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James Goss @gossjam London, Glasgow, the seaside

Hickson in the streets, Rutherford in the sheets. People are my least favourite cats. An ok boomer at best.

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@DesMacLeod And that's the double crime. @lisacartman Crikey. @rudemrlang It was to hand in Lidl. * (*Also my dating motivation) @K80bex @JedAndWhite That makes it A DOUBLE ATROCITYTonight I may commit a Scottish hate crime: to see Parasite on a whim. Fully deserved the pitying look I got from the box office. @Daniel__Bach It's amazing how honesty keeps everyone on your side isn't it? @firefawkes in your honour I'm eating in tinderbox @JaseLacey Bet you that's what they usedHeads up - the German Blu-ray of the Brett Holmes is currently on offer on
Retweeted by James Goss @archivetvmus71 "* not in colour" wow. @jonnymorris1973 But what really is the point of Bishop's Lydeard apart from to slow down buses?Winning is when you know you've had about £30 of free crisps and coffee and so justified weekend first.Train Manager saying "My apologies" like you've skipped anniversary dinner to go out drinking with friends from work. @BadWilf Considering Storm Dennis, I'm going to get to Glasgow about half an hour late. That's not bad.Train Manager: "So the reason for our delay is... (long, laughing sigh) the driver of theTrans-Penine train ahead o…"My apologies for any convenience caused" The train manager has clearly had A MORNİNG. @katiehind @katiehind @chrisphnx Let's see if they arm wrestle. @JonBradfield YOU DOLoving the coach of the rugby team. He got breakfasts for three people getting on at Milton Keynes. Then ate them all.Gay Twitter would be delighted with the rugby team on this train. They're helping tourists find their seats and put…
@tintinologist @bigfinish @RufusHound awwww!We have some material in the @NHM_Library collections related to pets. This one from 1903 made me chuckle!…
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@EmmaSTennant My comic geek skills are tiny. But wow.
@Finn_Mackay Perfect @Finn_Mackay Some days granola reveals itself to be an empty sham and you need something fried between white breadIn a cafe having second breakfast. Table next to me, a guy pronounces: "DC or Marvel? Got to be DC. They've got the… @Passiko @bigfinish He sort of is. Or, at least, an alien entity is playing him.Sometimes I regret my decision to actively avoid reading reporting on Trump cause of gems like these:
Retweeted by James Goss @scott_handcock @ClassicDWFan That is some emoji game, Scott.There are so many awful things about the internet, but the thing I most dislike are artificial handclapping backing tracks to ads. @ClassicDWFan @scott_handcock You are wrong.
I’ve written an audio drama for a Monty Python. I put words on a page and Michael Palin said them out loud. I know…
Retweeted by James Goss @rose962_matt @bigfinish I'd love an Ace series. But I'd love it to be written by women... @sophilestweets @bigfinish May: Dame Judi Dench Meets The Krotons @Drwho_fruk @bigfinish EVERY TIME I SEE ROB I BEG.February: Martha returns March: River Song meets Jack April: Sir Michael Palin The @bigfinish #Torchwood team: @scott_handcock Without you we are nothing.NEW TRAILER! 🔊 Listen to the warm, expensive tones of Sir Michael Palin as he takes you through a new #Torchwood ad…
Retweeted by James GossFor fans of Tom Baker - #DoctorWho Scratchman is 99p on Kindle, and the top seller in "Horror Comedy" (this is a le… ON! 🌊🌴👂 Please enjoy these soothing waves to - ahem! - tide you over until 4pm (UK time).
Retweeted by James GossMe: I love getting to share the bed with you every night. Cat: You have been sleeping on a hairball for a couple of hours. Purr. @verbatimfoley @scott_handcock @bigfinish Wow.
@GirlFromBlupo @unamccormack @aptshadow @jonnymorris1973 Me going cheap is so on brandHeads-up that there's stuff from @unamccormack, @aptshadow, @gossjam and @jonnymorris1973 in the Audible £3 sale today.
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The white man logged onto the Bong’s Internet this morning and thought “What’s the dumbest thing I can say?”
Retweeted by James GossCat made me take her for a walk at 5.30 this morning then complained because it was cold.
@edwardrussell @josh_snares It was very sweet of you to step in, as I couldn't be bothered referring this to any of my 17 actual managers. @edwardrussell @josh_snares Remember when a self-appointed Wikipedia moderator wrote to me demanding we supply them…
@MasumaRahim That is.... Love? @kateweb *panicked breathing* @kateweb Gah
Cat just caught me Febreezing the litter tray and gave me quite a look. @heyjacklynn WowWhole chunks of the last act don't mention LGBTQ things at all but still read like they've been pasted from some ra… @alisapower oooh, there's now a lovely scene in which a character identifies as "Queer" and suddenly the language i… @alisapower They have two bisexuals characters who could say "look, it's okay to say this" instead, it's as stilted… @Sev___ OR SAVING MONEY @UlyssesArtist Yes! These are 3D-enough characters to relax and debate their difficulties using the full phrase eve…, hearing the phrase "LGBTQ" several times per scene in a drama series should be uplifting but instead it clunk… may think some fandoms are entitled, but they've got nothing on a cat when you open a tin of tuna.Hit an episode of #madamsecretary where everyone is suddenly v. concerned with "LGBTQ Issues" and boyyyy is it a we…
@alisapower @LouMorgan BrilliantThree hours wrapped in bed with laptop and the cat, blissfully out of WiFi range. I actually got stuff done. If yo… @LouMorgan My favourite uni lecture ever was where a hand shot up to ask "Professor, but what about Derrida?" And t… was hoping today would be quite jolly and GCSE, but instead it's turned into one of those university lectures whe… @HelloAlexbam @CamdenCouncil A *magnificent* woman on reception put me in touch with a splendid estate manager who… @BootstrapCook I never understood Tofu until your book told me how to shallow fry it to delicious crispness rather… The daffodils and shrubs we planted on the estate look nice. @CamdenCouncil: "We're sending some contractors o…
@EmmaSTennant Always Jackie. @PaddyFreeland I honestly adore you. @James_Hawkins1 Thanks. Appreciated. There are enough things to be genuinely angry about... @brittanyplus @UlyssesArtist @James_Hawkins1 @bigfinish @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @verbatimfoley @James_Hawkins1 Thanks. @brittanyplus @UlyssesArtist @James_Hawkins1 @bigfinish @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @verbatimfoley @James_Hawkins1 @brittanyplus @bigfinish @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @verbatimfoley @GuyAdamsAuthor Incorrect. T… @brittanyplus @bigfinish @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @verbatimfoley @GuyAdamsAuthor Incorrect. This is ABSOLUTEL… @scott_handcock Annoyingly just realised it as I was tweeting it. İs it too late to change the title? @davinasgirlfrnd @bigfinish @JohnBarrowman @scott_handcock @verbatimfoley @GuyAdamsAuthor Not unless there's a future vinyl release.Direct link to the trailer: @LeeBinding İt's a riot.Song, Marry, Kill
I'm working with a very clever chap at the moment on a video project using AI networks to upscale 16mm film prints,…
Retweeted by James Goss @nicolacoughlan I had a good friend who's sadly now very transphobic. She ADORES Derry Girls, and every time you po… @chrisphnx I'd like to get back to that twitter. @CasterlyDuff Yeah maybe. @jonnymorris1973 İt must be EXHAUSTİNGMe: *unmutes political twitter* Political twitter: ELITIST FRANKIE BOYLE RIGGED THE ELECTION Me: *mutes political… @whovianer @verbatimfoley @bigfinish And there's even more which hasn't been announced. Big Finish are brilliant. @whovianer @verbatimfoley You'll have to ask @bigfinish, I'm afraid. @jah_teh This is amazing and perfect
Uber app says car has arrived I can’t hear it. Me: hi I’m blind can you pull up next to me so I can find you? Them…
Retweeted by James GossGet a FREE extract of #Torchwood: Dissected starring @freemaofficial and @teamevemyles in February's Big Finish new…
Retweeted by James Goss @josh_snares I'll put my researcher Rachel onto this. @josh_snares When I did the website during The Wilderness Years™️, I petitioned to be allowed to murder one fan a y… @who_fx @D_Hollingsworth I wouldn't know. @who_fx @D_Hollingsworth "yeah, my husband is an astronaut, but he smells like a student house bathroom"