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Film Maker (DEADWAX, I CAN SEE YOU) 👁 Game Writer (UNTIL DAWN) 👁️ Music Mangler (GLASS ANGLES, R0B0PHAS1A) 👁 Laconic Expertise in Subconscious Engineering

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@jenk2003 @JesseThorn Glad to hear you’re on a good path as well! I’ve never had the persistent long term ones, ju… @JesseThorn 2nding “forcefully.” I’ve had good luck with some doctors over the years who are interested in actuall…‘ve had chronic migraines since I was 16. Not as bad as some folks, but it still sucks. A lot. But I thought it wa… cannot stop listening to this! @GrahamReznick, writer of Until Dawn and writer/director of Deadwax on @Shudder ha…
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸ @JeffWhitmire1 Ha all true re: sound recording and music videos but sometimes you have the opposite problem. Worke…
@JeffWhitmire1 Yeah it’s crazy how much more TLC this needs but it seems to be worth it. During Black Friday I got… @JeffWhitmire1 Not a real one but I’ve slowly been converting this “bonus” room that’s mostly separate from everyth… @JeffWhitmire1 honestly i think you can get great results out of any basic mic if you learn to play to its strength… @JeffWhitmire1 i caught a dented one on reverb for cheap! which has resulted in me being paranoid that any issues a… @josh_ethier @Rodney_Ascher Duuuude. You will love. Asahito Nanjo from High Rise is also the core of Mainliner. It… million percent @JeffWhitmire1 (Intense sibilance, very sensitive pickup pattern, awful room reflection pickup, proximity issues ca… @JeffWhitmire1 Oh man, always weird mic issues! I recently upgraded from a shure Unisphere I used for years (it is… @JeffWhitmire1 Thanks so much man! Haha and thank you re Spray It On... you can tell in the demo versions how long… the link: @totalvibration Their production (and playing) absolutely blew my mind when I first heard High Rise II and Mellow O… people tell me a band is “heavy” or “noisy” or “loud,” I can’t stop myself from mentally comparing them to Mai… SHIT @JeffWhitmire1 ahh my apologies and THANK YOU!Forgot the link! Biden's popular vote margin has now topped 7 million. BIDEN — 81,271,827 (51.3%) TRUMP — 74,216,269 (46.9%) @NBCNews
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸThis is so gd good
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸ @burial_grid 🦾🦾🦾 @JeffWhitmire1 @Bandcamp 🤠Setting price to $1 and all sales from my BC page today will be donated to Black Lives Matter and pandemic relief. Thank you!Good morning! A brand new track for @Bandcamp Friday; prob my last BC Fri release for a while (if they continue).… @MrGlennMcQuaid Cheers Glenn! @teenmethuselah @Bandcamp Thank you!!Setting price to $1 and all sales from my BC page today will be donated to Black Lives Matter and pandemic relief. Thank you!For nite owls: brand new track for @Bandcamp Friday; maybe my last BC Friday release for a while (if they continue)…’m so fucking mad at how our leaders blew it getting this under control. Basically a year of our lives gone. A yea…
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸWEAR. A. FUCKING. MASK.
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Holy shit the (very nice) fellow who tied our Xmas tree to the car - I don’t think you thought this through
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸ @elijahwood @ChrisPrineMusic And you’re damned if you don’t what are we talking about? @bdgrabinski Also, I still cannot mentally picture Real Sid. Will always picture Oldman. @bdgrabinski That movie turned me into a teenage when I was 9nailed it @scottEmovienerd much like how I didn’t know Clifford was a harrowing documentary, I was unaware the cruel shoes wa… BEST SHOW IS LIVE! SPECIAL GUEST KIM GORDON! LISTEN: CALL IN! 201-332-3484 (201)-DEA…
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸare you mother fucking kidding me ™️ you motherfucking kidding me
Do it do it do it do it do it someone tells you to take your flunky and dangle
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸ @stirpicus Throw one up in the air, see what happens
2020 leaves, fall 2020 edition of this tragedy could have been avoided if we had a government that paid people to stay home in April/May & pa…
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸOf all the hyper specific reference accounts to exist, the existence of this one is now my favorite 29th 1983 - H.I. fell for Ed, while she was taking his mugshot #RaisingArizona
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸRIP David Prowse, ultra intimidating strongman bodyguard in the best and scariest scene in A Clockwork Orange TRY… @evanhusney Ha yeah it doesn’t make the gameplay any more compelling but it does sort of make me understand its in… @evanhusney (On a similar topic, you ever play an original Asteroids cabinet? They do some weird “overloading” of… @evanhusney I got semi decent on the cabinet and enjoy playing emulations but it’s definitely one of those that is… @evanhusney I was... unhealthily obsessed with Tempest for a while. Main character’s shirt in I CAN SEE YOU was a T… @evanhusney Oh heck yeah!!! Super amazing! @evanhusney I remember mid 2000’s living down the street from the original Barcade in Williamsburg and I’d walk ove… @evanhusney Personally I’d go Tempest (x5) Cause that’s the best cabinet ever made but goddamn do they break down often @josh_ethier I think that limo is still rolling into frameI literally wore out my copy in high school am living “Pierre Menard Author of the Quixote” but for Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s video for “Souvenir” @bdgrabinski I used to think the “look at me like a human boy” part was very funny but after I was stuck in quarant…
@JesseThorn @scharpling !! I think I first learned about The Best Show from The Sound of Young America back in... 2007?Uh, by “safe” I meant “date.” I’m not drunk you’re drunk @TheHofstatter True but really I blame the @gopGet the absolute fuck out of here with your “church services” right now seriously, fucking stop it tragic victim of the “Last Boyscout”
“I figured I could just tell them my idea to mix Spider-Man with Doom” MAKE THIS GAME YOU COWARDS, why did this weird doll show up on the vintage computer section of ebay?
Retweeted by graнaм rezηιcĸ @_stephenbell_ @BlaseballNews Oh gotcha, looked at wrong screenshot. Gun surprises me sometimes. Really didn’t lik… @_stephenbell_ @BlaseballNews You got him with the fists too! @_stephenbell_ @BlaseballNews Right?? Was not expecting that to be the one that did it @_stephenbell_ @BlaseballNews mine from yesterday; was initially a farming run but the build got so good I was like… @josh_ethier Thank you, that’s a tempting offer but I bought 700 pounds of cat food for my three cats at the beginn… @josh_ethier I’m not jealous @josh_ethier it was delicious i love thanksgiving @josh_ethier thankful I cooked all this @JeffWhitmire1 fair point but my wife is not the writer of deadwax and until dawnwell thanksgiving is over which means it’s officially time to start putting up decorations for the next important holiday, halloween @JeffWhitmire1 Happy thanksgiving! @JeffWhitmire1 Uy, I don’t think I can handle the whole thing with this much turkey in me @theorionwalker @JeffWhitmire1 At least once a second from Trump and then double that from the weird blue flash that hurt my brain @theorionwalker well goes to show that hindsight is 2016what a dickwad a dickwad Disc Phonograph. Haven’t looked up the serial but the last safe on the patent here is 1916, so it’s definite…