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i just looked down and realized I had made this doodle. isn’t she lovely! @nicolesjchung frequently. twice this week, in fact. @_stephTheGirl yep. it’s a real thing! @Jo_Livingstone david bowie had space oddity not soldhey WoLF knows who I am! how’s all that Heritage Foundation money doing? invested wisely i hope @gnrosenberg relatable @V21collective @Lacanmunist wait was this me? i think i’m famous for being semi-naked and i don’t search my name bu… @carmenmmachado @LuxAlptraum sigh. very true. solidarityyyyyyyyy xoxoxoxohow it started how it’s going’s the Heaney and Lewis showwww @fairplaywomen @dreckweb “pronouns are rohypnol” is posted on your website @THEKamilAnthony @smoky_barnable 🥖 🤤 @DDDrewDaniel troubadourDETRANSITION BABYYYYYY“you know, you’re really beautiful. a woman that looks like that, *has* to have her own special scent.” like, if i… was about to say “someone should write about this video” but frankly I should have already written about it, and… mean, we know. we know we know we know. but it is horrifying nonetheless.finally watched this video of trump motorboating giuliani in drag while they talk about perfume. difficult to forge… excited to jump into this collection of 🐙-themed verse by Rasiqra Revulva, and no less so by the first ev… was looking at some emails i sent in early march today. poor, beautiful fool. she has no idea i just got through three hours of fairly boring zoom meetings without popping my crack out 😅 @V21collective this is all me @damfales @V21collective the “it’s all about that bass” ballanyway, it's half eight on a Wednesday night and I'm here tweeting out elaborate threads about Freud's case studies… the limit of this line of thinking, we could even think of the psychoanalytic session itself as an attempt radic… what is so frightening about colleagues––and this is implied by the name "Rank"––is that although they can perh… psychoanalytic mode of thinking about sexuality, and indeed most other ways, emphasizes hydraulic differences b… is important because the relationship between colleagues––people who continue to exist even when one isn't loo… could also talk about the Little Hans case––one of the first major formulations of the castration complex––in so… connection between the wolves and the sexual position of SP's parents––"a tergo," or (as Freud isn't allowed to… Wolf Man is a trickier case, since Freud so conspicuously fails to account for SP's relationship with his siste… also often note that Dora's attachment to Frau K., and in general her erotic relations to women, are either ign… Irma case is easy to demonstrate along these lines and lots of people have done so––Freud's interpretation work…
I guess I'd even say that the *collegial* relations between men comprise the central form of homosocial relation in… @AliceAvizandum I like to call him "fohn jord"ANYWAY. If you want me to give a talk at your education institution, as some of you apparently do, or write up one… am of course more-than-slightly embarrassed about this ludicrous uptick in my general fortunes. it is not deserve… what fools, not only have I got a spanking new website, but I’ve also retained the services of a personal ass… @heyyoukid415 loves uwow, fascinating. Peters is on the move @cc_colton_novel <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 @harryeskin if i ever do, I shall remember that! @collectdust thank you baybee @Sharronapearl there are some pants even i would not put my hand downaw yeah RESPONDED good to know the president’s lawyer responds to prank texts our nation is run by senescent crime goons
Retweeted by Gr—inceL—avery 🎃 @fite_heron girlfriend donut could mean so many things @fite_heron bravx xoxo @supermattachine sighmasturbation: good unsolicited masturbation in front of others: bad this is why it is possible to say "Jeffrey Too… the puppy is very high-handed and demanding we can call him Bonito Mussoteeny @damfales blilliam wake, more likeMy friend @AlffDave is the poet laureate of contemporary American rail travel. His book about infrastructure is goi…
Retweeted by Gr—inceL—avery 🎃Lavery 2020: If I Can Get It, I Want To, But Ideally Someone Else Can Handle That For Me. Does That Make Sense? @AliceAvizandum ugh xy @AliceAvizandum i’ve heard british women sign their texts xx is this true y/n @surlybassey scorpios often hate me and i follow you all around... so if you’re game i certainly am! @surlybassey omg you’re a scorpio! 😬😬whyyyyyyyyy as a boy si tu veux sexual morning everybody favorite pronouns are bish, bash, and wallopshare a little love with the *smallest* words @lottelydia i feel like i’m a lower rate than that. i just want to know how many rates there are so i know how far i have to fall @RaxKingIsDead but the tenth time is fabulous @RaxKingIsDead i am glad it got promoted @str8evesedgwick halloween*leans against a straight bar, Argonautsly* howdy ma’am….ever heard tell of a seahorse
Retweeted by Gr—inceL—avery 🎃“joe wide-on” MIGHT just work @protanope this is very good @DJSleepySpice oh darling, you can be granted an exception“punter biden”? sure, if you can make it work @AliceAvizandum tobucharimmediate disqualification for anyone dressing as “hoe biden” for halloween @lavacakezz one of few people I regularly interact with on here that knew me Before. sort of.once more, thanx 2 the sweet transsexual t4t jesus christ, with the-wound-in-his-side-that-you-have-to-finger-to-be… @schwartz_ana oh i am SO into this question @emilyvdw happy traniversary!!I think I know who my stalker is! I’m watching you, weirdo! 👀 stop saying "to find out, I called THIS guy" challenge
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real ones get itput his fairy perfume onyou’re lying with your gold chain on, so go ‘head and tell your lips I said “hi” you never looked so beautiful as you do now mama @DrozdaNatalie new laptop, only just downloaded word. good catch!this record cover!!!! @supermattachine i love when i get naked and people tell me how brave it is. HOPE BRAVERY AROUSES U @Chican3ry A lot of people—a lot of people just this morning, actually—a lot of people say I have the best argument… @Chican3ry she’s read all the arguments @saintsoftness @Hosmeriana I can breed no avenging children, sadly (or not). @saintsoftness Now I’m no expert—and I am impressed that you so clearly are—but I remember one scene when Harry goe… @saintsoftness not in the movie (or in many of the publicity photos) BUT you have convinced me that this raises mor… @saintsoftness we're on broomsticks, playing quidditch!title too obscure for a mainstream newspaper? ugh is @CityofMiami Police Officer Daniel Ubeda, in full uniform with badge and gun wearing his Trump mask inside…
Retweeted by Gr—inceL—avery 🎃 @kayteterry cuuuuuuute @Beardynoise I agree that that's possible––indeed, I think it's certain. I also know that there are plenty of gay f… is she pretending that anyone in this picture other than the two gentlemen in white shirts and *maybe* the lady… was on here talking about how lana should write an rbg obit so i did it for her @missmaliceSnP garrrrrh! it’s not our fault we’re so beautiful and talented!!!!!