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associate editor @lwlies, writer other places. i like drinking, smoking, and ordering in restaurants

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@cecehurtado Me too!! I’ve only read two chapters but it’s the most work my brain has done in weeks @izzylbrom I started it this morning! Two essays in, it’s great!I do not read them. I just stare reverentiallyWith each book I add I grow stronger @eastjoneast And yet it was £10 for the tub!Heheheehehe direct your rage at sweet Blathers when the Nooklings are right there?To the Cut writer who wrote a whole-ass essay about how much they hate Blathers in Animal Crossing....who hurt youNow Josh and/or Benny have acknowledged my crude outsider art I feel my work on this earth is done @JOSH_BENNY give it another month of lockdownPolish deli stays winning @briannazigs Thank you! @eliseybell It’s really great and would definitely recommend - stunningly bleak! @eliseybell Depends on your tolerance level I think - there are two pretty graphic scenes of sexual abuse (not sure… @ianamurray Just when you think it can’t get does today via our neighbourhood FB group this boy is called SPARKLES and he regularly walks people home then… Trick Mirror today. Reading is good innit @ImogenWK Ahhh gonna head now, thank you!!! @ImogenWK ....i amSitting in my room thinking about the smug round face of the homepride manThe Yellow Wallpaper but it’s just me obsessing over where I will next be able to buy flourWhat is the logic in stockpiling water @htshell thanks. just at a bit of a low ebb at the moment. they come and go. i know all this is for the best, it's… @htshell sorry to be glib but my mental health really is at a point where death doesn't seem like that bad of an option @htshell I think if I have to stay in my house share with no outside contact until the autumn I might take my chances with death @htshell Don't say that :(Struggling to comprehend we could still all be in quarantine until June. June! That's so far away!!!
Retweeted by Hannah Woodheadi read a whole ass BOOK yesterday in eight hours!!!! it was the discomfort of evening and whew boy it was discomfortable indeed
It’s occurred to me my planned month in NYC is unlikely now I doing okay on Friday? only I could read @ifursure omg i looked at that one but the comments were so chaotic i gave up. let me know tho, my local shop had a… @ifursure OH MY GOD ROGAN if you dont find any i'll literally post you a tin from north london it's so fucking good @intothecrevasse as soon as we started talking HP in the group chat it was over for mejust made myself a bacon sandwich as a little treat and you know what???? it was incredibleFucking disgusting
Retweeted by Hannah Woodheadtumblr circa 2010-11 what of it Assistant is coming to VOD on May 1 in the UK and you have absolutely no excuse for not watching it
Retweeted by Hannah Woodheadso now might be a good time to do this huh distancing? We don’t know her @ShelleyBFarmer people need to be shamed for ansel thoBless Robbie for doing this when the only two options are Harmony Korine and Michael Bay someone i never met on here has me blocked i assume its because theyre a pedophile and theyre afraid im going to take them to prison
Retweeted by Hannah Woodhead @louisamaycock Condensed milk, butter and brown sugar!Had a horrible thought I should forgive the men that have wronged me. Am going for a walk to shake it offmade it last night and there is only a third left in our kitchen, lolanyway, this cake will blow your mind think the William Morris principle applies to criticism too - is it useful? is it beautiful? then why is it there!!!i think there is a distinction between 'film criticism' and 'film writing', the former being a subset of the latter… does one go back to writing reviews of middling, unremarkable films amid/after this? congrats hannah, you've mo… feels so banal at the moment. everything i read, everything i write. like those biodegradable packing pe… reminder that this classic exists for the sole purpose of cheering us up
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did i just buy a kilo of haribo gummy bears????? folks,, @briannazigs if it aint me :(:) i know lockdown sux but :) pls dont be fatphobic :)if they cancel sunday in the park with george i will screamhe just be out here looking like this. disgustingI said GODDAMN in at 4pm EST (30 mins).. hear us yell with Wayne Diamond who hasn’t left his apt in 19 days.
Retweeted by Hannah WoodheadPATSTEW UNCUT GEMS SHIRT ALERT
Retweeted by Hannah WoodheadImportant update to my newsletter sayin ur gonna miss out on the best recipes of ur life if you don't subscribe but whatever you do yougoing to send out another newsletter today, this one's about baking - do subscribe if ur interested in some recipes… to make a dulce de leche pound cake......this could be a game changer lads @Clatchley this is iconic!!! @GoodPostReilly IT'S SO SWEETtell me hermann kermit warm isn't an all-time great namefour of the greatest acting talents working today? in one film? and it's a western? about how men should learn to s… @sbodrojan cannot stop watching this is iconicbeen thinking about it a lot and the sisters brothers was slept on @_RachelHandley Yep same thingi will never understand why whatsapp web is such a useless piece of shitthanks i love it @BabaYagaJess Ahhh! The American accents fooled megreat episode BUT WHO NAMES THEIR DAUGHTER CONWAYliterally a film about a man going back in time to shag a girl he fancies but go off @xim123 Ooh thanks, will have a look!i'm so close to saying fuck it and dyeing my hair bright redgonna tell my kids this was yungblud and machine gun kelly @unkatgems i have but the price mark-up is insane around here!i just want laundry detergent and peas :(((((It's been two weeks and all the supermarkets near me are still the panic-buying messaging is really having an impactluna wants my dinner, a limited photo series
Retweeted by Hannah Woodheadi'm sorry did this person on this week's this american life name his daughter conway???? @crolinss Yep! She talks about it here: @BenKosma so christian!that woman has been fucked over by the film industry so many times and STILL gave us you were never really here. iconicdo you ever think about how great lynne ramsay's version of the lovely bones would have beenyou know what i miss. kissing. kissing goodday ??"art"Today’s tiny art like a lifetime since I wrote this and I need to add those additional sections I keep mentioning BUT in case… @brodielancaster thinking about what my dentist is going to say to me when i go back there after all this and havin… film/tv folk- we need your help! @RaisingFilms is gathering ideas for what our sector might look like post-COVID…
Retweeted by Hannah Woodheadthere have been about 100 articles saying 'will corona change cinema/the way we watch movies forever?' and i know w… movie imo