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@Simoreactions I used to like the way she said "tennis." @Xspuddy_spudX @fast_n_bulbous @Baddiel "Catholic Girls" Me too, and "Crew Slut" ("Hey, I'm into leather!"). @billcutts59 @Baddiel Probably the wrong one to start with. "Tarkus" is great IMO. @Muggsy14 Great band! I applaud her good taste. @PoetTaxiDriver But then the tailbacks will be in Dorset and Hampshire instead - won't they?
@MandaChambers @KirstieMAllsopp Sorry to hear this Amanda. @JonathanWood3 @JamesMelville He's a journalist though, so he should be aware of the distinction. @orridge_anna Anna, I can recommend a collection of J B Priestley's essays (I've got two) if you're not familiar wi… @SoniaLSaville @blackdogday69 Commiserations. I dislike CAPTCHA intensely. Those pictures are hard to read and it a… @LadyLeeds2 I know (yes, and very normal). For me, the best 50th birthday present is an autobiography of someone wh… @twose_brian Hi Brian, I agree, but people have gotten used to the idea that they can expect to buy milk, for exam…
@Gemmapolyglot Deep @WeNeedEU @chris_bore @Life_Disrupted @johndoran1 Sadly I think you could be right. @mark_mclaughlin @BenPBradshaw @BorisJohnson I'd appreciate "freedom" from having to hear his nonsense every week, certainly. @AnnaMimms @Lilylashes42 @thetimes Is it different between the two genders? I've seen women say they would never da… @EleanorRylance @IanDunt Yes, one of my lecturers at university liked to quote Einstein on this subject, something…
@sabinelisicki Happy birthday Sabine! @win_confidante @oxonlineguy Holy hell. I can't decide whether to be turned on or creeped out by that one. @silaslej Timea Bacsinszky (who beat her then) is very strong on clay though. She made the semis twice at RG. @BestForBritain Bravo! (never thought I'd say that about a Theresa May speech). @BrookerCd @StephenCVGraham @Otto_English "It is understood the venomous snake came in to Ireland on a consignment of stone from India." @HXValley @nickreeves9876 "There are problems with PR." Israel's a case in point - the religious extremists are a… @orridge_anna I know a bit about Waugh but not much so I'm going to have a listen to Matthew Parris's episode of "G… @orridge_anna Good points there, and you're right about Maurier; she could at least draw some enduring characters a… @orridge_anna Betjeman wrote some memorable lines, but he tried so hard to make his poetry fit the established poet… @orridge_anna Daphne Du Maurier and John Betjeman are much loved down here in Cornwall (strong local connections),… @orridge_anna Hi Anna, You're probably right, but that makes me wonder just how good many famous writers actually are at writing? @FraserNelson @neildrewitt From what I've read, one thing Germany doesn't do well compared to the UK is customer se… @fogmount Thanks for replying, but I'm not so sure. Domi said it took her 6-8 weeks to get over Aga's double-bagel… @MervusP30 @KellyQuilt @Axolotl51 Labi Siffre's original's pretty good too IMO; I'd say "different", not "better". @fogmount I know "lucky loser" is an established term in tennis but I'm not sure I'd call that "lucky"; maybe with… @paceman76 @MrHarryCole What has poor old Bognor done to deserve him (and George V's famous putdown)?
@rafaelbehr Martin Heneghan in this thread makes some good points about the complex political dynamics at play at t… @rafaelbehr For that reason, if the deal had passed I think the Tory Brexiters would have seen it as a staging post… @rafaelbehr IMO though the fatal flaw of May's deal was that it required the UK to accept being subject to EU laws… @rafaelbehr "There were plenty of junctions along the road from 2016 to the present predicament. But moderate Euros… @KellyQuilt I'm probably in a minority here in thinking this is better than the original, but still; @KellyQuilt "In A Gadda Da Vida" has been waiting 40 years for a serious metal band to cover it. Along come Slayer; @BobBorsley @rafaelbehr Some of them (Allison Pearson comes to mind) genuinely seem to believe their encomiums for Johnson though. @KellyQuilt Ticket To Ride - The Carpenters @lady_bell8 @thewelshgirl35 Thanks! @lady_bell8 @thewelshgirl35 Lovely. Where is that (in Wales obviously)? @alicecooper on the Johnnie Walker show right now. One of the best raconteurs I've ever heard.This is lovely.
Retweeted by Graham Giles @ThomasWPenny @MichaelPDeacon Icke wasn't saying the stuff 30 years ago that he is now though; that only came along in the mid-90s.
@lady_bell8 Oh cool. If you like songs about saving someone, here's a couple; @lady_bell8 Not a metal fan then? Probably wise, I don't think HM is good for you (though it is quite addictive for… @lady_bell8 "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle? A couple of others; "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica "Hell's Bell… @Backpainandwine BTW, the other two were "Alice's Restaurant," by Arlo Guthrie (someone made a film around the song… @Backpainandwine I'm probably older than you, that one goes back more than 40 years ago to when I was at college:) @Backpainandwine Not as rocky as this though I'll bet ; @Backpainandwine Was that the one you were thinking of? That's one I don't know. @Backpainandwine There's several I can think of; which one do you have in mind? Alice's Restaurant; All The Young… @Justbrexit @RichardjsS14 @IainDale Hi, thanks for replying. The bit I didn't get from that first tweet of yours wa… @Justbrexit @RichardjsS14 @IainDale I don't think anyone could ever fairly accuse Richard of that. @SusanPickin Anonymise the voting (e.g. by electronic voting), so MPs vote without having to show up in person. Tha… @RichardjsS14 @IainDale Lol @Louise00flour @thomasbrake True. The trouble is that the system can only be changed by parties that get elected, a… @unojen_wood @Keir_Starmer Return to normality. @ladyhaja Wow - wow - wow - unbelievable. @Louise00flour @thomasbrake At the moment it doesn't have to be because voters who feel either way can simply not t… @Louise00flour @thomasbrake Hi Lulu, I agree with all that but think that if mandatory voting were to be introduce… @Fern_Britton "Off to get Aura rebalanced and then my shakras cleansed." Good for you Fern! Did you feel the difference afterwards? @RachelReevesMP She was more than a breath of fresh air, she was a howling gale. RIP Mo.
@upinthebush My tutor at university was a Canadian, slightly older than Conrad Black and very different politics (h… @upinthebush Here's Conrad Black's Twitter account (I don't know where Lady Black is); @overlandbirds @Kirsty_Brimelow She did; "I said that she really shouldn’t scam people and there are lots of vulnerable people."Petra Kvitova being interviewed by Adrian Chiles on Radio 5 Live at the moment (11:35 a.m.); @eric_kf_donahue @TadeuszMrozek2 @Caulimovirus There's also the OneTab browser addon, which converts all the tabs i…
@alanburkittgray @ElliotElinor it's the Brits that are losing Don't we know it. @Sorrelish @Helen_Something Pretty much anything works in the dating game if you're a stone cold 10 though. Who said life was fair? @WeNeedEU IMO, spoiling children has more to do with whether or not they grow up thinking they have to consider oth… @WeNeedEU Hi there, I don't know about yours, but my generation (I'm a baby boom tail-ender) was probably the most…
@family_martyn Is anyone with links to a national newspaper reading this stuff? If not they should be. @AnniHawk You'd think so wouldn't you? @AnniHawk Totally understandable. Does feel like banging one's head against a brick wall at the moment. @Camlatintutor @MsCBristow Sure (and thanks for replying). I was just wondering whether, if you made the grammar an… @Peston @BorisJohnson As others have said, the EU won't and can't levy WTO tariffs on us or anyone else. Has that… @Camlatintutor @MsCBristow A question for you if you have the time and inclination; how much do you think it matter… @Camlatintutor @MsCBristow Even in my day (I took the "O" level exam in 1974) it was tacitly admitted that we did "… @Camlatintutor @MsCBristow Hi Charlie, That's good to hear, but with that lightening of the linguistic load how mu… Minister's Questions subtitles; Youtube just translated a Tory MP's saying "a fairer system" to "a fairy system". @BettinaSRoss1 @LeedsTours Is it the violinist's equivalent of "Smoke On The Water" for rock guitar? @cookoomashu @bbcmartynoates @garystreeterSWD @BBCSpotlight The trouble is that we also now have 6 Tory MPs because… @DOLWOAS Frankly I'd just let it go, as I don't think it's a big deal. Jeanette Winterson had sex (with other women… @DOLWOAS What Campbell did, whatever view you might take of its moral significance, wouldn't be against the law in… @RaveCozensHardy @JohnWest_JAWS @MailOnline @HenryDeedes is probably right, but he clearly thinks style matters mor… @Camlatintutor @MsCBristow Classics are definitely amongst the more difficult subjects on the school syllabus thoug… @Camlatintutor @MsCBristow Hi Charlie, IMO, there's no harm in letting everyone try it who thinks they might be in… @DOLWOAS You do realise that for every bloke who tut tuts about Campbell's lack of sexual morality here, there are… @BeerwulfWebshop No thanks. A single bottle of Westvleteren 12, please. @SimonBruni With Margaret Thatcher you always knew what she stood for and what she wanted to do, because she kept o… @GregsonRachel @DOLWOAS @paulfranks @thetimes It worked for me! @Andrew_Adonis I don't think so. He looked like one's geography teacher from school.
@family_martyn Hi Martyn, Haven't been there for years but if you ever get a chance to go to Mousehole at Christma… @OwenJones84 LOL the questions some people think up! @mhdksafa Yes. What else do you do? Let it slam in their faces? @DrewLawDesign The Strawbs - Down By The Sea. Probably better known in the US than here (despite the Strawbs being… @WHeathRobinson @DrewLawDesign Is that the one from "Hounds Of Love"? @margclench @Sillyshib If she became a Tory because militant trade unionism in Liverpool cost jobs, why is she back…