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deus ex machina @gothtarot Berlin, Germany

the spirit of a necromancer // astral junkie + gnostic demon

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dobri isak - tu u uglu’s digestive enzymesSoft Cell - Youth
i will be writing the magazine for the best rock n roll festival in europe this year 😍 the real goal isn't to write for a living, it's to write something with such a cult following that you dro…
Retweeted by deus ex machina🥵, sub-mosquito, sin-libido, fucked-up You're sick, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... Sick, sick, sick, sick… @succuvenus ❤️ @succuvenus ok so a lot of blocked energy, i think universe is putting up barriers to protect you, should be safe for now @succuvenus hmm what were the surrounding cards? can sometimes just be confirming “yes you are asking about pregnan… @succuvenus 6 cups also @succuvenus empress + page or queen of wands
Weekly Horoscopes for September 16, 2019: Saturn stationary Direct, Jupiter square Neptune
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If you deal with tar, expect your hands to get dirty. — Yiddish proverb
Retweeted by deus ex machinawoke up with a strong urge to perform witchcraft todayi hate this fucking website sometimes
Retweeted by deus ex machinaA lullaby for demons, sung by angels—virtue putting sin to sleep, so that in its dreams it can forget itself for a…
Retweeted by deus ex machinaangels dripping candlewax, hermetically sealing your womb
demon dogmouth is watering gnawing on god’s rind[good men are rare: just about as many as gates in the walls of thebes or mouths to the fertile nile]
Space Elephant, 1948 #wikiart #dali
Retweeted by deus ex machinaWe are now on Patreon! And to celebrate are providing an exclusive offer for our new subscribers with a free person…
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A common question I am asked: Why should we study astrology? What importance does it serve? View my new video here:…
Retweeted by deus ex machinaWeekly Horoscopes for September 9, 2019: Full Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Libra
Retweeted by deus ex machina @YiddishProverbs @antonnewcombeanyone wanna send me some #bitcoin #crypto
№ 5308 Judge MAMMUCES, DEMON of: ‣ astrological cockerels
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mastering creative vampirism in the arts is to drink soak drown in the Red Pond: the horrors of others' & self-live…
Retweeted by deus ex machina by suffering, strengthened by opposition, regenerate through self-sacrifice
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
A golden key will open every lock. — Yiddish proverb
Retweeted by deus ex machinais anyone here gifted with crypto and can maybe advise me on generating pgp keys?, mine came out.. sticky
Weekly Horoscopes for September 2, 2019: Sun square Jupiter, Venus trine Pluto
Retweeted by deus ex machina @NeoMisogynist the more i resist anxiety the worse it gets kind of like a finger trap. it h… anyone skilled with d*rkweb matters.. need help generating some keys..
i need to chill with these eastern european experimental eroticism films
conspirators of pleasure
the love language of sufferingblind the evil eye
The Opium-Smoker - The Equinox Vol. I No. II - Volume I - The Equinox - The Libri of Aleister Crowley - Hermetic Li…
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I hate being high...I crave stupid stuff....I want some communion crackers right
Retweeted by deus ex machinapalms open, upturnedi prayed to an angel to make me beautiful todayi am still confident of this: i will see the goodness of adonai in the land of the livinggoing 🔪👂🏼 boschketamine bibliomancy;is knowing we’ll never know how we’ll be received)the greatest giftwe speak in secrets @Elytron_Frass luciferian v. christtake a chanceconfused vision % superior science?down where the boys gowatching the blood flownever a dull moment in berlin
drinking holy water by the gallonHappy birthday Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born #onthisday in 1749. As well as penning novels, poetry, criticism, a…
Retweeted by deus ex machinaflowers in your kitchen, they weep for yousome velvet morning when i’m straightWeekly Horoscopes August 26, 2019: Mercury enters Virgo, Sun trine Uranus
Retweeted by deus ex machina“Get up. Drink the rest of your water. Put on your headphones and listen to upbeat music and get the fuck home.” #91901
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a new era of nymphomaniathe gift of hell
Retweeted by deus ex machinaspiritually i’m already a billionairejust enrolled myself in a ten week qabbalah course - the best thing ive ever done for myself!
2019 you kidnapped charabanci am lord of flies, bathed in blood and resinyou fit me like a shrunken glove
gna start selling dark web mystery boxes so i wont have to work a real joba pagan lovesongopportunistic want to worship themselves as gods, but they are not willing to do god’s work (magicians)
The Garden of Earthly Delights (detail), 1515 #hieronymusbosch #dutchart
Retweeted by deus ex machinaThe Flames, They Call, 1942 #surrealism #salvadordali
Retweeted by deus ex machinaIf you start thinking of death, you are no longer sure of life.— Yiddish proverb
Retweeted by deus ex machina @tydollatree me too. ive had to forcibly detox on it twice in the past month bc my packages keep running late :-(keep your dreams don’t sell your soulMost valuable information is widely accessible. Great books of centuries past are free online. Thinkers of today…
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writer friends, if you have any novels you want me to promote/purchase/endorse please respond with links below @unacabine just purchased thank youPeripatet video. My newest book. Nonfiction of sorts. Buy it here: #books #hell #lozenge
Retweeted by deus ex machinafull-time witchmaimed by the fires of immanence
Retweeted by deus ex machinathe devil’s greatest disguise is jesus christ himself @heimberg_a @occultfigurines i’m here for youme, presenting your pain to you as my shadow: i love and value youI'm listening to Blaine L. Reininger - Night Air (Zting '85) amazon is on fire. we are reaching record high temperatures globally. we’re all fucking angry but none of us will say why!there is no room for god in capitalism.people do not value intimate relationships anymore. we treat people as disposable and abandon them in their sufferi… is no sense of community anymore. everyones chronically anxious depressed, disconnected and isolated. emotion… further we stray from god the worse our planet becomesthe earth is being destroyed as a mirroring of our own internal turmoil and chaos. we are in the digital age of suffering.