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Alcaria @GraphicGoht Lawrence, KS

🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇲 28yo Latinx They/them | Former @Lionforge Assistant Editor | Header by @mischanima

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Supporters of opposition leader Alexey Navalny held Russia’s biggest anti-Kremlin protest since at least 2018
Retweeted by Alcaria @Bomanizer You can get it tho!Sen. Hawley is trying to wiggle out of inciting a riot that killed 5 by saying “I was just representing my constitu…
Retweeted by AlcariaAddressing clear and present dangers to everyone’s lives is very divisive.
Retweeted by AlcariaChange in Headline
Retweeted by AlcariaBlack folk go to prison shoplifting baby diapers and baby formula. Black folk go to prison shoplifting baby diapers…
Retweeted by AlcariaAfter the Capitol siege, Republicans were shaken and open to self-reflection. That window has closed.
Retweeted by AlcariaAfter the Capitol siege, a majority of House Republicans *immediately* voted to overturn the election results, alig…
Retweeted by AlcariaICE was only created in 2003, there is no reason it can’t be abolished.
Retweeted by Alcaria @RoStein404 regret to inform you that I will be cancelling all my interviews for the next two weeks because I will not have r…
Retweeted by Alcarianew male just dropped
Retweeted by Alcaria @washingtonpost Yeah, well they had 10 months to come up with a plan. Who cares what they think at this point.
Retweeted by Alcaria @LouisatheLast @washingtonpost Exactly. They're really trying to make Biden responsible for the GOP's feelings. 🙄
Retweeted by Alcaria @washingtonpost "Turned off by Bidens approach"? Bullshit. They were always going to be a hard No. So quick to be gaslighted WP. Do better
Retweeted by Alcaria @washingtonpost This has nothing to do with his approach. The GOP is not to be taken seriously. They are the do-not…
Retweeted by AlcariaIf only Charlie Brown has approached Lucy differently he would have been able to kick that football.
Retweeted by AlcariaPiers Morgan claims he meant this as a light-hearted tribute, and you know what, I do feel fonder about Larry King…
Retweeted by Alcaria @RoStein404 It's line directly after "And I thought to myself 'I've never climbed a fence that big before'"persephonyx doodles compiled 😌🌙🌾 #HadesGame
Retweeted by Alcaria @RoStein404 "And then I woke up and I was at home" @olivebrinker Mr. Bean is the original himbo @LEBassett Melania was carrying a $75,000 handbag on Tuesday and the .@nytimes didn’t even blink. Huh. Go figure.
Retweeted by AlcariaHeadlines complaining about Biden’s peloton and Rolex after 4 years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody
Retweeted by Alcaria @angryblkhoemo @oheysteenz That said, living wage is still something to set our sights on as soon as $15/hr is through. @angryblkhoemo @oheysteenz $15/hr is our stopgap solution. The only reason we're settling for that now is because s… living wage in 2021 is well over $20/hour. We're either aiming for a living wage or $15/hour. But both of those t…
Retweeted by AlcariaVery sad to hear about Piers Morgan Nothing's happened to him I'm just very sad to hear about him
Retweeted by Alcaria had a nightmare the other night where a friend and I committed a murder, and when we got caught we had to do this…
Retweeted by Alcariaya'll ever see a dude so fine when he smiles you smile AUTOMATICALLY. i love that shit.
Retweeted by Alcarianow’s your big chance to quit facebook
Retweeted by Alcaria @mizabitha Not at all. Jesse is probably the only one who would accept them in the 90s. She's a true blue friend @mizabitha You know that's not true. Sometimes you just have to give an acceptable excuse to the straight cis peopl… best way to hold people accountable is actually just scattershotting the blame across all of society so widely… incoherence ... God, the incoherence... via @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by AlcariaThe last two Senate majority leaders have invoked the nuclear option: Harry Reid (D) in 2013 to kill the filibuster…
Retweeted by AlcariaSchumer is not nuking the filibuster today. He's rejecting McConnell's demand that he commit *in advance* to not nu…
Retweeted by Alcaria @DylanTweetin I mean, I get what he's saying but like, can he not be the one to say that in that way? @HTHRFLWRS you got it
Retweeted by Alcaria @Loudwindow But only Samurai wield swords outside of Europe /sThe New York Times needs a public editor. They have learned nothing from the past four years. Humiliating.
Retweeted by AlcariaI s2g grandparents on manhwa only exist to pressure you into marriage or to die.
Someone on the zoom but not on video has the name "grandpa." I'm here for that energy.
Retweeted by AlcariaJust got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine!!If you think that Joe Biden has a radical leftist agenda then you have never spoke to anyone with a radical leftist agenda.
Retweeted by AlcariaThe Simpsons doesn't predict anything we just haven't fixed any of America's problems since 1989.
Retweeted by Alcariawhy i haven't made new content in a while
Retweeted by AlcariaBiden’s plan lets you collect unemployment if you quit your job due to fear that it will jeopardize your health. P…
Retweeted by AlcariaI've been realizing the best way for me to practice self-care is to treat to myself like my own partner. That parti… cute Bernie Sanders art guys!!!
Retweeted by AlcariaI regret to inform you that Chuck Schumer just said ‘erection’ instead of ‘insurrection’ on the Senate floor
Retweeted by Alcaria @Bitnerd_ Your nickname needs to be "The Sixteen" so you can be introduced on GVG's TNT as Derrick "The Sixteen" Bitner*bangs fists against table* WereWOLF PrinCESS WereWOLF PrinCESS
Retweeted by AlcariaHey designer friends! Can I get your help playtesting this soon?
Retweeted by AlcariaIt’s literally so easy to say they/them pronouns, if you’re having trouble I would simply try harder.
Retweeted by Alcaria @Edmerea @FreyjaErlings Call me out directly, why don't ya?Starting to realize “I’m gonna be hot out of spite” is trans culture
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#Hades #HadesGame Pokemon AU 2/? Gym Leaders Artemis and Dionysus would like to battle! 🏹🥂
Retweeted by AlcariaHi I'm Cherry and I'm officially ✨looking for work!✨ I do vis dev, BG design, and illustration. Available for ful…
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Retweeted by Alcaria @SamMGreer Pretty sure you're entirely accurate thereDr. @CornelWest says stopping Trump was important, but he is still suspicious "of the capitulation to the neolibera…
Retweeted by AlcariaSeriously, seriously, seriously. I'm done after this. Seriously.
Retweeted by AlcariaShocking news to wake up to. Trump had literally NO VACCINATION PLAN. No plans to distribute it, no plans to acqu…
Retweeted by AlcariaJust to be clear, having hundreds of thousands of confused & emotionally distraught QAnon supporters on Telegram ch…
Retweeted by Alcaria @JakeyBoiArts @Valkyrae Leafy boimitten_man.jpg
Retweeted by AlcariaOh so NOW they understand subtext
Retweeted by AlcariaSykunno is such a GOOD boyI offer my profound congratulations to Joe Biden on becoming President of the United States of America. I am so ple…
Retweeted by AlcariaThey owe you $2,000.
Retweeted by AlcariaBREAKING: 21 train cars of merchandise turned back at Hunts Point Market strike line. “The locomotive engineer sa…
Retweeted by Alcaria“Something’s upside down,” says @AOC at a rally supporting Hunts Point workers in the #Bronx on strike tonight figh…
Retweeted by AlcariaDidn't expect to see Greta Thunburg burning fossil fuel but here we are
Retweeted by AlcariaHe seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!
Retweeted by AlcariaSince twilight Princess is trending heres one of the best songs from the OST aka Midna’s lament 🥺
Retweeted by AlcariaI get the sense that a not-so-small number of the people named on this press release as allies of the criminals had…
Retweeted by AlcariaOh man. The Trump administration pardoned someone implicated in the college admissions scandal and said that earl…
Retweeted by Alcariathat didn't take long
Retweeted by Alcaria @PuccaNoodles THATS REDWALL!!!!! I only caught like two episodes once by accident because it was on late one night… 7
Retweeted by Alcarialevel 6
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Retweeted by Alcariawere you a public broadcast kid growing up? level 1
Retweeted by AlcariaBiden to his new WH staffers: "I will fire you on the spot" if you treat another person with disrespect or "talk do…
Retweeted by Alcaria @3Campbell3 @nberlat Both times I think? Definitely AWOL the second time.trump had nothing to do with the stimulus, didn't appoint people who believed in full employment, and provided no c…
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just another day of being an mk fan #whydidnrsdothis
Retweeted by AlcariaOur Fallen Hero, Your sacrifice won't be forgotten @Titaniumtigerzz #WhyDidNRSdoThis
Retweeted by AlcariaThis is a standard order issued following every transition, but today it feels so important because of how many hor…
Retweeted by Alcariathe inauguration said gay rights!!
Retweeted by Alcaria @SpaceCptZemo I'm living for this emoteInject this into my veins
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