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yobi. will stress clean for food. he/him/his SW-7575-4749-4581

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@Kris27jam Byeeeeeee @mathewrodriguez I’m kind of obsessed??
@booo_rad @Pinky_Balboa Radley.
i’ve had calvin and hobbes around my entire life and i still burst out laughing every time i see this one
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @hannahgiorgis 💀 honestly, having war flash backs...just processed that Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are different humans...Oh my god
Retweeted by ridiculous young manThe sea is absolutely none of my business
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@sirmontfort This is a cry for help @ntferny 3, if you count Spotify calling you oneSpotify called me a f*ggot until 9 PM and then talk on the phone for 3-6 hours
JUST IN: Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African scientists detected and flagged it to the world
Retweeted by ridiculous young manMalika Louback for Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2021 Haute Couture ✨
Retweeted by ridiculous young manYou ever just look at your face in the mirror and think “damn…I look exhausted…” @sirmontfort Bye
@youcaantkillme Where does one even find this video? @cornbreadsays What on earth does this mean? 💀 @Dominicannabis_ I...I'm sorry the internet was a big miss steak!! @Dominicannabis_ I'm sorry what 😭💀 @lifethruglasses Oh no, I read EVERY tweet, I’m dooooneslightly irked when ally-type cishets start referring to their spouse as their ‘partner’. that’s your wife, nigga. shut up
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @lifethruglasses Erin I can not stand you 💀
@freddiebrooks36 Feels like such a gift and privilege 😭this video brings me endless joy @tallontology She really should’ve been the baddest water bender given her parents + the fact that tenzin actually… @shady_rican 💀💀💀as a grad school student:
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @BeeBabs The fact that Emma’s company was called Emma LeighI feel like we didn’t spend enough time on the fact that Emma’s company is called Emma Leigh & Co. #SellingSunset
I just realised something about Christine from Selling Sunset. She doesn't ever truly deny lying like that she just…
Retweeted by ridiculous young manThinking about how I would have cake at birthday parties but wouldn’t eat any of it and focused on the himbasha instead @lifethruglasses haunter is cute, but gengar is gorgeous. and we know what happens with cute vs gorgeous! @lifethruglasses @damani_iman pls, don't do my baby gengar like thisWell, now I need to rewatch Into The Woodstap water in los angeles is awful
Retweeted by ridiculous young manJesus Christ
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @quincardasian Exactly! I couldn’t create a better representation if I tried!The editing on #SellingSunset is immaculate @quincardasian When I tell you this is a study on delusion? @Kris27jam An incredible character in reality TV! I’m in awe 🤣What does loyalty mean, quickly? #SellingSunsetChristine’s ability to lie is…incredible. #SellingSunset @tellemcough I wanna know who their dealer is tbh @tellemcough excuse me
wow @youcaantkillme @IdiosyncraticXL The way I just screamed
Christine is truly one of the best reality tv characters in a looooong time #SellingSunsetDo rich people who have these gorgeous kitchens so that chef’s they hire can cook in them? @WYETTHASSP0KEN The way that straight men, esp yt ones, talk at the back of their throats also kills me. I think it… @shady_rican I watched my roommate play, it was a cool ass game
I mean this as a compliment, “Strangers By Nature” sounds like a song from Steven Universe @TimesNewRxman sure @LordeBarrington I’m holllllllering 💀One of the worst things to happened during the pre 2017 online feminist discourse is all us having to care that act…
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @motorresx This is a delightful trait.
@WYETTHASSP0KEN We ain’t got time + I think people moved into steamingOnly thing that’s worse is finding out it’s because your dog peed in the house 😒 @ponyfren It feels like an earth sign ting cause this is meeeee
@iTerryTommy you might be able to, but I can’t! @iTerryTommy Lmk not invite anyone here and delete my tweet 🤧 @iTerryTommy 💀💀💀 @DamoneWilliams_ The only thing is that Adele’s album was apparently completed in February 2021… @Fb65737382 Y’all are really just so hotmay never recover from learning lizzo’s birth name is melissa jefferson. @DamoneWilliams_ It seems that people think that they’re not allowed to change their minds when presented with new information!this tweet is a good example of peace essentially being balance and i think we should lead with that word more ofte…
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@sirmontfort 🥺💜
@jasebyjason I feel that these interviews would probably prove the point you are trying to make???? @ponyfren but are you sorryAmerica built all of it cities as car dependent hells, so every time gas goes up the country panics. A reminder tha…
Retweeted by ridiculous young manOkay I just found them and I’m already a fan.
Retweeted by ridiculous young man nah, it’s actively jibberish 💀 whole childhood was was collecting CD booklets, looking at the photos and being inspired. I can’t even believe t…
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @tribeclldstress …why did they have to add an ER
@as1z_ Yes, I did listen to the Adele album?????? what “abolitionist” has ever said this? Be Loved #Adele30
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @DaShaunLH broke me 😭 @GraceSpelman I audibly squeeeeealed
@samu__________ @sambuusa gladly, I can get my ass handed to me! @iDavey oh. oh wow. your handwriting is so lovely. @samu__________ I'm literally sitting here in awe. This is next level. @youcaantkillme Ashton.i humbly request you weirdos stop using memes that feature children in your sexual tweets.
Retweeted by ridiculous young manI really thought that was little mix
Retweeted by ridiculous young man @moanforgiveness Will you ever get off my neck?
@charlialexandr Like damn do people just not google things anymore?! 🥴 @InFeRn0AnT It’s extremely ghetto @charlialexandr I don’t know why I’m always surprised by people’s ignorance but here I am.????? @joshcharles_21 Prove it!if smoking so bad why does it cure salmon
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2021 @ntferny A N T H O N YIf I hear that capitalism breeds innovation one more time... @youngsinick LA drivers are easily the worst drivers in the country, imhothis is so beautiful wow
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evil angela bassett
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