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James Goss @gossjam London, Glasgow, Taunton, Cave

Hickson in the streets, Rutherford in the sheets. People are my least favourite cats. An ok boomer at best.

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Also, Superdrug now do an amazing own brand coconut toothpaste. So, life is goodFinished work for the day! Hooray! @AbnerBrowne How did he do this? @AndyJGallifrey @LeeBinding @bigfinish So does the world, the economy and my waistline @jennycolgan I. Know. @heyjacklynn Don't worry, I've done that twist before @TobiasOGForrest I'm amazed. He's taken a tiny moment from a story and rewired it. @TobiasOGForrest It's easy to say someone is a genius, but ohmygod"There's... something wrong with your skin". The diabolical cleverness of that reference has suddenly struck me…, Shine Theory is great, but nothing like the joy of sharing an email and discovering no one else can stand That… @LilyBryan18 Good @CallidusDominus @whovianer @bigfinish @Pancheers @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @RichardsonBF @BlairMowat @Pancheers @V_Arakawa @bigfinish @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @RichardsonBF @BlairMowat @verbatimfoley Ianto make… @MetalGearTrex I cannot remember if there's a Sex Gas joke in there. But the Tenth Doctor has OPINIONS about Torchwood @LeeBinding @bigfinish Let's all go out on a high.If there's a queer version of the Bechdel test, it's safe to say this would fail it. In so many ways. unexpected thing about #Bridgerton is greeting the Duke's arse like an old friend as it yomps hither and thither like a joyous greyhoundAnd our outsourcing is being run by men who appoint blokes they've met in the pub and other fellows' Clever Wives.… International trade is being decided by men who've never done A Big Shop. School reopening being decided by me… have nothing against straight white men but do they have to run the country? On the plus side, we have reached… @MatthewRimmer @unamccormack Oh my god! @Damian_Whittle "You've all won a lovely holiday to Kairos!" @unamccormack The English bits of my vegbox this week look SO EXCITING once I (as a PATRIOT) have thrown away all t…, here's Servalan doing a sponsored walk #Blakes7's Hour taking no prisoners this morning as it dismantled Boris AND Shia Le Boeuf @division6 Screwfix! (Prices include installation)
@jamiesont It's "When The Wind Blows" with bums. It's still prowling around my head. @jamiesont I just HAD to. I felt numb the next day. (Partly cos a friend assured me that Episode 4 was lighter af… @robdunlop1984 He's loving it.Spent an afternoon tidying and rearranging to the audiobook of Donald Cotton's phenomenal The Myth Makers, "I have… admitting to the FBI that they didn't vote in November while also admitting to attacking the Capitol to ove…
Retweeted by James Goss @utini42 Instead we get TWO FABULOUS TIME LADIESIt's snowing and Cerys is playing Delia Derbyshire!!!! @Simon_dttia This is what you've done people, are you happy?We are winning but some people are still committing a Straight Crime. Think of the killer bees! Think of Einstein… @Simon_dttia Pitch: Alexa but the Rani @charlieq_02 Vote with your conscience, but know that history (and the killer bees) will judge you. @charlieq_02 But. It's. The. Rani. Dressed. As. Bonnie. Langford.Gays, your queen demands tribute
@bbutton2010 @DrMarkAldridge If you want to learn the facts, the easiest way is to be wrong about them on twitter.… @bbutton2010 @DrMarkAldridge I baited my trap with sufficient cheese and lo, it is sprung. @LRoundels @DrMarkAldridge This rings a bell. @DrMarkAldridge You are THE expert!The only better answer from you would be "Actually, no, as I own them now". I fa… @DrMarkAldridge I KNEW YOU WOULD APPEAR TO CRUSH MY DREAMS. BUT GO ON @AnneliePowell I think the show gets to have its cake and eat it. If it's been off for a year, they'll have to reca…'ve just realised something amazing. In 1956 a producer bought the film rights to Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap… @DavidPuckridge @BarnabyEdwards I've spent the whole day feeling as though I'm carrying something heavy around @DrMatthewSweet @unamccormack It's where the murderer first met the victim. The murderer's girlfriend was a lecture… @unamccormack @DrMatthewSweet It's the English Miskatonic University @unamccormack @DrMatthewSweet Buckingham University has a magnificently tangential role in the bizarre murder of my… @jondrytay @brokenbottleboy A whole year of Old English. Before we got to that modern tearaway Chaucer.After last night's telly, cheering myself up with soup and finishing an old film on Amazon. Realised that's not h… @jondrytay @brokenbottleboy Whenever this comes up I remember with horror that the Oxford English syllabus in the 9… @rudemrlang In many ways it's a shame we never get to hear the views of these cancelled peopleStarted re-reading "Traitor's Purse" (aka one of the finest thrillers ever written) It opens with a man locked up… @simon_exton Yeahhhhhh, I'd pace It's A Sin then @simon_exton Yes, but also, you know, saving lives so @jonnymorris1973 @DrMatthewSweet @LondonConcrete I will be thinking of this more than I should @simon_exton I assumed so. You're a proper adult with a proper adult demanding job. @SoozUK Is he doing you doing Liza doing Trump? His delivery is remarkable. @LondonConcrete @DrMatthewSweet Torchwood has probably already done this @DrMatthewSweet @LondonConcrete "Forgive me, but there appears to be some confusion here between Deaths Accountable… @DrMatthewSweet Perfection. Now do "bemused radio presenter patiently explaining the Prime Minister during the Loch… @DrMatthewSweet Can she solve UNIT Dating next? @philnewmandsign I'm so glad it's not just me. I feel sat on, and not by a cat, but by some crushing camel of guiltVets pre-Brexit: "I've saved your hamster." Vets post-Brexit: "Your Red Leicester is good to go."The MADDEST thing in this article is that vets are now spending their time certifying cheese @martin_costello It's so good and I'm sort of wishing it was less perfectly watchable as my eyes are watching faster than my soul
@utini42 It's with my parentsWe're all going to bed at 2am broken-hearted aren't we? Just like a good old Friday night #ItsASin @markmdownie We used to have an office copy at the student newspaper. Just one. It lingered lustily.Every time I watch a nature documentary about big cats, my cats get really excited and legit stare at the TV and I…
Retweeted by James Goss @DrMarkAldridge Useful Tweet @DrMarkAldridge I wish the DVDs had English subtitles, or have I just been looking at the wrong DVDs? @kateweb One of our neighbors on the third floor put food for squirrels on her balcony. Soon we learned rats are good at stairs. @kateweb Didn't you say one of the flats has been leaving their rubbish out? @kateweb Shhhhhhiiiiiiit @AdamLanceGarcia "American Woman" plays on a thereminViola Davis aims gun. "They call me... Thunderchild."İt's 2024 and everyone's bingeing the Shondaland version of War Of The WorldsI was warned about Jerusalem Artichokes. But I did not listen's mood: "Although the Rebel Alliance are, of course, to be congratulated for destroying the Death Star..."
@MirandaWhiting I don't think she does peoplePriti Patel really enjoys bollocking the nation. It's a giddy taste of what it's like working for her. @rudemrlang My parents are desperate to get away once they've both been vaccinated. But then, Dad's 89 and only has… @Olly_vander @rudemrlang We filmed her in the Naughty Basement of a Soho Gay Bar and she mimed crossing the deck in Triangle for everyone. @rudemrlang @Olly_vander Did I tell you when we interviewed her she brought costume changes??? @claytonhickman @rudemrlang If they were straight when they went in, they weren't when they left... @rudemrlang @claytonhickman Please tell me there was one straight man scowling in the corner and muttering "I don't get it"... @rudemrlang It will be a sing-a-long performance. With live killer bees @rudemrlang The cinema at the Brunswick does private hire, so consider it done. It'll be something to look forward to. @rudemrlang Can we hire a cinema for this? When there are cinemas again? @BaxVelocity Didn't you give him a kidney? And he gives you.... This?
Mum tells me that whenever I call home, my cat comes to the phone, sniffs it, listens intently, then wanders angril… @TheDaiLlew @feelinglistless Me: The Chase! Mechanoids! Public lice in secret tunnels! Hahaha!!! Also me: while so… @TheDaiLlew @feelinglistless I think we're reaching a composition consensus. This is accidentally the most highbrow… @LeeBinding @kateweb Can also be played at 33 & 1/3rd and 78 @TheDaiLlew @feelinglistless This is a delightful thread. Please may it continue! @PrivateIdahoUK Wowowowowow