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Dad to two boys the rest is just incidentals. insta grantrichardson71

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@inputforcolor Think the humour was lost on you !! @NadineDorries @thetimes I own a butchers and we eat a insane amount of steak which is packed in vitamin D,and not… @STVNews It’s not a pub then you clown @CllrCallaghan Pigeons ? @CllrCallaghan Pigeons ? @CllrCallaghan Any news on the pigeons ? @USA_Panorama Study did not include if people still had any T cell protection long term and if the body started to… @inputforcolor @Conservatives @BorisJohnson All the years of us sending them foreign aid have not been wasted. @ChirayatoB18 Seems like a sensible long term plan to win the World Cup !!!!
@YvetteCooperMP @janemerrick23 French police are complicit in this they could stop this if they desired. @gorfram @CllrCallaghan @MattHancock @BasildonCouncil What about catching the pigeons and having Jamie Oliver cook… @gorfram @CllrCallaghan @MattHancock @BasildonCouncil And sleep @Keir_Starmer That’s funny next labour government !!! Have you been at the sherry ? @mikecoulson48 @cocobelladoodle @CllrCallaghan @MattHancock @BasildonCouncil Yes then it’s not a job for our local… @mikecoulson48 @cocobelladoodle @CllrCallaghan @MattHancock @BasildonCouncil ? @AxelFunhoff Do not think for one minute Russia did not try to meddle its in their interest but it’s was not the reason for Brexit. @AxelFunhoff Yes can remember the voicemail from Vlad asking me to vote Brexit like it was yesterday. Total dross @CSquireMagazine @DKShrewsbury Our current food standards are no better or worse then USA this whole story was spin from anti Brexit clowns @AlexWitzleben @FT Man is borderline senile !!! @JoelBaccas @POCX100 Never mind x also most of them drive on the other side of the road. @johnestevens All the adds you like but he is fast approaching Boris status!!! People in the street call him by his first name.
@Lelant1 @sw_atkins @everbluetonian @johnredwood Faroe Islands are part of Denmark and although Denmark only joined… @CllrCallaghan @MattHancock @BasildonCouncil What about the pigeons ? Please sort local issues out first as a local… @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood Maybe Ireland could produce more lamb but that’s about it. Off to work have a great day. @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood We all all worried on both sides of the channel but strongly believe deal is… @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood Afraid majority of NZ lamb now goes to Asia and same with Australia so we go… @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood Knew you would be hunting on the web for something !!!! NFU has a rather larg… @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood Just did still lots of competition in uk lamb exports also you did not answer… @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood Sorry try not to talk outside my life experience !!!! Meat importer/exporter… @Lelant1 @everbluetonian @johnredwood No the question I asked was where will they get it? Please answer this question ? @everbluetonian @johnredwood Ask you a question where are our closest neighbours going to find a replacement for th…
@RichardBurgon You’re such a clown
@nicktolhurst They pushed their luck maybe we thought fuck it will do the same. @CllrCallaghan @BasildonCouncil @MarcusRashford Morning Although these grand projects are important I would rather…
@john4brexit For once agree with Brussels these are not steaks.
@simoncosgrove Snore snore @SBMcCallister @IngrahamAngle @davidmarcus @HerschelWalker @RaymondArroyo @KristiNoem @FoxNews That is simply nuts… @FinancialTimes Who knew @bradley_steve @BritainElects @SavantaComRes Saved my business get my vote @EUwatchers Who knew @ThiedeJurgen Not sure this year will be a problem
@reelleZahl @mpb @the3million Good luck with that @ftbrussels Who knew!! Cracks appearing as the clock ticks down.
@POCX100 They where the icing on the cake but still plenty of cake to go around @nialloconghaile @CyberSalHome @MichelBarnier @DavidGHFrost What are you exactly ? @mpgb2 @stiltskin2008 @MichelBarnier @DavidGHFrost If buts pots pans!!!! Three months tick tock @grahambsi @MichelBarnier @DavidGHFrost Snore snore @theanthonydavis @MichelBarnier Wow is it love ? @MichelBarnier @DavidGHFrost That’s nice @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK Ok don’t want to shatter you dreams b… @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK No both standards are average but on… @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK Shall @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK Shell I go on? @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK Late night curries come from chicken… @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK We have meat coming into eu from Swaz… @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK No no no !!! I have worked in meat in… @JanekLasocki Odd bunch @emireland @McGuinnessEU @tconnellyRTE @hayward_katy @ibec_irl @CBI_NI @Noelle_OC @LisaNicAnB @bearaboi @CBItweets @etxberria55 @Conservatives @UKLabour @FarmingUK @be_well @NFUtweets @WhichUK No shit!!! But let’s not lower our st… @trouwschmidt Problem with that logic is you give equal value to each citizen and I’m afraid on monetary terms that they are not. @JohnA11280254 @bbclaurak Seems to be improving to me @mjdeeswriter Love it @HarveyH_UK Love it !!!! Finally grew a pair @greenwichwriter All the cards? seems we may have a few aces left @ppn_world Useful monkeys springs to mind @LBC @mrjamesob Snore @EFTSuzanne @trussliz @BorisJohnson What foods standards ? We had BSE and was feed horse meat !!!! To name just two @gavin_doyle_ie @markpalexander Missed out on all the Scots that voted for Brexit but it’s early so sweeping generalisation are allowed.
@uk_domain_names @johnredwood Ditto @DavidGauke @adamboultonSKY Move on man you’re coming across as bitter. @Nigel_Farage @BorisJohnson It’s a start with the Farage Garage but you will end up with a statue in Parliament square. @ianvward @moeldyn @RichardBentall @snb19692 Let up ? Laughing at you if being honest and it’s very disturbing how you cannot move on. @mcintoshwynne @returnprodigal @rosscolquhoun Dream of keeping the pound
@uk_domain_names @MPIainDS Move on man @PeoplesMomentum You should not have offered a clown at the last election and things might have been different. @MaajidNawaz On the money
@freedomrideblog Show some decency and respect for his family who are going through hell right now. @djharrison99 @MarieAnnUK If you say so @graham_jbramley @calvert_3 Think prosperity is a bit of a stretch. @LauraSmithCrewe @IanLaveryMP Who ? @TessDoyle @BorisJohnson If we are not happy we can vote them out !!! Also please don’t hold our food standards up… @JohnnyMercerUK @VeteransGovUK Bravo @betsieboat @EmmanuelMacron Sleeps with grannies @EmmanuelMacron Another jumped up Napoleon @Jasonargonauty @tradegovuk @trussliz Wow bet you was the star pupil in Geography class. @tradegovuk @GiftCee @trussliz Keep up good work @canuckuk Not sure I agree about that !!! Also won London mayor twice and Tory leadership race cannot all be luck @Lady__Seraphina @williamnhutton @ScarthLloyd What did you think Macron was going to say he has a election next yea… @TessDoyle @BorisJohnson Pray tell who you think should make our laws? @canuckuk Winning elections and referendums ? @StrongerStabler Yes the German owners of mini must be pissed!!! @EuphoricMess No you said he will be gone in a year I disagree @RichardKirbyRPi @g_gosden Boring @EuphoricMess What world are you living in? You do know it’s Tory members that vote in the leader ? Think at last p… @davidschneider You really are clueless if you cannot see the bigger picture
@SarahParsons73 So all the downside is the U.K. ? No downside for Europeans ? @BremainInSpain Love it @ThomasByrneTD Tick tock it’s going to be awful cold stuck out there in the Atlantic. @cinecentral1 No he was voted in because the other guy was a prick @AsBrexit @SamCoatesSky Really