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NEW VIDEO So I got matched up against TenZ... *TWICE* @rxedyn @KOLER1337 Koler holding spawn for a potential flank as usual 🥱😴😴💤💤 @bumpaah look at her. @dazelyy @Marved6 LMFAO @flexinja @MrBeast yo vouchratio @ahad oh I think I have that on @ahad no idk what that is I don’t eat breakfast Red Bull uhhh last time I benched it was like 100 or something I got noodle arms man @bearkun L bozo + didn’t laugh + not funny @bearkun man let me be happy @ahad i don’t aim traini actually feel like my aim is the best it's ever been rn @WedidOfficial oh @WedidOfficial u think so? @WedidOfficial bed time @WedidOfficial yeyo clip dump from today 😈 @dizzy i love u dizzy:( @Ban_Val ban ur so, nvmlive from NA @yayFPS @Shanks_TTV LMFAO
GAMEDAY! The gang is playing in the @boomtv Proving Grounds Semi-Pro Division. Expect to see us playing every Thu…
Retweeted by BBG Governorlive @WedidOfficial noti @realmocking @RachellyVAL Whathaikyuu // governor likes and rts appreciated <3
Retweeted by BBG Governor @ciaolyx drop @ @dcopGG @C0Mtweets describe that second thing
@WedidOfficial @gaberen made u + L @WedidOfficial oh so now I’m being ratioed @WedidOfficial that’s my d- @zekkenVAL @NadeshotToday’s stream is #sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends! Play for free on PC and Mobile. Download now!… @LeviathanAG thank u TSM FTX LeviathanAG, pro player and co-IGL of Team Solo Mid esportsoh snap W @ArrumieShannon don’t lie, we were duoing off stream yesterday while u were boosting Alan’s account… @Average_Jonas @WedidOfficial @WedidOfficial o.0 @WedidOfficial yea but did u know this ratio would happen? + notilower bracket runxset is winning LCQ btwI went to LAN with @zekkenVAL
@RachellyVAL @realmocking W @frostyZK @TkazFPS wait I forgot who stole who’s, is it actually his clip LMFAO @frostyZK this is @TkazFPS ‘s clip @RachellyVAL @realmocking ratio @RachellyVAL @realmocking Who @realmocking @RachellyVAL bro whatthanks @SteelSeries @realmocking @steph_ecx LMFAAO @RossyUA that’s not x1 mentalityI’ve come to realize the bag > her @bearkun @jacobcavern @realmocking what @realmocking nojust slept for 24 hours @WedidOfficial assist + duo later? @Jonaaa6_VAL banger
@WedidOfficial not my fault tenz decides to start queuing at 8AM @WedidOfficial LMFAO @WedidOfficial bro i queued without you and lost 100 rr. :( jett knives today 🥶🥶 @Critical_Val wowWas a lot of fun playing w/ @TheMafiaVAL -- 4th place finish in @KnightsArena -- Really fun competing, learning a…
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gg 0-2 @PioneersGG 😬Playing @PioneersGG now @Complexity 2-1 😈, playing winners of @PioneersGG and @KnightsGG in semi finals @harmfoo tell me about it man @harmfoo same @ANDROIDX23 wow that is messed up. sorry that happened @koalanoob gn gianny @flexinja @kkimvu god Chris ur so kind and generous @GrimValorant rotating @Ban_Val congrats, welcome to BBG 😈no stream tn, gonna sleep early for tourney tmmrw, ly guys @RachellyVAL 어머니 @JerkTBE @TealSeam @GhostGaming @Complexity cold @bangzerra ntwho am i gonna see here 😃 teams remain for #KnightsGauntlet: Dance of the Skulls! 💀 @KnightsGG 💀 @PioneersGG 💀 @TheMafiaVAL 💀 @Complexity
Retweeted by BBG Governori heard someone saw his face once at LAN on accident. Never saw that kid since. @Justinovah head up brothaGuys, i dont know who self made is quit asking me. He used a voice changer all day today in teamspeak. Goes by the… 2-0 @GhostGaming , we play @Complexity tmmrw 😈 ily guys @koalanoob @HUYNH_CS @NiSMO_VAL @ryannn @chaseVALORANT
ggs @TealSeam 13-10, i get to play @koalanoob and @HUYNH_CS next in knights $5k :3 @TSM_ZexRow @EvilGeniuses @Boostio i love twitter drama. @bbylapras oh... @RealStrongLegs banger @JasonRuchelski u think ur good Jason? @CoachTrippy @GeorgeCGed ^ @RachellyVAL see me in 9 months. you’ll see @WedidOfficial @hailewhy thanks matt @flexinja @iiTzTimmy @tarik yo gg @hailewhy same haha @BetrayedFPS vouch @VoltixVal appreciate it but. look up to tenz, he is better.I'm in the quit valorant, start going to the gym, start taking roids, come back in 9 months, start talking shit in… @VoltixVal No I ran it down every round.