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@zachheltzel This is actually so depressing @vegspice It’s probably Powder’s eye, from the hit movie PowderIn the 90s they used to sell DVDs by just straight up torching dolphins @CarlBeijer @living_marble “My name is Marlo. That is my name... Marlo.” — MarioMy mentor Moose loves to tell this story — he invented the worlds biggest meatball in the 70s but didn’t patent it,… both parties must agree to come together and impeach Sanders: both parties must agree its almost 420 baby… don't know who needs to hear this but
Retweeted by A. Grand PartyTo reiterate: Looking for a new job. Features and columns. TV writing. Content marketing. Open to a variety of thin…
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This must be what Christmas Eve feels like in Hell @zachheltzel I am defeated
I’m going to start treating my own backstory like comic book characters SIXTH GRADE ISN’T CANON @zachheltzel Is that canonWake me up when Pikachu makes Lieutenant @TimDuffy He looks like he’s cosplaying arrested development Tom Jane
Just once I want to see someone START with the “whoa this blew up” SoundCloud link, and THEN step up and deliver th… @ScottTammel Hmm yeah ok. “Saving Save Tonight” @ScottTammel Oh okay... well that gives it context which is good. But still what does it MEAN?? @amandonium Damn! He was so mysterious... so catchy yet so impossible to catch @ScottTammel What do you mean20 years have passed, everyone has moved on... but I’ll NEVER stop wondering, what is an Eagle Eye Cherry and what does it meanFuck @TheDragoEffect I'm up for a Spider-Jon x Spider-Gwen team-up serieswill he be called Spider-Jon or Snow-Man, that's the lingering questionso Jon Snow has an Uncle Benjen who taught him power & responsibility .... CLEARLY the end of the series he goes in… @oldmanweldon *James Bond voice* Thrones... James of ThronesGame of Thrones recap: when it began, very few were saying "yaaaas" in the middle, everybody seemed to be saying "…
@jen_williams Just saneThat said, I too wish for deathMy favorite twitter is people just talking about things they like. Sometimes a person’s whole thing is “I wish fo… @LTBcomedy Not killing the spider is better. The jury finds you.........good!When you need help moving and your options are limited.
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@joellecornett For me, that was 2018... it was a slightly different triumverate of pain but it was awful, like bein… @SenGillibrand @IlhanMN It's a false choice to suggest Trump's dangerous rhetoric is on some level a well-intention… is awful and I’m disgusted by basically everyone, but it’s possible i just need to eat somethingthe memory of 9/11 is sacred ground. it should only be used to sell shitty light beer and overpriced trucks to smal…
Retweeted by A. Grand PartySanders, Warren: I stand with Ilhan Omar against the racist mob Harris: I'll get back to you, say, Monday? O'Rour…
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@TheRachelFisher Season 5 is a Ramsey-filled slog but it gets better at the end!Happy Friday y’all
Retweeted by A. Grand Party(Neil deGrasse Tyson) Actually the Death Star is a misnomer it should be called Death Boat10 Easter Eggs You Missed In “The Rise of Skywalker” Trailer 1. Jango Fett is Rey’s dad... CONFIRMEDI've been rewatching the MCU movies & they are nice and fine, but..... it just underscores how much better all arou… @Lt_Smashv1 @msdanifernandez Also this video articulates my opinion better than I did. It's got like 100 views but… @Lt_Smashv1 @msdanifernandez I'm sorry I can't agree... his behavior is too polite for my taste. Peter is a sassy b…
@SaraJBenincasa I am 32Six of the most cursed t-shirts you could ever wear.
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Checked Yahoo news for the first time in a couple years and yeah their definition of "what's hot" is... questionable
Retweeted by A. Grand Party @electrolemon MOVIES 👏 ARE 👏 NICE 👏the new lion king looks good and i am going to watch it. i have no complaints. movies are nice. sharing this kind o…
Retweeted by A. Grand PartyQuick - in a British accent say “but even HERE there is life.” Congrats, you have narrated every nature documentary.
Retweeted by A. Grand Party @erictcarrasco Aw I love this @HanaMichels It already surpassed this, but for a brief moment in time, it was perfectly symmetrical like Twin... p… in on the tip conversation. I’m team “if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to go out” It sounds s…
Retweeted by A. Grand Party @vegspice @schnapsideer good point I do love Johnny da Wick @Guardian99Allen @AdvocateMac @asaprajy @schnapsideer They're all pretty good. I like the TASM choice, it's bold...… @Guardian99Allen @AdvocateMac @asaprajy @schnapsideer Spider-Verse is 100% a franchise film by any definition, I do… @schnapsideer Spider-Verse Mission Impossible Fallout The Last Jedi Mad Max Fury Road Batman Begins Back to the Future Jaws thank u @AdvocateMac @Guardian99Allen @asaprajy @schnapsideer lol what?? Spider-Man isn't a franchise? @Guardian99Allen @asaprajy @schnapsideer @AdvocateMac I agree with your BVS take, but both of your lists are missin… @MikeLeePearl Close call, but a clutch win here for no difference. @MikeGravel I appreciate the $4.20 optionThe Dark Knight (2008)
also in popstar adjacent content, the lonely island mentioning jimmy fallon in every interview is equally genius
Retweeted by A. Grand Partythank you @blankcheckpod for reminding me that alfred molina would practice for fiddler on the roof while on set of…
Retweeted by A. Grand PartyUnless we're talking about the 1997 Keanu/Pacino mystery/thriller, I'm out of patience for devil's advocates"You see, the main issue with Hitler was globalizing concentration camps into Poland— those should've been German j… @notjessagain @Miabella4u @BacchusFan @MAH1007 @Moose09170810 @almyrthoX5 @prageru @tedlieu @RealCandaceO We're not… @richabrown @tedlieu @prageru You're so stupid, bro @BacchusFan @MAH1007 @Moose09170810 @almyrthoX5 @prageru @tedlieu @RealCandaceO So, according to these lunatics, th… @CNBC @CNBCMakeIt Here’s a can still delete this
@zachheltzel Yes but you also have some negative qualities too @Pat_Kc Yes they should!... also a Human Torch/Spidey buddy comedy
My children might be skaters but they won’t say “bitchin’!” ... They will say “heckin’!” and might say “bitcoin!” @tpeters Heckin’ yea @tpeters Same here!I live in the internet presented by tv commercials. That’s why I love browsing social media, news, sports, and espe… think about the 9/10/02 and 9/11/02 Family Circus combination periodically.
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@zachheltzel Zach you said you were gonna stop this.... ...but I’m glad you haven’tANGRY CLOUD SHOUTS AT GROUND
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Anytime millennials “kill” an industry, it’s something expensive like fine china, and anytime millennials “save” an…
Retweeted by A. Grand PartyThe ABSOLUTE best version of the Joker I’ve ever seen is that porn parody version one where he wears a condom. The…
Retweeted by A. Grand Party @JCcoccoli Lots of people think this-- you, me, probably everyone we know. Lots and lots and lots. This essay from… only joker I respect
Retweeted by A. Grand Partyyou gotta drop whatever optimal version of yourself you're working towards. shit's way too chaotic and stupid to hi…
Retweeted by A. Grand Party @charley_feldman @HamillHimself Wow. If they ever do a Young Luke spin-off film, I think you just nailed the casting. @geoffreygolden Thank you for speaking out about this. @jackiekashian So good. Every line is perfect. I maintain he is the Best big-screen version of Parker! @agentbizzle @brockwilbur And the all of the other Clayfaces join in for The Mud Pack, right? “Clayface: Into The Clay-Verse”
Wow, even Paul Ryan has stories about how awesome @AOC is.
Retweeted by A. Grand Party @YayDanielBarron The PS4 game is so well written. It makes some brilliant choices. MJ working for the Bugle as a c… @YayDanielBarron Truly the high point of the entire trilogy. I was obsessed with SM2 in 2004 then drifted away fro… @msdanifernandez Behind actions*! @YayDanielBarron That unique horror camp in SM2 when Doc Ock is in the hospital is so great... it took the MCU only… @msdanifernandez Ok so, it’s not Tom’s fault, but 1) his version of the character is too problematic (needing/wors… @msdanifernandez He’s the best!! @msdanifernandez What do you have against Jake Johnson??? @msdanifernandez I’m not! @Nick_Hanover Or it’s “Art Fleck” like “art flick” @YayDanielBarron I love it too. I’m glad we got the Raimi and Nolan movies before the shared universe trend; they h… Is 40 (dir. Judd Apatow, 2012)