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i want to show y’all this tumblr post that made me lose my marbles
Retweeted by beans after dark after darklast night I had a dream where I literally got my heart broken and I woke up sad af how is that even possible @Avalanche100T Hi avalanche I miss you @Skoog But they don’t say kanye on them man😣 @albert127946 Yeah Xbox @flental99 I just think the hat is cool @albert127946 😔 @albert127946 Be my sugar Albert @albert127946 I like the way you think @albert127946 Yeah would uGonna be 800 dollarsthis looks good af @JackWilliamRtF What a silly tweet lol who said that @Skoog I’m outsideshe left me for a guy that can parallel park. @anarockshard @26ppl_in_a_coat Yepppp 0 reason for this @thexionxtra It’s smart to speed it up fr. Also just 21 year old peanut junior just looked punchable so that’s a factor @paggytheclown Black licorice SOOO GGGOOODDD @Paricyte Thank you I thought so tooIt was funny af tjo don’t lie to meok Harry Potter tweets gone now sorry it even existed in the first place tho @lmaoemmi I guess so idk @paggytheclown I’ll go listen seventeens also so good @paggytheclown I listen every day if you think I’m sexyy lol @updatedexe LMFAOO @inclcore 😭 a devasting string of words @CueBallClarence You’re a wizard goofass @CueBallClarence That’s true I remember a few scenes that were pretty cool I saw them a long time ago tjo @CueBallClarence Did you just admit to reading the Harry Potter books dude???? @inclcore Idk what emotions it’s even bringing out in me @thexionxtra I don’t know dude LOL @JackWilliamRtF Dude stop it seriously stopppp lol @JackWilliamRtF I never even read them dude @CueBallClarence It’s getting deleted soon I’m sorry man @inclcore This one genuinely hurt dude I forgot what it’s like to have thisYeppppppppppwifi so ass just blew a 4-1 lead because my ping was 17000000
@liv_cowherd Let’s go@togetherwow I finally have the turning off replies feature anyway I enjoy ajr’s musicyep im rounddamn peanut jr is at a bar does covid mean nothing to you you piece of shit years later and I’m still laughing at this conversation between my grandpa and I about anime
Retweeted by beans after dark after darkeverybodygoodnight everybdoy😴😴😴 @gonnakillmysel I’m in the process of overlistening rn I’m gonna hate it in 2 weeks’t smiled playing rocket league since I was bronzeI’m crying
Retweeted by beans after dark after dark @aprilrealgirl It is in my tummy nowtoasted bagel with Nutella is the most op food of all timeif anyone’s watching this bachelor rerun thing they’re doing this so cruel LMFAO
@22brolian No I’m ashamed of it @midsseeghosts Yepppp @rectumsempra_ Wait whatshe wears short skirts I wear t shirts she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers 🖕😔🖕 | 👟👟 @bocxtop I’m not even religious but I’m about to start praying for you @bocxtop Possibly the rudest story I have ever heard in my entire life @bocxtop BRO ????? LMFAO @dogwrld Clan war league @dogwrld Damn i gotta parallel park do not invite me
Retweeted by beans after dark after dark @IsntSimon LMFAOI think a bird just smacked into my window @holdenapare1 NOO I’m kidding I’m kidding omg sorry @leavemealon8 I still lov u tho <3 @yungbernasty NOOOOOOOO oh my dude I can be better I promise bae @yungbernasty Thag is not what it means are u fr LMAO am i dunb @K1TTYCUTZ Yeah we kinda made love on here once tell em bae @hulu @yungbernasty I feel neglected 😔 @holdenapare1 Day ruinedinteresting @yungbernasty Yep middle circlegonna start doing that thing where I get up early and go to a field and do a shit ton of jumping jacks and burpees… I am round af @yungbernasty It is arriving soon. @yungbernasty Link ... @yungbernasty Yep sorry goodnight broMy uncle’s dog carries a 30-pound weight everywhere he goes
Retweeted by beans after dark after dark @JackWilliamRtF Well. @JackWilliamRtF I’m not a cubs fan dude @JackWilliamRtF But it’s so nice💔💔💔💔💔 @JackWilliamRtF Get it @JackWilliamRtF It’s really nicemy name jeff.🖕 @zee_the_creator my bad, I accidently pressed follow and liked all her pics, my phone trippin
Retweeted by beans after dark after dark#Lolyep November 2019
@optiuh Yesss on our butts @optiuh Honestly whenever just let me know I need u to hold my hand while I get it @saramoCreator Needed this one @MikeRufrano omg, this!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 @optiuh INNER CIRCLE YESSSSSSSSZZyep eating because it’s yummy not because I’m hungry this needs to change“did you ______ or are you normal” shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up @IVIattC True i just hope tiktok gets bought by someonereels is literally tiktok like the sane layout and anything. zuck has not had an original idea in foreverhmm I like when homer eat donut though sorry @a_llenvaughn Ohhh got it. Thanks!!