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21st century schizoid band: Mukqs, @TALsounds & MrDougDoug. music on @UmorRex, @BakedTapes. we run @HausuMountain.

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1000 gecs & The Tree of Clues out now ... :))) 🌲🧩
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @jetski0 @World0fEcho @JimMagas ☝️🤣😂🤣 @jetski0 @World0fEcho LMAO what!!!! ahhhh can u imagine my surprise finding this as I just randomly scroll through… u go @World0fEcho
Retweeted by Good WillsmithStream a playlist of recordings by US guitarist @eisenbergsounds + hear an exclusive new track
Retweeted by Good WillsmithIn a 6-9 decision SCOTUS has ruled the "Artist - Song Title" format to be valid for comps, nullifying all "Song Title - Artist" track lists
Retweeted by Good WillsmithI’m not gonna lie this floored me. Hearing Björk songs used to stress me out cuz I would have a teensy “oh shit I’m…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @z_long fries on top to a certain reasonable capacity, but not too stuffed with fries. then using the remaining fri… @w0__0dy I’d like to add “Migrate” to my list. beat with the descending warbled like flute tone is so sick. T-Pain also present @SarahSquirm hired: I will become Biden & show holeHere's an outrageous story from me: Biomedical technicians are sourcing DIY hardware dongles from Poland and pirate…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @SarahSquirm lmao the acceleration from your 10K campaign to your 20K campaign has been nuts tbh. Sarah GATHERING THE FLOCK
@techhonors lmaooo with the “babe” and everything“babe, just download a divorce mod. please. my life is on the line here” years since USA Today published its finest work
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @frozenreeds lmao @w0__0dy dream team <3 @World0fEcho @pitchfork lmaoooo wow @lighghtmusic lol finally we’ve reached Friedrich memesI say this having just finished the first one. about to go into number 2 & have managed to avoid all spoilers excep… Last of Us series is the ultimate “what if WE are the virus 🧐” type thematic content lolLoraine James (@LoJamMusic) kicks off her regular NTS show now on 1, with music from Pop Smoke, DJ Paypal, Xzavier…
Retweeted by Good WillsmithIf schools reopen, students in white neighborhoods are going to be better off because they will have the funding fo…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith1 in 13 Black people have lost their right to vote due to felony disenfranchisement, compared to 1 in 56 non-Black people. Pass it on.
Retweeted by Good WillsmithZorn on Morricone, saying here in the headline what anyone with a brain is thinking.
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @GoodWillsmith i learned something new today
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @cloudnothings WHOA new shit has come to light, man. they’re actually different things. gotta reflect on this @misterminsoo weak :(can we come to a consensus on how to spell “whiskey” plz. I’m on team “e” when I see it as “whisky” it looks like…’m really into the tabloid-core font choice & red arrow motif in the Johnny Depp drug lunch exposé photo. was this… set never actually happens tho. like my brain is prepared to construct a band of people plucked at random from…'ve been having dreams where i'm at a gig & i know i'm playing next but i'm not sure which of my bands/projects is… @HausuMountain wow yes lmaoidc what u losers are arguing about i’m watching a children’s choir sing björk
Retweeted by Good Willsmith"I rant against the jungle": I spoke to Werner Herzog about the dubious romanticism of 'nature', post-war Germany,…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @tabsout turns out there are many things about him. when me & @angelbbgrrl420 met him when we were in Pittsburgh la… out this week's Adult Swim Single, "Furies", a collaboration between experimental artist @moormother and rapp…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @MRubz all I’ll say is tread carefully if you get into New York because its returns are substantially smaller for yr time invested lol @jp_bse Mmm I have not but it sounds like I should? lol @MRubz oh damn... the following seasons get even better imothis is known as Fire Emblem syndromechoosing hard mode when u start a game just to feel the sublime agony of failure more ofteni’m just ASKING that we debate your humanity POLITELY and that i get PAID to do it and you DON’T
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some things I wish I was a fly on the wall to witness: - Dizzee Rascal making Boy in da Corner - Paul & Juicy makin… to share the June edition of Acid Test on @Bandcamp! I turn 30 on Saturday and it would make me really happ…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @mgeddesgengras @sikklaffter official ideological sponsorship @mgeddesgengras lol hell yeah @lexciya_ @glorbis woooooo !!! 💜💜💜💜when Guru said "lemonade was a popular drink & it still is" ...the man had a point. can't argue"The music thing was just kind of an excuse, but weirdly, the music thing turned out to be a deeply fulfilling endl…
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @thebad69 wow agree lol @lordmcess @DDDrewDaniel mmm thank god @GoodWillsmith @DDDrewDaniel
Retweeted by Good Willsmithwriting auditory fan fiction in my head rn about what some of this is gonna sound like. here’s a chunk that feature… looks like I won’t have to look too hard because the Cock Boys are the first collaborators to appear in the mi… @DDDrewDaniel @lordmcess ahhh yes comprehensive documentation!! was gonna ask if you had something like this lol @GoodWillsmith @lordmcess 🙏Thanks to @lordmcess there’s a BIG CHART to help you find ‘em
Retweeted by Good Willsmithtoo stoked for the new Matmos album The Consuming Flame that has 99 collaborators joining @DDDrewDaniel &…"Things Our Bodies Used to Have" & all of its track titles were sourced from Upworthy headlines of the early Good Willsmith albums were named after horse_ebooks tweets lol @nailheadparty oh nice lol. ok that makes me feel better theni miss that couple year (?) period when we didn't know that horse_ebooks was some dude's art project & not some kin…’t forget that this White House adviser called us human capital stock
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @peterberkman “Polyrhythm” by PerfumeToday marks the official launch of this mammoth site. I hardly know where to begin. It includes extensive info, eph…
Retweeted by Good WillsmithEveryone must enjoy this modern Rice
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i don't understand the previous comments , but I agree with everything they say
Retweeted by Good Willsmithyung jim, omni-musician. bless
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @jzcamp oh my god i just watched this video a couple weeks ago. had no idea about this. poor ZackAs much as $273,000,000 in federal coronavirus aid was awarded to more than 100 companies that are owned or operate…
Retweeted by Good WillsmithMargaret Atwood said “Fuck TERFs” & also “check out how slugs bone” 🙏's album revelation time! The sky rips open to reveal: 99 people playing at a steady 99 beats per minute for thre…
Retweeted by Good WillsmithOriginal Soundtrack will be released on 19th August. Jim O’Rourke,Joe Talia,Tetuzi Akiyama,Atsuko Hatano appear.
Retweeted by Good Willsmith"please, my adult son who lives in my basement will wither away & die if you don't allow businesses to open. he nee… actually "chilling" tbh @SupremoDetector lmaoElysia Crampton Chuquimia (ft. guitarist Joshua Chuquimia Crampton @J_Dende) live/dj set @TheVinylFactory from last…
Retweeted by Good WillsmithLungfish made little sense to most listeners during their lifespan, though they do have some steady cult adherents.
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @tabsout ugh not like this. with like wet Bugler roll-your-own tobacco exposed to the elements for days on end, bak…“6AM Thoughts”thinking about Emma’s former roommate who told me matter of factly that she regularly combed through the ashtray on… @home_safe_69 oh god noooooドローイング(July 7, 2020)
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This is so fucked up and horrible. Once more, with feeling: ABOLISH ICE
Retweeted by Good WillsmithPolice murdered 12 year old Tamil Rice for having a toy gun
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @clairerousay @clavendr lol guessing it's the Ilhan Omar Arp 2600 tweet? didn't know about the crowdfunding tho until right now @derekwalmsley 😂 will pencil this in for mid-2021a case study: Ennio Morricone "Armonica" from Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) + Black Sabbath "The Wizard"… king
Retweeted by Good Willsmithdefinitely not crying right now @roommatemusic love this one :)u ever see album art for a new release & think “...what the hell happened here?” I kinda relish these moments. it… though it amplifies the schmaltz factor to some degree, the Yo Yo Ma recordings are so lush. i love schmaltz a… wasn't too much Morricone widely available on CD to a teen who bought music from the mall & Borders, etc., in… @JimMagas classic !!! so sick !!!!Here’s to you. Farewell Maestro. Ennio Morricone RIP. 1928-2020
Retweeted by Good WillsmithRIP, Maestro. [Premiere's MovieMusic column, August 1989.]
Retweeted by Good Willsmith @shokuhin_maturi @NTSlive 楽しみ 😮☺️💔🕯💔
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