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“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Just trying my best to be a good human being. Raising my little men that way too💛

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@OMGitzGemini Cuz they are yummy! @rocerdx22 I did, I was upset because I slept a lot. I think my brain was just in overdrive while I slept. @AltAvenged 🥰 @ownerfoxothree @thorpe_the @rocerdx22 Thank you 😊 @UnicornyLithia 😘I think we are all beauties, makeup is fun, makes me feel extra, but being comfy in my skin is what matters most.… @UnicornyLithia Ahhh I need that sailor outfit! Where? You look amazing! 💛💛💛 @King_HorikTV Thank you. @JonasGamesTV Thanks 🙂 @Richard73298383 It’s like this at least 1-2 times a month. I let it run it’s course and then I feel better. @hardcoregrl84 I hope so, maybe coffee will help @Baytamata Thanks, I hope this fog lifts. It’s annoying and exhausting 😅I slept all night and didn’t wake up like I usually do. Why do I still feel exhausted? It ends up taking over my da… @Evilcrusader1 Me too. 😂
@BobaBett I found a white hair in my eyebrow, it grows back! 😭😭😭 but I get white hairs on my scalp often, they itch like no one’s business. @tr1ch_on_twitch Completely, I lay awake often past midnight thinking I need to get in there and restructure everything. 🤣 @baedriivy @Dru8376 😂 😂😂😂 @NGUYENDEX @Gamecubethot Love it 😍 great job! @CeddyOrNot 😂 souls have caught on fire, well I don't really wanna walk that line I don't really wanna cross that line lets m… @ragnarock4455 😂 @mindissucked What? 😂 @xdametualma 😂 at least lol @JsinCM21 I should be proud he censored it? 😅 @alyssak_c 😂 no! More of a Like Father, Like son. My swearing consists of Shit, and Dammit. That’s as hard core as… @alyssak_c Yep 😲 @Richard73298383 Those are my post it’s they come with a heart 😅Mikel tells me; mom I’m going to put a sticky note on the candy you got me. Me: Okay ****Opens fridge to see said C…
@kaijugamer2000 He got called out for not “hoisting” @LOV3_christine So pretty @Deraedt88 That seems refreshing @Nasiim22 Pride and Prejudice @RaynRaps Exactly @baedriivy 🥰 you are adorable! Love the shirt, and your smile 😍😍😍 @RaynRaps Depends on the week, they can be 50/50 for me. @LethalxMinx 😂 @AltAvenged 💕💕💕 @thorpe_the 😂 however is still a but @OMGitzGemini Trying to own my feelings even the bad ones. That’s how I’m going to let them go. @Baytamata Exactly @MIlo_The_Hermit Thank you. @SUNOalumni06 You should. @TH3_GAM3 Fight Flight Feed Fuck I usually don’t say the last F word but that’s how she laid it out for me. 😂Wow everyone! Thanks for 4K! As promised here’s a mystery bag giveaway! This is for followers only! Just like and r…
Retweeted by ✨Goldn Persephone ☀️ @_themodernmom_ @MissNerdyCurvy 💕💕💕 @evilocity Good thing always lock the door. 😳 @EmmieEverlove @marrdust That’s okay 🤗 @_Bella_Darling_ Cool socks. 😅 @alyssak_c I love pearls most, but Opal is up there for me. 💛 @streetgrind_ I could do Dance Gavin Dance, Artificial Selection. Alejandro Sanz, MTV Unplugged Album. Plus Coldplay’s; Parachutes Album. @EmmieEverlove @marrdust You should enter too! 💛Why do hot showers always make me feel better? Not just physically but mentally. It’s such a cozy and safe feeling… @marrdust @chiisaistars @marrdust @EmmieEverlove @marrdust @AltAvenged @marrdust @MissNerdyCurvy @marrdust @UnicornyLithiaLove Opal. 💛 @FahmidaLuna @AngellPeakk 👍🏽💛💛😃😃😃 @Toasty_is_Toast 😎 @EmmieEverlove Tropic Sprite? @jannatjaved_ Ril 🤔👍🏽 @Jaxa1in 9 Virgo 7 Gemini 😳😳😳 @YLaylee I’d take the movie that’s playing. 💛
@redpelican87 @_themodernmom_ 🤗I’m up for progress, not perfection. Here is a reminder, sometimes getting up in the morning can be progress. @OMGitzGemini 💛💛💛 Apple a#pie a la mode from last night. @baedriivy 💛💛💛 @heymonsay Me! @LethalxMinx That blue on Goku just pops! @UnicornyLithia 💛💛💛 you are amazing! Not only are you a beauty, but you shine. ☀️ @baedriivy 🥰
@YLaylee 💔 I’m so sorry 😞😞WIP: Everything changed once the fire nation attacked. Charming little Charmander. 😁! It’s the year of the Rat! 🥰🥰🥰 good things this year? Maybe, I sure hope so, as it’s supposed to be a good year…’s ready to go to his new home. 💛😁 Bulbasaur is so adorable 😍😍😍 @AlexanderLion_ It’s up there for me, it’s really good, and intense. @EPIC_NERD_HYPE It’s a really cool app 😅😁
@UnicornyLithia I’ve got a good app. 💛 @xnoems They might not be sweaty enough, 😂 @GeekWithThat Let it go! 😂 @xFINCHx21 @ButtonsNSticks That’s how I felt about it too, not as awful as everyone else said it was. I do have to… @redpelican87 Thank you Ross! I am sure it will be. @clutchy404 ^*delightful 😅😅😅 @clutchy404 Today I am amazing! It’s a delicious day! @Blue_Star3N7 I’m fickle and even if I love this game, I love Super Mario Bros 3 the most. 🙃🙃😅 @clutchy404 Morning! 💛It’s Friday!!!!! I’m so excited. Hope you all have an amazing day. While I go fill my coffee cup to the brim. 💛💛💛 @DragonP0ny 🤣🤣🤣 @DragonP0ny 😂 @BellezaGeezy Yay!!!! That’s great! @VanBiztheRapper Morning! So far day is great! I’m looking forward to coffee 💛💛💛 @jordofthenorth Great points, I do convince myself often that I need to go out to eat. 😭 I am starting to cook more often. @GibsGaming_ Hello! 😊 @Blue_Star3N7 💯 agree 💛