSmokiee There is no reason for him to answer.In fact, expanding the judiciary to restore ideological balance, would be tantamount to unpacking the court. /endThe notion of invoking precedence selectively, driven by a partisan ideology that aims preserve its own power, should not go unanswered.It is ironic that those who claim to be “originalists” now take issue with the constitution’s silence on the number… do so was within their constitutional authority— as are other means, including a court expansion by an elected C… Senate majority refused to consider any nominee put forth by Obama, as McConnell confessed, leaving an open judic… or threatening to use a Senate majority as a blanket veto of any judicial nominee a POTUS puts forth— as done…
"We gave them your cell phone number." LOL. How it started. How it's going. voting line vs Popeyes Chicken line. Y’all good now?
Retweeted by G O L D I E.How it started. How it's going. @Felonious_munk James continues to expand our concept of excellence — via ⁦@TheUndefeated⁩ @Felonious_munk cometh a king, and his name is @AsteadWesley., me. @meenaharris story re: @ProjectLincoln is well done. @ReignOfApril