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@lexieyuh Did you read the warnings and instructions on the side Lexie @lexieyuh You JUST TOLD everyone to use fireworks safely then you take a selfie with em right next to ur face STOOPIDPlaying Trouble in Te**orist Town (TTT) in VR, come thru! @JhbTeam @lexieyuh @lexieyuh what would it take for you to remake this with me @Classify @TheMob LUV YA MAN!!
DUDE THIS MAN IS A LEGEND LMAOOOO ARE LIVE, VAMOS!! new sub alerts👀 @lexieyuh ok check twitter tonight @lexieyuh imma light one in my butt @chaselyons @CorinnaKopf are u gonna use that millions to help pay for my grandma after u ran over her with your gas guzzling ford f-150? @scarrfries WHAT ELON DO?? @RealM0F yessir! gonna try to do russian roullete and joke contests @itsWaddles_ wyd in this bro? @IIDaraII thank you thank youSTREAMING IN 40 MINS!! *Just Chatting *New Minecraft Update *Playing VR (Beat Saber, maybe TTT) Hope to see you g… @CorinnaKopf hi @_A113N The whole JOKE was you said CLIP THIS CLIP THIS CLIP THIS CLIP THIS, hence my reply @_A113N Bro @NotAirid @cizzorz VOUCH!! @LazasBautista 😳 @ieatchawarma dats a flex @_A113N Did anyone ever clip that? @ieatchawarma oh.... @CorinnaKopf hey Corinna, Im sure u remember me @tehfrozenthrone @mynameisalliyah @WhosBreezyUK no he doesnt @xdroook If you need initial game recommendations, lemme know I’ll give you top 3 ez @xdroook PLEASE lemme know when u get VR we gotta play @mangoezzzz @visionofviii Don’t hurt me @SamjaySJ @visionofviii No more @visionofviii Baby don’t hurt me @visionofviii What is love @SamjaySJ @100TJackiee WHAT U THINK LMAO @SesoHQ @100Thieves @PlayVALORANT YOOOO THE FINAL PRODUCT LOOKS FIRE @oFabz PRESENT @xLambo_ @100TJackiee We were in the middle of a ranked match when he tweeted this LOLPoor guy @mr_nahh Off?? LOL @neroxNf @mynameisalliyah Idk what you doing bruv LOL that’s def not right @100TJackiee @lexieyuh waiting for her to say "EW" @mynameisalliyah and this is ME (aka Grahamalot) doing Poggers!! @mynameisalliyah This is the first original POGGERS ever documented @mynameisalliyah POGGERS is an emote that is used in twitch chat to express excitement or a hype moment. So for exa… @notchaselyons All good man have fun!! @ELPWSwastaken @OnTheFlyTwitch @OnTheFlyTwitch uhhhh @ELPWSwastaken @OnTheFlyTwitch Np king love to see you prospering!! @nCaustic_ Gn Natalie! @LazasBautista Ur handsome @Classify LETS GOO!! (send pics) @Daymeeein LETS GO DAME!! @WhosChaos POGGERS @Fispiy @mynameisalliyah LMAOOOO @mynameisalliyah why do u have poop on ur chest @Fispiy @mynameisalliyah leggo fispiy tell her i said sorry @mynameisalliyah UR NOT UGLY UR JUST POGGERSIm done with this @OnTheFlyTwitch I HATE HOW HE WALKS IN LMAOOOODude I cannot stand this man @Blankzy_ @v3Iris OOP there it is
Retweeted by Grahamalot @CorinnaKopf @_A113N @Mako @Wipz Fr @j4zzyko BOUGHT THIS FOR ME I DID NOT BUY THIS MYSELF LMAOMmmm Fabio gonna be looking good hanging on my wall @HarryButAverage @TwitterEng LOLLLL @Blankzy_ I’m gonna pway it on stream so that would we POGGERS @Big_E Have fun homie!! @TristanGHill 🗣🗣 @TristanGHill It really got 113k likes @alexflorias i would say them all in general. @Haunterx7 I think thats one franchise where the sequel can be on par with the original. played thru that game SOOOO many times @GRlNCHIE @Grahamalott
Retweeted by GrahamalotMoving on to Thriller Thursday in 5 mins w/ Momentum GET SOME FOOD AND JOIN!! do it while i wear my high school saxophone around my neck100 likes and I remake this and Smoked💅 Skate 3 w/ @itsWaddles_ and @100TJackiee right NOW!!
SIUUUUUUUU WE LIVE LETS GOO ITS TIME @ItsBrizz Yep I did that with Skyrim (ES5) never played one before that and never will @ItsBrizz No no no no!! Never too late, ES5 is still amazing def try it out @ItsBrizz Worthhhh @ItsBrizz Elder scrolls 6 LOL @Gavpai @Ultra15151 @TristanGHill i knew i helped you guys last night! @ItsBrizz if it takes away from the launch of ES6.... OOOO imma be angwy @prakdip ion know the ppl who made westworld makin this but I SOOOOOOO hope its good. @nCaustic_ @itsWaddles_ reported this🚨 SPECIAL STREAM ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 💸 OnTheFly #5 Podcast is TOMORROW 💸 5PM EST LIVE HERE:
Retweeted by Grahamalot @KyleTheGod_ @100TJackiee @JoeyTheSuperJew HAHAHAHA @dagostlno @100TJackiee @KyleTheGod_ @JoeyTheSuperJew i dont get it @dagostlno in 1 hour minion @Beach_Salad yessir yessir yessir yessirFor anyone who lost their sub or were wanting to resub over the month, we got a new emote and some new alerts....👀… @jeangaultierr HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA @j4zzyko @Blankzy_ STOP TAGGING ME found this girl on omegle, then this happened....
Retweeted by GrahamalotSO EXCITED FOR TONIGHTS COMEBACK STREAM, make sure to check out the new setup and a surprise that will be revealed… @lexieyuh @YounginMillss This is literally YOU