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Gory Cory @gorycoryhorror Hell (Arizona)

Teen horror blogger and filmmaker. “Evil isn’t what it used to be”- The Devil on SNL// she/her

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@BluecatMat @wandavision It definitely feels weird and off but I think that’s sort of the point? I’ve seen a couple… TELL ME HE’S PLAYING ACTOR LOKI AGAIN @Jara_Films !!!!the wicked audience on the night broadway opens back up and glinda says "friends: we have been through a frightenin…
Retweeted by Gory CoryIn case anyone was confused real cowboys back in the day had some of the lowest paying jobs possible and most were… @FrankieStarbuzz The tv series? @CatboxGhost THIS IS SO PERFECT OH MY GOD AIRHWJEHBE
@tdixontraer @jphilogden @mauram71 Same! @RealJacobPierce Same @coryagranger Cory Cory 🤝 Mental Illness @tdixontraer Right?! @NicholeInDC Ewwww @NicholeInDC Wait did Bethany do something bad 😳 @DerekSykes17 @jphilogden @TaraAnsley @FANGORIA Haha I do she’s the absolute best! @jphilogden @TaraAnsley @FANGORIA 😃 @JohnnyPHreak Same! @dylanistweeting Respect @Wants2woAct @sliceofscifi It’s saying that people with anxiety and depression often rewatch shows for the familiar… @ckvanderkaay I’m on my ELEVENTH rewatch of Community...🤭 @CourierByNight Yessss @JeepersGang I’m super curious to see what they do with it @Samuel_Linton02 It doesn’t work THAT well though my god @ExorcismEmily Same! @sliceofscifi @Wants2woAct I’m sure they don’t mean all binge watching but that it’s just one symptom because peopl… @Jara_Films 🤭 @ovalleivonne My theory is that Wanda is being held hostage by hydra and all of this is in her head cause she can control reality @ZProductionz It’s pulling from the comics though so I’m hoping it’ll bring a different audiencePeople that don’t have adhd are really out here watching four hour long movies in one sitting? @ZProductionz RIGHT @Charlie33362988 That’s like taking the ACT 🤭 I literally could not possibly do thatI really like WandaVision so far. What did y’all think? @Wants2woAct Bahaha I wouldn’t be surprised though 😂🤭 @CamArruda I pray you don’t have ADHDHappy Horror birthday to writer, director, and occasional Lin Shaye accomplice - LEIGH WHANNELL - born #onthisday i…
Retweeted by Gory Cory @Wants2woAct I mean depression is super common but that’s just one symptom it doesn’t automatically mean you’re dep… luck to those of you planning on watching this SENDING PEOPLE UNDER 35 THINGS TO PRINT AT HOME. WE DO NOT HAVE PRINTERS.
Retweeted by Gory Cory @Wants2woAct There was literally a study that found that binge watching is tied to depression @Jara_Films Omg 30 Rock is one of my anxiety shows too @Wants2woAct disliking covid-19 🤝 scream (1996) no taste
Retweeted by Gory CoryI’m on my 4th rewatch of Schitts Creek and I can recite every episode of community... 🤭 @yeahthatPaula RIGHT @besandler No but every tv show I watch I rewatch at least six times... I’ve done it for as long as I can remember... @chelsea_davison Wan’s success in the horror genre is astonishing — he created the Saw franchise, the Insidious franchise, and…
Retweeted by Gory CoryAPPARENTLY REWATCHING MOVIES TV SHOWS OVER AND OVER AGAIN IS A SIGN OF ANXIETY??? IVE LITERALLY WATCHED PARKS AND R… @ImaginariumCS OMG YOU WORKED AT HOT TOPIC @danirat Cupid Shuffle and literally any Pitbull song @gb_writer ITS SO INSANE @camilojuris1127 ITS SO TRAUMATIZING @pierogiwitch @ryanlarson @JamieAWrites @SassySledgehmmr @NicholeInDC @tapewormg0d @HorrorGirlProbs
I just remembered this show called Happy Tree Friends that my friends and I used to watch in elementary school that… @juliacgriffin @KawikaWatts IM SORRY OKAY @juliacgriffin 🥺THANK YOU JULIA❤️ @juliacgriffin 😭Y’all I have not watched Cobra Kai @laurenjcoates I never watched it @FredTopel I HAVENT WATCHED IT @evangeline_the Of course I know that I’m not insane @NickMcAnulty I haven’t watched it so i never really thought about it 😂
@evangeline_the JUDGE MY PARENTS THEY DIDNT TELL ME @pierogiwitch I haven’t watched Cobra Kai yet 🤷‍♀️ @Foywonder No? I didn’t really think about it that much 😂 @cahaloue @Z0MBKLR HONESTLY @sarahmusnicky I had Blockbuster when I was really little but not for very long 😪 @BobbyTorrez I really just figured Jaden was that iconic I had no idea 🤭 @sarahmusnicky THANK YOU @idonteatworld I DONT KNOWHOW WAS SEVEN YEAR OLD ME SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT JADEN WASNT THE OG?? NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THAT @pierogiwitch NO ONE EVER TOLD ME I JUST ASSUMED JADEN WAS THE KARATE KID 🤭😭 @donguillory I DIDNT KNOW @PRMcDonough 🥺 OH MY GOSH THANK YOU PATRICK!I’ve just been informed that the Jaden Smith Karate Kid was in fact a remake and that I’ve never actually seen the… @Jfcdoomblade I love that for you @DerekSykes17 🙋‍♀️🥺 @cruzwriter ITS FUN OKAY @pierogiwitch ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ @Jfcdoomblade @ThatEricAlper Golf and cacti @heyitsrobbie I read it in 6th grade so not sure how well it holds up but it terrified me back then and I can’t get… @HomicidalKaci That’s so cool omg! @omaraubert Slytherin no surprise there @hello_jaime :) @HomicidalKaci Wait omg are you in Fresno?! I go there all the time!Anyways can we talk about Olivia Rodrigo breaking records at 17 years old? She’s SO POWERFUL @ZProductionz I KNOW 🤭 @ZProductionz Same I feel like there’s no way it’s a coincidenceDo y’all think they planned to release these at the same time orrrr @HmGabeRicard Will you wear hats like this because if so then yes @ShockaholicYT RIGHT @DaxEbaben @ReelJeffEwing That would be very popular rn Gen-Z LOVES mothman @ckvanderkaay @sliceofscifi 😗 honestly I might do that it would be so fun