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Why Labour lost Biden 28.7 Sanders 22.0 Warren 14.8 Bloomberg 7.7 Buttigieg 7.7 Klobuchar 3.5 Biden +6.7 IOWA Biden 21… us on 6 Feb to discuss the US 2020 Presidential election & the future of transatlantic relations. Speakers:…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin‘Deaths of Despair’ Aren’t Just a U.S. Problem. @GoodwinMJ on UK life expectancy
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinGermany (Hamburg): Today's Infratest dimap poll for the regional election in Hamburg on 23 February shows a 14-poin…
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@chrishanretty Haha let's see how those goThe withdrawal agreement bill has just cleared the House of Lords Britain is exiting the European Union The Brexit wars are overInteresting Figure from my current PhD chapter. Whites faced with the prospect of majority-minority ethnic change h…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinUniversities can certainly be naff at dealing with media but not fair to say "nobody cares what you think". Media j… @CarlWRitter @epkaufm @PLumsden thanks is that the book or article? @CarlWRitter @epkaufm @PLumsden Have you seen anything good articles/books on the interwar example Carl?No comment
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin#Democrats and #Republicans equally dislike & dehumanize each other, but estimate that the levels of prejudice and…
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Where do you go from here? UK "Misery Index" (sum of inflation & unemployment rates) falls to joint lowest level since 1989 Ht…"economics-centric accounts of populism treat voters' cultural concerns as largely a by-product of experiencing adv…'ve argued for a long while that the economic drivers of populism are overstated (see our book for why). It is par… @thom_brooks @simonjhix well advised @greenmiranda Hi, I think it's fair to say there are some very deep value divides on these issues and that on some… @cheng_christine @jablonow @ellie_knott Yes I agree on former, which is why I found some of the coverage this past week to be rather odd @cheng_christine @jablonow @ellie_knott Hiya that was more a reply to Afua Hirsch piece in NYT, among others. Yes o… partly got it it "tough on crime". But we are long way from there. More wokey identity politics Lab isn't eve… problem for Labour is that at last election it said NOTHING to voters who value stability & order (socially con… Gvt follows up pledge to clamp down on Islamist terror. Lie detector tests + Islamists to serve at lea…"If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" @jablonow @cheng_christine @ellie_knott and p.s. not ignoring those cases. Have worked on it for long time, making… @jablonow @cheng_christine @ellie_knott Kuba, I cannot possibly summarise entire debate in one tweet, part of ongoi… @simonjhix Yes agree. I think there is concern that pointing to wider trends minimises actual experience of racism… @cheng_christine @jablonow @ellie_knott This is within context of wider debate about race and immigration attitudes… @thom_brooks @simonjhix Hi Thom i've not been, this is part of an ongoing debate about race and migration that I've… @simonjhix This is not to belittle specific experiences, at all. But it is to register my frustration at the genera… @simonjhix I'd add that on key measures of racial prejudice, support for interracial relationships, social distance… @simonjhix If you look at self-reported experiences of racism, these are generally lower than would expect based on… @simonjhix Yes, of course. It is awful to hear about that personal experience. My pt is that on race/migration, pos…
@JamesDMorris Which shop? Hope it wasnt Corbyn's deli! He might have heardI would recommend reading this alongside Whiteshift by @epkaufm and also Ashley Jardina's important White Identity… new (free) essay from Ivan Krastev: Europe's democracies will increasingly be shaped by how their shrin… paper is published in the new issue of the European Journal of Political Research. We used quasi-experiments to… in the UK, 1961-2017 The Gini coefficient measures inequality across society not just between different… @annemcelvoy Or the Economist telling us to vote Lib Dem @samuelcoates yes indeed, if interested in this I recommend following @ZachG932 in US who has some similar data/pointsTwitter tells me Britain is engulfed by racism New research tells me that the vast majority of the foreign-born po…
"Communists pointed to saboteurs & spies to account for systemic failings of central planning. Liberals invoke Russ…"The single most important lesson of the past 3 years is the abject incompetence of Britain’s centrist political cl…"Boris Johnson planning to move House of Lords to York" -would be first time since Civil War city has been a centre… universities become institutionally intolerant, government must step in to protect rights of free speech.…
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We are delighted that Professor @GoodwinMJ will be joining our panel on February 12. Do give him a follow and che…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin63% of British people agree that 2020 will see large-scale public unrests in the UK in protest against the way the… @GoodwinMJ explains why Labour lost the election and what we need to do to improve our chances
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinBritish people are still pessimistic about the economy - only 35% agree that the global economy will be stronger in…
To argue that Britain is institutionally racist is baffling to me. I am a female immigrant from an ethnic minority…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwininterdisciplinary events, illustrated
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinQuite. Assumption that the pendulum is bound to swing back our way is by no means certain.
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinCons are now 2nd & need only a small swing to take the likes of Chesterfield, Stockton N, Wansbeck, Oldham E, Warri… must remember that it could still get a lot worse in pro-Leave, working-class seats. They might not yet have… for Labour Of voters who ditched Labour for Conservatives -81% like Johnson. Only 5% like Corbyn -74% say… Wasn't easy combining 20 graphs into one, but I did the best I could (note: data is smoothed to ease interpreta…
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Random idea. Human capital leaving non-London regions for London is big problem. Why doesn't Gvt get Vice Chancello… @NatCen this has clear overlaps with the Deaton review and the work being done on inequality in the UK building on… and worrying Life expectancy in Britain continues to improve in more advantaged areas of England but is fallin…"A study in 2016 showed that the absence of a post office, grocer or café in a village, along with distance from a… while I understand the temptation in Labour to listen only to members and Twitter Land and throw on the comfort… you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy? Britain should become a republic 20% Britain… other words, things could still get a lot, lot worse in Leave Land. Wiping out the few gains that might be made in Remainia.Meanwhile, there are a few dozen more pro-Leave Labour seats that have just fallen into "marginal" status. While in… that remains true today. Look at the 231-ish Remain seats and Labour already hold nearly half of them. Strip ou… wasnt enough space for growth in Remainia not only because the Leave vote was distributed more efficiently th… support for Remain as a proxy for that more liberal outlook. What few in Twitter Land bothered to tell Labour… are preaching to the choir. Many voters who would find this strategy appealing tend to live in the same types o… Labour members, MPs & some would-be Labour leaders would like the Labour Party to double down on liberalism -t… @MartinGP1993 @simonjhix Hi Martin you are right. Much of our analysis is currently restricted to England and Wales… @_HelenDale Thanks for sharing!
The challenge facing Labour is how to build Red Bridge to Red Wall. This speech might play well with metropolitan m… to talk with Labour MPs about their electoral challenge Download the slides "Where next for Britain's Labour… Democratic primary polling trend over time With Biden slightly down from last week and Sanders up, the race is… most partisan issues in the US are climate change, healthcare and distribution of income & wealth – with a 36 p… EU's demographic time bomb *median age now 43, 12 yrs older than rest of world *by 2035 50 million fewer worki… about the future of the House of Lords, which of the following would you most like to see? Don't know 31%…'m losing count of the things moving out of London to Midlands & North. Agencies, R&D funding, new Treasury spendi… @ProfBritPol_PhD haha good oneimportant who say the monarchy is good for Britain: Total 52% By generation: Millennials 38% Generation X 48% Baby B… everything into account do you think the institution of the monarchy is good or bad for Britain? Good for B…
Top issues (rated extremely important) for Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa… Health care - 68% Climate change - 68%…"Where the left goes wrong on national populism" Get the latest (free) essay by @epkaufm & me in which we explain… digging the discussion on @1a with @Bobosphere about the precarious position our democracy is in at the mome…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinLatest Democratic national polling averages from @RealClearNews Biden 29.3% Sanders 20.3% Warren 14.8% Buttigieg 7… likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa) Do you feel mostly optimistic or pessimistic that the Democratic cau… factors that will shape Europe-China relations in 2020 - @noahbarkin for @POLITICOEurope *Huawei & 5G *US trade… think that Harry and Megan should not continue to receive public funds if they step back from royal duties 46%…
The New Class War makes many similar arguments as Revolt on the Right & National Populism. It also overlaps a bit w…"The great need is for a new democratic pluralism that incorporates the excluded & empowers the powerless. Today’s… US culture war of the 1920s revolved around the same issues as in the West today. However, the cultural left is…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @HzBrandenburg @jrhopkin I'd like Jon to answer and your data does not undermine my argument. It supports it. @jrhopkin Jon? Are you there? If you are dumping on colleague I guess you have a specific criticism/give them right… @jrhopkin How so? Which bit specifically do you disagree with? I reference most of the evidence points'Biden is the front-runner, but there's no clear favourite' @NateSilver538 for @FiveThirtyEight on predicting the… @jrhopkin How so? Which bit specifically do you disagree with? I reference most of the evidence points% who have a high favourability of the US across Europe - highest in Poland and Ukraine, with the UK at 57%…'The Spanish Left Takes Center Stage' Xavier Vives for @ProSyn on Sanchez' new government