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This tiny bundle contains Rs. 333/- in cash and coins; 7-year-old Rommel Lalmuansanga from Kolasib Venglai donated…
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@mahaabadtameez it was slightly larger than the earth. @Baanke_Lal Yes, my recovery is fine.Please read : I must say he has proved himself a worthy inheritor of Pu Laldenga's legacy.I am a fantastic writer. My only problem is that I have lost the plot. could be shot by the Indian forces or Pakistani forces. Anything could happen. But Pu Zoramthanga and Pu Tawnl… was prolonged interrogation by Pakistan Rangers. Pu Zoramthanga is a very interesting conversationalist. He g… meant they were still in Pakistan. So the plan flopped. The poor fellows instead of walking towards the Indian… walked the whole night to cross the Indo-Pak border. When morning dawned, they met a farmer working on his fie… life is full of adventure and romance. When they were in Islamabad, Government of Pakistan was opposed to their… Zoramthanga is B.A.Hons in English literature. He is a great orator. He was a chronic bachelor during the 20 yea… Laldenga's relationship with Pu @ZoramthangaCM was that of a father and a son. I must say he has proved himself… means @sushmaswaraj told you some really good things during 25 years of your close association with her. see the difference.#MizoramAccord Pathak - Happy Birthday to the great man who dedicated his life to public service.#Sulabh
Thank you. I have heard so much about you. 5.000 railway coaches will be used as quarantine facility ! They can be located anywhere in India.The world… @Hindusherni18 What does he say now ?Where do we stand in fighting #coronavirus ? What is your analysis ? Pls advise.
What was the fall out of this meeting ? There was bloodshed in Mizoram for the next seven years./24PM : No, No. I have told you that you surrender all the weapons. Otherwise, I will throw you into the jail. Lalden… : Why don’t you surrender all the weapons ? Listen, you surrender all the weapons. Else, I will put you behind t… me recollect the meeting between PM Morarji Ji Desai and MNF Chief Laldenga in May/June 1979. Laldenga enters… you very much. I am happy 92% like it. I will continue the story. When you read and like the story, please do…, Laldenga’s wife and children won’t be sitting on the footpath./20I tell David that I am seeking Court’s permission to see his father in jail. David is now ready to leave. I see him… have no money. We cannot pay you. We do not have money to pay my sister’s fee in the Medical College. We have wi… PM Morarji Desai has refused to honour that word. The government has raided our house and put my father in jail… says, “we came to India on the invitation of Government of India on 25th Jan 1976. Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Ga… the evening David son of Pu Laldenga visits me. David wants to make a phone call. After few minutes of conversat… I reach home, I see an unusual presence of tall men around my place. They are in white open shirts, khaki trouse…
The War Cabinet is in place. Such clarity of thought ? Such bold decisions and perfect execution on the ground. The… feel so proud as an Indian. The country is fighting the battle better than the best in the world. This is called ‘governance’.Mahabharat - Inderprastha is fighting the virus. you @DDNational for being the only family Channel. You have made this confinement a happy experience.
I could never imagine that one day Doordarshan will become an Entertainment Channel. @josechacko No. George Fernandes had only admiration for Bansi Lal ji. This is a wrong quote.
28th March - a day to remember Chaudhary Bansi Lal ji, a patriot, a visionary and a man of word who left us this day in 2006. #BansiLal jiAttorney General for India, Mr.KK Venugopal has set up a digital library of his book collection from 17th century o…
@ChezShuchi Thanks.
Of course, you can. Every person here can do better than us. Just plan your life right. May God be with you. I asked him point-blank. "Mr.Laldenga, what is it that you want ?" Laldenga tells me straight, "I want a solut… appear before the trial court in the next hearing. I find a battalion armed men bringing him to the Court. I aske… is that one date of appearance that has become a lifetime job. I went through the FIR. It is a serious charge.… bearded IIT student. His name is Duha. He has just retired from the Indian Foreign Service. They ask me to take…, Bansi Lal ji during Janata Party regime and with Kiran Bedi in the lawyers strike. With age and experien… presence of such a large contingent of armed police personnel will deter any young lawyer. But not me. I was a…"No. Laldenga will not be produced in the Court." That is what the security officials have told them. Then they get… lady is Mrs.Laldenga with her young children. She is frustrated and helpless. Her husband is in jail. They hav… is a lady with her children sitting on the footpath. A young student from IIT Delhi is with them. They are su… Panda and I are close friends. We were together in the Baroda Dynamite Case as well. So Ashok and I go to Pa… day in July 1979 my friend Ashok Panda who is now a Senior Advocate in Supreme Court told me about the arrest o… think time has come when I must speak. I owe this to Pu Laldenga and his family. Time will pass and this tirade w… I meet someone from Mizoram, his first question is "We learn Pu Laldenga lived a life of luxury here." I h… is the reason they are in CAA. We should evacuate them from Kabul immediately. - ISIS claims responsibility fo… you all. Devika Rani went to Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and was an Architect as well. Her husba…'s brilliant. Gurudev Rabinder Nath Tagore, General J.N.Chaudhary, Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai. have to name the Nobel Prize winner, the Army Chief, Dada Sab Phalke award winner and the best known Barrister.I know of a very distinguished family. The family has had a Nobel prize winner, a Chief of the Army staff, a Dada S… is a complete lockdown. It is not advisable to write history from memory. History requires accuracy to the l… I realise that India needs more scientists than lawyers.#Covid19India
Yes, most books are read by just two persons. One is the author and the other is his wife. @AloPal I am not techno-savvy. But if you guide me, I will do that accordingly. @priyanka4nation Alright. That will give some relief to the Mizos also.Where did HIV come from ? The Aides Institute answers :
Retweeted by governorswarajIt was neither Shaheen nor a Bagh, I am happy Government has done away with #ShaheenaBagh .Where did HIV come from ? The Aides Institute answers :
Whoever abused the Manipur girl should watch this and feel ashamed. This is #NorthEastIndia . R.Venkataraman visited Raj Bhawan Aizawl in December, 1990 I conveyed that I will serve only vegetarian f… I hosted lunch for my friend NSCN leader T.Muivah in the India International Centre, it was always a veget… in the north east always respect your sensibilities. I dined at Pu Laldenga's place a hundred times. I share… infection came from Chimpanzees. #Coronavirus from bats/snakes. I am happy to be a #vegetarian.
@vaiju7 Karl Khandalwala used to conduct cases during the day and give lectures on Kangra paintings in the evening.Sorry too many typos.You know why it rains in Mizoram. The Vanchung Noolas (fairies of heaven) carry water to the heaven. Some of it spi… no double standards for North East. I believe except CJI Gogoi, no one has read the laws relating to North East… have seen CJI Gogoi's interviews on TV channels. He is just brilliant. I hope the saviours of morality will first… retiring Judges join post retirement positions the next day of retirement. They accept nomination as Arbitrator… Ranjan Gogoi is facing a similar situation. They talk of lofty ideals like cooling off period and Judges no… four days before Mizoram Accord, the Government of India sent us a draft that MNF should agree to uniform civi…, Ma Saraswati resides in Karnataka. That's how @SushmaSwaraj addressed public meetings in Kannada. scientist Dr.Raja Ramanna was also an acclaimed Pianist. deposit the Reading fee in my Bank Account. We lawyers do nothing for free.
I suggest a similar team of Experts at the national and state level. They should advise the doctors in their state… @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan - There is a national level team of Experts in the AIIMS for treatment of poisoning cases… protest is now led by the Marxist-Leninsts. They are anarchists. Unfortunately, the protesters do not realise this.#ShaheenBag is above the law. my view, Supreme Court of India should declare vacation till 31st March 2020. Only cases involving extreme urgen…
If you had tweeted her with a problem, she would have called you to the ICU. @SushmaSwaraj had a computer memory. She will read a book once and remember it verbatim. She remembered hundreds of… am seeing them after years and pray for their long life. The earth is a lonely place without birds.… she started speaking in Kannada to save time. She had good command over Sanskrit and she had no problem in speak… was a secret operation. @BansuriSwaraj got to know this only when she returned from her school. I learn she wo… remember when @sushmaswaraj was woken up in the wee hours of the night in August 1999 and told that she was to fi… is madness. Bhupinder Singh, the crazy Maharaja of Patiala who had 366 wives used to relish the Sparrow soup.… se Prarthna hai, Ye Parivaar phale phoole ! ask the Sparrows to pay us a visit.#WorldSparrowDay upon a time, there was a Sparrow. There was a Crow. Both are extinct. That’s end of the story. #SparrowDay cannot go wrong on my prediction about Madhya Pradesh result today. Kamal will come and Kamal will go. #MadhyaPradesh