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So @GFuelEnergy, let's talk. I know you're aware of the events that occurred this week. I'm also aware that as a co…
Retweeted by Gothalion @shaank0 Ok so no. There’s a PC in the arcade machine that gets its output split. It also is Bluetooth compatible
@MorninAfterKill @Sentient_Pickle @EdEMonster @GunfireReborn Oh man I disagree. It’s probably one of the best rogue likes out there @Sentient_Pickle @GenoCast @EdEMonster @GunfireReborn It’s 12 bucks and worth so much more. I can’t sing the praise… @TripleStrucK @EdEMonster @GunfireReborn I dunno. I bet a publisher could help make that happen @GearboxOfficial @EdEMonster @GunfireReborn I am Mogging @Sentient_Pickle @EdEMonster @GunfireReborn It’s like if Borderlands and Risk of Rain made a babyThinkin bout uploading a pretty stellar elite run that @EdEMonster and I had in @GunfireReborn. Probably have it up… @LegitxEuphoria WhatNo Friday Night Arcade stream this evening. See y’all later in the morning tomorrow as we get some dope seats to wa… it down. It was all for nothing get front row seats No Mans Sky players with the experimental patch can absolutely add Xbox Players on the beta branch to their No M… @TheLZtweets @SouthernCard I mean. It goes with the game lore so they can do it whenever they want reallyLIVE NOW @DropTopGPU 2021. Not even on my radar yet @yamathellama13 What else was in it @SethTheBoy I feelThere’s a lot of stuff pointing at cross play coming to No Mans Sky. That would require universe reset/wipe if I’m… @SouthernCard WhatSlow start this morning. See y’all in a bit.Today is the day! Join your favorite Facebook Gaming Creators for the GCX '20 Charity Marathon Kick-Off event as th…
Retweeted by GothalionWe've resolved the issue that caused Elixr to not appear on the Chrome extension store. Additionally, we have relea…
Retweeted by Gothalion @PaulTassi Only ear muffs.
@kingkeoua This is a good response @kingkeoua So Anarchy is in my vault now?Thoughtful re-scripting.
Retweeted by GothalionReady. So impressive. @PopeBear @Gladd @A_dmg04 Medium Rare.Hope the graphics got a major facelift. The game doesn’t age well, graphically. Was so good at it’s time tho. @GunfireReborn Well deserved @AoEX1002 @HuoIihan Yeah I didnt ban him. Mods would know who banned him and why, and I was in the middle of a broa…
LIVE NOW The Jam Gang Plays Raft. @FurtherThanDan @Bmoretimore12 🤣🤣 @FurtherThanDan @Bmoretimore12 Bro you main SoT.I had forgotten completely to share a bit of the work I did for @RareDropCo and @DrLupo last year for the Rare Drop…
Retweeted by Gothalion @7MV7 @mcc_nfreak Stricter regulation on who is a police officer. Major restructuring of our correctional systems i… unsafe to light a fire in that space craft @Professorbroman I think this is for the fall BenAn Important Announcement from @DrLupo regarding @GCXEvent
Retweeted by Gothalion @HuoIihan I didn’t ban you. Talk to my modsLIVE NOW @SolDeity Yuuuuup
I wonder if the world of @Twitch knows that there is a "Bible Thump" Song. If not, let's hit them that! Follow on…
Retweeted by GothalionLIVE NOW Double xp on PSO2 today @Unknown04602094 Don’t think so @SilentSno Nvidia. But because windows store it was tough to get it to play niceThis was a nightmare to get to work. @ryanxreid @BawseNick @ModdedGun @Cowelly_91 It’s ok for us to disagree. I feel like that’s been lost in our countr… @ryanxreid @BawseNick @ModdedGun @Cowelly_91 Bro. No matter where your political ties are, you’re both better than this. PleaseJust got a delivery of this coffee from @kingscoast. I can’t wait to try it @CohhCarnage. Might have to make a cup…
Retweeted by Gothalion
This is terrifying. @Mrluga They create features that 98% of their base will never use and still shaft devs. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I got no love for valve @Mrluga Lol. My man they’re still shitting on dev costs. Btw 100% of my epic code proceeds go to st Jude. Making a… @Mrluga What things lol @max100001 No.Steam never will because they don’t give a fuck and know they don’t need to give a fuck. believe what we’re getting this fall with Destiny is going to be content that was originally made for D3 but rero… @HOHOfficiaI I’m with you @SwagnumTV Come on man. This is the fall expansion. 2 weeks @MyNameIsNurf Fall @Sean_Ryan139 Oh yeaReady for that new pve destiny content feeling. It’s coming.We stand against racism. We stand for unity. We stand and support the Black community. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by GothalionOh no. Twitter is forcing the new desktop look and saying my better twitter extension isnt compatible. Sad about it. @OnlineSamAdams Yup @ABoyToRemember I did 4 player coop all day with zero issues @onealja @EpicDan22 Dude what are YOU talking aboutGunfire Reborn is actually incredible. Its Risk of Rain 2 + Borderlands. 12 bucks on steam. Unsure if these guys h… NOW Gunfire Reborn with Buds Scrap Mechanic PSO 2 @Sentient_Pickle Wow wtf @EpicDan22 It’s unfortunate. This is a time for white creators to educate their audience and peers. And to listen t… @BrendsonVII You’re gonna see everythingSoon the Riots and Demonstrations will stop……. Then what America??
Retweeted by GothalionIf anyone solves this one for me, I'll be ya best fucking friend
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Fuck racism, and fuck racists. We gotta stop fighting each other over how we individually support this cause. It fe…
Retweeted by GothalionDon’t let these looters distract you from the message and the real reason all of this shit is going on. Police brut…
Retweeted by Gothalion @Mike76816769 Ye. In the afternoon @DKDiamantes I call them Monotap Dimataps and Trimataps. Cuz I love DimetapCan we get a Where’s Waldo expansion to the Hitman series? I got a thing or two to teach that MFer. @cryo_ape @VercinaHeart Judging by your timeline, you’re a piece of shit @cryo_ape @VercinaHeart Didn’t see it. A block isn’t a W. It just means you’re irrelevant and have nothing of subst… @bobbystevens07 @BJagile False. There’s a fix.Gunfire Reborn is like Borderlands + Roguelike. VERY cool. Seems to have a great deal of depth too/ This game is good. 2 is really funLIVE NOW @DawktaJawlz @CharOnTwitch He was trained in a crucible of spite @saundersmack The remaster? Nah. Great game tho @BrianMGorski @champs_two @ImSarahDaniels A lot of people are bad with words but strong with spirit. Retweet the ri… @champs_two @ImSarahDaniels I’m happy :) @JkendndjTaco @ImSarahDaniels I don’t think this is what she’s saying. I assume she means that remaining silent is… @champs_two @ImSarahDaniels Nah. She’s stating that not saying anything is as bad as supporting then oppressorsSilence is a statement
Retweeted by Gothalion @Michaelbrowley Oh wellThe only lane I’m interested in staying in is the human one.Stream returns in the AM. See y’all then.