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@subihighwaters same @LarryBanksFPS @ItzBoltzy @Renegades this has to be sarcasm right @LeviathanAG Cringemy widdle sova main @LeviathanAG @Caders_ @miniatureVAL someone give me a pen @TSM_Myth @hazedCS @WARDELL416 @Subroza @Dronecsgo @brax1wnl @reltuC ask @TSM_ZexRow, hes really talented
@leeleefps @jcrueL_ thanks for paying off my student loans @jcrueL_ @jcrueL_ I can do both of those things @agmFPS ah so ur alone b main good to know... @WedidOfficial My widdle content creator @mac1_val @witnessgg @PlayVALORANT @flexinja will not be live today I guess @BluestacksKDW @Vetreon it was hiko i stood no chancesorry @Vetreon can really see the future. 😬 CR: @Governor_Val
Retweeted by Governor @koalanoob @DerekJoon @koalanoob @DerekJoon I only say these things because I wish u would give me the same attention you give to anime :( @koalanoob @DerekJoon Ard so message her @koalanoob @DerekJoon Look man, I’m sorry I did not know there were multiple anime girls named nino. That’s one is on me @koalanoob @DerekJoon @DerekJoon @koalanoob 😐 @koalanoob @DerekJoon what the fuck @DerekJoon Something @koalanoob would look up @CasperrFPS ur own fault @CasperrFPS literally warned this guy to lower the volume @TSM_ZexRow @Darky1x ❤️ @Darky1x . @ethoz yea yea go farm unrated clips smh my head @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr @FrostyValorant all because shoukrr got his new pr. damn poor frosty @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr @FrostyValorant delete this right now @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr @FrostyValorant shoot 🔫 ur shot 🏀 @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr @FrostyValorant @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr dont hate on our love @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr dating shoukr now @shoukrrrr @ciaolyx hop on @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr same actually @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr ok @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr impossible @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr why would i need that @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr oh @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr elaborate @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr that* @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr idk what the means @ciaolyx @shoukrrrr what is "girlfriend"
@WedidOfficial It’s harder to get content if you don’t go for content. @shoukrrrr Ok but are you radiant @fpsnoted I’ll duo with youpummel party is fun @Governor_Val @LeviathanAG @Gucc107 @TSM_ZexRow @sfX_x1
Retweeted by Governor @CasperrFPS @bumpaah will try my hardest @bumpaah hope soWoke up today happy then checked my career @TSM_ZexRow WHAT THE FUCKmy chat
@sfX_x1 this might be the play @YaBoiDre IM DOWN @Inf4mousEnergy ITS ROUGH @atl4nz i will raid u after my stream somebody plspeople look at my career, and don't accept my invites. i literally cannot find someone to duo with right now. @DekyFPS out here celebrity status rollin out the red carpets feel me @WedidOfficial @DekyFPS bro fuck @DomB63961072 @WedidOfficial @100Thieves wrong answer + ratio @WedidOfficial @100Thieves is wedid goated @RESHURAA man i left you for your own good. just lookin out for your elo dawgjust invited like 8 people to duo. no response from any @DekyFPS @HUYNH_CS damn and he had full shieldik its last minute but down to fill vcsyesterday and today's glue eater highlights, was bored so edited while in queue.
@ciaolyx my b lemme go judge that one @ciaolyx wdym @ciaolyx Shoes on carpet... @harmfoo that was you... @paranoidval @ShahZaMk @h7une noBANGER STREAM TY @ShahZaMk AND @h7une FOR THE HUGE RAIDS. WE HAVE YOUR $5,000 PROVING GROUNDS #VALORANT CHAMPIONS!! 🥇🏆 @NobleGG @menace_val @janglerr @zekkenVAL
Retweeted by Governor @zekkenVAL @boomtvesports @ez5gg @n4tsGG @LeviathanAG @Gucc107 @koalanoob @NobleGG @menace_val @janglerr @boomtvesports @ez5gg @n4tsGG @LeviathanAG @Gucc107 @koalanoob @NobleGG @menace_val @janglerr @zekkenVAL @gg_frantic @dazzLeGO @NiSMO_VAL :3 @regan_travis @Virtyyyy @A77_tv @Juan_Beaufrand @RealFairiko the 80 fps days man @TSM_ZexRow bro i literally slept through my alarm what do u want me to tell you. im sorry :( @TSM_ZexRow we will play tonightnvm valorant voice chat is just buggedguys i think im psychic
@SammayTV @WedidOfficial @C0Mtweets @MWGFitness I’m in a slump :( @regan_travis ur beautiful
2021 @WedidOfficial @builtbygamers so proud of you rn @WedidOfficial @C0Mtweets @MWGFitness D: @CasperrFPS @WedidOfficial @C0Mtweets @MWGFitness idk @jcrueL_ @WedidOfficial @C0Mtweets @MWGFitness :(I just want to apologize to @WedidOfficial, @C0Mtweets , and @MWGFitness, for today's thrown ranked matches. I am -172 ELO on the day. @GrimValorant @katiebvg yo thanks for the 30,000 viewer raid the other day. you changed my life 😍Valorants new meta summed up in 4 words - “suck him!” “I’m sucked!” God bless
Retweeted by Governor @menace_val DBaby @builtbygamers @HitBox_Hiros @WillFPS @Critical_Val @Bjorlulu @Poach @RarkarCS @heinocs @Jkw512 Critical 😍
@WedidOfficial @Bjorlulu