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🔞18+ONLY!!🔞 no age=blocked! Hey I’m Batty/Jake! 20’s She/her pronouns. Owner/operator of BrattyBatty’s! This is my personal page! Self proclaimed Pumpkin Queen

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@HewwoDongles I couldn’t help myself any longer! She needed me! Plus I’ve loved her sense I spied her in the teaser! @sugaranddongs Thank you!!! @KittyLordSavior Thank you!! I didn’t think I was ganna get her. Honestly I’ve loved her sense the teaser photos tho!! @SolaelNSFW Yes I did! The sale was too good to pass on! Now I only need a small and my Tenta Twirl collection is c…
Anyone else get a toy in these gorgeous colors? I want to see if I have any mutual pour siblings!! 💕 it reminds me… @KittyLordSavior @Dong_Somm Oooh how cute!! @ShopDad2 This kills me! I love it!Same energy as the mass production companies watching 200+ indie companies blasting onto the scene. Everyone's maki…
Retweeted by Batty @RBrilliant6411 Lol plastic trash bin. I may be a little fucked but that depends on how creative I can get!Lol thank you local corner store for clarifying! I’m not very I would have figured it out on my own! @bigguysubmarine Lol fate came in the form of one tipsy teal otter @TipsyTealOtter @KittyLordSavior Aww friend!!! That’s so kind of you!! I got her though 💕💕 she will be well loved!!!Update….I was bad…I bought the lovely 💕🤷🏻‍♀️ @KittyLordSavior @TipsyTealOtter ……I was a bad girl….but it was suuuuuuuuuch a good deal!! And she’s sooooooooo pretty!!! @TipsyTealOtter Is there a coupon? It’s showing at $100 for me
I don’t know who needs to see it but
Retweeted by Batty @AlphapupCade HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!!🫂🎉💕✨ @XylanaMars @MnstrBox Aww friend!! Thank you so much 💕💕33 blind bag squishy packs in stock y’all!! Some really nice ones in there too! Even some done by Money and the Wol…
Retweeted by Batty @JarethStone Hahah 💕🫂✨ @ElysiumXxX Aww friend! You’re too kind and I’m happy I was able to contribute a little joy into your life! @greyce84 @satanur1 Lol you know what….can’t really argue this either! It’s fair! @greyce84 @satanur1 Lol you know what that fair too!! Hadn’t thought of it like that!!Anyone interested in these babies, I'm gonna be adding this to Reddit soon!!!
Retweeted by Batty @JarethStone Proof that pours can be sexy exist right here with this S(x)cylla! @BunniiSock @firegoddessk I’m literally in the same boat…. @slut4silicone @sugaranddongs It’s all good fam! You’re welcome to say or not say whatever makes you feel best! You… @ElysiumXxX @XylanaMars @MnstrBox Thank you!!🌻 happy ych! 🌻 $10 each! - - - 🌿 not first come first serve, sorry! 🌿 I can change/add: ears, tail, hair, simple ac…
Retweeted by Batty @gard3nb0y Any chance you’d be interested in a Bat gal? @pumpkinsaurxo Thank you!!! Yes I do ☺️I also just released a few other models so if you haven’t seen those yet I d… @andongies Thanks fam 💕✨ she’s too legit! I got so blessed the day I found her! @satanur1 Thank you so much!! The Birbs actually just got married on the 20th so they are still in cupcake faze lol… @pumpkinsaurxo Thank you! Those are my favorite glitters to work with! They look so good!! These are bunnies that w… @GladClam @XylanaMars @MnstrBox Thank you so much!! The artist did amazingly on it!! @ThiccThighChick @XylanaMars @MnstrBox It’s absolutely bright!! I love it!! I almost need sunglasses to look at it! Exactly what I wanted 💕And last but not least! more joined shelves! FG and a little BW mostly PF shelf! Photo bombed by skull lights! joined shelf next! Rubbies also generally lives on this shelf but it’s really dirty rn. It looks like it’s collected waaaay too much… two together need a step ladder for these I’m so short lol shelf! and you shall receive! I’m going to go section by section through my collection so you guys get a more in depth… @xenmrph Oh yeah! It’s time! And I’m going in depth too!Okay I need to squeal over this baby for a moment! I won @XylanaMars giveaway with @MnstrBox and this is the absolu…*looks at heavy dildo collection on plastic shelving* …..I just bought these and I need an upgrade….. @greyce84 @satanur1 Hahahaha I haven’t honestly done that much. I don’t want to end up with someone else’s dream babe so I can get extras… @satanur1 @greyce84 Hahhahahahaha see I tried that one too but mine got wise to the packages that where JUST teenie… there! I'm trying to get a feel for what he'd sell/trade for! Can you help me out with an estimate? - BD Nova -…
Retweeted by Batty @greyce84 @satanur1 That and squishies, same! @satanur1 Lol could be for sure!! Still though, and impressive collection is an impressive collection!Time for an updated collection? @xenmrph Yes my lovely lords? What can I do for you?
@satanur1 Woof okay I got a little way to go them! Although…..I haven’t done an updated collection pic for over a dozen dildos….heh 😅 @monster_fergus Aww how cute!For this week only crackers is $45 shipped if bought before Friday 7/30/21! I'll be out on vacay all next week hear…
Retweeted by Batty @monster_fergus Ooh! Fun! #17! @KittyLordSavior @strangebedfella I must also know…. @KittyLordSavior @Built_Up_Beasts Wow what an amazing milestone!! Congratulations!!Time for my 3.8K twitter follower giveaway. The winner will receive the medium, 00-50 firmness, glow in the dark Xi…
Retweeted by Batty Anndddd we are officially OPEN! Come take a look at these discounted flop toys! 😃👀👀👀
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Help me pick the next costume bunny!!!
Retweeted by Batty @sammythefur Someday🥺 someday I’ll get my pretty pink raspberry baby! @sammythefur Ikr?! I wish I had snagged but alas, I hesitated 🥺😭 @PretzalQueen Lol I totally understand! I have a L/S and even she’s a little intimidated! She’s mostly a display gal for me! @BrattybattyS @dreamy_serpents …..although….. lol I definitely have a type for anime guys I guess haha! @PretzalQueen Aaaaayyyyyyy!!!! I’ve got this baby in my collection now 💕💕💕 @PretzalQueen Gosh it’s so pretty! I wish I had the money to give you for her!To whomever got this babe, if you ever have regrets, pleas lmk!!! He’s so gorgeous I regret not grabbing him…he’s t… @sirksee @FuckingLoveBees That is exactly what I meant. The one time I failed to proofread I did damage and I feel so awful for it!Y’all I want to make a correction to my earlier post! When I said the issues taking place where on Reddit, it was a… @OrdonBoy @FuckingLoveBees Yoooooo! Im so sorry!! I’ll go correct that I’m so so sorry!!
That I could trust! As a result I have huge trust issues to EVERYONE! I’m not afraid to rock the boat because THIS… anyone who comes agains their vile writings as a kink shamer! There is no self actualization or awareness seemi…!!! Ch*ld p*rn, r*pe The person who runs the bad dragon BST page writes “problematic fanfic” as they put it on th… @zuckiswatching @labs_toy Thank you so much friend!! 🫂💕 @RBrilliant6411 Thank you! When It comes down to it, my looks will likely change as I age but my skills with sculpt… @RBrilliant6411 Soooo pretty 💕💕 I think for me I also love my curly hair and green eyes! But honestly more than tha… @zuckiswatching @labs_toy Hey could I maybe get a DM too if you happen to have any facts? I know theres something h… @temptura @PleasureForge I believe that’s their official name but I could be wrong?But seriously, I’m absolutely over 18. Hell, I think my septum piercing turned 18 this year.
Retweeted by Batty @temptura @PleasureForge 👀👀👀 oooh!! Cute!! Thanks for sharing them! I’ve not seen a bond devil forbidden snack before! Cool!! @AshesSweet @BWsilicone What a sweet little baby!! I am so sorry you’re going through a stressful time and I hope i… @labs_toy @gooey_boop Theeeeere we go!! That’s a real winners response!! @gooey_boop @labs_toy Lol no it’s all good!! I was aiming to be humorous!! I’m glad I could get a chuckle! @gooey_boop @labs_toy I mean….mine aren’t that great. Unless consistently flushed with water they run at half capac… @gooey_boop @labs_toy Saaaaaaaame!! @xenmrph Holy carp!! Soooooo lovely!! Congratulations friend!!! Absolutely amazing!!just dont buy axolotls at all. They're a critically endangered species (nearly extinct) and are banned as pets in s…
Retweeted by Batty @MadeToWere Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity!! You’re so kind!🏝Summer Raffle!!☀️ 1 lucky winner will receive the Small/Med firm Nerites and all the other squishes/egg below! (S…
Retweeted by Batty @mrmisery69 Almost the same situation except I didn’t know until the next day… @sugaranddongs 🫂 I’m sorry friend @sugaranddongs Oh no friend! I’m so sorry! Just don’t forget how strong you are!!! I’m here if you need to talk! I… @FireCrotchToys Ooooooooh that’s gorgeous!!! A little intimidating but stunning!!