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Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw the authorities off their guard and give you the opportunity to commit more. he/him

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Solid point. @AnaMardoll This is my first time hearing kissmate. I will use this more often! Thanks y'all. And wishing you a speedy recovery.
A suburb is like if I defined my "apartment limits" to be everything but the kitchen and when my gf asked me to coo…
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This is an outstanding political treatise. via @GoogleNews @JoyCozby At least they sent it manually? @eyesondesign00 Didn't Eleanor Roosevelt play an integral role in this? @ItsEmaly Yes, the key for me is environment. Find a new room/part of a room, or change the room somehow to put you in the right mindset @LizzHorvath @radicallyrach Figure out how to get actual ballots mailed to people before the election. During the… @eyesondesign00 And it's going to start in October with POTUS doing it for political gainThis will change zero minds but fascinating read. am still so incredibly anxious about dining out, even if it's literally outside. For now, I'm sticking to takeout…
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@Kidfears99 @eyesondesign00 In the beginning. Now? HubSpot, Salesforce, marketo @Akhil_Anumolu Lots have already, not expanding Medicaid and the law that passed a few years ago expanding/requirin… SCENES ON THE BBC NEWS CHANNEL
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough @lollydaggle Try they added a filter for Dr who provide telehealth. @eyesondesign00 MailChimp
@stephannnnie Nearly as high among Latinos.I’m tipping my cap to honor the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues and remember the players who were wrongfully…
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@LizzHorvath Cow, nipple, dairy. Works?
Ways a society expresses its values and priorities: 1. Wear a mask 2. Close the bars 3. Open the schools Withou…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough @bluestein Do we have a model of how this relates to what April numbers would have been had we had more testing? @jackmjenkins Do those words have to be in English?
@halvorson I am so sorry. And angry as hell that it's happening. This was and is preventable.Laughing at this whole thread for some reason
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughLong live the #platypusbowl #osuvsuo @andishehnouraee Wrapped in your favorite heated blanket, on high, fresh out the washing machineLearned a very relatable term today: “報復性熬夜” (revenge bedtime procrastination), a phenomenon in which people who do…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughWhat am I missing here? @austinlouisray My wife responded to my Saturday wiffleball games by calling it larping but for baseball.Happy pride y'all. PS #BlackTransLivesMatter @lollydaggle also, a friend pointed out that using a series of hashtags is tough for people with dyslexia. @lollydaggle no. not until it's no longer owned by Facebook. @McKennaPMoore They let patrons exchange cash for a prepaid debit card to use on site. Or Disney with the fast pass thing?
@Akhil_Anumolu What would that role pay outside SF /NYC?She's a golden girl for sure. @BettyMWhite @McKennaPMoore Im fascinated by this experiment- And the user experience and long term effects on ppl who use cash @mattturck Because this is an anomaly. Not because we have a system that regularly (and/or proportionally) has black women as CEOs.Who are the 104 who said yes to cutting k-12 education? anyone else feel unsettled by the fact that IRBs are (justifiably) not allowing researchers to do in-person re…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughYay free market? @GovKemp But not social distance?The fetal growth chart? Based on white babies. good start. Now we need service industries to do it. Maybe a federal law?
@jlazarus001 Who reliably vote gop @emarvelous Dog whistle. @pdubjunta @NeerajKA @kevinroose It's not about education, it's about belonging and a sense of purpose. Anti vacci… @mcfadyen_jane @ThatGirlVim @CuriousScutter @scope This is great! @CNNPolitics You know, there's been a lot of bad stuff that's happened this year. But reading that Devin Nunez was…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough @kohenari This guy? @austinlouisray It's it a 5000 word essay on how distributor licenses work in ga? (Also is it true there are only 3 licenses?) @BeerGuyAaron @austinlouisray Healthcare? Insurance? Telecom? Energy? Transportation?Hell yeah growing number of researchers think that diabetes doesn’t just make people more vulnerable to the coronavirus, bu…
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THREAD: as a waiter, here’s a list of things you can do to increase safety when eating at dine in restaurants: (1/11)
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughUeck being Ueck.
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough @girardinl @girardinl This made me snortGOOD.
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughSerious question: can we pay reparations in the form of no interest guaranteed loans? - buy a house - start or expa…
@ClarkDRutledge1 @kohenari It was very effective in the ga 6th race a few years ago have said this before, I will say it again: practice saying, in a tone of scoffing, "Dude, really?", "Seriously?"…
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@jackmjenkins Gonna be hard with only 1 polling place for 600k voters
@delcerebro @nickrathert hey I'm interested! (but either dm's aren't open, or I'm having some user error issues). @susanna_ux there's some politics/philosophy sure - did Covid cause the death or was it caused by a heart attack?…“If you get sexually assaulted / raped why wouldn’t you tell the police?” A thread of quotes said by real judges i…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughYou look at the polls and think "he can't win." But Trump's path to victory doesn't depend on persuading Americans.…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough @HowtoADHD Spacial awareness and being more "clumsy" I had a permanent bruise on my hip from running into table edges
@saywhatagain Inside man Apocalypse now (heart of darkness) The siege (star cast, timely subject matter) @FlannelToLace Do you still want the job? Send a follow up email acknowledging your mistake, and why you're qualified for *this* job. @lollydaggle I would say "poor" but @MerriamWebster wouldn't agree: 1a: the state of one who lacks a usual or soci… can't believe people are still arguing about wearing masks. My mother died of COVID last Sunday. My father is go…
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@Sharrisonb @BergFulton Seeing this photo really helps! @bluestein And hospitals are covering it up. The pessimist in me says someone at the stat… King they don’t teach in schools. My father talking about the economic injustice of America not distributing l…
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How many other hospitals are doing this? 4 House Speakers served in the Confederacy they could never fathom a world where a woman Speaker would order t…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughLet's play a game everybody. I want you to close your eye and imagine an entrepreneur. Now close your eyes and ima…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughAll Americans (and future Americans) win with the #DACA decision. #Immigration @florinpop1705 Thinking step by step and not changing things haphazardly. @mbillips @atlurbanist They did that to Stacey Abrams. @atlurbanist @OdettaMacLeishW And it costs waaaay less.This is more American than Apple pie @HowtoADHD @RitikK22 Google form? @JoshuaLeePwllJr Jay pharoah and Milo ventimiglia filming a new biopic @cfiesler Audio that contains hacking material, our activates other "smart" devices to do malicious things
POTUS told China to "go ahead" & build concentration camps. @conorsen They increase voter suppressing tactics. @eyesondesign00 The first time someone realized they *needed* to back up their data I ever mentioned how much I hate this metaphor? Number one, a sheepdog is a herding dog. It is not the job of…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough @NatoPotatoTV Yes. And in 1-3 years you get to lock eyes with your kid as THEY poop. Yes, it's every bit as weird as it sounds. @Akhil_Anumolu They list the price?? I always thought if you were that rich you just walked in and said "I'll take it" and it showed up.
It would be a great day for the cops who killed #BreonnaTaylor to be arrested & charged. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' Yarbrough#irony @wawaonline win $250k for advertising to keep the west #Atlanta watershed clean. @AlexIp718 @hood_naturalist @wawaonline Hey I ran a campaign like this for @seniorconnectionsatl and we won a car f… nonprofit I'm interning for is in the chase for a $250,000 advertising grant! @wawaonline is a Black-owned org…
Retweeted by Grant 'Wear a Mask Damnit' YarbroughRobert Burch, president of Utah’s chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society and Democratic P…
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