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will stress clean for food. he/him/his SW-7575-4749-4581

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Kumiho, is that you? #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by dear customerEvery meeting when you suffer from imposter syndrome
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Nah come on
Retweeted by dear customer @GRNTUB I’m so sorry, Grant. That’s awful @nigreaux Omg what a cuuuuutie 😍 @FrontEndJames That slap haunts me.damn man its almost 6 am 😭
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Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸…
Retweeted by dear customerI can't attend the #EndSARS protest today as I live with a vulnerable person,however if you're like me&unable to at…
Retweeted by dear customerI really mean it when I tell you I hate capitalism
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if ya shorty got anxiety just let her know sumn son. reassurance works wonders against anxiety.
Retweeted by dear customer @vzhaozhao no, they know we need to survive capitalism more than they need us to work there 🥴 @diettrade And it’s this one
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The Black girl in any "Save the Last Dance"/"Bring It On" type of movie.
Retweeted by dear customerNormalize not telling your boss what your day off is for.
Retweeted by dear customerwhen the tattoo artist doesn't post the pic of your tattoo
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Retweeted by dear customer @mysticspit I’m at 4
Chloe x Halle literally have a song about killing men but it’s so bubbly, you don’t realize it at first. You think it’s a party song.
Retweeted by dear customerAnxiety is like
Retweeted by dear customermy therapist: you’re a good person me: oh no I’ve tricked you too
Retweeted by dear customerHaa. Huh. Ha. Huh. Ha. Ha. Huh. HA. Hu uh. HA. huh. Hu uh. Ha. Huh. HAA HAA
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@naeclue It’s a fucking phone. Lmfaoooo. Why are people like this? @DixPeyton what is happening here?! @DamoneWilliams_ I feel that about the weird situations. I've found myself in similar dreams -- sexual, but also co…"Black women are not naïve. We know that after the last ballot is cast and the vote is tallied, we are likely to go…
Retweeted by dear customer @DamoneWilliams_ saaaaame. I've been having these very intense, quasi-dystopic dreams dailythis is going to be my child
Retweeted by dear customer @BeeBabs It's literally all my brain could think of 💀 I can't believe this is real. @BeeBabs @sickowico Genuinely, is that not a problem happening across the board with phones? @harajukuhunTy's not hard lmaobone apple tea really fumbled the bag on the 69 yard line with this one
Retweeted by dear customer @Stose Pete makes sense like 2 times and is suddenly a hero 🥴Hey y’all, I’m still hanging in there, but I could use some support, if at all possible. I’m tryna get myself prepa…
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“Against my best wishes, I have been shot” 💀💀
Retweeted by dear customer @jonruizmota the taste jumped outEvery. Single. Time. 😭
Retweeted by dear customer @LordeBarrington lmfaoooooo what eventhere is literally just no way this country is a democracy
Retweeted by dear customerWhen the Zoom window closes.
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"it was too straight" is a valid film critique
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@KamelWorld This is where I went: I got my results in 24 hours even thought they said 3-5 d… @beejangles @ibebraggin He’s right though @mur_bren This is me. I want to be this child with this giant bread.
i'm HERE i'm QUEER please help me
Retweeted by dear customer @diettrade This is violence.
@ed_solomon @o_ruenn so you just made this claim without doing a simple google search....? @ed_solomon @o_ruenn she's literally not Black? @writersrepublic @NoTotally the way he changed his avi and deleted the tweetshe says, vote ❤️ he says, we’re not accepting a peaceful transfer of power ❤️
Retweeted by dear customerto whoever is about to make a FlyOnMikePencesHead account, please dont
Retweeted by dear customer @LordeBarrington the show has...issues...when the debate is over, they are going to celebrate by releasing hundreds of flies from the ceiling like balloons
Retweeted by dear customerNYPD banned it in 1993!!! Ain't shit changed.
Retweeted by dear customernot this fly..... @DaShaunLH Bl*ck l*berals are going to relish in that last answer 🥴Pence loves the word "unleashed" in a way that doesn't seem healthy
Retweeted by dear customercan we not do this segment?what’s the point of a debate where you can brazenly lie? @XavierDLeau but acts like a Veep character @grape_son Just to say “thank you” I guess.
Retweeted by dear customer @JoePGould girl find a 13 year old to moderate. they’d stand more solidly than either of the moderators ever have.what’s the point of the moderator?girl shut him uphe’s just making the same inaccurate point over and over again, isn’t he?blacksPay attention to how much more time this moderator will end up giving to Pence when he demands more versus Harris.…
Retweeted by dear customer @DaShaunLH Every expression is truly hilarious 😭Kamala be making the shadiest faces HELP LMFAOOO
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@antenehgeb @RobbyRav This is violent 🥴 @nigreaux Oh yeah these two plants are very much hardy, nearly indestructible plants. @wlfrdtrrs So we just being blessed today, okay 📝 @youcaantkillme Jesus Christ, The Last Airbender is impressively terrible @beejangles T r u l ya singular mind and heart, right here. regularly aaron both creates and facilitates the success of remarkable art.…
Retweeted by dear customerShoutout to everyone unlearning how to intellectualize their feelings and now learning how to embrace the pain of f…
Retweeted by dear customer @youcaantkillme Saaaaame. In college, I tried drinking coffee a couple times and always fell asleep within 30 minut…
Hearing “you’re too sensitive” a lot growing up can really make you feel insecure about having deep emotions and be…
Retweeted by dear customer @prophessorj And you put this out to trigger all of us? 🥴😭i saw a virgo affirmation that said “i forgive myself for being human.” i’ve never read anything more triggering. 😭
Retweeted by dear customer @wlfrdtrrs blappleA new bill in Congress designed to chip away at the ADA is misleadingly named the Online Accessibility Act. The…
Retweeted by dear customerSame energy:
@BeeBabs Yeeeeeah. If I move through a book slowly, so be it. If it ends up flying by, that's good too! @stefangarcia Chopped champions makes regular chopped look like kids cooking, it’s upsetting @BeeBabs My parents were so frustrated that they couldn’t ground us when we were in trouble because we were totally… @bimadew What is this? 👀
thinking about the guy in 7th grade who was cheating on his girlfriend and him and the girl he was cheating with ch… @mysticspit If you wanna be able to play on the tv, get a regular switch. If you don’t want to do that, a switch lite will work fine.Why didn’t y’all tell me about this video this shit got me in tears
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Uber-funded ballot measure prop 22 in California would create "permanent underclass of workers," expert says
Retweeted by dear customerIt’s my b’day 🥳
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no 💜 @DaShaunLH why he still making music
@jaybeekeeper I feel like people are just making shit up at this point. truly.
@overdramatique this is a joke, right? poorly done satire?