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Florida to lift all COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants, bars Coast Blues via @YouTube —— Relaxing after a brutal 70 hour work week 😌
Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies —— “domestic terrorists”, not “activists”…
Elon Musk $13 Billion Richer In One Week As Tesla Stock Rises Ahead Of ‘Battery Day’
Warning signs flash for Lindsey Graham in South Carolina says Trump nominee to replace Ginsburg will get Senate vote
Trump administration announces $13 billion in aid to Puerto Rico Announces 'Patriotic Education' Commission, A Largely Political Move, WeChat to be banned Sunday from US app stores —— Fascism
Military Confirms It Looked for Availability of 'Heat Ray' System in D.C. to use against protesters Prosecutors Relied On Man Who Allegedly Killed Baby As Witness In Bungled Case
They’re trying to blame Bernie for @JoeBiden’s struggles with Latino voters when Biden’s campaign said a few months…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Voter shuts down Trump when he talks over her at town hall - Business Insider deports a key witness of allegations of sexual assault and harassment | The Texas Tribune“Experimental concentration camp”: Whistleblower alleges women face hysterectomies in ICE detention
An ICE Nurse Revealed That A Georgia Detention Center Is Performing Mass Hysterectomies
California governor signs bill giving prisoners battling wildfires a shot at becoming pro firefighters
Elon Musk Trades Insults With Robert Reich Over Tesla Pay Cuts —— Musk is a douchebag.
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally May Have Caused 250,000 Coronavirus Cases, Economists Say Cameron, 13-year-old autistic boy, shot by Salt Lake City police during mental crisis - 😔😔
Criminal Justice Reform Should Decriminalize Addiction, Advocates Say
Multiple boats sink in Texas lake at pro-Trump water parade | Austin
Bill That Would Limit Tear Gas, Rubber Bullet Use By Police Fails In Senate
Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’
Ship carrying 6,000 cattle, 43 crew capsized in storm off Japan man's city council argument to rename boneless chicken wings goes viral is time to levy a one-time pandemic wealth tax on billionaires' windfall gains opts out of WHO-linked global COVID-19 vaccine effort via @nbcnewsCOVID-19 death tied to Sturgis Rally reported in Minnesota As predicted. @TheJniac @commondreams If he doesn't know if it's illegal to vote twice, he shouldn't have this job!Do NOT underestimate the power that this pandemic allows for an insidious surveillance state & more corporate power…
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartyEconomic Insecurity Brought On By COVID-19 Threatens To Disenfranchise Millions Of Voters Repeatedly Claims He Doesn't Know Whether It's Illegal to Vote Twice Following Trump Comments -… scene in South Central Los Angeles, where a neighborhood man was killed by sheriff’s deputies. A crowd of more t…
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartyFacebook bans new political ads in week before election
Prosecutors Are Using Gang Laws To Criminalize Protest - The Appeal
Federal judge extends Georgia deadline for returning absentee ballots administration allows deferral of Social Security tax @ParasiteAHCF Having a serious illness in America is a DISASTER..... It's a threat to our well-being It threatens…
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Musk Wealth Tops $100 Billion as Bezos Worth Twice as Much Carlson defends actions of teen charged in killings of Kenosha protesters —— scum defending scum @GottaBernNow Doesn’t it make you mad that they use the word worth to describe someone’s net wealth? Why do we allo…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @ed_averill Me tooAnand Giridharadas | It Is Immoral To Be A Billionaire (5/8) | Oxford Union via @YouTubeShould We Abolish Billionaires? | Robert Reich via @YouTubeJeff Bezos Becomes The First Person Ever Worth $200 Billion A million times yes! To this, I'd add: Stop promoting sexual predators because you think they are your best ch…
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartyVentura, Turner, West, Williamson, Gravel, Glover, Dore, Knight to Speak at People's Party Convention @GovJVentura and @ChaseIronEyes will speak at The People's Convention this Sunday. Renowned comedians an…
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartyAfter news of Chadwick Boseman’s death from colon cancer, Halle Berry writes of compassion: "You never truly know w…
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Kenosha Shootings: Two Killed and One Injured in Chaotic Night
@da5650 @DNC hahahahaha!DNC after party
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartySocial Security could be depleted by 2023 if Trump eliminates payroll tax, chief actuary says shit...
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Video shows police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting Black man in back removes measure calling for end of fossil fuel subsidies from platform ——- despicable.
@jerryspiegler @ZombiLiving They were relieved cause it was a miserable marriage. They now get along much better after the divorce. @jerryspiegler @ZombiLiving The kids didn’t find out until 10 years later when mom finally got the courage to get t… @imwoman11 @GottaBernNow They kill & blackmail others 2 keep power, we know this.
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @crispypupusa Sure @montecoman Some yes @GottaBernNow This is the kind of stuff we can't forget, no matter how easy it may be, given the escalation of even…
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👇🏼This @jerryspiegler I totally get what you’re saying & I agree. Trump is bad- even more so for the planet. But again, we… @AmusoJay I think you’re right @NimeshPatel101 @GottaBernNow @JorgEriks And that is the truth! Its all a big club and they believe theyre clever…
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartyDems won’t acknowledge election fraud in the primaries but keep shifting focus to “bad Trump”. Trump is bad & threa… keep not wanting to talk about election fraud because... Trump. It’s not OK. Trump is bad & threatens our democr… @carollemieux Yep @DrJonathanMiles Faulty reasoning @SomeRandomGuy5 Wake up. @Don_C_Thats_Me This is not about Donald Trump. @ESP_Paranormal @Schnubberschnup @TomBales1 Wow! @ZombiLiving My cousin did the practical thing & stayed in a marriage 8 more years cause the finances... she couldn… @GottaBernNow The primary was rigged, Biden has zero broad popularity and very little depth of popularity regionall…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @davidbernat @kjsturr Yep @GottaBernNow @kjsturr I still haven’t gotten past the 2016 debacle where the AP and Democratic Party conspired to…
Retweeted by #ProgressivePartyInitial jobless claims rise above 1 million again, after two weeks of declines Bannon, three others charged with fraud in border wall fundraising campaign burns Big Basin State Park's historic buildings - SFGate Bannon indicted in scheme to defraud donors to campaign pledging to build a wall Bannon arrested and charged with fraud @GottaBernNow I'll be 'snubbing' Biden on my ballot. Maybe I'll write-in AOC, just for fun.
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Main stream media hates progressives more than conservatives. This is just another example.
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Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Yup. Whenever I have the slightest doubt about voting Green, I think about Obama's coup to install B…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @JorgEriks @GottaBernNow The two party system is runned by one party- the billionaire oligarchs.
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow The whole system is rigged. George W Bush cheated Gore from his victory. Bernie have been robbed two…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Without fair primaries, the two-party system lacks the most basic level of legitimacy. The system loc…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Far too many have moved past it, that's a big problem. Granted, there have been some first rate distr…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Now it's a race to the bottom with 2 crap candidates doing their best to lose. I agree with poster wh…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Many of us worked hard to get Bernie elected. We donated, canvassed & phone banked. We crushed it in…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow @dgjewel If voting worked, they wouldn't let us do it. IDK who said this first, but the #DNCheats pro…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow The clear cheating must be acknowledged and cured. Universal hand marked ballots. Universal scanned i…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow I guess Bernie decided it’s more important that Americans believe we have a democratic process than g…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow Bernie needed to throw a million dollars at lawyers after Iowa and get them to declare the caucus ill…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow The DNC rigged the primaries (‘16 and now ‘20) and Trump is now following precedence. That’s how thin…
Retweeted by #ProgressiveParty @GottaBernNow I can't get past any one of several problems with Biden. Could we have a fair primary? No? Damn Could…
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