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sex worker tryna help other sex workers

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After being awake for 24 hours, it is safe to say I'm going straight to bed to collapse after my coco pops. Thank y… know what, I'm just going to say it directly because I don't know how else to. I'm really struggling right now,…
Retweeted by graceyswer @ScrtDrugAddict @Worsel77 Especially if its exercise @Beau_Oddball It is a play on my surname: Sumner They used to say it to call me ScumRetweet of youre a Hound of Love
Retweeted by graceyswer @BimboFurby @Oliver_Tryst @PhoebeDivine69 Thats the hustle I admire! @Oliver_Tryst @BimboFurby @PhoebeDivine69 I dont think I have the stripping abilities - the strength, stamina, bein… @Oliver_Tryst @BimboFurby @PhoebeDivine69 I'm just bewildered - I mean all power to you all, that's fucking brill! Men on the other hand 😂 @BimboFurby @Oliver_Tryst @PhoebeDivine69 I think even in the UK, a grand an hour is incredibly high. I could be wr… @BimboFurby @Oliver_Tryst @PhoebeDivine69 the only tips clients give me is how to 'do better' in life, god damn it… @BimboFurby @Oliver_Tryst @PhoebeDivine69 holy fucking shit, shagging a guy for £20 makes me feel something different now 😭😂 @BimboFurby @Oliver_Tryst @PhoebeDivine69 damn I'm jealous lol @BimboFurby @Oliver_Tryst @PhoebeDivine69 a grand an hour!?!?!?!?! @whorpinions Its the numbing cream they put on before injections so they can't feel it. Slather that all over your… @whorpinions Its like drugs for emotional pain, but for fanny pain @whorpinions Ask for emla cream. I'm intersex and had lots of surgeries - I rip my vagina and scars open all the ti… doesn't seem to think that sex workers can be educated professors. Us immoral, wretched and fallen women c… @PhDPhotographer is @Whoretography by the way!I spoke to @Whoretography about this - why as a street sex worker, I felt both myself & imagery would be worthless.… @GayeDalton @whoreganizer Oh I love you GayeThis is the shit that warms my heart so much. I always wanted a double bed with snuggly throws when I got my own pl… dont mention sex work in PayPal comments though, it will get me banned xThank you for your lovely messages guys, I read them all and it means a lot! do not mention sex work in the comments! It will get me banned! @emszsa I love to see this @MSkravick Maybe if all these journalists and film producers who contacted me actually paid me, I wouldn't be in this position 🤷‍♀️ @MSkravick The wanker blocked me. Dish it, but can't take it. @MSkravick Yup. I am aware I am scum, thank you. hate asking for help, and being so direct about it too. It hurts to swallow my pride and not feel independent. Th… @whoreganizer I'm probably projecting my own issues here, but I felt people wouldn't pay for my pics online because… often enter a meeting of sex workers and instantly feel like the lowest of the low. I instantly feel what I say i… @whorpinions Read that as nap on the cock, and I was like oh I relate @Daithi11983641 @VanaM124 You can't do that when you've got no money and need moneyI hate asking for help, and especially asking outright but yeah... I'm gonna turn off replies, and likely delete… know what, I'm just going to say it directly because I don't know how else to. I'm really struggling right now,… with childhood trauma as an adult is so exhausting. we are living the consequences of another person’s acti…
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@KiviJorma I'm not a professional entrepreneur, and legality doesn't eliminate violence against sex workers.I'm trying to really hold out financially and hope I'm vaccinated soon, so I can work street again.Having space to work safely in terms of mental health is a nice privilege to have, and something I had working agen…, I feel myself drifting back to working from home again and simply hoping for the best. Hotel working is im… only started sleeping in my bed again earlier this month, after re-arranging my bedroom and buying whole new bedd… love and solidarity @whoreganizer my DMs are always open too xxxI feel this very deeply. I stopped seeing clients from home after being assaulted, and ended up sleeping on my sofa… @uppittynegress Always comes with the assumption and stereotype that we are just immoral women, who are troublemake…’all are absolutely disgusting. To think a sex worker can’t behave professionally and ethically, both inside and o…
Retweeted by graceyswerThanks y'all xxx @pastachips That looks gorgeous @GriffAurora @nextdoorruby Thanks, Griff! The Indian takeaway is on its way xxIf anyone would like to buy me and @nextdoorruby takeaway tonight, please feel free xx at my home with @nextdoorruby’s real sick of my shenanigans.
Retweeted by graceyswerno your idea is not new or unique no, we won't give you our time for free no, you should let sex workers direct o…
Retweeted by graceyswer @victoriasilverx Yup!!sing this to TLC - No ScrubsI saw these today, and thought they're pretty harmful. What's everyone else's thoughts? your idea is not new or unique no, we won't give you our time for free no, you should let sex workers direct o… to stop journalists, documentary makers and film directors from pestering sex workers for their input or i…'m having a better day now, and will be sure to make someone else's better tooThank you to the lovely Kirsty, whomever you are on here for attaching this to my PayPal note 💞 sex worker on the island took an overdose last night. My heart breaks for the sex working women on this island wh…
Retweeted by graceyswerhow old were you when you realized you were pressured into MOST of your sexual experiences?
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Retweeted by graceyswermy fav couple @Sorrelish No. Its perfect!
🥰🥰🥰🥰🔽🔽🔽 Gracey er spot on, som vanlig.
Retweeted by graceyswerGuys I genuinely put a lot of thought into this thread, pondering my deep feminist discourse thoughts in the bath.… supposedly champion the voice of victims, but do not do so for sex workers because we not not subscribe or sub… go back to my first point: radical feminists do not care about sex workers or the violence against us. If they d… feminism enforces the idea that women are perpetual victims of patriarchy; that we are not autonomous with…'t this go against everything we're told about apparently how harmful trans women are, when the supposedly mos… is argued that prostitutes are the most vulnerable women in society who need the most protecting or saving from…, this harms all women. It's ironic that women fought not to be considered as dumb, fallen women but rather… rescue industry also thrives off this basis, and is why prostitutes are seen as fallen women who need rescuing,… then further erases the experiences of trans women, because if you frame them as men, then nobody will ever take… frames all men as violent, and all women as victims, which erases the experience of those who experience sexua… is their 'good justification' as to exclude trans women, because they can't accept that men can be victims, an… they admit this, it ruins their facade that women are only victims of patriarchy. This challenges the entire res… broadly, they actively disengage or deny circumstances where women are themselves the perpetrator of violence… feminists do not care about violence against sex workers. If they did, they would care about the violence e… writer self-promotion TikTok! Available for commissions, media appearances and 1920s dance halls. 👯‍♀️ B…
Retweeted by graceyswer @JessicaPlaysx I didnt even name you publicly either until you responded to me after I had already told you to stop… @JessicaPlaysx @JessicaPlaysx I wish you the best, Jess. I will not ask you anymore to stop messaging me, or writing about me. I'v… @JessicaPlaysx I'm glad the sex work community is aware of your repeated disrepect for boundaries and consent. I sh… @JessicaPlaysx I message you back to say, stop doing this, and if you continue ill make a police report. And yet...… @JessicaPlaysx Youre also completely missing the point of this entire debacle. It doesnt matter WHEN I made this pu… @JessicaPlaysx Oh Jess come on. I logged on and scrolled through my messages quick when looking for a booking. I sa… @Arielle_Ivy Ahhh! I wanted to be scene so much - called my MySpace page GoreyGrace and everything 😅 @sluttyscholar The flu!! that sounds horrid! I hope you're alright and if you ever need anything, I'm not far away,… @floschechter hahah me and you of course, got that mutual understanding @PlaysJessicax @JessicaPlaysx I am not embarrassing myself Jess, you are showing yourself up. You're proving my poi… @PlaysJessicax @JessicaPlaysx Says the one who has made an alt account to continue messaging me, despite the very i… @PlaysJessicax Okay, I'll upload it if you want. It doesn't matter of the contents though, because I repeatedly ask… @PlaysJessicax I had you blocked for months, Jessica. It was you who then contacted me on AdultWork, which I saw to…'s not a threat Jessica, I will make a report. @AdultWorkcom can you please contact me about reporting a sex work… response survivors to NOT go to the police, when they are expressing they wish to pursue their attacker through C…
Retweeted by graceyswerHere is here a few months previously, victim blaming me for having a bad client 😀 is Jess admitting she sought out my profile, just so she can then jump on my posts and criticise me for how I…