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A useful reminder for why it is not "just like in 2016". Biden is in a stronger position than Clinton ever was .... study finds most #COVID__19 patients continue to display neurological damage three months after illness
Love this ! are underestimating % chance of FDA-approved vaccine by end of November & distributed by middle of 2021, sa… @CharlotteCGill Chorak East Finch @LOS_Fisher Many congrats!! @jagstar80 @post_liberal @edwest @David_Goodhart Yep Big VernAnother classic of the British academic score-settling genre (Richard Davenport-Hines in the TLS).
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinI've joined the Commission for Smart Government (@governsmarter) to help review what works and what needs to change…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinThe second time Biden has made a gaffe trying to please the zeitgeist. He is helped by the fact that Trump makes on… Conservative government "can reverse decades of inertia, inattention and under-investment in the North by chall… is complicated
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin"Having what it takes to be a good Prime Minister, 2016-2020" Ipsos-MORI
@StephenDoors @FloraEGill I said get the orange juice with the pulp! @MartinThornber @simonjhix Some evidence to suggest age profile changing which would explain cases/hospital differentialsInteresting paper. Appealing direct to working-class is not as costly as some say. Strong symbolic appeal to worker… @stand_for_all @jdportes @RKemb @Frances_Coppola Nobody is claiming criticism is 'censorship'. Who is saying that?… virus is clearly coming back in Western Europe. Damn!
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @RKemb @stand_for_all @Frances_Coppola Interesting perspectives but that is not what happened. It's not my critique… the past few weeks Biden's average across all polls has fallen from 9.5 points to 6.4 points today. The polls,… public satisfaction with Boris Johnson's government has gone up not down. A difficult winter ahead but goes to… @debmattinson Many congrats Deborah. Looks great and I'm looking forward to reading it! @Frances_Coppola I don't think anybody is avoiding questions about data. I think those are useful, though I'd add i… 8 point lead for Cons CON: 45% (+2) LAB: 37% (-1) LDEM: 6% (-4) GRN: 5% (+2) IpsosMORI 30 Jul - 04 AugIt's 'all lively and entertaining but rather too black and white. Her account of British politics and the success o…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinInteresting ads targeting Trump seniors. Worth a watch if you are following the US election ... me for further research on the Extreme/Populist/Radical/Whatever Right
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @FloraEGill Sopranos! @Frances_Coppola My rule is that we should act on social media as we would in person or a workshop. I'm unsurprised…’s here! The hunt for Dr Ruja is back on. Episode 9 of The Missing Cryptoqueen is out NOW. Down the rabbit ho…
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@sundersays I did hear about a lot of house arrests though ...Excellent and nuanced talk by Timothy Garton Ash outlining his concerns about "Free Speech under Threat in Universi…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinHave a read of this. People don't even know what they are signing #HigherEd #AcademicFreedom"In hindsight was Britain right/wrong to vote to leave EU?" Right 41% (-1) Wrong 47% (-) Don't know 13% (+2) Rema… 8-point Con lead. Labour not been ahead in polls now for more than a year. Cons not dropped below 40% for e… Jack Charlton died last month, a part of old working-class England died with him | @northumbriana
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @sundersays I can't speak for Leeds but Manchester desperately needs green space
Interesting paper on Trump and prejudice ... @keiranpedley @JamesKanag A point re debates is expectation management. Going in with very low expectations may hel… @ijclark It's literally in the Con manifesto @TBrown_birds @AcademicChatter Yes. It was one of the happiest times for sure. You never feel as close to the liter… voters with no college degree have been moving toward the Republican Party over the past 10 years, while whit…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @ijclark You've lost me. @ijclark Which party got there first?My God. Lebanon economy collapsing and now this massive explosion. Beirut port (and a lot more, from the looks of i…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin“If Cummings so chose, he could turn trans radicalism into a wedge issue that would slice Labour down the middle an…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinIt's been nice to receive e-mails from colleagues who relate to my experience ( There is d… @rcolvile there's a lot of money to be made if you're correct!New. 9-point Con lead. Conservative 44% Labour 35% LibDem 8% Green 5% SNP 4% Survation Jul 31 - 3 Aug @JohnGag54672124 Real clear / average of all pollsBiden average lead down to (still impressive) 7.4 points. Average lead across top battlegrounds 5.5 points includin…
Soooo late to this but it's great. Not everybody wants copycat liberalism @debmattinson @alixabeth What do you think happens to Don?! @alixabeth Mad MenHt @b_judah @Craig011011 @unherd Hi Craig, I don't think anybody made that point. I certainly didn't.This is an interesting read @jamesrbuk @jdportes Haha sure James. Jon is the model of how one should conduct debate! @WillBaldet @unherd Hi William, yes was recently in Nature, will dig it out later and ping link @cricketwyvern Me too. I've enjoyed lots of debates since the referendum with respectful colleagues, as I say in th… @JohnApplebyLD @unherd Hi John, regarding the survey you can find the full report further down my timeline where I… universities shut out conservative academics, my latest for @unherd REPORT: Academic freedom in the UK Protecting viewpoint diversity By @RemiAdekoya1, @epkaufm and Tom Simpson…
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This is really good on unbalanced Britain | The national tilt via @TheEconomist
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Okay, zoomers. Read (@GoodwinMJ) Matthew Goodwin's essay on the radical generation. #EI #EngelsbergIdeas
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New. 5 point lead for Conservatives CON 43% LAB 38% LDEM 7% GRN 4% Redfield Wilton Jul 29Spanish GDP: -18.5% QoQ in Q2 or -55% annualised. Down to 2002 levels.
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin'There is a difference between a party that cares about labor and a labor party. There is a difference between a pa…
It's too early to make a prediction on the U.S. election. My hunch so far is Biden looks game on. But this is what… is interesting - 'I'm very enthusiastic about voting for ...' Arizona Trump 59% Biden 44% Penn Trump 60% Bid… really interesting tidbits in here. If you ask American voters in swing states 'who would more likely lead a… US swing state polls Jul 27 ARIZONA Biden 46% Trump 38% N CAROLINA Biden 43% Trump 42% FLORIDA Biden 48% T…“Why Boris Johnson keeps on winning” - interesting by @GoodwinMJ. Plenty to disagree with but also to ask yourself,…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinThe divide between West and East Europe on acceptance of homosexuality is *increasing*. Between 2002-2016, the di…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinLike a toddler playing with a gun
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinA very interesting and informative article @GoodwinMJ, well worth a read.…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @BBCNormanS Hi Norman, thanks for all of your great reports over the years. I always found them insightful. Best wishes for the future, Matt
@McCormickProf Bruce Morrison, WesternWhy are Boris Johnson's Conservatives still enjoying their strongest run in the polls since Thatcher? And why is th…
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinWe're BACK! The story is even crazier than we thought. Episode 9 of The Missing Cryptoqueen coming soon...…
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @PjThinker @unherd @JYDenham Brexit voters and now Con voters tend to identify more strongly with Englishness thoug… @davies_will Of course I voted Conservative in 2019. The other option was a pro-Russia, anti-Semitic party that was… are Boris Johnson's Conservatives still enjoying their strongest run in the polls since Thatcher? And why is th…
@JohnRentoul @wtfis2bdone Hi, i'm off twitter right now to protest anti-semitism but as this popped up on my phone…
When Left and Right no longer recognize one another’s legitimacy, this is what you have left.
Retweeted by Matthew GoodwinExactly 100 days to go until the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Biden is averaging a 9.1 point lead nationally an…"Accused". Hmm. @philipjcowley Bit Partridge
New. 4-point Conservative lead CON: 42% (-2) LAB: 38% (+2) LDEM: 6% (-) GRN: 4% (-) Opinium July 23 - 24 @JoMicheII @j0s3fk @davies_will Still minority, which is my point @kirancmoodley Hi Kiran, my tweet not a direct ref to MLK but early campaigners. Ash I think was talking more about… 8 pt lead Conservatives Conservatives 44% Labour 36% LibDem 8% Greens 5% SNP 4% Redfield & Wilton 22 July
TELEGRAPH: Judiciary in PM’s crosshairs #TomorrowsPapersToday
Retweeted by Matthew Goodwin @MrRBourne Seriously? @rupertlewis89 @jamesjohnson252 @LadPolitics Actually what are the odds? @jamesjohnson252 I think Trump is gonna dump PenceLean left on economy Lean right on culture = winning formula @colinelves Not either or. Recommend Next American NationNew. And not even close. Pennsylvania Biden +11 (Fox) Minnesota Biden +13 (Fox) Michigan Biden +9 (Fox) Florida Bi… @charlesarthur Hi Charles, not sure I do really. I'm making a point about the positive/active support element.