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THIS MONDAY @POPCORNatHEAVEN Free VIP here: see u there 🖤🖤🖤
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THIS MONDAY @POPCORNatHEAVEN Free VIP here: see u there 🖤🖤🖤 will never get over the fact Nigella isn't pictured in any of the recipes on her website except for Slut's Spaghe…
Retweeted by GOTHY @cxllumshaw @smileyxvyrus oh my god.Scaredy using a photo of herself to cut her cheek contour in her cosmo queens tutorial, WHAT AN ICON
@dommytop goodbye.Smh not that impressive- this a regular thing @gothykendoll make his twinks do when he need an ego boost 😔😔
Retweeted by GOTHYParadise by Miss XCX is just so great. so so great. goodbye xEverybody say rawr ⛓ Don't miss your chance to hang with @gothykendoll and the rest of her @dragraceukbbc sisters t…
Retweeted by GOTHYMoschinos new collection, VERY ME I LUV
got this from @LushLtd today ... self love. @AlanGBello we’re you there? did you meet me? have you met me? no. so don’t tell me to be friendlier when you liter… how pissed off i am that my hair had flopped LOOOL @bvredom_ do it right now @rypleasee oh my god @kelsayhigton @dahliasmuse @loudspkr OH MY GOD
@domcspears this is her best track u cannot change my mind xTHIS MONDAY @POPCORNatHEAVEN ! Free entry 🖤 doppelgänger challenge: All my ex boyfriends LMAOOOOi just slept 14 hours.
@MissSaraAndrews @dxnielmooney @lizzo @imp_kid bloody hell stop trying to cause drama lmao @gothykendoll walked so, @lizzo could run
Retweeted by GOTHY @katya_zamo you should try this eye whilst you’re on tour ! very feminising x @rpdillons @starsmalIs OMGit’s every drag queens job to have them selves as their phone wallpapers6. Lady Gaga's promotional travel video for Singapore
Retweeted by GOTHY @LeeDawsonPT omgRUCAP: S11 Monster Ball (First 5 Minutes) Full RuCap out tomorrow 5PM ET
Retweeted by GOTHYStarting my set with Slayyyter last night was a power move. @ShadyLawrence omg @BluHydrangea_ shady cow.right Leeds is literally the best. always. i have the MOST fun here 🖤 THAMK YOU xxx
ghosts in my room when i start playing music that was out when they were alive
Retweeted by GOTHYSO EXCITED TO BE COMING TO DRAG CON LA WOO!!! Kendoll Aromatherapy Kits coming soon x TONIGHT ! excited to be back i always have the best time at Tunnel 🖤🖤🖤god me too and it sent me home. @LI4BILlTY honestly yes
24.2 at @POPCORNatHEAVEN Europe’s largest LGBTQ+ venue 🖤 tonight 🖤🖤
@spaceoddityboy makes no sense but nice xCancel love island cancel love island cancel love island cancel love island cancel love island cancel love island c…
Retweeted by GOTHY @homobsession 🖤🖤🖤 @THEVIVIENNEUK 🖤🖤🖤My Cosmo Queens UK tutorial 🖤🖤🖤 @__M__A__K__ LOOOOL
2020 @BluHydrangea_ @ChipShopBird bloody hell that was goodthat is literally me legging it down any runway LMAO valentine 🥰 love you baby x
@jansportnyc @CherylHoleQueen you can’t help being a queen with the same impeccable taste as us 😌🖤Yes, I was @gothykendoll , now I am @CherylHoleQueen ! Twitter, start your engines, and may the best comparison, WI…
Retweeted by GOTHY @c_a_i_nn 4/10AXM Glasgow tonight 🖤
@loudspkr hello ! piss off ! @aaronriver0 that’s not as bad as going to macdonald’s on a date
Alone in VIP I HAVE PADS ONguys i’m wearing a bra tonight for the first time @cuppa_T_anyone @crystalwillseeu poppers*they’re all bottoms ! my logo font is being used in primark AND top man i think it’s time to get a new logo 😌😌😌 @httpGhostly U BETTERNEWCASTLE ! @ChipShopBird and I are at Pink Room tonight for the Comedy Queens after party, come n have lots of tequila w me x@ me stop bidding on clocks on ebay when i’m drunk @dollastcre come.OH MY GOF IM SUCH A GOOD DJ
that’s me in Birmingham tonight!!!
11:30PM! You’re not gonna’ miss this are you?! 😍🎉 @klubkids_uk @gothykendoll @ChipShopBird @TheOnlyVinegar
Retweeted by GOTHYif you were to die tomorrow what would your last meal be? @ChipShopBird: ‘cock cum poo’TONIGHT @Cruz101Official 🖤🖤🖤 with babie @ChipShopBird
@dahliasmuse @loudspkr BABE it was £8 or £35 - i went for the £8i’m in an Uber pool and some girl is on the phone complaining about how uncomfortable she feels ... must be because i’m famous xme putting it into every set i do like:
Is it on tour?
Retweeted by GOTHYa man on the train called me an arsehole and my reply was you are what you eat 😌 @LNRailway absolutely appalling service today. Train cancelled as i was on it, waited half an hour for another trai… TONIGHT 🖤 chose books, i chose hook ups‘Disco outfit’ now available on eBay with all proceeds going to @Girlguiding
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@mschakraverty is that a code word for cummieslips 82%
Retweeted by GOTHY @TheKamHugh 🤢 don’t put me off @fatdragmeatball IM DJING THE AFTERPARTY U TROLL although my performance on the show was pretty hysterical 😌This is shocking and I know I should have done now. I should have taken the wristband off for the shoot, I’m sorry 😔 look i’m doing for the comedy queens tour is literally pale blush and ivory... not so Gothy any more 😔 @TrinityTheTuck i mean, i’ll make an exception JUST for you one day ... haha 🖤
is there anything hotter than a guy in a thong x no xCOMEDY QUEENS AFTER PARTY - @ChipShopBird - @TheOnlyVinegar - @gothykendoll Tickets from only £7 from…
Retweeted by GOTHY @NarcissaNights1 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤Fun fact: tucking isn't really a British thing at all. I don't tuck, none of my sisters tuck. In fact, drag satiris…
Retweeted by GOTHYhaus of kendoll a year ago 🥰 LMAO nothing has changed @Donnan_S OMGPeople coming for my tuck at the NTAs... I didn’t tuck and I never have. I’m not going to be uncomfortable all nigh…
@BluHydrangea_ no a bit of Dancing Diva Drink, we all know i need all the help i can get