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I feel like getting Octopath Travelers because I love the soundtrack so much
Retweeted by GoronGuy123 @NotSkeef >:) @GalaxyZeinz titties but i like a good assyo mutuals feel free to ask me stuff @GalaxyZeinz expectations for the FNAF movie have been exponentially lowered thanks to Banana Splits and the recent trailer t… @KirbyProductio1 his skin is freaky lol
Retweeted by GoronGuy123among us
Retweeted by GoronGuy123 @Dr_DashYT yo what's the link to the first test if you don't mind me asking? @oocnikocado painthis man is about to get himself swamped by these stanswhat @RealGamerduck me
@RealGamerduck all the timethanks minecraft @GalaxyZeinz im 7 feet tallthere's probably nobody out there for you 🏊‍♂️I'm gonna just take a short break from Youtube. For once I just don't feel like making videos. Sorry guys :{
Retweeted by GoronGuy123 @ItIsMeJosh @manmakesfunnies @ItIsMeJosh it's actually funny when they do that because qrts will bring even more attention to itthanks steam @ThomasPussyCat take your time @ThomasPussyCat @MinecraftCow69 he wouldn't dare
Retweeted by GoronGuy123 @TheMassiveMK MAKE HIM BEAUTY GOD!now i actually wanna vc with people
Retweeted by GoronGuy123 @Mayro2020 god i hope im next
did donald duck get shoved into a peach?guys i still don't think i understand this meme's the triangle headed kid and birtish silent kid from phineas and ferbI've not been as productive as I should be and I apologize! I think things will hopefully change tomorrow, Meaning… Rust actually a good game?
i don't feel like recording videos i just wanna watch @GalaxyZeinz stream on twitchI have nothing against the game or the developer, just might take an extended break from it is all. There is the po… don't think I'm gonna continue FNAF Custom Delivery, at least for a while. The 4 months of updates just completel… LISTEN THE SECURITY BREACH TRAILER WITH ACTUAL GAMEPLAY IS INCREDIBLE!!! 😱🤯🤯🤯😍😍😍IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE I AM GOIN… be fair this is better people boutta be mad about the reveal or something lmao
Retweeted by GoronGuy123Five Nights at Freddy's @GalaxyZeinz @GalaxyZeinz me too 😭 @SMWikiOfficial @superyaygaming ohgot my next let's play done :) should be out in a few daysCan you all please shut up about Corpse's breath @OutOfContextCN redditor and discord mod slumber party @MinecraftCow69 always have been 👊 @ThatTsun maybe bothSociety if ELO's Time album was a double album @streamlabs How can I go about allowing my viewers to submit a videos longer than 30 seconds but for the video to n… @streamlabs I want the maximum amount of time a mediashare submission to display be 30 seconds, but any videos subm… I'm cancelling today's stream. Couldn't figure out mediashare. Hopefully I'll have it working by Wednesday
Stream may be delayed. I'm switching over to streamlabs OBS in an attempt to get mediashare actually workingI'm gonna stream on Twitch tonight :) Minecraft hardcore but if free mediashare makes me laugh I reset. Hope to see you there at 7PM EST! @GalaxyZeinz so i meant to call your momIf gore art turns you on you need immediate professional help. Likely with restraints on the waybrahma more like bruhma @OOCMusicc
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Retweeted by GoronGuy123 @JazzTheFNaFfan the nose looks sawed off @manmakesfunnies @h0lly_blue what is thy music lol @BadDAart i bet these are all fetishes @RealGamerduck
Retweeted by GoronGuy123please stop @RealGsusHChrist what is wrong with this dude's head @purpadox good luck man :)It might take some time for me to get used to making videos again. So things like the video's actual creativity and… @catsdotexe i didn't feel like seeing this again @GalaxyZeinz thanks galaxyzeinz on twitter dot com @oocnikocado actually wait that's probably ramen @oocnikocado they've done this so many times but the fact that they have a huge platter of red cheetos lookin stuff… @GalaxyZeinz same @ItIsMeJosh greatest work of satire ive ever seenI recorded a let's play for the first time in 4 months. Feels weird man
@MinecraftMeme16 villager has a point @GalaxyZeinz hey @catsdotexe is twitter making me unfollow people @ItIsMeJosh ew positivity @ItIsMeJosh poop @GalaxyZeinz Putrid 👎if an artist's requests are open and im tempted to request them to draw something for me I think about how many req… @manmakesfunnies sir your dms are closed @manmakesfunnies do you want the whole folder @manmakesfunnies'm not your friend just because I follow you on Twitter