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byun , she/her ❤️ MONCHI CHIZU DEBUT ( JANUARY 2021 ) 🐉🌸 💮 COMM TWIT : @waxsnake

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@Kaibu_Nyan omg this is perfect this is exactly what I was looking for THANK YOU SO MUCH! @Castor1748 WOW!!!!!!! SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! omg it looks so softhelp is there a way to switch between images on OBS that are voice activated so it looks like my picture is opening… @pleasureheart3 LMAOOO MAYBE IN THE FUTURE.... I owe chat a moncheeso emote first @FeralFM :WORRY: @Composer7A I did... very much. nothing makes me feel happy quite like watchin soap cut into small little cubes @Composer7A monchi says i should be working on stream assets not watching soab cut into tiny piecesi feel like this image is going to be used against meme: watching soap cutting videos monchi behind me: @Unyubaby THANK YOU!!!! @kobacake (monchi is heard sobbing in the distance, while I grab the microphone) yes @Foldpls dorito dust wont be the only red on my hands soon @goldentot go ahead and test me green man watcxh ur backs @ruffbun yes, her tail actually.............. snack storagethats too ooc i cant post it on monchis twitter but this look has me deadsum1 talkin shit in chat??????????????? in MY stream?????????? @IIIarclight 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @ruffbun 10 pounds of doritos a day for a growing dragon, just like her mama hnHJSEBHTHBESHTBE @ruffbun thank i am so proud of her @linstache ME TOO!!!!! HEH......... I think they're on to me
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @ruffbun yes i am with childthis one literally killed me last night @linstache cannot wait to see chats reaction... poor monchi @nodplus50pts thank u... cant wait for her to be delivered from my womb @nodplus50pts NOSIENGKJSNEG ESGJKSNE NO IM PREGANTFor Monchi's debut this is going to be the last slide of the introduction powerpointYeah I stream with my vtuber, her name is (looks at the smudged writing on my hand) munchy cheeseThese tweets are going to be framed in my room next to my Monchi wall @DSyonide hehe.... @_Nolnir_ YAA THANK YOU STARRY!! Excited to make some...!! @cloverlimit O COOL THERES A THING TO PREVIEW!? Usually my art struggles being resized that tiny so im tryin to fig… @_Nolnir_ OHHH!! Okay!!! I saw the different sizes and i was so intimidated im like bro that is so tiny... 560x560… TAKE IT
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @DEADINTITAN this is why i hate this seasonnn UHHH ITS SO DARK AND COLD T_T!not icon.. EMOTE.. TWITCH EMOTEhow the heck u make twitch icon. how u make them so tiny
@DEADINTITAN dude I went downstairs to get some food and it looked like it was 8/9pm and i see the oven clock say 4:30 n i cried a littleim getting the 6pm sleepies........ zzzz recently ive been taking naps for like 2 hours between 6-7 bc its so DARK… @BladeHenge some have tried...the world may be out to get me but i will never cahngethe amount of injuries ive caused myself since Ive moved into this house is too many 😔also i slammed my forehead against the freezer trying to get something out of the fridge again. love my spacial awareness GJHNSEKJHBESHJomg i ate my apple turnover 2 fast n now i feel sick ouuGHHH OUUUHHHH GHHH uuuHHH @Daevaluque @sleevedraw sorry to confuse u u__uLRT will be the monchi for holiday cards!! I'll do a simpl background and make it look festive.. I'll make a form f… @Daevaluque @sleevedraw SHJGBSEHJ that sleevedraw account is just to hold the username!!! the account is the same, just changed the nameMonchipon 🌸 I hope you are staying warm during these cold nights! Thank you for keeping me company on stream while…
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @Daevaluque @sleevedraw Sleevedraw is this account, I just changed my username !
@RoniDraws she is a hungry girl.. more like eating for 5 instead of eating for 2 😔wat to eat for dinner............................ deep dive into the freezerI'm making my icon kiht again bc im going to confuse myself with monchis account LOLMonchipon 🌸 ! Hello everyone, I'm Monchi! I'm a #ENVtuber debuting in Winter 2021! I can't wait to meet you all soo…
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @pisxes_chi @yukirikukki @amberdots @ryuugonana @KatsuRyujin @vRipSkip @LadyUkiyo @Seiryu_ch @kuzuryuio drago famil…, in addition to yesterdays tweet, please feel free to link me your favorite vtubers! (preferably non hololive,… looking at getting some cards printed for holiday card exchanges, does anyone have recommendations on where to p… @lemyawn @eggtuber EgggggggtoobrrAnyways enough complaining from me here's the vote link! It's just one click if you'd like to support making art/cr…
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @toastylalafell Girl.... @cloverlimit Hmm I suppose ? Vtubers are kinda like.. more in character when they stream I supposeill ask again in the morning but vtuber mutuals please boop me so I can follow you on monchis account! or if you ha… you all again for your continued support and understanding!! You all rock ;_; and thank you all for the inte… you everyone for your feedback!! I think for the sake of keeping myself and vtuber separate, I'll be keeping… you give your friend another friend and then watch as he immediately reduces it into a fine sand right in front…
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉)Mostly just see what other people think of this, hoping that hearing peoples thoughts on this will give me some cla…'m not opposed to going forward as monchi with this account, but I also don't know how that would make people feel… feel a bit indecisive about how I want to proceed with my vtuber and my account,, I would really like to put ever…
@kche92 THEY ARE CALLING UR NAME... THEIR CUTE LITTLE FACES... buy us.. spend ur monies... @kche92 its dangerous.. their cute faces are so tempting.. u_uI do NOT need any more nendoroids, but this snow miku is sooo cute aaaaThe Snow Miku 2021 Nendoroid has been revealed! She will be available for pre-order on February 7th, 2021.
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @ceroblitz omg... JHSEBGKJSHEG there is a sock goblin.. somewhere there is a mountain of socks.. a magical place @blackteahime @blackteahime RATTLES YOU.. ITS OK. WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER. ILL HOLD UR HAND @blackteahime EMMY PLEASE KGJNSKJNGS#원신 #原神  #Genshinimpact
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @46cm_ THANK YOU!! Yeah, it just feels so different than anything I've attempted before, so it feels very foreign!!… @DWmodss GJHSEGJKHBSEBHJKGHBJESBHGBESHJBG @diaquartz omg.. so cute!!! I've seen videos of peoples free roaming tortoises, its sooo adorable to see them hobble around the house.. @noa89 TY NOA!! ;w; @shewhoran true... I now have a little box of all the loner socks for mismatch days! @ruffbun we have much to learn from our tortoise friends... they kno secretswhere is your pair.. why are you alone...!!!! @ruffbun u are my first official tortoise employee.. lunch break we eat with tortoises and listen to them cronchhow is it that I have found 15 different socks while cleaning, and none of them match?!? HOW?! @ruffbun coming and im starting a tortoise sanctuaryI wish I lived in a warmer climate and the space to own a tortoise... one of my dream pets.. I think theyre just so charming @46cm_ YOU ARE SO POWERFUL!! I've be wrestling so much with the program, it's such a learning curve... I love ur cu… @prlslg NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ESJHGB NOT THISi love tortoise.........Tortoise wearing jeans
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @linstache BABY CHIZU... fresh from her eggCleaning and assembling bedframe today! 🐲💦 Stay hydrated today everyone 🌸 ! @kobacake 👼💞😈Monchi time! Please look forward to my debut, coming soon...!~ 🐲🐲🐲🐲
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉)i dont remember why i drew this one
Retweeted by BYUN (🌸monchi pregnancy🐉) @tsulala CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What exciting news!! Can't wait to see what's in store for you guys in the future!!two chizus... both good