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grace bruxner 🎷🦒 @gracebruxner Melbourne AUS (she/her!)

⭐️ creative director of worm club 🐛 we make @frogdetective 🌱 & nonsense at ✨please no business DMs 🐠

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@flapricot thank you!!! hahaha a great quote @flapricot ?! i can’t see it
🎷🦒 @nicolehe ur so cool happy birthday nicole 🤠 @cockatootwin no i ate it when i was a weeun and then threw up so it is BAD vegetable @cockatootwin cauliflower cancelled in general
@cubmoth omg SEE they’re hidden so well sometimes!!!! it’s a trap... glad ur bones are safe @cubmoth my beepy thing was hidden inside a pocket of the wallet ... it could be hiding somewhere in ur jacket ...… @cubmoth also i was 15 and shoplifting for the thrill @cubmoth this happened to me for years till i realised when i bought my wallet they never got rid of the beepy thing @Tezamondo ben should have won✨🐸 a ballad for the second-best detective out there 🐸✨ ( Thank you @pixlotl & @gracebruxner )…
Retweeted by grace bruxner 🎷🦒having a great time at the wildlife park
Retweeted by grace bruxner 🎷🦒AAAA frog detective literally brings me back to childhood :”)) | Characters from @gracebruxner
Retweeted by grace bruxner 🎷🦒sorry for the late response, i made friends with a pigeon and we went on an adventure
@sickcroww30 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 @gracebruxner THIS IS FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL GAME!!! 💖💖💖
Retweeted by grace bruxner 🎷🦒 @doougle it’s saturday @Wanderlustin it’s so cooked, and you can only call the new york office so it has to be late at night for us lol @ngmferguson my actual theory is that they wanted me to be so offended by the implication that i can’t read that i… seems fake but it really happened to me at 11pm last night (you can only call from 10pm-6am in australia) (als… my NYT subscription: NYT: what’s your reason for cancelling? me: I don’t read it NYT: so just to clarif… @divlauren @Kalonica_ ah i’m so glad to hear that!!! thank you ✨good read from @hannahsreich on unique approaches to game dev in Australia, feat. @house_house_, @gracebruxner,…
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@martinbtaylor hate it!!! @LorenzoPilia @FlorianVltmn @itchio i thought you could see follower counts on the persons community profile ? @LorenzoPilia @itchio damn it @LorenzoPilia @itchio i get to eliminate one account @LorenzoPilia @itchio 😮 bought my succulents on facebook . that makes them zucculents @nataliewatson @mrsambarlow @thebeff wow!!!
@cockatootwin time to write a strongly worded email @cockatootwin where’s party rock anthem @Wanderlustin 🥺💖 @astroblob a made bed 🛏 @Wanderlustin ur a bloody legend n i love u saf ❤️ @eryngi777 @doougle i can’t tell you my 89 phone number because my parents still live there and use their landline @eryngi777 @doougle 89XX XXXX @doougle i do 04XX XXXX XX because i’m the worst @kncklsndwch looks so good andy 🤠🔪 KNUCKLE SANDWICH 2020 UPDATE We have been working very hard to make this project the best version of itself. I…
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@tonycoculuzzi a reflection of me @liamesler the first one is worse!!!i made the crying emote less sad @MissMousieMouse awesome!! i’ll send it out one day @dogs_R_cool I MADE IT TOO SAD @MissMousieMouse i still have ur package OMG i just remembered lmao @Jsfranz i think i made it too sad @pastasauca it be like that sometimes @DevRelCallum yes !! i’ll send u the link to themi made some emotes for the frog detective discord (finally!) come hang out there will be… @aspenforster aspen i’m so so sorry. this is heartbreaking. ❤️ @TheSockDragon bread hat @Wanderlustin except it’s not ketchup it’s lil soy fish @Wanderlustin A E H L 🥺 @bellabear_8 @GlassEmbroidery it’s mine!!!! @gracebruxner hmm 🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by grace bruxner 🎷🦒 @GlassEmbroidery HOW DID YOU DO THIS SO FAST oh my god this is incredible @pichuumaru @frogdetective excellent !!! 📕📗📘📚
@DevRelCallum roasted villagersok i think i’m done bc i forgot to eat dinner and it’s 11:43pm . sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings by saying ur fake digital friend is ugly @ZombieHam she’s the manager at Off Ya Tree but she’s really mean to her employees @ophyliaXhamlet ok that’s the bitch from beauty and the beast @tylaaaaaaaaaaar you’re right @styody please stop posting the same villager over and over @SteveWithaB my dog hates horses and i trust her opinion @itshannahflynn yess! i find when i have something to eat it helps a lot, but usually my tests require an empty stomach 🥺 @KatSelesnya the hat isn’t hiding your bad haircut @ghostonkazoo this guy got a good score in highschool but keeps talking about it 6 years later @Ramorgi why are his lips INSIDE his mouth @Spr1ngles1 she’s a barber pole because she couldn’t get any other job @styody someone already sent me this one @EliteFreq ok love his vibe @Tezamondo i really hate him. he just made me homophobic @JoeLamyman she sucks @EliteFreq kinda vibing with her tbh @IndieAlpaca she looks like someone’s bad fursona @JoeLamyman @CherriBombexe that’s the dude from the muppets @ewzzy @modernmodron this one has termites @astroblob this guy just explained to me that you shouldn’t flush the toilet until you’ve used it at least 3 times,… @SFBDim i said this already but i don’t like her vibe. she looks like this emoticon :3 @itshannahflynn water and heat is good, i usually wear gloves and a beanie to make myself very warm. gloves are a b… @Veleanoria no. he called me an entitled millennial when i refused to honour his expired coupon at the grocery stor… @katyavakulenko_ that’s an actual human man @cubmoth i like his vibe tho i’ll be honest @cubmoth this guy stole a pair of sandals from the shoe store i worked at when i was 15 @lichplz this one is giving me trypophobia @eIIiebug i hate this one why does it have teeth @JEBWrench @rifflesby this is probably the most boring character design since the scarf sheeps @DarkoHexar looks like a youtuber but she has like 6 subscribers . and she uses the video transitions from iMovie @BogletHermit this guy is such an asshole that he grew facial hair in a game where nobody has facial hair. that’s s… @Musical_Rabbits i said what i said @taxidermyrobot that’s donkey from shrek. u can’t fool meu have to send me a pic not just their name . also stop sending me the sheeps in scarves. they are all the same and they all SUCK!!!!! @charmbabbles sure, i’ll fire up my oven @0wlBoi this one looks like they pressed randomise on a facial feature generator and the results were bad @blushinegames this outfit is cute, plus who hasn’t been there