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Grace Krause @GraceofGod33 Louisiana, USA

Sunshine. Travel. Books. Pubs. Churches. Symphonies. Haikus. Jesus. | I’m the GK to your Chesterton | @returnbypodcast & Quizzical Papist Pod w/ @fr_quizzical

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...but only if we are willing to actually listen to their answer & not if we’re just there to listen SO THAT we can… are a nation that does not know how to listen bc we’re trained in self-centeredness. Myself included. Instead… now the commandments of God, given you by his grace, and taught to you by his Holy Spirit.
Retweeted by Grace KrauseCome, Holy Spirit: you are harmony; make us builders of unity. You always give yourself; grant us the courage to g…
Retweeted by Grace KrauseHoly Spirit, memory of God, revive in us the memory of the gift received. Free us from the paralysis of selfishnes…
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@MrsRuvi Literally pray this dailyGet on my summer weather groove train 😎🌻☀️🌊🌴🌺 are loved. @HelmickeyMouse I would first ask how much exercise said person was getting during the dayHappy 5th Anniversary of Ordination to my symphony buddy! Grateful for your priesthood, friendship, and taste in mu… 5th Anniversary of Ordination to this fantastic padre! So grateful for your priesthood, your friendship, & yo… the facebooks 😂😂😂 @FrScrap Me tooooo!!! @KellyAKramer12 😱so sorry, Kelly ❤️Each human being contains heaven and earth and all of creation and yet remains one whole figure, and within every h…
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The Holy Spirit makes us take flight, opens up the wonderful destiny for which we were born, and nourishes us with…
Retweeted by Grace Krause @Roman_Quev I will lose my mind for you. That shirt rocks!
Long thread MLK was not a proponent of riot. He was deeply committed to the non-violence Jesus calls us to. But he…
Retweeted by Grace Krause @HaileyDeLaune woah dang that's awesome. @jondillo86 I really can't complain in these times though. I have enough. And my job is stable. @jondillo86 T R U T HMe trying to get my life together in the area of finances: @MikeDatTiger @fr_quizzical @shannette14 Many times for me 💁🏼‍♀️Social distancing on the bayou.
Retweeted by Grace Krause @LittleFuselier7 You know... CrossFit is all about functional movement. So just hold your form well and you’re basi… @fr_quizzical Only serious coffee shoppers at highlandHoliness can happen today.
Retweeted by Grace KrauseHildegard is my spirit animal, y’all. Like seriously. Been reading her stuff and it’s 🔥🔥🔥 so he brought the wounded man to be healed with the remedies of truth.
Retweeted by Grace KrauseOne of my HS students (who was adopted from Tajikistan when he was a toddler) just emailed me to tell me that his D… = We-dance-days are back. Tell ya mama and dem! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Grace KrauseNo program, no themed liturgy, no small group, no mixer, no video, no conference, no podcast, no book, no priest's…
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songs of praise for the joys of the citizens of heaven who persevere steadfastly on the way of truth
Retweeted by Grace KrauseWhy do you hate something God loves?
Retweeted by Grace Krause😂😂😂 liberates us from our instinct toward violence. It is a gaze directed toward God, so that He might take car…
Retweeted by Grace KrauseO edifice of the highest good, you are a light that has never been obscured, decorated with the dawn, in the heat of the sun.
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@FrScrap This thread... I just... wow 👏 👏 👏Might mess around and get off social media for two monthsI’m not crying 😭😭😭you’re crying @ChivalryFella Buckle up. There’s two more on the fathers and the doctors!
Reading this. Just came on here to say that dang Papa Benedict was such a freaking good catechist.🙊🙊🙊 @EmilieLetranger Actually I think that is true for me too! I was shell shocked with tears streaming down my face af… @CantareAmantis I’m reading that right now!!Guys guys guys I’m going to the GYM today!!!! is such a gift! for my dumb aching heart!!!
Retweeted by Grace Krause“In creating man, the Creator seems to have intended to show how many variations can be invented from a single theme.
Retweeted by Grace KrauseClearly you’ve never been to Louisiana. is my fave
Remember, there is a work of mercy all of us can do whether we can leave our houses or not. 🙏 #breviaryviews
Retweeted by Grace Krause @AdhucTecumSum hey @H_E_Ryan @SteveMissionary Me too 😳 @HaileyDeLaune 😅😅😅and so that you may remain gentle to the distress and pain of those who are afflicted by the torment of many wounds
Retweeted by Grace KrauseThe Ascension is not an end or a conclusion. It is quite the opposite. As Jesus “goes away” from us into heaven,…
Retweeted by Grace Krause @BobNLestrange @fervorinos @cpfaucheux Oh awesome! @BobNLestrange @fervorinos @cpfaucheux Me too! Where are you from originally? @BobNLestrange @fervorinos @cpfaucheux Yes haha @BobNLestrange @fervorinos @cpfaucheux Whether or not you are from America :) @BobNLestrange @fervorinos Hey @cpfaucheux here’s your answer @HaileyDeLaune I cut mine into 4 parts on edpuzzle and made it their only assignment for the week lol Not a single complaint.If I were a Catholic HS leader, I'd take this opportunity to question everything about my school. I wouldn't put an…
Retweeted by Grace Krause @fr_quizzical Why did you make this poll in the evening when I’m past my twitter limit and can’t vote?! 😉
@KellyAKramer12 Call another parish in the area?? @KellyAKramer12 Oh my what?! @LittleFuselier7 Uh... buy nothing?You labour foolishly, foolishly! How does it benefit you?
Retweeted by Grace Krause @FrHarrison I have a priest friend who lost like 200 lbs. But, uh, don’t lose that much or you’ll cease to exist. @MegHunterKilmer These illustrations are so boss 🙌🏼 @FrScrap This thread was pure joyPart of the deal of this whole “being a teacher in south Louisiana” thing was that I could enjoy the warm weather y… divinity, delightful Life in which I will wear a bright garment, accepting what I lost at my first appearance
Retweeted by Grace Krause @goingblondzo I literally thought this was a real word until I was like 20. @goingblondzo “Tump” for tip or fall over. “Careful, if you knock it too hard, it might tump over.” “That was a b…😂😂😂 @cpfaucheux @Uncouth_Bard Which is saying somethingSubscribe to my friend’s doctorly wisdom (and hilarity). @BroStephenMary Or taxesGuys it’s officially summer and I got a stack o’ books. @MrsRuvi @fr_quizzical Yes! I need an experienced guide to take me thru TJ Maxx bc that place overwhelms me. The on… @Roman_Quev @Uncouth_Bard The host should be @cpfaucheux . I’m not a Louisiana native, people.
“Urdu” sounds like it would be a Star Wars character. @FrScrap is how @Hause_of_Krause & I have been shopping for each other for YEARS, except it’s in stores: (Shopping for… @chrisward34 Just became department chair of the theology department and am excited to start developing our curriculum more :)Hildegard was the Avatar. In this essay, I will... @Uncouth_Bard Nope. I’m not cajun. But my swamp cajun roommate from Houma definitely does! We talked about it recently 😂😂I was definitely there for that in high school. am a sinner who fled from Life: covered with sores I return to you, that you may offer me the shield of redemption.
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@HaileyDeLaune @Roman_Quev @HaleyCarrots tbh our school would just go back online. much better quality teaching wou… @Roman_Quev @HaleyCarrots Lol not possible in hsToday is the Feast of the Ascension. To those of you who wonder what it’s about. It’s the day when Jesus started to work from home.
Retweeted by Grace Krause @Roman_Quev @HaleyCarrots Same. Also switching classes in tiny hallways LOL @fr_quizzical Blessed is she ? @FrScrap Pineapple Pizza. #sweetandsavory
@ChivalryFella @fr_quizzical @WordOnFire @BishopBarron Yes @fr_quizzical @WordOnFire @BishopBarron Shhh, you @EndOfDaysWoman Ew. People do that? My pet peeve: Why do people say "grievous" as if it rhymes with "devious"?I feel this.
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