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@iamtimhanson @dcrainmakerblog @gplama Thank you! We will pass this on to the team so they can check it out. @paulbeelen Hi Paul - Glad to hear it's improved slightly. We would recommend making sure that no other bluetooth c… @iamtimhanson @dcrainmakerblog @gplama Thanks for letting us know Tim - What device are you running Zwift on? @joehenstridge We're aware this is super frustrating for our users and it something that we're working on and hope… @chunkiebailey Great job, Tim! @Teddo13 @giantbenelux Woohoo! 🙌 @frenchy070 Oh nooo! Let us know if it happens again and we'll try and troubleshoot with you. 🙂 @onegarzon We're sorry to hear that Juan! If it happens again, DM us more details and we can try and troubleshoot with you. @PusherOfPedals 😬 @oliver_davis Hope you enjoyed it Ollie! 🙂 @elliehousewhite Merci! 🙂🇫🇷 @frenchy070 Oh no! What sort of crash did you experience? 😞Have you ever seen your avatar drool? 🤤 Get ready to feel fast with the DT Swiss Reborn Faster Festival! 🚲💨 More i…
Want to @GoZwift alongside @PaddyBevin? Sign up to ride with Paddy this Saturday at 10:00 CEST as part of…
Retweeted by Zwift @Pasi7os We miss you too! 🤞we see you soon in Watopia! @MalcH @jjkmusic10 That's really strange! It might be a simple signal strength blip, but let us know if it happens again! @budjude17 We'll pass the feedback on to the team! Thanks for getting in touch, and hopefully we'll have more run courses coming soon. 👍 @budjude17 We think it sounds like a suggestion for our Feature Requests forum! We're sure the team are working on… @jessobr59796310 🙌🇫🇷 @jjkmusic10 Hi Jim! Apologies for the delay in replying. Are you still having issues logging in? @budjude17 Hi there! Unfortunately you can't create custom workouts on Run at the moment, but you can still import… @jgrust @LeTour We're glad you like it Joshua! 🙂🇫🇷Inspired by climbing sensation @alafpolak, we’re heading in search of ⬆️ for Stage 3 of the 7 Days of Tarmac SL7 se…
@BrianSmyth4 Nice work Brian! @nikhalton Hi Nik, yes, it is possible. The page to get them will be back up very shortly :) @WMNcycling @jesspratt97 @tourdulimousin @canyon_bikes @SRAMroad @tanjaerath89 @BarnesAlice @bannahharnes weekend we’re teaming up with @ridegiantbikes for the 12th annual Ride Like King, all in support of… @tohd @wahoofitness Welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing you in Watopia! 🥳😊 @OJBorg @Bluelissa
United by the passion to ride, cycling esports has connected the global cycling community like never before! We a…
Retweeted by Zwift @DimiFluff Sorry to hear. You can contact our Support Team who can have a look for you: @gregcoetzee Sorry to hear Greg. You can contact our Support Team to check your subscription: our latest event-only PowerUp - the Anvil! 💪 Get ready to descend faster with extra weight for 30 secon… your inner @petosagan! 🚲💨 Richmond awaits for Stage 2 of the 7 Days of Tarmac SL7 series! 💪 Sign up:… @nickprowse1 @wahoofitness Can only imagine what it would have been like with no fan! 😉 @river_mid
Climbers be like "I know a place" then take you to do hill repeats on Ven-Top. 🏔️🥴 @MEJ0778 Glad that you are enjoying it! 🧡 @paulrodgers7 Thank you Paul for your feedback!🧡 We are always happy to hear that our community is happy. 🙌 @bazer100 @mcojudd Hi Mathew! Drops cannot be donated. You’ll want to save them for when a new bike or set of wheels comes into the drop shop. @CySchneider @bucko2c Sorry to hear Neil. You could also contact our Support Team: who can look into this.Climbs and cobbles await! 🗻🌻 Get ready to ride and run new roads, France and Paris are OPEN! 🇫🇷 Learn more:… @realdeal_tillo it looks like it is bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, so yes! 🥳🤗 He will just need a trainer, and to f… @bucko2c Hey Neil, have you done the latest game update which went out on Friday? The calendar has a bit more varie…
We’re heading to 🇦🇹 for Stage 1 of the @iamspecialized 7 Days of Tarmac SL7 series! Join fellow Zwifters to celebra… @tantigatti As they say in Liverpool: "You'll Never Climb Alone!" 😃 @BondiBadBoy Hi Jay, the issue has been taken care of yesterday 😊 Apologies for the delay. Ride On. @nicolacranmer Hi Nicola, if there's any way we can help, don't hesitate to send us a DM 😊 @johan_energy Thanks for the support Johan! Best of luck for the lockdown, keep it up! :) #RideOn
@nuebelm @eviani @Karolien_Claes Seems to have been a very tough workout 🧡 @gilesyc13 That is just gold! :D 🧡 #Loveit @jbeaton1993 Hi John, the ramp test usually lasts for a few minutes, but uses calculations to estimate your FTP, wh… @PhilipG31904518 Very nice! 🙌😃We fur-lieve you’ve got some epic setups! Celebrate #WorldCatDay by sharing your #SetupCaturday below and we might… @BondiBadBoy Hi Jay, the team will be with you as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience.
@bigmacdturtle Hello! We're very sorry to hear you've been sick. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Also, Zwift is not… @000_Mike_000 Feedback noted! @chrisburch Hi Chris! We hear you. Zwift is not planning to put up prices for the foreseeable future.Received the latest email survey? We got some answers to your questions below.👇 up with @k_kookaburra1! Join her for a social ride or a sub hour effort up Alpe du Zwift. The choice is yours!…
Hi Zwifters! Below is a list of game updates from our latest August release. New additions include the return of th… @SamanthaZiles @marialeijerstam Hi Maria! You will see an overview of all the jerseys here 😊: your limits and find the unexpected with the Off The @maap_cc Tour! 🗺 Four stages, two weeks, 1️⃣ exclusive ki… @GoopyFS @iamwendddy There are heaps of ways you can jump on Zwift depending on your space and budget. This short v…
@Masein @iamspecialized Hi Marc. Yes, the Tarmac will be in the drop shop (Level 5 to unlock and approx 6mil drops)… @davedtowle Nice! @Red_Devil1981 Hi Matt. According to our team, it looked like it is paid via Apple, which can have the payment "rec… @B_ry_Harrison Sorry to hear Bryan! It might be worth checking this again with our Support Team. @ninjamills16 @DanielHowitt Thanks for letting us know. This should have been corrected now. 🙌 @MoeLester1991 Hi Moe. Stay tuned for more updates! 😉 @chinogalvez Oh sorry to hear. What exactly are you experiencing? And on which device? @ninjamills16’s been so much fun. We hope to continue to build this amazing community! @GoZwift
Retweeted by Zwift @Rcooper03 Thanks for letting us know Raphael. We have passed this on. @scoresman143 @Red_Devil1981 Thank you for letting us know. We have passed this on to our Team who will have a look.Join us as we team up with @ridegiantbikes for the 12th annual Ride Like King this August 14th - 16th, all in suppo… @000_Mike_000 Thank you Mike for your feedback which we have passed on. #RideOn 🙌
@Red_Devil1981 Can you try to use another Browser and try again. @Red_Devil1981 Sorry to hear, Matt. Please contact our Support Team who can have a look for you: at building your endurance? 💪 “Mooove” with the The Herd in their Sunday Endurance ride! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ More inf… @max_townshend @FearlessLeadrTv @GernaderJake
@kyakstudio @k_armstrong @Dani_Rowe_MBE These will be ongoing every Tuesday! Sorry you've missed a few, but there a… 2021 Calendar is out now! Check out the video reveal now and download the calendar in the video description:…
Retweeted by Zwift @Jules1x @DimiFluff Hey there! If you are wanting to pause for a longer period of time, then cancelling your membership is a…
@Oxford_Life We passed this on to the team and we're aware of the request, and it is on our backlog of points to address! Thanks again :) @chrispugh_69 Hi Chris! Here's a really handy guide to the MTB trails from one of our community websites -… @bongo_sk8 @Elite_cycling Hey Alys! Please feel free to DM us more information. What device are you running Zwift o… @CultOfCyclists Hi there! We're really sorry to hear there appears to have been some kind of glitch with your accou… @s_ssinwamali 🙌🙌 @000_Mike_000 What sort of changes would you like to see, Mike? @TheShickle @edlaverack Brilliant performance Nathan! 💪