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19 / "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" - Vince Lombardi

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Drew Brees is a regular season QBneed 1 to play 3 morons in CW
@stevieragan You think Brady is retiring if he loses this?what's crazy about the pandemic is the same people spreading the virus because they refuse to wear masks and social… @RubenChoppa @RecordsCOD @Methodz I mean if so that’s dope, I think the show is pretty interesting to. I just think… @RubenChoppa @Methodz Also you think this will lead into Doctor Strange 2? That doesn't come out until March 2022 i… @RubenChoppa @Methodz leak said there was 6 sitcom episodes and 3 MCU style episodes. So for the next 4 weeks its j… @Methodz Wandavision is a show that would benefit a ton from releasing all the episodes at once...because right now… that Derp1n guy playing in this 2K?
@Neslo @JGODYT my favorite is +- recoil lmfao. Like what on earth does that mean? if i shoot 10 bullets does +5% ve… @INTELCallofDuty I think we'll see him on Seattle when inevitably heads collide and somebody either gets dropped or benched. @SimpXO 2v2s are just smoke speedgrip and 3v3s/4v4s are just abusing double sad
@Neslo I've been saying this. Arsenal, Frequency, and Hacienda would be incredible in this game.
@UnderhillElliot @kulkasberlari @billsdubious @biboofficial These are the same boomers that scream at restaurant st… @JeremyStuD @KilladeIphia I will forever and always think that anybody who says this is 100% capping lmfaoolate night wagers @CCRONEE lmfao what a moron @CCRONEE I mean somebody could've easily made an account with his email, then tried to make another one and screens…
Can we talk about how some vans/cars blow up in this game and others don't? @INTELCallofDuty the game with a 1 year life cycle has already been out for almost 3 months. how do they not have a time table?Xposed just won $150k... @NAMELESS If Liam Neeson killed John Wick’s dog it’s impossible to tell. It’s literally like an unstoppable force m…
@jasonspessard @oJanke_ @Mxrco519 @J_Nodxn @ramboray bro everything about that event and last year legit throws all… thinking Dallas becoming gods last year had nothing to do with the league going online. They were all 5 Tex… @oJanke_ @Mxrco519 @J_Nodxn @ramboray Exactly...all 5 of them were in Dallas, almost every pro moved to Dallas for… @Mxrco519 @oJanke_ @J_Nodxn @ramboray point is on LAN they were 3-0 and when it went to online Dallas became gods...pretty simple tbh @ramboray I think half of them were confused if they were ranking based on when they competed or if they were to co…
worst 11-0 team in the history of the NFL by far lmfao #SteelersThe final season of Attack on Titan is everything fans wanted the final season of Game of Thrones to be
@SheLovesMaki When he looks left through the wall at 40 seconds it 100% confirms it lmfao. Nobody is doing that unless they got walls. @DJDaB3st @ACHES not really besides a few tournaments here and there. they definitely don't scrim it. @ACHES hilarious how the pros will GA gung ho but won't touch smokes because they don't play SND. I can't wait unti… know for a fact everyone else on the OTV server is mad XQC is doubling their viewership by just being the bad guy lmfao
@INTELCallofDuty lmfaoo we gonna be watching 4v4 fist fights on stage by the time the league starts @TristanGHill This guy really isn’t gonna go away unless they put his ass in an orange jumpsuit lmfaoo
@NAMELESS @JGODYT nah new fireteam map pretty sure @kittynouveau Also that shit was like 80 years ago lmfao. The incompetence of people always amazes me.3v3 GB Tourney Treyarch just done doing reactive camos?
@Censor *as I sit in my house that was paid for by social media, tweeting to my fans who follow me on social media.… in Cold War is the biggest advantage of any COD in history...especially because when console players host vs P…
@YenSauce that's what happens when the police are taking selfies with the white supremacists instead of ya know, policing them. @jeriiiiika thank god the house is drawing up articles of impeachment to get him out of office now. he's on a war p… @MrCtcher @jtruong082 @AutumnRhodess this has gotta be one of the dumbest fucking statements I've ever seen from a… @JoeBiden No, it isn't...and that's the problem.
@zoeheiler Is it not direct deposit? @JoshuaJ88535496 @jansverypretty @miniborb Yeah because she’s talking to a famous creator that she obviously looked… @jansverypretty @miniborb Exactly, if he just became friends with her and then eventually developed feelings it'd b… feel like 65% of all Minecraft YouTubers of the last decade just ended up being pedophiles @sairaspooks pretty sure he's the dude who's e-girl girlfriend was fucking like 10 other dudes at the same timeGb proof
Cyberpunk is one of the worst, most unfinished, bland games ever released. It's actually sad because the potential was definitely there.
@_Nintenyo Try resetting app then ig @_Nintenyo If you have their account added on PS4 and Activision they appear offline for some reason
The Gentlemen was by far the best movie to come out of 2020. @Mxriarose was going to the ATM and saw a drunk guy that slammed into a car with a family in it, (luckily nobody wa…
@LegitM88 @ACHES it's explained in greater detail in this video. Also, he goes on about how… @LegitM88 @ACHES 10% of your wages for 10 years for individuals who went to college. I don't think he mentioned any… @LegitM88 @ACHES Well, I think everyone should have to pay a percentage of their wages to a collective post seconda… @LegitM88 @ACHES I personally don't agree with totally free college. I'm more for Andrew Yang's 10 for 10 plan whic… @ACHES Also, the USD and the US is so crucial to world economy so adding more money into rotation will also not have any negative affects. @ACHES Modern economic theorists have stated that making healthcare and college free and available to all will have…
@KilladeIphia You don't understand, if BO2 came out today and was the exact same game the M8 is 100% getting GAd.
@ChanceCasts @Tony_Flame Also the only thing I can think of even close to this situation is that control game in BO… @ChanceCasts @Tony_Flame We actually just tested this scenario in custom games and 50% of the time it would give me… @ChanceCasts @Tony_Flame I worded this poorly but before the round it was 2-3 them. After the round it was 2-4 them… @ChanceCasts @Tony_Flame No, the scorebored said that we each got a round for that but based on the game and the sc… current meta of SND is a joke because it's literally who can abuse OP snipers and smoke glitch more. Nothing about that is competitive.Until smokes are fixed, IF they're fixed, they need to be banned. That means that snipers also need to be banned un… please, I'm begging. Just a crumb of explanation. @MaTtKs anything? @MrAdamAp @mspears96 I agree, Cam doesn't get nearly enough hate. @Tony_Flame care to explain how we lost the round here?
“I don’t support $2k survival checks because it might help people get out of debt that our gov’t inaction helped pu…
Retweeted by Gother @lena_rose15 @TheEpicDept @hotcereal_10 PLEASE TELL ME EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD IS BEING SARCASTICthere is no world where snipers should be allowed in competitive codpretty sure this kid is aimbotting, go to check theater to watch his POV and it just doesn't work...this game fucking sucks
the amount of hackers on GB and CMG is sad @WTP_BDiehards With how bad the 49ers were this season I was hoping we could maybe work something out for Garoppolo…
@TmarTn This is what I love to see Trevor 🙌🏻🎄🎁 GIVEAWAY 25 of 25 🎁🎄 PlayStation 5 Disc Edition Winner picked in 12 hours! To enter: - Retweet ♻️ - Follow ✅…
Retweeted by Gother @DexertoIntel Nah, this might be the only legit tweet.Playboi Carti sounds like when boomers try and make fun of mumble rap so they just start making a bunch of random s…
@Testudol @LonelyGoomba @rainyday_vg @ocremix You're right, Poland is just slowly becoming a facist state that the… on Titan Season 4 is crazy @Jotapeee1048 @kai_saddi1882 @ShowboyKun @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty Yes, but in the WW2 system you do know your MMR… @kai_saddi1882 @ShowboyKun @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty Why though? I see no benefit of merging the BO4 and WW2 syste… @ShowboyKun @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty But if your MMR isn't high enough to be in masters you should… @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty but the MMR being public already does this. If I'm a Diamond 2700 and you… @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty how can there be a plat in masters? Are you saying the masters, novice st… @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty But what is the point of this if your MMR is known and on a leaderboard?… @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty Also what you're saying doesn't make much sense. Because how can you be a… @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty I just think if the matchmaking margins are too large you'll have too man… @kai_saddi1882 @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty Oh, I agree that master should be top 1% or something like that. I though… @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty I'm confused what you mean by skill group? You mean the Elite, Master, Novice stuff in BO4? @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty Im confused what you mean? How can you have WW2s known MMR system with BO4s skill group system? @silly702 C, anything else is wrong @HollowPoiint When I OC mine too much it gives me scan and repair every like 5 minutes. But I don’t think it can actually hurt anything.the COD comp reddit is such a weird place why is this getting downvoted? just randomly decided to get rid of premium? WTF lmfao???
@GoldenboyFTW Similar to Hitler winning POTY because he was no notable, not because he was such a good person. Stil…