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When I flush the toilet and the water starts rising:
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @7weekslive i could but iโ€™ll never remember the episodes i left of onwill someone please let me use their hbo max i want to watch pretty little liars
@psychic_pussy69 good afternoon your nose rings look perfectgood afternoon say it back
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @hi_im_kenni w o w @underupreciated bitch u walked in snow w out shoes and posted it on twitter what did u expect @sillyg00sesav @onlyfronds wait what
Jojo Siwa is literally Elton John
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @ashhhhhhole what if my car windows are broken @parrspective i wish
typing with auto capitalization off: no cap
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปMy cousin got me a new shirt
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @pepperonicowboi thank you queen @underupreciated i love YOUmy sister got a matching one how cute and after *chefs kiss*
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปtattoo day tattoo day
is it grey or grayYeah, everything that ever will be has already been on โ€œThe Simpsonsโ€. But this is a bit on the nose.
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปPSA to BMTH elitists: yes, ekids are finding Bring Me The Horizon. Itโ€™s pretty impossible to gatekeep a GRAMMY NOโ€ฆ
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปRe-edited one of my all-time favorite photos. What do you think?
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปDoors Closing.
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Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปi am losing my mind
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปwhen your friends choose the one restaurant you hate
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @sillyg00sesav yea
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปmy baby outdressing these hoes as usual, just wait til we geโ€”
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปThatโ€™s Barack Obama
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Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปmy therapist made me clean my room today. during therapy.Bernie sitting there like the merch guy at hardcore shows.
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Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @two_shaffers YES!good morning
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @vodkaIime iโ€™m getting matching fern prints with my sister!anyone want my venmogetting tattooed on friday. dopedo you think the coconut will land on my finger
@pag_e i definitely could use a trip to the dentist @tatertothotbtch me eitherIf you don't hear back from me for a while, it's because I'm still watching this.
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปhow many times will I open the calculator app instead of setting my alarm
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปgot my nails done and feel like a bad bitchwhy is this on my recommendations
@bathynotcathy when i was in the 7th grade we dissected star fish and my teacher cut off the legs and put them on hโ€ฆ project @movementsCA @patfriick
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปdua when she tests positive:
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @babykingtobey do what i do. show my tweets to my therapistโ€œHate is too great a burden to bear.โ€ - #CorettaScottKing
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปMy cousin just passed from covid and the funeral homes are so backed up in San Diego they canโ€™t even bury him untilโ€ฆ
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปโ€œboys cant do thatโ€๐Ÿ’„
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Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @babykingtobey ....... thats my favorite pizza @babykingtobey gimme someโ–ช๏ธ Jeff Bezosโ€™s Wealth 2009: $6.8 billion 2020: $184 billion โ–ช๏ธ Mark Zuckerbergโ€™s Wealth 2009: $2 billion 2020: $1โ€ฆ
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @parrspective you jynxed jt @underupreciated iโ€™d kiss you any dayif you wanna kiss me just say that
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Jeff Bezos made $4,475,885 per hour in 2018 and they have us at each otherโ€™s throats for $15 an hour
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปbabe are you okay? youโ€™ve barely touched your Doctor Whoยฎ๏ธ Cassandra Lasagne
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐ŸปSorry, but this is the best how it started / how itโ€™s going ever. I love this so much.
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปthey didnt say that shit in the movie
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปjokes on you it didnt happen
now this is a precious moment
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปcolor :-) @bigbodiedavery it makes me wonder why ive never been blond???????? @misssssnique omg stop im blushingweโ€™re both looking at the phone
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @tatertothotbtch purple!!iโ€™d be a pretty blonde!!! color to come @misssssnique i have on fuzzy pig slippers
@ratkingay yes lmao they beat the stealers in the first playoff game @parrspective iโ€™ll send u my listi do NOT want to go grocery shopping someone do it for methis is supposed to say big shirt but i guess it worksgoing to hit this bong in my pig shirt and underwear fit under a blanket and NO ONE is stopping meliargosh if u want my number just ask my dms are just flooooooding with dmsasl?Hello! We have a room for rent in the elmwood village! Itโ€™s @pbj_sam and I, we have an old cat, we like ordering doโ€ฆ
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@onlyfronds docs are better imo i have both and tims always feel so clunky @vwhoreb ๐Ÿฅบ @misssssnique omg i didnt even notice @parrspective love u smhi and vibinโ€œyou have to respect the opinions of othersโ€ their opinion:
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปhey so uh ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ when shows come back, can we please...uh...stop treating band members like therapists ๐Ÿ˜›
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป @prettyboysushi on god i got it at 5 belowKept came out 5 years ago today. What a ride it's been. Thanks for listening!
Retweeted by b ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿปlook at my MUG!!!! 3rd cup this mornin @parrspective @ashhhhhhole @underupreciated @pepperonicowboi @sillyg00sesav @bootycollins_2 @drivingmemadiโ€ฆ cant i order starbucks for delivery @Mro19Owens i do the exact same thingshe did kill a man but by biting down on a rock. didnt eat him