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Hit tweet this, hit tweet that, man I just want her to hit me backJUST SAY YOURE MAKING OUT ALREADY
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶thinking about how ningguang was mentioned like six or seven times during beidou’s hangout event, and in almost every route too
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶This is beautiful. Immaculate. This person understands how to stand up for lesbian rights
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@Dactyss How does it feel to have amazing music taste??
I care more about him than I do myself @wxtchi Why not both?
@OWJaeger “I haven’t felt present in years. Every day it feels like I’m just watching myself go through the motions… your answer is misogynistic or sexist, I’m gonna hide your reply, this is still my account and I can censor how I want toDo you think we should always believe the victim? /gen @KariVanHorn In a sudden moment of clarity I have come to the realization that the death penalty does serve a justi…
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @pupyIuv Forget everything I ever said, bring back bullying
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @g0stii Black hair supremacyOne word from you and I would jump off of this ledge I’m on <3
@MysticGengar Average Spring enthusiast :
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @hannah_rite @sickominack @JihadalHaqq @ComradeToguro Which side would you take in the Revolutionary War? @wxtchi Are they made of solid gold lace or something?? @fpssaturn If you’re 18, DO IT DO IT DO ITTTT
@TorMoreLikeBore You’re our Armenian Juggernaut <3I fixed it
@lifelight_fps HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN @Sp1ritB0x 18??? @Zomsidey @Jasonpeeepooo Us <33 @Sp1ritB0x Wait HEMLOCK YOU'RE NOT AN ADULT?? @lifelight_fps Responsible Tracer, what would you buy though? @s7nn2r What would you buy @Sp1ritB0x HOW @Exyile You’ve just been given $700 usd because someone wants to see if you can spend it allIf someone gave you $700 usd to spend on things you want, could you spend it? /gen @lifelight_fps It’s cuter that way @NarwhalOW The rest of the story in question: @WholesomeMeme
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @wxtchi Marry a rich guy and then have your husband mysteriously pass away, leaving everything in your name <333 (F… @wxtchi Maybe I do need hobbies @wxtchi I did the numbers based on the last month and I came up with ~$6,000 cad per month if you bought everything… @wxtchi Sometimes I wonder how much money someone would need to make to buy all the things you want /gen @umeowx I hope you feel better bby :( We’re here for you <3 / Bootyblaster being a pedophile Read:
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @CyberSnip @ChromedZephr Yeah, 16 is a little too old for you huh
@toiIetslave I’m happy for you babe, but wtf did I just readno femininity or masculinity just the urge to kill myself
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@Zomsidey Not far enoughI hope he gets a boner every time he has to pee @caIIousIy I read this as “i love my lil swedish fish”How I see 2.3:
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶I’m sick of hiding it yes I ship it they’re so cute.
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @kijaeha__ How does it feel to be so sexy and right all the time?
⚠️ ATTENTION FELLOW SIGMAS⚠️ Just discovered an app called "grindr", I guess it will help me keep on the grindset,…
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @Zomsidey You got a friend in me @NarwhalOW Lumine: Aether… @Zomsidey Which one sounds coolerShould I make an account to only pull on
If you like me, you’re gay, cause why do you like a dick? 🤨 @Zayukos Fixed it @apocketfriend Nah you're firstNo I will not delete TwitterHer back is like glass cause I'm gonna throw it against the wall and break it
@akieris Paimon and Paimon Fishing Bait finally @poke_oni WAIT YOU HAVE EXPANDABLE STORAGE @poke_oni Idk how anyone with less than 128 survives tbhHow much storage does your phone have?
@Skai_kun WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU @digitalkitsu Your FBI agent wants to see your tryhard face @Zayukos Forget Michigan, what’s happening in Oklahoma??
@asaddapakii Good anime, proud of you @kaitoxkaito_ I’m hearing that you need therapyTHERE’S NO WAY AUSSIES ARE AS DUMB AS AMERICANS Redemption codes for the 2.3 Livestream AND ALBEDO DOUBLE RERUN????
It’s so hard to breakdown stereotypes when I genuinely like doing chores @fpssaturn @MiIfworld No I’m a menace to society @MiIfworld @fpssaturn Nah it’s cause abg means Asian baby girl so I thought you might be mixed or something @fpssaturn @MiIfworld Are they not Asian? :( @MiIfworld @fpssaturn WAIT GUM YOURE ASIAN
@ow_reverse That’s literally one of my favorite animes, when’s our weddingUnderrated Animes I Wish More People Watched: 1. Sunday Without God 2. The Wallflower 3. Kaze no Stigma 4. Yuki Yun… We watch ANIME dude, we’re all losers 2. Why is it so impossible to let people like what they like, the only one…’ve literally been watching anime since I was 7, I love underrated animes, and keep up with the latest releases fr… @TorMoreLikeBore @sammynohoes If I punched him, a bunch of coins would fall out like in Mario @fpssaturn Mitski is cheaper than therapy @fpssaturn TOSS YOUR DIRTY SHOES IN MY WASHING MACHINE HEART BABY BANG IT UP INSIDE @asaddapakii You’re gonna be repping with that gifted kid burnout soon ✋🙄 /j @stryato When’s our first date then @LucasThePie2 LoocusThuhBased @asaddapakii One day you will have to answer for your sins and god may not be so merciful @lifelight_fps Let’s kiss
Retweeted by 🐰 ꊰ꒐ꄲꋊꋬ 🐶 @sorryimsolace Get in a little more and it might fix itDo you guys really think I’m funny or do you just wanna fuck me? @fpssaturn Hiiii AidenI may be dumb, poor, and ugly but I am a comedic genius beyond your wildest machinationsYeah, he might be smarter, richer, and hotter, but is he funnier? Didn’t think so. @legolover42 I think your would look good with a b cupLFT stands for Looking For Tits @apocketfriend You are don’t let society tell you otherwiseHot people go through random periods of extreme sensitivity
Never let your man stop you from meeting your husband 💓