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@champnapper Now who's making a projection?
Vancouver 2030: THIS one will be good for people here. @puppyteeth ah geez. Rest up! @puppyteeth wha happened? @mike_rockland I mean I know you nowTelus: we give where we live! @michellecyca It’s been a ride! @MerleTerlesky and you've left it in your profile to remember the good times? @Notredame007 I know they are, that's how I know. @Notredame007 hmm...don't know how you would know THAT @devron00 Devon, you wouldn't be trying to be a sneaky homophobe would you? @Kay36617141 yes I agree the solidarity protesters are people of action. @AndDagr these new friends clean up after me? How does this all work? @jmask Is this an invitation to friendship? @Stephen79456893 Stephen! Thank you for your civility. @R40Xanadew well I'll see you there next time my friend! @R40Xanadew this reads as homophobic, surely that wasn't your intention. @AndDagr I should get more friends out of my mom's basement? @BeaverBacon this is fun. @bookakurra several ways! @Fermitthakrog8 I was! @teririch it's big enough. @MonctonGirl I think the whole movement is to shut down business to get people to the table...and it seems to be working. @MaceDaEngine no I didn't grow up in Strathcona. I appreciate the civility of your post. @MonctonGirl yes I agree, I am very worried for people's safety. @MonctonGirl @northyorkcondo That's what I'd like to know! @sassynugget nah it was too cold there, y'know? @noodlesbgood land claim in BC, the protests are in solidarity with the protesters out there. @OutlineInChalk yes correct. @northyorkcondo you're followed by David Yunker. @truebluecanadi1 nope! @noodlesbgood I don't believe the protest runs along the lines of environmental concerns but more about land claims… @MerleTerlesky yes...I mean you're not making it easy, but I think I can figure out what U are saying. @MerleTerlesky it's still on your profile there...dude. @MerleTerlesky are you really running for the Calgary Board of Education? @ianrae266 that's fair, I'm just talking about the ones I know. Thanks for being a pleasant commenter. @bag_ofrocks I appreciate you taking the time to thoughtfully state your concerns on the issue. More of this, I say! @YEGcommsguy The vast majority of people I know? @oceansidewebtv I'm all set, unless you're offering? @politicaltheat1 Seriously?
@Notredame007 you're telling me the people I know in Alberta agree with you? @LowBudgetGenius thanks for you input. @NadineNadineh thanks for your valuable feedback Nadine. @bajas_k what is a"consenting opinion"? @bajas_k huh, don't remember asking you.I was born and raised in Alberta and everyone I know from there would be embarrassed about those dudes removing tha… @glennsumi @BeetlejuiceBway it's a genuine blast.75 percent of Canadians believe that the government needs to get it's shit together on Aboriginal issues. That's th…'mon people these dumpy uggs arent gonna salt stain themselves
Retweeted by grahamclark @ArielDumas 5. HopeThe set I just watched @PatrickMaliha do at the Kino was something else. Sad for anyone who missed it. @Brucehills @JFLNorthWest People are generally disappointed with the steam output.Did they only make billions instead of trillions? think the best time for crowdwork is at the very end of your set. @tierramar1211 Have tried it several times. It’s mallet time!"Want podcasts to remain independent? Support independent podcasts."
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@mcbadcalf we can talkI haven't had a decent night's sleep this whole year. I will pay you (a working wage) to smash my head with a mallet. @johnsonbecky @BaronessShow @aurorabrowne @carolyntaylord @JenniferWhalen @MeredithMacNeil @djmausner @AllisonHogg… comedy show, part game show, @GrahamClark Quiz Show is this Sat Feb 22 at @FoxCabaret for @JFLNorthwest with g…
Retweeted by grahamclarkBig time congratulations to @MarkForwardd and @andrewphung on their Canadian Screen Award nominations.
Tears? What tears? Rail blockades could see cities run out of all the things currently denied to most First Nations
Retweeted by grahamclarkWe have @PeterCarlone on SPY this week! 65: Charlie Demers v. Himself. It’s one of our more fascinating Block Tales ever, as Charlie has an existen…
Retweeted by grahamclark @patthornton this is a day maker!Win this cool but rude mug tonight at Laugh Gallery at Havana. 9 pm!! There are still some seats left for our show tonight! 7pm at @VogueTheatre!
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It's all downhill from here! Monday at 9 pm.
whole set off the ringers. RT n share if you want 👋🏻👋🏻
Retweeted by grahamclarkPresident Camacho
Someone’s afwaid his milk supply might get cut off. like Batman
Better late than never. Finally, our live episode from @justforlaughs with @TVsJonDore.
Retweeted by grahamclark @SStackLightning @justforlaughs Okay, fine. We just put it out.
Retweeted by grahamclarkDetained at Gidimt’en: Inside the media confinement zone via @ricochet_en
Retweeted by grahamclarkimagine you’re about to hook up with van morrison, then he says it’s a “fantabulous night to make romance”
Retweeted by grahamclarkUpdate: went to the other side of the bridge and managed to miss the protest there too. For all important updates k… @ExperimentLife_ Cutting his trip out of the country short to deal with this domestic situation would be a strong start.
Protesters are blocking off the Granville Bridge, but on the downtown side, not the other side where I stupidly wen… what leadership are very happy to announce the first-ever Blocked Party Live! Stefan, John, Chris's gonna be a good t…
Retweeted by grahamclark @CityofVancouver Thank you for your response.
@grahamclark The City's working directly with many of the non-profit spaces that are at impacted by the rising rent…
Retweeted by grahamclarkme and @randeenoodle have a podcast pls listen to it. i can’t tell you if it’s good or not cause the sound of my ow…
Retweeted by grahamclarkHello and good day @CityofVancouver. I've read your 10 year arts plan, and it sounds very good. What can I do about… you are interested in supporting the Wet’suwet’en protests but can’t make it to any of the protests, this seems… @KarlisleG Yuh @ljoycek The sign on the indigenous barricade said “reconciliation” which was torn down by RCMP this morning.Picture worth a thousand words
The great @TessDegenstein returns to Stop Podcasting Yourself. BC: Our tuxedos are returning and bringing us with them! This Sunday at the Vogue. Come and see and you c…
Retweeted by grahamclarkHello @CityofVancouver! I've read your Making Space for Arts and Culture report. I'm glad there is a ten year plan… shows make me feel small.
Tomorrow's show at Laugh Gallery is strong. 9 pm.
HERE SHE IS!!! You can see the whole set now! I actually can’t believe I got to say all of that on TV!!!
Retweeted by grahamclarkDon’t be selfie-ish and miss this fan-favourite episode from season 10! “Millennials & Romance Novels” w/…
Retweeted by grahamclarkOh goodie.
Worth it to see that smile! @PFTompkins BAY-BEY!