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@spofiee That's entirely too relatable. @_ElizabethMay @ureallykicking Same. I'm avoiding it like the plague, which is a weirdly literal phrase right now.I'm not obligated to spend my time on something I don't and won't enjoy. If that makes me an example of "everything…
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @Ashlinaa Sweet dreams Ash. Hope tomorrow is a good one! @hollyamos22 That's actually a bit weird, I've been having the strangest urge to rewatch that one recently myself. @LadyDevann I KNOW. They're so lazy and cheap! You think these bridges and inclines just appear for free? Yeesh. @RompingFox Any time. :) How're things going for you? Staying safe?
@CannibalQueen21 Dooooo ittttt! @RompingFox My god Alice, we've talked about this. You're too beautiful! @ShannonZKiller Train to Busan was GREAT! There's a new one!?Pro tip: You can use bait while fishing to never catch a water egg. Dig them clams.
Retweeted by Gord McLeodAnimal Crossing is a calming game, and people are using it to feel better during really hard times. But WHY do thes…
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @ohlovelylady18 @spofiee Spofiee is wonderful. And I'm gonna need your friend code thingie! (That's a technical term.) @StefWoodburn Yes please! Sounds like a plan. How are you holding up Stef? @ShannonZKiller I'm crafting all of the stuff but not displaying any of it. It's sitting in storage until after I g… @ashtontaylorxo Sending extra good thoughts your way Ash, hope you're keeping yourself well! @bluejay_712 Got it! Sent. @bluejay_712 That is the sensible choice. BTW, what's your switch friend code thingie? @adrasteamoon They do come up fairly often now don't they. (No, YOU crafted 30 new slingshots in the last hour!)Please, give me some sort of normalcy... Oh! What's that I see in the distance?! Is it a live taping of @TWIScience
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@ureallykicking My Time at Portia for sure. Garden Paws is supposed to be good too. Staxel is fun. @dreamwisp Gotcha. Take care today Jen, hope you feel better quickly! @Helalost @ureallykicking @scottjohnson Portia is a wonderful game, I played it on PC. @ureallykicking @scottjohnson It's a Nintendo game, it's never going to come to Steam unfortunately @ureallykicking @scottjohnson It's not exactly a farm game though, there's no crops to grow. You can grow orchards… @ureallykicking @scottjohnson Nope. It's Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch. @scottjohnson Yup! And thankfully no more wasps will spawn. At least not that day. @TheGeekEntry Before noon? Are you feeling okay Ally? @BloodyfasterTV Blathers was always my favorite Animal Crossing character and now... wow. Damn. I'll never be able… in my DMs very politely accused me of using my social media channels to promote my friends’ work and damn f…
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @scottjohnson I'm honestly very curious about this too.
@FrankthePegasus I had the same thing today! @Meg_Kaylee @not_jenn @RynnOfficial Could be worse Meg. Could be Hippeaux. @YebbaDebba Oh my god Yebba! @Ratkanos @not_jenn Well, we CAN terraform... eventually. That's... an interesting idea. @ClumsyVeronica I'll be glad to see you on here more! :) @ClumsyVeronica Oooh, Clumsy, I like the Twitter rebrand! When did this happen? @not_jenn @Ratkanos Oooh. notM as island flag... that's an idea. @JD_Blythe You actually have coronavirus? That SUCKS! Sending all the good thoughts your way Janet. I'm glad you ar…
DO YOU WANT 167 GAMES? Buy this bundle (some Steam keys, some DRM free) for whatever price you want and help a bun…
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @Ashlinaa Good morning Ash! Hope you have the best day today.It's eye-opening seeing people who happily consume an author's work -- seeking distraction and brief joy from this…
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@FrostedCaribou Let me guess, that originated on Pen Island?ANY TIME is a great time to support these organizations, but especially now. So many people are turning to exercise…
Retweeted by Gord McLeodIf any of you are interested, @CharityMiles has @FeedingAmerica as one of their organizations you can walk, run or…
Retweeted by Gord McLeodWhen all of this is over, I hope we take a hard look at things to see what we can get rid of forever. Like handshak…
Retweeted by Gord McLeodToronto Public Library loans 3D printers to hospital to make face shields for healthcare workers
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @erikaheidewald That'd be horrifying enough even without a global pandemic to worry about. Yikes.
@Mssnowhite1 Any time Snow! <3 I love both, but the second one definitely looks more polished. @Mssnowhite1 Definitely the second! @Ashlinaa Any time! @Ashlinaa Oh my god Ash! You are STUNNING. (Hopefully your brain isn't still lying to you today.) @SugarJones True... you have to do what you can with what you can get in these days though. :) @SugarJones It's probably cheaper to bake bread than buy it these days, and easier to find ingredients than prepared stuff. @bluejay_712 @BloodyfasterTV I have no sharks yet, but even with just the anchovies, tuna, and marlin it looks pretty stunning. @Raejayy4721 Same. I have to trust the internet to basically be aware that anything's actually different. We're one…
@Ashlinaa I'm glad you had so much fun. I love finding games that hit the spot just right. :) @Ashlinaa OH... why did I think you were playing the new one? Hmmm. Well, now that you're done the 2016 one, what'd… @Ashlinaa Those are the BEST plans. Hope it goes well. :) Have you finished Doom Eternal yet?holy shit, call the coroner
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @Ashlinaa You too Ash! ♥️ What're you plans for the weekend? @Meg_Kaylee @littlesiha Meg is doing social isolation correctly! @Ashlinaa I'm so disappointed in myself for missing this Ash. I hope it went well and that you're doing okay! How're you holding up?
@jscoble It really is. I love the cutscenes on transit! @scottjohnson I KNEW there was a reason I didn't like Diva. @FrankthePegasus @Twitch That's amazing. I may have to steal that design! @SkylarSkynyx Ooof. Be careful Sky, sending all the good thoughts your way!This is happening now!
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @Veronica Does Animal Crossing count as work? If so, same. @claudiagmodel Beautiful! @Raejayy4721 Blathers isn't so bad. Now WISP really needs to cut back on the caffeine. @hollyamos22 That looks REALLY good. @ImSessis They are breathtaking! I'm glad to see them again.
@StefWoodburn I'm going to have a look at that later on! Thank you. Hope you're holding up well Stef. Sending all the good vibes your way.Come do this free course with me, let's learn to be happy in these stressful times🌻☀️
Retweeted by Gord McLeod @ShannonZKiller @negaoryx They work like any fruit tree; plant one bag of bells, get three bags of bells back, of w… @ShannonZKiller @negaoryx If you see a bright glowy spot on the ground and dig it with a shovel (once you have a sh… @ShannonZKiller @negaoryx Oh yes! ... do you know the legend of the money trees? @jeriellsworth Damnit, and I thought I'd banished that from my memory. ;) @_saucypirate Sounds good! @_saucypirate oooh, got a friend code to share? @A1DAAofficial You look amazing! @JessyQuil Happy birthday Jessy! The world received a great gift the day you joined us in it. <3 @Ashlinaa Sweet dreams Ash! Thank you again for the stream. @Ashlinaa Gorgeous!
@LuriaPetrucci Isn't it fun when bodies get minds of their own with regards to sleep schedules? I hope you get back on track quickly! @FrostedCaribou Your house looks amazing! Feel better quick. Sending all the good thoughts your way Boo! @LadyAderissa @LadyDevann Many of the weeds look nice! That said, they're also profitable so I strip-harvested th…
To the people who seem to think they’re invincible: You’re not. So go home and stay home. You’re not just putting y…
Retweeted by Gord McLeodBram Stoker’s Dracula. A cautionary tale about how one person coming out of self-isolation can infect the health an…
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@heyshadylady Any time! We'll get through this. @heyshadylady Sending all the love and good thoughts your way Ty. You're not in this alone, ironic as that is. @Gaohmee oh my god. @Gaohmee What kind of displays are you looking for? I'm not bothering to hoard the common stuff I find routinely bu… @ohlovelylady18 Naps are ALWAYS acceptable.
@spofiee Got it! Thank you for the pointer! @Gaohmee That's looking amazing! @Gaohmee You can move your home? That's awesome! Although... I have a pretty good spot near the beach and right nex… @ninatwitch Resistance is futile, Nina!
@not_jenn @lostdelirium They are. Nook Miles are a secondary specialized currency that matter more in the first day…