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this video was shared with me directly. This is right on Wilton & Rosewood where an LAPD van rolled up and started…
Retweeted by Gold Pandaplz be cautious of the graphic content therein. v hard to share, but feel necessary given we are undoubtedly fabri…
Retweeted by Gold Pandafucking unbelievable.
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@_blackie__ How about Squarepusher? @PhilMeadley1 phew! @PhilMeadley1 well, sort of, check the newsA new hope.
Retweeted by Gold PandaLook at this cop forcing the weapon into the protester's hand to create cause.
Retweeted by Gold Panda @PhilMeadley1 from Nickleback?! @PhilMeadley1 Krist Cobain was the lead singer, mateSuspend UK export of tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields to USA - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
Retweeted by Gold PandaThis is Rahul. Rahul saved 62 DC protesters who were trapped for hours on his block by police. He allowed them to s…
Retweeted by Gold PandaUnited States ★☆☆☆☆ wouldn’t recommend
Retweeted by Gold PandaVine St. Expressway, Philly. THEY ARE LITERALLY TRAPPED.
Retweeted by Gold Pandalike anyone knew who the third guy in nirvana was anyway
Ha ha classic stuff like, "I occasionally sleep with guys Mum, get over it!" and "I deported vulnerable people and…
Retweeted by Gold Panda @RobbMcGeary I’m assuming Corb wants the govt to condemn Trump for the threat of using military force against cit… @RobbMcGeary Jesus fucking christ you have @RobbMcGeary seriously? Have you lost your mind?What are they going to give his family $0.003 for every stream too? Fucking jokers screens don’t do anything for black lives.
Retweeted by Gold PandaGood morning! Reminder that the UK government are withholding a report on BAME COVID-19 deaths because they’re worr…
Retweeted by Gold PandaDear Music Industry, I'm sure blackout tuesday doesn't mean stick a black square up on your intsa and take the day… @SethicusGP i just dont want his name up thereSmiley Culture, killed by police, no one was held accountable. Inquest found cause of death was suicide, a stab wou… Whitehall sources tell me @PHE_uk review into BAME ppl disproportionately being affected by #COVID19 is d…
Retweeted by Gold PandaThis police assault of journalists broadcasting live outside the White House was captured from two different angles…
Retweeted by Gold Panda @MichnaOfficial yeah gotcha, we def police by forceYou know what? I’m... I think I’m gonna put Twitter away for a few minutes before I throw this phone across the roo…
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@HannahDaisy @CasparSalmon ok cheers! @mypandashallfly maybe they spelled 'scared' wrong @HannahDaisy @CasparSalmon hello! where did this come from?"a number I wrote during the 70s when fascism was on the rise once again,... in the 21st century, things haven't ch… Lives Matter. I've donated to U.S bail funds, you can do so too here. June 5th @Bandcamp is giving 100 percent of profits to artist. Great way to raise funds to donate to the bail fu…
Retweeted by Gold Pandacompare and contrast
Retweeted by Gold Panda @madronalabs ps thanks to your wife! x @iameden @madronalabs i just wondered if that site that splits the funds is actually legit @madronalabs Yeh but I want to know if donating here actually goes to where it says it is going. they have a 3.95% processing fee @goldpanda my data science / social justice worker wife vetted a list:
Retweeted by Gold Pandais this legit? see they've let Rees-Mogg out of his bacon sandwichok
Retweeted by Gold PandaJust a small word to let you know that all 8 of #TheArmandoIannucciShows are back up, free to watch, on All4 and 4O…
Retweeted by Gold Pandawe really dont need shit from a president except to step up and pretend to give a shit about everybody convincingly
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Music is sponsored by Ray-ban Trump regime wants to draw public discourse towards "Antifa" and political division; they are desperately pulli…
Retweeted by Gold PandaIt's not Black vrs White its everyone vrs Racists 💯👊🏿❤🙏🏿
Retweeted by Gold PandaIf you’re a white person and earn money from the dance music industry - as a writer, editor, radio host, DJ, label…
Retweeted by Gold PandaHere's a list that's being shared of various groups that you can send funds to
Retweeted by Gold Panda @mrdaveyd @DJJedi That ain't the half of it Davey: $6 Trillion tax cut -98% went to top 1% $7.3 Trillion for Wall S…
Retweeted by Gold PandaI gotta be honest the worst looting I've ever seen take place happened a few weeks ago when corporations collected…
Retweeted by Gold PandaHow is it “Get over slavery” but 9/11 is “never forget”?
Retweeted by Gold Panda"but you're still white and male? Welcome, sir!"Anyone able to point me in the direction of some charities who are supporting BAME people in music specifically? Wo…
Retweeted by Gold Pandaguess i have to tick that box that asks if you're part of a terrorist organisation on my next u.s visa application @nicoexprimary bot specialWTF
Retweeted by Gold PandaAnd yes, I did get a pitcture of his badge so I could look him up. He tried to mace the crowd and literally, the o…
Retweeted by Gold PandaLast night was a long one. I hope you are all safe, and I hope you find some joy in these images I captured of NYP…
Retweeted by Gold PandaNo justice, no peace. No justice, no peace. No justice, no peace.
Retweeted by Gold PandaShare widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own fro…
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Just discovering how cool it is to have a flock of virtual birds help out in my new live/writing software. Using s…
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how did i live without a patchbay?Just remembered I used to keep my clothes in an upturned floor tom that wasn’t even mine
@CasparSalmon u can get five guys delivered
@ninjatune thats a great cover
I miss going to the charity shop to get a Daniel O’Donnell cassette to tape over
garden is ‘avin it on a friday night @MARTYN3024 I knew you liked Hugo Boss! @FourTet omg it’s true then
Ready for future gigs @Plastician He better be careful eating a beetrootWhat vst is this?
The World As We Conceived It Doesn’t Exist Anymore. Pre-order Issue D. Featuring (tweet 1/2): Superflux…
Retweeted by Gold Pandayes
maybe "dry techno"? there is no reverb / fx etc. also forgot to do any panning becauseI've got 16 tracks of... live(?) ...techno(?)... I made in a max/msp patch in 2017/18, think i'll stick it on bandcamp soonBut when Stormzy or Dave call This country racist they’ll scream
Retweeted by Gold PandaMIDI to 3.5mm jack is cancelled. @CasparSalmon foot fetish warning
RIP Ty. x @example awwww! This is cute. @goldpanda I use
Retweeted by Gold Panda @miaouxmiaoux forgot about them! cheers
Tidal club course
Retweeted by Gold Panda @BATHSmusic but what about if i want sly and the family stone or marvin gaye etc?just buying used cds and ripping em seems the bestwhere to buy responsibly buy digital music that isn't boomkat record a shoe on fire in a windmill stuff? (i like th… has been born or whatever
@mylarmelodies yeah mmmaybe, I think I might just do it in max as a friend suggested BUT I could have an excuse her… @Shunayox will check! @mylarmelodies so you can choose the amount and time the amount of gates are spread across. Like the Befaco pinagble burst oneI'm using intellijel quadrax in burst mode but whjat else is good for banging out a load of gates/triggers?wow gardening is knackering
i was using the bee not the lawnmowera bee flew into the lawnmower while I was using itLearning Python is going well (can't even upgrade pip) syntax error