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Governor @Governor_Val Virginia, USA

VALORANT for... Twitch: Youtube: Business Inquiries: 18🇰🇷 | x1 MOB

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@LeviathanAG @mooseloff LMFAOlive from 100T bootcamp in dallas @LeviathanAG @mooseloff ruh ruh ratio! @LeviathanAG @mooseloff wait wtf?jett is the hardest agent in the game
Retweeted by Governor @Ban_Val @KnightsGG @jcrueL_ gg friend
@Ban_Val any time
@Ino_VAL if @Ban_Val can do it, anyone can. @infamousbtw @LotharHS @WedidOfficial did u know thisI figured it out. @koalanoob I’ve never done more walking back and forth in my entire life gianny please help me @koalanoob FR DUDEBro I go back inside to ask the guy who told me to wait outside, man goes “my fault bro I told you the wrong thing,…’m so lost LOOOLI am lost in Dallas airport. @Jonaaa6_VAL @andbox_official Squirtle squad stay eating 😤telling my grand kids this was an NFT vow to never sleep again. @frostyZK @mooseloff sorry Tim 😓 @madafps @mooseloff human error. @mooseloff shit… my fault
@flexinja yk im always down christhe hunt begins @YktvLewi Then I'll fail a million times. ranked, for every braindead content play that works. There are 5 that fail. I'll fail any day if it means content down the line.paincakes nighter got told I sound like walmart governor on my alt.#NewProfilePic ty @NongAthena
@currydtx don't disrespect the cowboys.Palpatine ACE
live @MWGFitness it’s snowing bro @MWGFitness I don’t. It’s just a sad reminder tho Matt. @PaincakesVAL shut the fuck up jakehow is February 14th already this close. @flexinja honestly they gotta add that spider man shit they added in fortnite.just waiting until they add jet packs to valorant. @XSET @Cryocells_ LMFAO @Grandpa74428317 thats what i was thinking @thwifo I just checked they didn’t @diaamondTV felt that. it’s a double edged sword for sure @GeorgeCGed @C0Mtweets she a 🅿️esbian for the 🅿️ @ethanarnold Riot Games
live @Glorinsz we heckin love glorinz @st9llar W @harmfoo they aren’t even shooting back mo. not impressed.
@Acuba_26_ day 1 ❤️ @bearkun @LarryBanks05 dude STOP @Gucc107 let me talk to them. @Gucc107 drop out already… @TakedownFN focused on school pretty hard as well, as things are I still have college as a plan B since I’m taking 2 gap years @bearkun @LarryBanks05 ur a minor… watch urself. @cenzobn @Vanityxz chase ur dreams @bearkun @LarryBanks05 always so mean to me bear. @LarryBanks05 had someone today on my team who I shit you not looked like a literal plat player, only to find out a… so grateful I decided to spend all of middle/high school grinding FPS games. @junimojumper 🥳they're pushin A im pushin 🅿️ @Ban_Val @slothsuu u are awful @Rudeclaw unlucky :/live @KingFPS__ I disagree with this opinion therefore ur opinion is wrong
"i'm 18 year olds and i'm a virgin" - Governor. Can you guys please tell peter that it's okay to save it. @Governor_Val
Retweeted by Governor @Guiiimond Fuck him @ethoz @Vansilli LOOOOL @RossyUA @genghsta LMAO @Crit_VAL @wafflenomster12 @NongAthena @nerdstreet that too but like even the bare minimum of making us show vax cards at the… @NongAthena @nerdstreet they didn't even make us show vax cards at the entrance, only at the concessions. makes no sense :/Let’s also hold @nerdstreet accountable for their lack of responsibility in ensuring everyone’s safety. With COVID-…
Retweeted by Governor @coolguy69526221 ok coolguy69526221 @OkinFPS Yup. Guy does not care still I guess. guy goes "ez snipe" "ez ez ez ez" at the end. Player on the other te… @coolguy69526221 I mean he admitted. you know what the words "blatantly with no remorse" mean?i dont even know this guys fucking @ but Billion#exelimagine getting shit on so hard that u decide to blatantly stream snipe the next game with no remorse and type ez 4 times after.jett knive ace woohoo! @ethoz @nerdstreet 🤦‍♂️duo with @jcrueL_ from @Complexity
@RachellyVAL aRe u NoRtH oR soUtH kOrEan? @madafps nice mada @harmfoo option 3: get some bitches lol @harmfoo @TSM nice moYea the ares definitely needed a buff! @bumpaah u get 5 games of stress free ranked content
@YaBoiDre gl gl @truoVAL u weren't on Llive @truoVAL let’s get #1 and #2 @Nurfed @Complexity ggs jimmy. gl next time tho.going to bed sad gn @Adverti_Zment 1 head. @RossyUA I’m good at pummel party will be NA's @ScreaM_ @realmocking ;-; @jcrueL_ Congrats on @dallascowboys