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@HUYNH_CS @ez5gg can you guys just tie. I want both teams to win 🥺✨ SENTINELS OF LIGHT GIVEAWAY ✨ ✅ Like & Retweet ✅ Tag 2 friends below ✅ Follow @Governor_Val WINNERS ANNOUNCED…
Retweeted by BBG Governor @Justinovah @Justinovah cmon it was a left clickbacksite dead
*WINNERS MUST HAVE PAYPAL*NA's Korean Jett it's up now wtfNo internet till 11pm est :/ outage in my area. All nighter stream? 🤔 @bumpaah @regan_travis @BumpFan69 ez 100k viewsnew vandal go brazy @flexinja✨ SENTINELS OF LIGHT GIVEAWAY ✨ ✅ Like & Retweet ✅ Tag 2 friends below ✅ Follow @Governor_Val WINNERS ANNOUNCED…
@nosyy_tv Bro you could’ve joined ez5 wtfTerrorizing unrateds with the boys is too expensive man @Virtyyyy I can play Reyna too @gg_frantic GRATS @ethoz @Nurfed @root7K down @ethoz @Nurfed @root7K no @ethoz @Nurfed @root7K can I play Jett @regan_travis @TenZOfficial @Asunaa I use both. Both are good. Both are fun. Both are bad. Both are good. Phantom tho, is better. @yungcalc I’m down the run it for the one time @yungcalc @HUYNH_CS ntwe like to keep things professional @HUYNH_CS
@ahad @bumpaah deactivating in a month @ahad @bumpaah for the next month @ahad @bumpaah yea im undefeatableyea... @bumpaah @LittleParantha k80% korean FOR THE RAID @kyedae AND @ArrumieShannon !!!duos with @HUYNH_CS @LarryBanks05 LOOOOOOOOOL @xtra_ezzy that’s bad designBro they were hidden on the side like how am I supposed to know my im a fucking idiot @Dave2Drippy well shitDude someone help me LOOOLGIMME ANOTHER 30 LOL. I CANT FIND WHERE TO PLUG IN SATA CABLE ON MOTHERBOARD
STREAM IN 30 MINUTES @FionnOnFire Reyna @kyedae @agmFPS I WILL @crunchyyworld will you be my nini crunchy @bumpaah @JackIgoe @Dasnerth @ethoz @ValorantRed I have never understood this picture can you explain it to me @JackIgoe @Dasnerth @bumpaah @ethoz @ValorantRed that bumpaah guy is way too old @shoukrrrr @sonii that was pretty radnew pc arriving today 😈 @nerdstreet @builtbygamers x @gucci @Trick_VAL ??? @LeviathanAG everyone knows all the good players only use the guardian and sheriff @SeoldamTwit so Korean @LeviathanAG u fkin noob @Justinovah @Justinovah no Justin. I’m tired of this shit. You’re ruining my jokes, ruining my fun. You’re supposed to say “who… @Justinovah I think the Jett on ur team is crackN’s alt account @zekkenVAL @jacobcavern @ScrewFaceVAL @neatclaps @FoxA_R6 @Jaomock lol @yungcalc Shut up @builtbygamers @Khanada that's how i joined @bumpaah sorry @bumpaah step on me bumpupdate: it works now and i ordered another mouse for no reason
i was showing my bowl of pho to my stream and i spilt it all over my gpro and now it doesnt work. :(if ur stream sniping gift a sub and we're cool 😎 @_PLAYERR1 Content creator > real job @MadySmacks @Shanks_TTV @hoajuu @Darky1x @Baadshah1x I’m not famous @Justinovah ya that’s annoying too honestlyvalorant needs to make it so when ur stream sniping someone you can put their stream over ur minimap or something.… @zekkenVAL Would that make u the lavar ball of valorant
good morning @Crit_VAL Buy an op @realmocking @bearkun every time I see ur check ark it makes me sad @RealStrongLegs EEEIEEE
@n4tsGG happy bday old manlive
everyone upset about @dcopGG getting dq'd? say less at 6:45PM EST we are putting on a showcase match for everyone…
Retweeted by BBG GovernorThis is actually absurd @jcrueL_ Major CAP @zekkenVAL @rizajpg @real1witness I’ve seen his highlights. It’s pretty sad people underestimate this kid @dcopGG that's pretty wicked dcop @PaincakesVAL ill kiss uValorant off stream is actually so much of a stress reliever. I recommend other CCs to do it more often. @RealStrongLegs @mel_anji @crunchyyworld .. @crunchyyworld im so sorry LOOOOOL. next time we vs i swear i wont op crutchhawk out
@WerldlyGaming @ethoz NOOOOOOOOOlive @ScrewFaceVAL @flexinja She died from Enya. 😐 @flexinja I’m down to play it. Let me decide first. I just got back from a flight from Tijuana at Terminal E10 with… @realmocking Are you serious… @Philip537