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@JillFilipovic Honestly 97% might even be too low @JillFilipovic Well it’s a good thing this is a very, very, very small percentage of Bernie supporters, huh? I thin… @shawnxmannyisnt Oh I absolutely will not keep itMe at #Berniepalooza this weekend @the_vello Love it literally obsessed with hanging tight @rejaniced i love her @benschwartz_ "pubic enemy radio" what does it meeeeean @NoahHurowitz someone replied "clay aiken expert at winning elections" and i almost choked on my spit @katewillett @DanteAtkins especially when we've been working our asses off for Bernie out here in Springfield @helenbholmes i said ENOUGH @uberbikegeek that's great! Didn't see any of your events in Springfield, Holyoke, or Chicopee! Glad you're out here, thenpeople keep asking me who Bernie is waving to in the picture on top of the google form and the answer is he's waving to meThe Springfield MA rally still needs more volunteers! If you're in the Western MA area, consider helping out! @helenbholmes enough @benkling skldjfhakjadshflka @the_vello @JonahFurman tea!!!!!!!! don't forget us!!!!!!March 1 in LA.
Retweeted by Kevin (H)arvey: International Assassin @the_vello PRAYING this gig poster gets sold online too @DarthLux queen 🥺
my only Hot Take regarding west side story at this time is that the second half of 'dance at the gym' would make v…
Retweeted by Kevin (H)arvey: International Assassin @zachstam @waplunk @WestSideStoryUS I LOVED IT @zachstam oh my god oh my god oh my god @jrocro Oh god @DarknessRandom what IS THIS @benmekler They’d eat you, you know. Something to think about. Would crush your bones @geniuscowboy Yes you are @danielleweisber It’s just too big!!! @pizzaratisdead Oh I can’t even do that one to myself @matrixreloaded_ HATE itInspired by this video which I do not recommend watching pictures of the world’s largest jellyfish for some fucking reason @BrandyLJensen That’s a bug. squish it @CriminalTrevor @PVDemSoc Yes @PVDemSoc see u at the watch party!!!!!!!! @sheilaheady Big E traffic gotta hold that #1 spot @BETYOURLIFE23 “Under the Stars” from the lion king :) @antigonized @offbeatorbit This was it for me ones know
@DanteAtkins anyway feel free to apologize to us when you’re done writing your candidate fanfic @chunkbardey Keep the tweet up don’t delete @ecclisiastamort people of the Springfield, MA area have been working their asses off for Bernie when no other candidate has bee… @DanteAtkins Do not drag the hardworking often-forgot people of Springfield into this. We deserve a Bernie Sanders… is Ben Garrison levels of labeling @wizzerdcat He’s too loud @AustinCade You leave my parents out of this @pizzaratisdead I blocked that chick. next @west_colfax The Russians are already paying me to do thisIn the mood to start drama. What should I do @Mike2020 @NCforMike @NCCU Hey why did you delete this @colesprouse YES that’s real king sh*t right thereMA friends: Get on this! I’d do it if I already didn’t have Bernie friends staying at my mom’s house this weekend :) has a HOUSING CRISIS -- too many Bernie volunteers, not enough housing. CAN YOU HOUSE AN OUT OF STATE…
Retweeted by Kevin (H)arvey: International Assassin @thegoodposter Exactly @CookieOShady I’m so happy to hear this! The first few doors are scary for sure but then once you get like 20 in yo… are only 10 good tweets in the world and this is one of them watching a movie while taking a bath and Soup got on my laptop and decided to google something I guess @MaryRedden1 it’s a photoshop :( @FemaleBernieBro Unfortunately it’s a photoshop :( @robtrench FUCK!!!! Gonna delete the tweet saddest day of my life @JAdomian @TheUnderculture God this is so funny!!! @ThatWasSven Cry more @krneely Oh I’m certainly on the fence about a lot of Nate stuff too but yeah you can’t say this ISN’T a good sign!! @pukesick @JordanUhl @BernieSanders I usually do it through !! @PVDemSoc i literally YELLED when i saw
@Mike2020 God you are going to lose so badly @jamie_agust Yessssss @jamie_agust Yay!!! The fun and music will be in central MA for sure but if you’ve got a car, we really need some p… @NikolasRage @jamie_agust We really, really do need Spanish speakers!!Do u ever just be like “I wish I knew less news” @GoBlueMontana GrossCan someone please explain “the economy” to me. I will only listen for 5 minutes @BernieWatchdog @HardballChris once again perfect music selection @Mike2020 @erinmmilne @BernieSanders That's great! Glad to hear this. I consider those more northern massachusetts, though, t… @toiletpug I KNEW online dudes would have this exact take and I thought I'd be prepared but here I am rolling my eyes extremely hard @ry_a_n_ @BernieSanders damn........much to think about..... @zylaros @BernieSanders my dad grew up on School St! @zylaros @BernieSanders visiting for awhile! @zylaros @BernieSanders grew up here! @sonjorce @BernieSanders Hell yeah! @IanFoster13 @BernieSanders This makes a lot of sense. It just stings as this is a place that's consistently been f… @DaddyMusic1 @BernieSanders @ninaturner put in the longmeadow zipcode into here you're gonna lose it lmao @KipEnyan This makes a lot of sense! I'm sure this plays a huge part @OjeleyeSeltzer @BernieSanders Warren is certainly my second choice! And this doesn't surprise me at all. But she's… @brendanowicz @BernieSanders fingies crossed @LongTongueSilva @BernieSanders That's really fair! She's my second choice. I'm just saying it really says a lot about these campaigns. @supremecandyass @BernieSanders I've been trying to stay positive during this primary but this just disgusted me! @BeanTaylor03 i was going to follow up the tweet and say that is my favorite song of allWas curious so I checked out other candidate's volunteer events out here in Western Mass. Out of all the candidates… @brittainashford Oh I LOVE this @McGillicudy Absolutely ❤️🌹 @postmahome @bornposting Yeah a few times @bornposting It’s possible that sometimes men just want to be friends with people @theNattyG3 @west_colfax Lmao FUCK @DaddyMusic1 Come canvass for dad we really need help plus I saw Warren canvassers in Longmeadow yesterday 😕 @nachdermas Intersectional my ass!!! @ConnorDumpster You are so welcome!! @CraigSJ Yes!!! Those drums carry it!!
@yourenotreall @KaylaKumari Omg