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“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Constantly growing and learning, I do art stuff and occasionally stream.

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@MIlo_The_Hermit You always have such cool stuff, with good background stories. @DonyWiMi That sucksWearing the first pair, then there’s a second pair. The new ones turned out even cuter! Resin time 💛 @DonyWiMi Uhhh looking good!!!
@UnicornyLithia @MIlo_The_Hermit I’m gonna start creating styrofoam molds to send stuff like this. @MIlo_The_Hermit @UnicornyLithia Oh no it cracked 😫 @UnicornyLithia They are 😍😍😍 @baedriivy @AshlynStrong14 @UnicornyLithia 💛💛💛 thank you 😊
@UnicornyLithia @BoxLunchGifts @ScoobyDoo @OriginalFunko @FeedingAmerica @DonyWiMi Thank you
It feels like a Monday at work today really hard not to get upset. It’s not like it’s something new for me to experience. I just wish my kiddos w… @MeccaEyre But if it’s someone trying to be condescending, then it is not my jam @GHioco @DadBodPlays 😂😂😂 @MeccaEyre Nope, I think it’s endearing. I have a female work friend who calls me liebchen and it’s the best 😅 @Baytamata That’s a good looking sky. It’s been gloomy around here. 😞 The sky is very grey, and everything is on f… Earrings @DonyWiMi I’m excited 😊 @redpelican87 Hi 👋🏽 @UnicornyLithia So don’t tell Scotty MIL gave me a $50 Amazon gift card and I finally spent it. Look what’s coming 🤩¢ store clearance! From $1.49 to .75¢ 😋Homemade iced coffee @cass_fos My issue was I dropped it and the back screen cracked. So they wouldn’t cover it, as it’s older than 1 year 😭 @Toxic_Streamz Yes lol that’s how I get it to work for a while
@damrias_jariac 😋 no SIMs up in here @Tyrone86810451 Yes it’s crackedMy phone has been out of control! It keeps saying I have no SIM card 😫
@MIlo_The_Hermit @GHioco @MIlo_The_Hermit this time I was lazy and didn’t use the mini oven @motherstaci @DonyWiMi Looking good 💛 @HireVesuvius How cool! 😍 @minhngu94567617 @nk_YanoNick 💛💛💛Oops I did it again? But this time A la mode 🤤🤤🤤 work lanyard, and my badge reel, only a small portion of my pins. @MeccaEyre I’m trying to grow something in our “sun room”. I want some tiered shelves to place all my planters. @MeccaEyre I growing my succulents! @MIlo_The_Hermit JigglyslutThis right here, gotta start noticing these things. Good morning! Fall in love with yourself, you deserve it! @MIlo_The_Hermit 😂😂😂🤣 @nk_YanoNick I also have tons of Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca quotes that I just love @nk_YanoNick “We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in” - Hemingway @nk_YanoNick “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then” - Lewis Carroll @MIlo_The_Hermit Totally gonna judge you 😋😉 @nk_YanoNick @MIlo_The_Hermit Do it! I have a few characters I’d love to dress up as @TH3_GAM3 @MIlo_The_Hermit Yasss @SSlaughter94 @MIlo_The_Hermit Sure is! 💛 @NoShoutoutGamer Heyo just waking up @HuggableHipster Yay! @MIlo_The_Hermit Cheap fix for me when I have these cravings is those little apple pies they sell for like $1 at Wa… @redpelican87 Maybe some bedtime tea or a melatonin before bed? @rpetrov4 Yes @_sunshineCHI This made me chuckle; as our kitten recently jumped behind me while I was taking a pee. She had been hiding behind the toilet. @UnicornyLithia Love ya! Feel better ❤️ @redpelican87 Your biological clock? You need to reset it 😋 @HuggableHipster Oh no! I hope it’s a good turnout, and they get you what you need. @DonyWiMi It could have been better, just glad it wasn’t bad. @UnicornyLithia It’s amazing! I’ll be hitting you up for another light box soon. ❤️Now for some papermache weapons 😋 @MIlo_The_Hermit you just made my month!
It’s been so ashy outside, making the sky look gloomy. I usually love gloomy, chilly days and nights. It’s just not… @EmmieEverlove @MIlo_The_Hermit Glad you like them. Gonna try a few more times till I get them just right. @arigatorr_ ❤️ I’m going to try to make a few of these as they were my first try.Caramel Apple Pie can’t wait to warm you up and eat you 🔪😋 @UnicornyLithia Yesterday and today so far. Idk what’s up, but I’m feeling this way. It’s the perfect description @GameMasterHaze Thank you 😊Last night I made these
@UnicornyLithia Well that always sucks @ItsMeMartyBee @MIlo_The_Hermit 😂 @UnicornyLithia I know that this happens to you often, but I’ve never asked if there was something that caused it? I hope the warmth helps 💛 @nk_YanoNick Thank you 😊It’s finally up #etsy shop: Mad Love 3rd Scout Scout finished @UnicornyLithia Those trees look so good, a little spooky but definitely awesome
@UnicornyLithia 💛💛💛 @DadBodPlays Never! Pay up!Check out this video Painting and such is live! Painting and such @MIlo_The_Hermit Cuz that’s what I do too 😂 @MIlo_The_Hermit
Doing a craft stream tonight! 9:30pm PST I’ve been wanting to do Pumpkaboo earrings. Plus I have some Scouts I nee… @MIlo_The_Hermit Well my department works in food, and often I am a taste tester. They left this treat on my desk.… @IAmmIsaac It was so creamy and perfect amount of espresso flavor 😋Coffee Cheesecake 😭 why does work have to do this to me. Gotta work out tonight. @YLaylee I’m sorry to hear it; is this a common occurrence in Japan?
@MagnetoErgoSum Someone needs to challenge you 😂 @redpelican87 😳🔪 I is lost @Tyrone86810451 That’s a fancy 2! @Tyrone86810451 Hook it? How? 22 @zsazsakilmor Give it a shot! 💛 @paintbrushtaIes Now I’m curious as to what the fancy cursive 2s look like.Here’s a sample. I either do the loopy 2 or the fancy 2. Never feels right. @MagnetoErgoSum Holy muffuletta; take my money!I write my 2s weird. I see some people have such great ways of handwriting. Why must my 2s be weird? ***Random thought of the day 💭 @StarlightSerene 😍😍😍 @baedriivy Heyo! I’m Arily; 36, mom, and wife 😊 I have a passion for art and food. I did enjoy streaming but with… @StarlightSerene 😋 yum